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Rafael (GAME) 2.0.0
Incol Games
Rafael tests your ability as a player. Asyouprogress you will find a number of obstacles, levels, powersandenemies. You will discover for yourself what obstacles are inyourfavor and obstacles are against you. Discover how to eliminateyourenemies and how to avoid them to make it to the finish lineandproceed to the next trip. I wish you luck.
Splot Monster 1.0.10
Incol Games
Splot Monster is an application that testsyourreflexes.1. As you advance notice the mockery of monsters so do notletthat make fun of you.2. Notaras a life bar in the upper left; As time progressesthebar decreases and the only way to increase it iscrushingmonsters.3. Each monster throws several types of bubbles to becrushed.Donot miss out! Will serve to buy powers if you findyourself in abad situation.4. Lastly is the best Splot Master of all and beat yourrecordand the record of your friends.!!! Enjoy it !!!