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Belajar ABC Alfabet 2.5
Belajar ABC Alfabet adalah aplikasi pendidikan yang mengenalkanhuruf/abjad/alfabet ABC kepada anak-anak anda menggunakan binatangyang berhubungan dengan alfabet tersebut serta fitur animasi bola,balon, ikan, mobil, kereta api, dan pesawat terbang yang dapatmerangsang minat anak dalam mempelajari abjad/alfabet ABC. Fituraplikasi: * Menampilkan huruf/abjad/alfabet dari A sampai Z. *Mengucapkan huruf/abjad/alfabet tersebut. * Memilih huruf besaratau kecil yang akan dipelajari. * Menampilkan gambar binatang yangdimulai dengan abjad/alfabet yang diinginkan. * Mengucapkan suaramanusia dan binatang yang sesuai. * Tur dengan mobil ke kebunbinatang dengan animasi dan suara yang sesuai. * Kereta api ABCyang bergerak dan dapat disentuh untuk mengucapkan abjad/alfabetyang sesuai. * Permainan mengingat gambar binatang. * Kuismengingat abjad/alfabet untuk anak-anak. * