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Sexy Selfie App 1.3
A “Selfie” is a photo of you, taken byyourself.“Sexy Selfie App” is your ultimate and FREE app for taking thebest and most wonderful Selfies of you.This app works in any Android device (phone and tablets)featuring a front facing camera. Using the app is just as easy.Simply open the app and snap.What are you waiting for? Take a beautiful self-portrait photoof you and your friends, edit it with various effects like snow,black & white, sepia etc. and share it instantly! Just oneclick let you share your photo with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Line, Foursquare, Flipboard, Flickr, Google+, Line, WhatsApp, yourE-Mail or any other social app you are using!Highlights:• Simple and intuitive user interface• Ability to preview your Sexy Selfie to determine whether youdelete and start over prior to sharing• Provides full access to your social media channels[Photo Credit under Creative Commons License copyright by V.Byazrov / Melissa Segal / enggul / W. Foster ]
Paper Ball FREE (dt.) 1.0.1
Der Indie-Game-Hit jetzt fuer deinAndroid-Smartphone in HD!Achtung, Suchtgefahr! Bei Paper Ball steuerst Du eine kleinePapierkugel durch mehr als 30 herausfordernde Level.Was auf den ersten Blick gar nicht so schwer ausschaut, entpupptsich bereits nach wenigen Spielsekunden als fesselndeHerausforderung. Denn die Kugel ist nicht zu stoppen und rollt undrollt und rollt. Mal schneller, mal langsamer, immer angetriebendurch den unberechenbaren Wind.Hindernisse, Feuerstellen und Abgründe wollen überwunden werden.Um die Kugel zu stoppen, hilft oftmals nur geschicktes KippenDeines Handys.Zahllose Extras und Power-Ups lassen keine Langeweileaufkommen.Beeil dich - je schneller du bist, desto mehr Punkte gibt es.Aber Vorsicht, Suchtgefahr: Diese Papierkugel zieht dich garantiertin ihren Bann!Features:- 2 Welten mit über 30 Level- 4 verschiedene Kugeln- Intuitive One-Touch-Steuerung- Abwechslungsreiches Gameplay- Hochauflösende HD Grafik für Tablets- Online Highscore- Freischalten oder Zukaufen diverser Bonus-Inhalte- Spiel komplett auf DeutschThe indie-game hit nowfor your Android smartphone in HD!Warning: highly addictive! In Paperball You control a smallpaper ball through more than 30 challenging levels.What not so hard looks at first glance, turns out to be alreadyafter a few seconds into the match as captivating challenge.Because the ball is not going to stop and rolls and rolls androlls. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, always driven by theunpredictable wind.Obstacles, fire pits and abysses want to be overcome. To stopthe ball, often helps just clever tilting your phone.Countless extras and power-ups will never be bored.Hurry up - the faster you are, the more points you get. Butbeware, addictive: This paper ball pulls you guaranteed under herspell!Features:- 2 worlds with over 30 levels- 4 different balls- Intuitive one-touch controls- Varied gameplay- High-resolution HD graphics for tablets- Online high scores- Disconnect or buy various bonus content- Game completely in German
Best Body Workout PREMIUM 1.0
My Fitness: Best Body Workout is the perfect app for everyone thatwants to live a healthy lifestyle and get an attractive and sexybody. This app is made for everybody so no matter if you are brandnew to workouts and fitness or not: every exercise can be doneeverywhere and is explained in detail by a fitness and nutritionexpert and illustrated to show you how to do it the right way. Butthat’s not all! This app comes in addition with a workout plan youcan fully customize to your needs. Simply select the excerises youwant to do on what day of the week and In what intervals and theapp will do this for you. A stopwatch is also included to keeptrack of your intensity and duration of your training.Download thisgreat fitness app now and get amazing results.KEY FEATURES:- Tonsof illustrated exercises for every kind of workout.- Severalcategories carefully selected for you and your best workoutresults- Get a full body workout with a few minutes training perday.- A text instruction with pictures for each exercise.- Buildyour own workout plan – it’s so easy!- Included stopwatch takescare of your workout intensity.
