Inderjit Singh Hayer Apps

Fatty In Trouble 2 : Bull Ride 1.3
Fatty after successfully coming out of food land now finds himselfin another trouble. This time, he is having trouble with bull.Fatty wants to learn bull riding. So, he goes to farm land. He sitson the bull but bull is so angry that he will not tolerate anyoneride on him. So, bull decided to give lesson to fatty. Bull triesto throw fatty from himself by colliding with obstacles.You as afatty try to avoid obstacles which are in the way and try to ridebull successfully to come out of the bull trouble
Soccer Strike 1.4
Here, ball will come from right side at different pace each time.You have to time the ball with perfection either with your head orleg depending upon the ball’s position and try to aim the ball atgoal post. Try to score as much goals as you can with only 5 timesyou can miss the goal post or target.
Bull Attack 1.2
You accidentally got yourself on a bull farm when suddenly, someonethrew an object to the herd and caused havoc.Bulls at your back areangry and chasing anyone ahead. Run as fast as you can and avoidbumping on another person. Lets see, how long you can survive!
Pee Toss 1.1
Game play is simple - Try to toss the pee in the toilet. But bewareof wind that may affect direction of pee. Lets see, how many levelsyou can cross…
Avoid Virus 1.3
Cell is attacked by different kind of viruses. So, you have todefend or escape cell from viruses by drawing laser line on virusesto kill or destroy them. Fight with all your skills to defeat yourenemies. Lets see, how far you can survive.
Slap The Boss If You Can 1.2
There are many other reasons why you don’t like your boss.Theypunish you. They don’t give the respect you deserve. And it isfrustrating.So, This time you can take revenge. Slap bosses whichare angry or look like if they are angry. Don’t slap bosses whichare cute and look innocent. Double slap bosses which look veryangry. Slap your bosses and get some relief. Lets see, how manyslaps you can do.
Sling Hit 1.3
Can you survive ? Shoot the bottle and try to keep it in the air aslong as possible. This is easy to learn but hard to master.
Thief on Skates 1.2
A mischievous skater stole something in the market. Police havebeen notified and gave the skater a chase.You as the skater willescape the area to avoid getting caught. Skate as fast as you can.Avoid bumping any obstacles ahead. Jump or slide as you see fit.Letsee how far you can go.
Beach Badminton 1.2
Sun, ocean and bikinis! One of a kind Badminton environment.Thisgame is for those who love beaches and as well as for those wholove to play and enjoy badminton. Two game modes to choose from;Tournament or Match. Different opponents and challenges ahead!So,let the match begins!
Soccer Birds 1.3
Here, goal post having wings will fly here and there , and you willhave to tap on the goal post to score. It is mainly based on youreye and hand coordination skills.
Baby Alone 1.4
Baby is alone at the home. Parents are gone somewhere , Maid isgone to market. In between Thieves see baby is alone at the home.They are trying to steal something from home. Your task as a babyis to throw balloon, egg, bottle , ball etc. on thieves , so thatthey can’t take away anything. Be aware not to hit other peoplethat are passing.
Boxing : The Last Punch 1.2
This is a unique kind of running boxing game. You will take a roleof a boxer and try to punch the punching bags. But make sure thatyou punch the punching bags with the proper timing, otherwisepunching bag will not be destroy and will hit you.That, can be yourlast punch!!!!!So, try to punch the punching bags as much as youcan with all the strength you have. Lets see, how many punches youpunch.
Half Circle 1.1
Pass the brick from one circle to another by tapping at the perfecttime. Look like easy to play??? You will be surprised!!!
Don't Touch the Wire 1.2
Take the magnifier from one end of electric wire to another. Butmake sure that magnifier don’t touch the wire or else the wire willdestroy the magnifier.Game play is simple. Drag anywhere to movemagnifier. Tap left or right button to rotate the magnifier. Enjoy!
Leg Hair Plucker 1.1
Pluck the hair by tapping at the legs at a perfect time. Be carefulthough. Try not to hit the leg part without the hair on it or elsehe'll get hurt.Game play is simple : tap on left side on screen toremove hair from left leg and vice versa.Use hair removal machinewisely.
