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Super Smash Clash - Brothers
Knock your opponents off the stage to win afierce four player battle!Choose between one of size characters each who have a unique set ofmoves and attacks. The more damage each player receives, thefarther they fly when hit! The skills you have acquired from othermelee and brawling games to rise to the top amongst your brothers.Inspired by fan-favorite games such as Super Smash Bros, SuperSmash Flash, and other platform fighting games.Four players, one winner. How will you fair in this intensegame?*Note, if you have previously purchased this app, contact us at theprovided email with your receipt attached so we can verify yourpurchase and provide a free download.BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS OVER LOCAL WIFIConnect to compete 1-on-1 with your friend. Unlock a character bybeating your friend!6 CHARACTERSUnlock size unique characters who each have their own move set andgame style. Some are fast and agile; others are slow and powerful.A few can easily fly to a safe location, and others spike opponentsdownward off the screen. Figure out which character fits yourplaystyle, and then challenge your friend to a multiplayer match(and unlock a character by winning).7 ITEMSIncrease your speed, attack or jump boost by picking up an item.Become twice as large or half the size with the plus or minus item.There is even a missile you can launch at each other across thescreen.LEADERBOARDSSet your sights at the top of five different leaderboards. Rankagainst your friends and worldwide users.8 DIFFERENT ATTACKS PER CHARACTEREach character has their very own attacks. Use the joystick tochange which attack you would like to use. Up, down, side andneutral attacks are possible. With these four different directors,just hit one of the two buttons to discover all 8 attacks.60 FPSOur game runs at 60 FPS on most modern smartphones. You will rarelyfeel lag. The game automatically decreases the use of effects ifthe frame rate drops allow the brawl to go on!5 STAGESStart with 2 stages and unlock 3 more. Some stages have one-wayplatforms which you can jump down through by pulling the joystickdownward. Some have a pit you can knock an opponent into. There iseven a side-scrolling stage keeping true to the platformer genredespite the fighting aspect.USE POWERFUL PROJECTILESThrow ice cubes, fireballs, bacon, robots, remote controlledtooth-rockets (yet, that is a thing), yellow rings and much more!Unlock all the characters to discover these attacks.STILL WANT MORE?The chaotic battles can be expected to evolve. Keep an eye out forthe development of a second version.Join the Brawl! Download now!Please email us with any questions, issues, or comments.Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
Corona SDK Material Design 1.0
This app demonstrates an up-and-coming plugin for Corona SDK. Theplugin will allow developers to override the standard widgetlibraries in Corona's APIs extending their app's appearance toinclude Google's material design properties. This will make appsdeveloped for iOS and Android using Corona SDK look moreprofessional.For example, the newButton API of my new plugin willoverride the newButton API of Corona's. Instead of getting thestandard button for Corona, you will get a beautiful materialbutton per Google's standard.Furthermore, generic 'material' can becreated. It inherits properties such as depth (which can be alteredby changing the z of the object), automatically generated shadows,and resizing capabilities. I also make use of LUA's metatables tomake getting and setting some material's z value easy. For example,"myMaterial.z" functions as a getter and setter. "myMaterial.z =10" is the same as "myMaterial.setZ(10)" and "someVal =myMaterial.z" will set someVal to 10.Moreover, behaviors arecurrently being development to control an app's material in uniformways. This is demoed with the "horizontal" and "vertical" buttons.Automatic sizing and fitting coming in an update.Slideout drawersare easy to implement, and you can use gestures present in nativeAndroid apps (i.e. swipe from the left).Overflow menu is gorgeousin my opinion. I'm going to add the shortcut soon where you canjust drag your finger over it to select an option.Lastly, colors ofmaterial may be specified with the names provided by Google ontheir material design website. No more having to convert your RGBhexes to Corona's percentile RBG. Just copy and paste the color, ortype in the name.For more information on Material Design, see thewebsite here: you are interestedin this plugin, email us at impact-studios [at] outlook.comTheplugin should be completed this year and published in the CoronaMarketplace.
iTriggered - Gif Meme Maker for Videos and Photos 1.1.0
Trigger your friends, family or coworkers with this triggeredmemegenerator. Plenty of dank effects to use on your photos andvideos.Yes, this is just a triggered video maker.
Kill the King
Chess with no turns. Details on how the game works will be addedasthe beta test proceeds.