Jelly All Stars Light 1.0.9
***THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT PRESS REVIEWS OFTHE FULL VERSION***APPSZOOM.COM loves JELLY ALL STARS and rated it with "GREAT" and4 out 5 starsAPPZAP.NET says: “Jelly All Stars Full” brings new life the classicTetris idea and rated it 4 out 5 stars!GAMEELITE.SE: “This game is much more fun than Tetris!”APPSONTAPP.COM rated it 4 out 5 stars: “The colorful and funnygraphics combined with the catchy music had me sold from thestart.”GAME4ME.BE gives 4 out 5 points because of “the exciting gameplaythat is definitely worth the money.”ANDROIDENTITY is excited and noted that “there are lots of thingsto make you think twice, act fast and in the end, have fun!” "This is a game that definitely pays homage to otherdrop-down puzzle games, but it does it in an innovative way withaddicting gameplay, catchy background tunes, and a charminginterface that will have you coming back again and again." 4.5 outof 5 stars****************Jelly All Stars presents puzzle action at its finest: put yourreactions to the test and keep your eyes on the wonderfullyjellied-colored prize!Your task is simple, yet challenging: In Jelly All Stars gamershave to sort the falling jellies by color and combine them tocreate six different super-sized Jellies. Special star jellies willdestroy any other jellies of the same color that are adjacent toone another. The more jellies are destroyed and the bigger they arethe higher the points and the quicker you progress through thelevels – but beware: the higher the level the faster those jellieswill drop! Especially skillful players will be able to ramp uptheir scores even more by chaining up massive combos. To spicethings up further there are five different special jellies that allhave unique powers and applications. For example, the shiny diamondjellies will destroy all blocks of the same color, even if they arenot connected. Thanks to local and online highscores you’ll be ableto see who is a true master of jelly and who is not!• Four color base pieces groupable in six different shapes!• Five special pieces!• Colorful and funny graphics!• Catchy and addictive music!• Local and online highscores!• Ad free (full version)• Unlimited gametime (full version)
Crash Dummy FREE 1.0.0
Meet the lovely Crash Dummy CID in thisexcellent platform adventure.The lovable crash impact dummy Cid is getting bored: day in day outhe is subjected to the same old safety tests. However, when onefateful day professor Advisor’s daughter is kidnapped by hisarch-nemesis D-Troit, Cid finally gets his opportunity to live thelife of adventure and become a hero. Take control of Cid and helphim rescue M.I.A. trough 16 challenging levels, including 6 GiantBosses. Whether it’s in sewers, swamps, ice or lava Cid has tofight, run, climb, shoot, and sneak his way past many differentbrainy puzzles, traps and challenges.Features:- Bringing a classic gaming brand to Android- 16 Challenging levels Including 6 end level bosses.- High quality cartoons and video sequences tell the story.- Different abilities including sneaking, climbing, running andsliding.- Various weapons including bazookas, ice lasers andflamethrowers.- 25 different enemy types.POCKETFULLOFAPPS.COM: "The game graphics and music are great.There is also a very extensive story in the game which I reallylike. I enjoy playing a game that has a story you have to follow.To quote my son “The game is awesome, I really wish it did notcrash“.
