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Spanish Injection 1.0.5
Play games, solve puzzles, learn Spanish and have fun - withSpanish injection!Learn Spanish with never before seen languagegames!Solve Spanish Injection's real life game scenarios to learnand improve basic Spanish skills,and the unique puzzles andmini-games to improve Spanish vocabulary. Learning Spanish CAN befun and easy. Learning a new language isn't about memorizing lists,and it isn't about classes and homework... It's about people,situations - it's about life and having fun.• Learn Spanish quicklyon your mobile device, at home or on the go. • ConversationalSpanish - just what you need for your next vacation.• Boost yourvocabulary instantly.• 45 stories.• Short and fun conversations formaximum efficiency.Spanish Injection is a Spanish learning gamethat can help the beginner learner pick up his first few words, orit can be a great way for the more advanced learner to help withlanguage structure and to increase existing vocabulary. It can alsocomplement a live course or other Spanish learning apps such as"Duolingo: Learn Languages Free" or "Rosetta Stone Spanish".Thisapp is by Immersia. We believe that there's no better way to studySpanish than to immerse yourself in it. Our method incorporatesbrain based learning with language methodologies developedespecially for speed and retention, with the best of what educationtechnology has to offer.* This is an early version of the app. Asan early adopter, you will get the chance to influence futureproduction and help Immersia build the Spanish learning app youhave been looking for, so you can start playing, learning andhaving fun. Suggestion? Ideas? Contact us: team@immersia.orgOr viaour Facebook page: