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Oggy's World 1.1.0
Oggy's World features adorable characters and gorgeousenvironments, and challenging physics-based gameplay with hours ofreplay value! Each level requires logic, skill and forward-planningto solve. OGGY'S WORLD WINS GAMESALAD'S GAME OF THE MONTH!!"Oggy'sWorld ticks all the right boxes: fun physics puzzles, cutecharacters, solid controls and fantastic graphics and animation.It's said it's the little things that count, and none of the littlethings were left out in this worthy GOTM winner, Oggy's World"--GameSaladSo what's the story?Oggy is a curious, cheeky and not tomention pretty cute hedgehog who’s gotten himself into sometrouble. He’s lost in a strange and magical world and you’ve got tohelp him find his way home. And it wouldn’t be an adventure withouta few obstacles along the way. Helping Oggy get to the safe housein each level, will get him closer to home. Our young hedgehog hasa big appetite, so collect as many Lumibugs as you can. With aswipe or a tap on your screens and a little creativity, Oggy canroll, slide, bounce, block and tumble his way home!This new and funadventure game will test your efficiency, creativity and strategyto reach the highest scores . It’ll make you come back again andagain to acquire those elusive 3 Star Fruits!Need help with alevel? Want to share awesome strategies? Come on over to the Oggy'sWorld fan page at and start thediscussion!
Sky Hop Saga 1.1.2
HOP till you DROP in the mystical sky kingdom of Sky Hop Saga!YourSky Hopper is an explorer and treasure hunter who finds himself inthe strange and highly unstable world of Sky Hop. Help him gethopping and keep moving to stay alive!Guide your Sky Hopper throughlevels and collect treasures – disguises cost money and friendsaround here only come at a price. Build new ground from artifactsyou collect to progress to new levels. Along the way, beware offire breathing dragons, exploding goblins, venomous vipers and alegion of uncharted dangers. And whatever you do, plan your hopswisely or plummet to your death! Features:• EXHILARATING and fastpaced gameplay• BEAUTIFUL hand painted worlds• BOSS FIGHTS. Slaythese mighty foes and claim your reward• HUGE cast of fun andquirky Sky Hoppers to unlock• POWER UP to turn impossible odds inyour favor• CHALLENGE your friends to beat your score• SHARE youradventures on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter• HOP TIL YOUDROP with ENDLESS levels• ENDLESS deaths• ENDLESS fun!
Polyforge 1.2
Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color ◉Forge new shapes by striking all the sides ◉ Don't strike the sameside twice ◉ Simple & Beautiful visuals ◉ Atmospheric &Serene sound design ◉ Compete for the highest level in the world
Color Merge 1.0
Color Merge is a simple yet deceptively challenging color basedcombination puzzle. ◉ Change the color of the dots by mergingadjacent dots of opposite color ◉ Solve the puzzle by changing alldots to the target color ◉ Compete in online leaderboards bysolving the most difficult puzzles ◉ Challenge your friends bycreating and sharing your own puzzles
Saily Seas: Magic & Motions of the Sea 1.0.4
Sail, glide and dive as you explore the magic and motions of SAILYSEAS. ◉ Fill your sails with the wind and navigate through roughseas ◉ Survive a perilous journey to discover secret locations ◉Magical & Beautiful visuals ◉ Atmospheric & Serene sounddesign ◉ Compete to sail the furthest in the world