Magic Well 1.0
Welcome to this awesome match-3 game withavery special twist.Your magic well is in danger! Fluffymonstersare trying to cloak it. Use your logical skills and combine3 ormore monsters of the same colour for them to disappear. Fromtimeto time special characters will help you by blowing awaylargegroups of monsters. But hurry; do not let the well get filledup!A funny, crazy water- physics game. Defend the Magic Wellfromcolourful invaders! Touch on group of monsters with three ormorecreatures of the same colour.Features:* Addictive match-3-game* Real water-physics based puzzler* 10 thrilling levels* 3 types of bombs* Highscore lists* Awards* Ad free
World War 2: Battle of Berlin 1.1.4
Prepare yourself as the Soviet army ismarching towards the capital of Germany, the Battle of Berlin hasbegun! Red Alert is imminent, the aggressors are already here,defend against the Russian menace as vigorously as you can in thissuperb tower defense game situated in World War 2 era.As a commanding officer of the German forces your task is to useblitzkrieg military and strike back to the invading Russian army.Run your military campaign for the defense of Germany, from Siberiato the deserted city of Berlin and strive for victory!✪✪✪World War 2: Battle of Berlin ✪✪✪Intense TD tower defense with superb military units andcharacters✪ Stunning and intense battles with two opposing forces, theSoviets against the inventors of the blitzkrieg warfare, theGermans.✪ Various and remarkable militant power ups to command from airstrikes to ion cannons.✪ Strategic Tower Defense gameplay where you have to fightvigorously in the deserted city to strike back and defeat the redalert.✪ 18 battle military campaign to defend your German troops againstthe Russian menace.✪ 6 superb upgradable TD towers to build, each with its uniquefeatures will help you win the Battle of Berlin. Wreak havoc withthe flame, laser and stunning tesla towers among the Russiansoldiers/✪ The Soviets have their military strengths in their numbers soprepare for a lot of enemy troops to fight against.✪ Apart from their stunning numbers they have remarkable options ofenemy types to wage war with from mecha infantry to aviationunits✪ Upgrade your towers in the laboratory if you want to stand achance against the militant forces of the Russian aggressorsCommand the German army and strike back vigorously to the Sovietmilitant troops while building your tower defense for the defenseof Berlin.
Aloha - The Game 3.0
Aloha The Game is easy to pick up and play,but challenging to master for platform/runner fans, thanks tocollectibles, traps and nasty enemies. Help Annie, Bob, Max andZiggy to reach the Hawaii!Annie, Bob, Max and Ziggy are bored by their dull everyday lifeat the South Pole.What’s better than a vacation to the Hawaii?Aloha The Game is your new favourite platform/runner, featuringfour amazing penguins superstars:• Max is strong and athletic, with an obsession for beauty.• Annie looks tiny but don’t argue with her!• Bob is slightly fat, err, rich.• Ziggy is crazy. Or not?Features:• 4 playable characters -switch among them and master their uniquespecial moves• Fantastic cartoon-style graphics with hilarious cut scenes,totally hand-made• Story mode that spans across three different continents todiscover• Endless mode to unlock for each game world• Runner/platform hybrid gameplay -fast and engaging• Smooth touch-based controls
Shadow Combat 1.1
Shadow Combat - exciting, arcade-style gamefeaturing a young hero that run and escape from the rival of theshadow fighter. Take your swords and start the journey. To survivetill the end, fight and avoid all the danger obstacles along theway.Collect all the coins to earn scores. Beat your friends and bethe king of the shadow fighter. There are total of 3 game modeswith over 100 fight mission levels.Shadow Combat game features:★★★★★ 100% Free to play. Full version.★★★★★ Simple one-touch controls.★★★★★ Amazing platformer game. Totally new gaming experience.★★★★★ Stunning music and sound effects.★★★★★ Intense and exciting game rhythm.★★★★★ Realistic game fight environment.★★★★★ A good stress release casual game.Shadow Combat, let's start the fight battle!What are you waiting for? Download „Shadow Combat“ now forfree!We welcome all of your comments and suggestions atinfo(at)immanitas.comFollow us onTwitter: leave a review if you like our app. Many thanks!