Fatty In Trouble 3: Sky Dodger 1.3
This Time Fatty finds himself in another trouble. He tries to swingpropeller manually. But he faces obstacles when he try to fly inair. You as a fatty, try to avoid anchors which are moving as theymay hurt you. Controls are simple. Just tapping once will movefatty in one direction, tapping again will change his direction.Just Control the direction and try to come out safely frompropeller trouble.Let’s see, how many obstacles you can cross.
Fruits Shot 1.3
Here you have to shoot the fruits which are sad and having worms onthem . You have to hit bad fruits to clear each level. Fruits canbe Apple, Orange, Guava, Kiwi, Mango, Papaya or Pear. You don’thave to shoot fruits which are happy. If you hit 5 happy fruits,your game will be over.
Crush The Rush 1.3
You as a guy, aim at the object, destroy every object that comes onthe road and get some relief!!!!
Fatty In Trouble 1.3
Fatty tries to fly with help of wings. He accidentally comes tofood land. So now, Fatty is in food land. Food land has junk foodas well as healthy food. He is already so fatty that he can’ttolerate more junk food as they may put him in trouble. He shouldeat only healthy food to be safe and avoid trouble.Your purpose isto avoid him colliding with junk food and eat only healthy foodwhich come as he fly forward. Try to cover distance as much aspossible and try to come safe out of the food land.
Escape The Sewerage 3D 1.1
You fell into the Sewerage. Now, you have to escape the sewerage.Try to pass every obstacles that comes in your way and come out ofSewerage.Lets see , how much distance your covered.
Electrical Run 1.3
This is simple but addictive game. You have to run on electric wirebut with precision. Make sure your vehicle don't touch the wire,otherwise you'll get an electric shock and destroy yourvehicle.Tilt your device to move left and right. Rotate yourvehicle left and right by pressing on left and right of the screen.Let see, how far you can go.
Impossible Lift Escape 1.3
There are two stick guys that find themselves in trouble. One ofthem has fallen from top and he should avoid lifts that are goingupward. Another guy is trying to climb and he should avoid liftsthat are coming downward. Both of them should escape lifts as theymay put them into trouble. Lets see how far you can go.
Educational Trip 1.2
Kids and biggies, Get ready for an educational trip this time. Ourtrip bus will get some passengers by the way and they will get offthe bus at their stop. Here, you as a driver try to calculate moneypaid by passengers is enough or not. Cost chart is provided foryour assistance. Lets see, how far you can go.
Santa's Gift Tower 1.1
Santa on the eve of Christmas is having fun with gifts. You willstack gifts one over another.Build the tallest tower of gifts andmake christmas a lucky day for you. Lets see, how tall you canstack.
Escape Alive 1.2
Can You Escape Alive???? Really!!!! . Here, You have to not onlydodge the cones which are coming from either directions but alsohave to avoid balls which are falling from air. Proper timing andskills are required to make progress in this game. Lets see how faryou can go and how long you can survive.
Stick Superstar 1.1
Your goal in this game is to jump across the circle with perfecttiming.Game play is simple : Tap & hold to increase jumpstrength and release tap to jump.Looks easy to play? You will besurprised!Let see, how many rings you can jump across!
Cage Vs Dog 1.4
There is a stray dog that frustrate you. He always bark on you.Sometimes he bit you. So, You decided to catch the dog and handoverhim to concerned authorities.You see dog in empty area. So, youdecided to catch the dog now as it is perfect opportunity to traphim. Try to catch him with cage. Don’t let him escape the cage thistime.Try to catch him with minimum number of moves. Let’s see ,Whether you are able to catch him or not. If yes, how many movesyou take to catch the him.
Save Fish From Spikes 1.5
Help fish to avoid spikes. Spikes can explode the bubble and canharm the fish. Lets see how far you can go in saving fish.
Impossible Defense 1.1
Try to defend yourself against rope that may come from eitherdirection. You also have the extra responsibility to save life ofstick friend that is standing on your shoulders. So, stay focus todefend yourself otherwise rope will caught you and you will fall.On its consequences , stick guy will be hanged and will die. Savestick guy from death by fighting against rope as much as possible.
