Immortal Pig Interactive Apps

EscaPIG Free 1.5.2
You're a cute little pig on a space farm where you liveyourordinary space pig life in captivity. Nobody asks if you evenwantto be there and to everyone's huge surprise the answer is no,youdon't. Instead you would like to explore, smell the fresh airandeat all the fruit outside world has to offer! So you go andacquirea helmet and a jetpack and you fly. Freedom doesn't comewithout aprice though.. Apart from all the juicy fruits the worldhas tooffer, the dangers too are endless. The game level willgenerateitself as you move forward so it's all about knowing how toreactin different situations and reacting fast enough to survivethosesituations. The game also keeps record of your best timesandscores so you can show off your supreme piggy skills toyourfriends and family. EscaPIG will mainly be tested with a 16:9phoneand a 4:3 tablet with a variety of emulators to ensureitsplayability on many different devices, however if you do runintoproblems with EscaPIG on your device it would be great if youcouldcontact me, for example, viaemail( with your problem and asmuchinformation as you can so I can try my best to clear thesituationfor you and others who might be experiencing the sameissue.Features: - Endless highscore mode - 5 differently themedlevelsoffering different types of obstacles - Randomly generatedlevelsfor unique gameplay - User customization for personalizedgameplay- Online leaderboards
Ssshneik 1.0
Ssshneik is fast... Ssshneik is furious... Ssshneik hateswallssssss Simply tap anywhere on the screen to make Ssshneikavoidwalls sssss If you help Ssshneik avoid walls he will loveyouforever sssss
Simple and light tool application for calculating screenwidths,heights and ratios with two known values.