Blow your Way 1.2.1
Challenge yourself, defend your cargo andsnipe out of existence anything that stands in your way.Blow Your Way is taking Tower Defense games to the next levelmaking your defense objective travel thru the real streets ofManhattan. Players are to protect vehicle carrying money as ittravels from point A to point B, but instead of directlycontrolling the car or anyone in it you’ll snipe out of existenceanything that stands in the vehicle’s way or that tries to ram itto get the loot, using various types of weapons. If you startfeeling overwhelmed you can drag special weapons onto the playingfield such as landmines, bombs and even air strikes. Occasionallyonce you’ve reached your goal you’ll have to fend off some crooksthrowing various explosives at the vehicle.Each main location is broken up into several sub-locations, andwhen you complete a sub-location you’ll earn XP that lets you rankup and unlock new power ups to use.The game scenery is map of real Manhattan with some of thephysical real-world elements spawned into the game scene likeMadison Square Garden, Time Square, Central Park, etc. Game isplayed thru different weather & time of day sensitive likeManhattan on a snowy night.The game features social leaderboard where player can competewith Facebook friends in a weekly tournament, those players thatearn most XP on a weekly basis can win prices of game virtual good.The game provides cool feature where Facebook competing friends cansend “Trick or Treats” one to the other. Those trick or treatsimpact the current stage the player is player either helping methem finish stage or make those stages difficult to complete.Game Features** DRIVE through the real streets of Manhattan in a real-world 3Dscene** DEFEND your car from street-gangs trying to hit you and stealyour money** USE Cool and powerful explosives and special attacks** COMPETE with your friends in weekly competitions to win coolprizes** SEND your friend in-game Tricks or Treat to help them or make itmore difficult for them to advance** CHOOSE your car from a wide collection** EXPERIENCE Manhattan in a snowy, rainy or sunny weather, day andnight** COLLECT ranks and experience points to beat your friends and getspecial in-game bonuses
Jolly Christmas Match 1.1
Match up 3 or more Christmas objects togetherin this simple to play Match-3 game.39a6b1dae0
Robot Glory War – Robo Jumpin 1.0
Robot Glory War is an awesome, infinite jumpingame featuring an old school war between robots. You need to findcoins, kill, hop and dodge stunning robo enemies to help the robotto escape.Collect all the coins to earn scores. Beat your friends and bethe robo king of the robot world in this intense robo game. Thereare 3 superb game modes with over 100 levels waiting for yourawesome robo hero!Robot Glory War will provide you with an awesome old schoolgaming experience thanks to its stunning graphics, superb simpleconcept and easy on-screen controls!Game features:★★★ One touch simple and addictive game-play.★★★ Intense and hypnotic game rhythm where you have to hop &dodge other robots.★★★ Collect coins and earn points.★★★ 3 superb level packs and more than 100 awesome missionlevels.★★★ Hypnotic music and superb sound effects.★★★ It's FREE! Absolutely FREE!!Are you ready? If the answer is yes, then your mission is toinstall Robot Glory War game now for free! Enjoy this old schoolfun game now!We welcome all of your comments and suggestions atinfo(at)immanitas.comFollow us onTwitter: leave a review if you like our app. Thanks!
Sniper Commando 2017 1.4.1
Sniper Commando 2017 game has landed on google play platform, whichhas exquisite game screen. You are a modern sniper commando readyto play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassinmissions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level and don't letthe enemy snipers to hide behind the boxes and take out thehigh-profile target. With access to an inventory of modern m25sniper rifle, you will rely on your marksman skills to finish thework. Go for the HEADSHOT now to kill the enemy in one shot or youwill be counter attacked by the enemy sniper crew!Quickly pick upthe weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not let theterrible criminals out of your sight. do not hesitate to experiencethe excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrill - GameFeatures:- 15 3D Levels : The game has 15 3D levels, 15 levels modelets you keep cool and see how far you can broke into it!- Enemyintelligence control system: By adjusting the number of enemies andintelligence you will find the game more challenging andaddictive.- A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety ofdifferent scenarios, Ships dock, Fort, the gangster village full ofterrorists with advanced weapons and so on.- Rich weapon system:You have M25 sniper rifle to aim and shoot with more accuracy.- Avariety of combat posture: By standing shooting, squat shooting,fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of different weapons,buy medical kits and enjoy the fun of realistic combat experience.-Simple operation: full touch screen operation, so you just move afinger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadow and fire.-Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music. How ToPlay- Tap the unlocked mission from the map to enter shootingmode.- Slide the screen which can be rotated gamers perspective.-Tap the down button to let your player hide behind the hideout.-Tap the right arrow button to hide behind the other hideout.- Tapthe left zoom button to zoom your M25 sniper rifle to aim yourtarget with more accuracy.- Aim the HEADSHOT to get your enemy witha single shot.- Tap the bullet button on the right of your screento shoot.- Don't let the enemy soldiers to hide behind thehideouts.- Challenge your sniping skills and try to clear all 15levels. -----HAVE FUN-----
Fast, faster, Racing Moto 3D! Welcome to this fast paced motoracing game. Race with your motorbike through the rush hour trafficand collect as many coins as possible while avoiding to crash yourbike. Activate the turbo boost to drive even faster and usecollected coins to upgrade your bike at the shop.Start the engine:Racing Moto 3D will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush!BIGUPDATE – NEW VERSION 2016★ Participate in the real big anddangerous road race with high-speeding cars, trucks and buses.★Simply tilt the phone or tablet to control the moto direction★ Usenitro to activate the turbo boost. Use the brakes when you want toreduce speed.★ Many tracks and bikes to chose from!★ Beat thehighscore with every single race!★ Beautiful 3D graphics with adynamic soundtrack★ FREE download, FREE game – no hidden costs, noin-game-purchases!Like this moto racing game? Please leave us areview for RACING MOTO 3D! Many thanks :-)
Caribbean Pirates Pogo Jump 2.7
Caribbean Pirates are here to leap, hopandpogo boing their way around the pirate cove in a path filledwithinfinite enemies and treasures to plunder.In this pirate tower climber you have to leap your marauderstonew heights with the help of powerful powerups while facingenemieswho can be destroyed by your laser. Pogo your way aroundusingtrampolines and plunder skull treasures to unlockadditionalmarauders and pirate stages. Get your pirate craze goingand surgeinto the top while jumping to the high scores charts.Sounds easy right? Watch out however, as just making onemistakewill cost the life of your pogo Caribbean pirate, hop andtry toleap away or laser down your enemies.Features> A pirate themed infinite tower climber with lotsoftrampolines to bounce> Challenging jumpin adventure with simple controls> Leap and jump with various pirates and plunderinfinitetreasures to unlock new characters> Pick up various powerups that will help you to hop higherandplunder more treasure> Share your trampoline pogo score with your friendsHow far can you boing and plunder your way in thepiratecove?***HOW TO PLAY:Just press "Start" and tilt your phone to the left or right toletyour pirate jump! Wo-hoooo!Please feel free to contact us with your feedback orsuggestionsat info(at)immanitas(.)com. We love to hear fromyou!Follow us on:Twitter: leave a review if you like our app. Thanks!
Angriff des Börsen TITAN 1.01
This is the full German version! But ifyoulike action games you will enjoy anyway! This game is reallycool!Ein grosser Roboter! Böse Banker! Vergeltung! Krawall! -DasSpiel zur Bankenkrise!Das hat sich Geldsack gut ausgedacht: er erfindet einenRoboterum die kleinen Leute zu unterdrücken, die sich überBankenrettungenund ausufernde Staatsschulden aufregen und Bankenund Börsen besserkontrolliert sehen möchten!Nur leider hat seine zum Billiglohn eingestellteIT-Mannschaftvergessen, die Firewall einzuschalten worauf sich einHackereinloggt und das Stahlmonster kurzerhandumprogrammiert.Nun nimmt sich der Börsen TITAN all jene vor, denen ereigentlichdienen soll, die Schlipsträger, also Banker undSpekulanten sowiederen Exekutiven.Und das mit brachialer Gewalt!