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OOKAAZ 2.2.4
OOKAAZ app lets you shop easily and choose from millions ofproducts and manage your orders using only your mobile devices.*Get the best prices and availability from different vendors.Download Ookaaz app now to get unbeatable deals and offers! * Smartnotifications give real-time update about the status of yourorders. Collect your orders from the store or have it delivered atyour doorstep, the choice is yours. * With quick and easy payment,you can either pay cash upon delivery or pay online with our securepayment gateway. *Vendors has full access to add products changeimages, descriptions, add more details and attributes and updateinventory. Or, Vendors can easily upload all the products andimages easily by direct integration or using the excel templatesupload. * Multi-language, all for your convenience. App isavailable in English, Arabic and French. Important Note RegardingPermissions Please note that the OOKAAZ app requires access to thefollowing services : * Location: Allows the OOKAAZ app to accessyour location and help you discover local offers and pin youraddress fast. * Account creation using Facebook and Google accountsfor quick sign-up. * Share products on OOKAAZ using differentsocial networks.
Butchers Direct 1.1.2
Halal meat, delivered fresh. It’s as simple as that. WithButchersDirect, you are connected to all local butchers in yourcity! Only by working together, were we able to provide you with anunrivalled and extensive selection of halal meat. By workingtogether with butchers and freelance delivery partners in ourcommunity, we were able to create ButchersDirect. AtButchersDirect, you choose your favourite cut of meat from yourfavourite butcher and compare prices, and have it delivered at aconvenient time! By joining forces, we have not only eliminated theinconvenience of picking up your meat, but also able to provide youwith an unrivalled and extensive selection of Halal meat. Whetheryou’re a butcher, a freelance delivery partner, or a meat loverlike us, join us, as we create a community with a passion forauthentic, high quality meat.
We are Zayed 2.0.0
We are Zayed: The application aims to raise the spirit ofnationalbelonging and consolidating national identity inrecognition of thequalitative achievements and extraordinaryinitiatives presented bythe late founding leader, Sheikh Zayed BinSultan Al Nahyan - mayGod rest his soul - to build this country andestablish its status.We are Zayed application was developed to bethe first Electronicplatform in UAE in the year of Zayed, where theapplication ischaracterized by many characteristics and advantagesincluding butnot limited to Sheikh Zayed biography and integratedmedia library,including employment of modern technologies insharing theelectronic posts to spread Sheikh Zayed quotes acrossall socialmedia networks. The application also carries the spiritof loyaltyand gratitude to our beloved country, where the user canexpresshis love to Sheikh Zayed by posting or can suggest or addanyinnovative initiatives. We hope that the application willgiveusers all over the world more information about Sheikh ZayedBinSultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul – and will becomeaplatform for all related Zayed events and initiatives in the UAEin2018. The users can also send different messages usingthedistinctive backgrounds of the pictures of the late God,whichcontributes to disseminate the quotes of the late, which isstill awitness to his achievements. Last but not least, the usercanaccess the approved charities organizations in UAE throughourapplication and donate directly from their websites.theapplication will be frequently updated in the next comingmonths,for example, in the next update, the user will gain positivepointson each participation through the application, then they canredeemit with our partners. The second update will be issue withintwoweeks, which will include many features such as enabling theusersto post any media or articles to express their love to thefatherSheikh Zayed which is deeply rooted in the heart of everyEmiratiand resident. In addition, the users will vote for the bestpostsent, and we hope that all organizations and institutions intheUAE will participate and sponsor the application throughallowingthe users to convert their points by redeeming it, toensure themaximum benefit and positive experience for all users.