Feed The Hungry Zombie 1.3
Zombie comes in your area. He is very hungry. He wants to eat yourbrain. You can Survive only if you keep him busy by feeding themeat/flesh to him. There comes Helicopter which is throwing meatfrom air.Try to feed zombie as much as you can, otherwise he willeat your brain.
Hide The Burp 1.3
There is a guy who has some problem with burping. He can’t controlhis burp. One day, he goes with his girlfriend and one other friendat restaurant for eating.At the restaurant , he wants to controlhis burping, but he can’t. But, you can help him by burping onlywhen musicians come and play music. This way, his friends will nothear his burps and he will also get some relief.Don’t burp whenmusicians don’t play music. Otherwise, his friends will notice andwill punch or slap him. Also, Be aware of pressure bar, it willincrease unless you burp. If it reached maximum pressure, your gameis over.Lets see how much relief you can give to the guy.
You and Me : Battle in Airport 1.3
There is a Husband and Wife who love each other. But like othercouples fight for random reason. On their way back from a vacation,they had a petty verbal fight on the plane.Coming out on the plane,they now have to collect their materials consisting of bags, belt,makeup kit, shoes, shirt etc. Still angry with each other, thehusband and wife decided to collect only the stuff that belongs tohim/her.So, you as a player will try to see what thing is comingout of the baggage carousel and give them to respective gender. Ifit is related to male then tap left, if it is related to femalethen tap right. Try to collect as much as you can but make surethat you don’t collect wrong item for each.
Beach Romance 1.3
Couple are enjoying their time at the beach. Suddenly, the boyfalls asleep and the girl decided to make fun of him.You, the girl,will shoot as many popcorn in his mouth before he wakes up.Letssee, how many popcorn you can put in his mouth.
Stick Chase 1.1
You, the stickman, is on an adventure. Try to catch the rope byjumping with a perfect timing. Make use of the swing force to jumpstronger or weaker to make the jump to another ropesuccessful.Let's see how far you can go…
Baby Kiss 1.3
Well, There is a cute small baby who is riding on his scooter inthe park. He is very naughty. Girls and Ladies are coming fromother side of the park. Whenever you tap , baby will go upward.Your task is to try to position baby’s face is on same height asgirl/lady’s face as to kiss them. Obstacles and Powers will come inyour way to make your task difficult and give you boostrespectively . Girls and Ladies are of different heights. So, youhave to position baby accordingly. Beware of Lifeline, It goes ondecreasing. Whenever baby kiss a girl or lady , lifeline increasesotherwise decreases. There are powers that if baby take, lifelineincreases. If baby’s face collide with obstacles , lifelinedecreases quickly.Try to cover as distance as possible with babyand try to kiss more and more girls/ladies.
Asleep Nightmare 1.2
You are in sleep having nightmare in your dream. You are runningslowly but continuously. You will face walls having spikes, ballsetc. that may hurt you. Patience is key here. You have to stop atthe perfect time to succeed. All the Best for your journey…
Life Threat 1.1
It is a fun game. You have to hit the target with dart. Don’t hitand hurt the stick guy.With each level, difficulty will increase.It is hand eye coordination game that will surely test your timingskills.So, try to shoot with precision. Lets see how far you cango.
Can You Park? 1.2
Think wisely when you park cars. Park the cars to their respectiveparking zones indicated with the same colour as they have.Game Playis simple : tap on particular car to move and cross bridge to theempty parking zone. But keep in mind , you can only move car thatis connected to vacant parking area. Also, you have limited numberof moves to park the cars to their respective parking zone.So, beready and accept the challenge to park the cars.
Ice Man Challenge 1.4
You as a Ice man try to pour as many as buckets as you can on you.Controls are simple - tap left for bucket which is facing downwardand tap right for bucket which is facing upward.Lets see, how faryou can go.
Survive 3D 1.0
Survive 3D is an endless 3D ball hitting game , like pingpong,where you have to hit the ball back to your opponent hopingthatthe opponent won't hit it back.As the match progresses,theopponent's skill will increase every level. Survivethechallenge!This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Let'sseehow long will you survive.