Übernimm die Kontrolle über den Börsen TITAN und mache alljeneplatt, die nur an dein Geld wollen, um es an der Börse zuverzockenund danach um Hilfe betteln.Aber Vorsicht, die Schlipsträger können auf die Hilfe vonPolizeiund Militär zählen!Sammle vielfältige Extras, um der Obrigkeit Herr zu werden,aberverschone die normalen Bürger.Features:• Krawalliges Arcade Style Action Game• Physics-based Zerstörungen & Chaos• Realitätsbezogener Humor der derben Art• Unzählige Extras mit überraschenden Auswirkungen• Mini-Aufgaben & Power-ups machen jedes Spieleinzigartig• Facebook Freunde High-Score Liste• Game Center High-Score Liste & Auszeichnungen• Auszeichnung als bestes Indie Game 2012 von IGN MobileTags:German,action,arcade,This is the fullGermanversion! But if you like action games you will enjoy anyway!Thisgame is really cool!A big robot! Evil bankers! Retribution! Ruckus! - The game tothebanking crisis!The money bag is well thought out: he invents a robot tothelittle people to suppress that upset about bank bailoutsandescalating government debt and would like to see bettercontrolledbanks and exchanges!Unfortunately for his low-wage set IT team has forgotten to turnthefirewall on which logs a hacker and summarily re-programmedthesteel monster.Now the exchanges TITAN takes all those before whom he issupposedto serve, these bureaucrats, so bankers and speculators andtheirexecutives.And with brute force!Take control over the exchanges TITAN and make all those flatwhojust want to get your money to make it to gamble on the stockmarketand then beg for help.But beware, these bureaucrats can count on the help of thepoliceand military!Collect a variety of extras to be the authorities sir, but sparethenormal citizens.Features:• Krawalliges arcade style action game• Physics-based destruction & chaos• Reality-related humor of the bawdy kind• Countless extras with surprising effects• Mini-Tasks & power-ups make each game unique• Facebook friends high score list• Game Center high score list & Awards• Award for Best Indie Game of 2012 IGN MobileTags:German, action, arcade,
Global Terrorist Strike 1.0
Global Terrorist Strike is a first person shooter build by counterfans ! Play free with pleasure and just enjoy of the new actionthat single player game play will bring.Counter attack the enemiesin the first dust map and unblock as many levels as you can.★Global Terrorist Strike gameplay bring you the classic shooter backto life :This is an amazing 3rd fps with deadly weapons and gunattack.Use 20 different weapons in your soldier assault which willunlock as you advance in the campaign including a rocket launcher,assault rifle, shotgun, and a variety of automatic weapons. Viewyour enemies with the radar and take cover when you take too muchdamage. In this critical ops you will fight in survival mode. ★Global Terrorist Strike has a challenging gameplay : Start withdust map, test your shooting skills in this fps game, specialforces will be also in this game, lead the soldier attack, counterand kill your enemy. Build in first person view this fps game ischallenging so pay attention to your in screen radar. This willgive you some hints about enemy position, and will allow you tomake some actions . Realistic shooting system, aim and gun hitstrategic, don't make attacks if you are surrounded by to manyenemies, the noise will alert them, so special forces will hit youback. The best way is to make one by one kill ; at the same timeyou will be forced to enter in the conflict zone to, where a lot ofenemies will attack you in the same time, keep a safe distance,aim, shoot with the assault rifle or the gun . While shooting isquite possible that you will forget about reloading your gun, inthis time your enemy will keep fire at you, even if the reload isdone, is quite possible to be to late to recover so give moreattention to your ammo.A very important element is your health, atthe beginning is 100% but will drop with every shoot that will hityou, don't make rush attacks if this is too low, your soldierassault can turn back to you.★ Global Terrorist Strike fans : Weare classic shooter fans and in this campaign wee bring the old fpsstyle back to life. We have tried to bring you a better experience,we have put best maps( dust map for example) and we have tried tomake it and keep it simple for our free version.The new version hasno more ads banner so you will have full view, better movement anda more optimized gameplay.Give this game a chance, the gameplay andcontrols will be better and better as you will pass from the firstcampaign level.Great exciting maps and 40 missions, soldierassault, special forces, critical ops, dust map, an enemy radar andplenty of fun!★ Features: ✓ free to play - single player campaign;✓classic shooter with active special forces;✓ realistic 3D graphics;✓ 4 different maps for first person campaign ( dust map is in )✓40 different missions, critical ops.✓ 4 different enemies andspecial forces.✓ 4 different weapons ( rocket launcher, rifle,shotgun, next version will have 20! ).✓ radar to counter your enemyfaster✓ highly polished menus – Highly polished controls✓ realisticfps with classicplay...................................................................Global Terrorist Strike is a free shooter , counter , find and usethe deadly weapons , just install and enjoy.If you like it ,please, give us a rating. You can send us feedback, we will reachyou as fast as we can.52ae91b281
