Indigo Gaming PTE LTD Apps

Crazy Seconds 1.1.7
Dr. No and Prof. Yes have been makinggamesjust for you!Play various games and beat your friends' high scores tobecomethe ultimate Crazy Seconds champion!This game features:* Weekly tournaments where you can play with your friends toseewho's boss at Crazy Seconds!* It also features a daily challenge where the game of the daywillbe modified to have exciting new rules!* And finally a game library, where you are free to play whatyouwant when you want and still earn rewards!Download now and experience Crazy Seconds!
Voodoo Casino 1.1.5
Play dozens of various Casino-based games thendress up your voodoo avatar in the wonderful world of VoodooCasino!This game features:* An avatar customization system that allows you to design yourvoodoo the way you want!* House designing that opens up more customization options!* A jackpot system for some minigames where you can win bigprizes!Download now and experience Voodoo Casino!** DISCLAIMER **: This game contains gambling of virtualgoods.