Elite Sniper Bravo Assassin 1.1
Elite Sniper Bravo Assassin is best sniper Assassin Sniper Elitegame! Start the killing: FIGHT the global war on crime and becomethe ULTIMATE SHOOTER. Get yourself a gun and start shooting - whatare you waiting for?Elite Sniper Bravo Assassin is brought to youby Immanitas Entertainment!Elite Sniper Assassin lets you do yourbest as a trained master elite sniper assassin to kill enemies whohave taken civilians as hostage. Elite Sniper Assassin is a missionbased 3D game that lets you kill enemies, shoot & kill theirretaliating shooters, blow up fuel tanks and helicopters. EliteSniper Assassin starts with a desert based camp site of enemieswhere they have taken locals as hostage to continue their illegalactivities.A real FPS combat calls for black ops on duty revenantsniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attackElite SniperBravo Assassin is a free game but it contains mature content andoptional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep awayit from your kids and younger boysAim and Shoot! Leave no squadmate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game!Elite Killer is the #1Elite Sniper Assassin 3D is the best missionbased game that is definitely going to test your sniper skills,shoot & kill skills. You will learn and improve shoot &kill and sniper skills with each passing level"Elite Sniper BravoAssassin" Features:***Complete Battlefield real looking 3Denvironment***FPS 3D (First Person Shooter) Sniper Game***Tap toshoot and kill the enemy***Zoom button is above Fire Button.***Topleft corner shows you score/points.***Top right corner displays theenemies that has been killed
Real 3D Driving School 2017 1.1
Hop into your favorite car, take the steeringwheel and enjoy the best driving lessons you’ll ever experience inour fun driving game!Real 3D Driving School 2017 is a FREE 3D car game where you willexperience real driving as you explore the city maps. Learn todrive by real experience in fun, realistic driving simulation.Unlock various car models and choose the one you like best andenjoy our game!Have you got your driver’s license? Do you want to experience cooldriving simulation? Sit behind the steering wheel and take your topcar to the street. It’s not easy to be a good city driver so youbetter start now!No matter how old you are or whether you’re a new or experienceddriver, you will love Real 3D Driving School 2017. We give you thebest and real driving simulation. You will experience sittingbehind the steering wheel and take control of your car in a cityracing.Learn when to brake, push the blinker when you want to turn. Itturns out there are a lot of things to know if you want to be agood city driver. It’s OK to take it slow as long as you don’tcrash the car! But if you are good already, try to take the city ina city racing!===========================================BEST FEATURES OF REAL 3D DRIVING SCHOOL 2017:===========================================★ FREE FUN DRIVING GAMEOur driving simulation is FREE to play and it’s super fun! Weguarantee that you’ll enjoy every driving lesson you have in thisgame,★ BEST 3D CAR GAMEWe create super sharp and realistic 3D environment for you. We hopeyou can experience real driving as if you are sitting behind thewheel in the middle of a busy street. This is why we think this isone of the best 3D car game we have ever created for ourplayers!★ TOP CARSThere are so many car models you can drive in our 3D car game. Takea look at the Garage section to see all the cool car models. Theyare all top cars which will give you the real driving experience.Unlock all of them and try to take them to the street.★ EXPLORE THE CITIESTo be a good city driver, you have to be able to steer your car inthe middle of heavy traffic. Explore the city map and learn todrive in the crowded street. This is really what city driving isall about.Aside from having fun, you can get real driving lessons by playingwith this driving simulation. You can learn how to steer your carcorrectly, when to put on blinkers when you want to take a turn, orthe best braking practice. The most important thing is you don’tcrash other cars!Once you’ve mastered how to drive safely, maybe you can bend therules you learn from the driving lessons and take your favorite caron an exciting city racing!Don’t forget, Real 3D Driving School is the best way to learn todrive and steer your car.What are you waiting for? Download REAL 3D DRIVING SCHOOL now forfree and get your driving license now!
3D Bus Driver Simulator 4.0
Drive, at low/high speeds and follow traffic rules. Pickuppassengers in the bus and drop them at their destinations. Realworld bus driving school on your fingertips. The simulator givesyou full capability to control the 3D bus model just like the realworld. Use steering or tilt controls to take turns. Use acceleratorand brake pedals to speed up or slow down. Become a bus driver withthis 3d bus driver simulator. With each passing level, the gamedifficulty will increase. Pickup more passengers and earn moredollors. Use the earned money to purchase better buses and increaseyour bus crew. The multiple levels and multiple buses in this bussimulator game makes it the best game to play and enjoy.The cityhas fallen short of buses and its your duty to pickup passengersand drop them off at the bus stops. You just need to drive the busand stop at marked locations and passengers will board/de-board thebus automatically.City bus driving is not as easy as driving a car.The physics of driving a bus is different than a car. For yourconvenience, the buses in this bus driver game are all automaticwhich means no need to shift the gears. Now go ahead and masteryour bus driving skills. Don’t delay it:Everyone in this world haslimited time which means that once a passenger has boarded the bus,you have limited time to take the passenger to his destinationpoint. If you fail to drive the bus in given time, its game overfor you. In a nutshell, what you are experiencing here is a bigpassenger bus loaded with lots of fun and adventure. Show us yourbus driving skills.Can you become the king of transport vehicles.If you can cross the levels in this game then definitely you havegot some skills to driving real world buses. Take fullresponsibility of the 3D bus in this bus driving simulationgame.Features of bus driver simulator game:- Multiple buses tochoose from- Multiple levels which you can play- Real world 3D bussimulation- Steering, Brake and Race controls for showing your busdriving skills- Realistic graphics with real physics for bestdriving experienceSo take the challenge and start driving bus in 3Denvironment. If you have any suggestion for this 3D bus simulationgame, then please let us know.583454c0e9
Basketball Arcade Blitz 1.0
Basketball Arcade Blitz is an simple but very addictive game whichbase on realistic physics.The time is limited,your goal is to throwbasket ball as much as you can.Basketball Arcade Blitz is anaddictive game designed for real basketball fans of all ages.Howmany baskets can you score in 40 seconds?Basketball Arcade Blitz isan addictive game designed for real basketball fans of allages.FEATURES:- 60 Seconds Balls with different scoring rules-Bonus round after every 50 points- Moving hoop in bonus rounds-Easy to pick up one touch swipe controls- Realistic physics- GameCenter leaderboard03824fe970
Real Parker: Car Parking Simulator 1.3
Do you love to play car parking, driving and simulator games? Doyou want to be the real parker? Try this new Real Parker CarParking game, which has designed to give you to expertise ofdriving simulator and car parking skills. This car parker new gameis one of the best parker games. It is a gift for the people wholove to play car parking and driving games and who love to driveluxury and racing cars in thrilling and adventurer environment ofpublic parking, basement, city mall and other difficult parkingplaces. Plat this new parker game to feel the experience of vehicleparker hero & get the chance to drive super racing and luxurycars on multi rooftop building, basements and hard car parkinglots. It doesn’t matter that where are you driving your car,because you must need to become the real parker hero to drive andpark your car on the road and other public parking places. This iswhy, this new parker driver game has designed with different andhard car parking simulators, which will make you an expert carparker very soon if you complete all parking and driving missionsof this one of the best car parking and driving games. This carparking new game is one of the best new parker games. If you wantto be expert for car parking in garage at your house, you must trythis most epic car parking simulator and city driving game onmassive roads of big city and get a chance to show your extremerooftop car parker skills. This car parker expert game allows youto be the fast driver and park your car safely as pro parker in anypublic parking place and car parking in garage at yourhouse.Features: Here are the amazing features of this new carparking expert driver game.• Realistic Experience of DrivingPhysics.• New Car Parker Game.• Furious and Fast Speed Cars Driving& Parking Experience.• Amazing HD Graphics.• Challenging &Addictive Gameplay.• Complex and Hard Basement, Parking Lots &Rooftop Parking Experience.• Lot of Luxury & Racing Cars toDrive & Park.• New Car Parking & Expert Driver Game.So,what are you thinking now? It is not so easy to become the parkermaster. You have to complete each parking and driving simulatorchallenge of this game several times to be the expert for carparking in garage at your house and any hard parking public place.Download and play this new Real Parker Car Parking Simulator gameright now and enhance your car handling skills and become the procar parker.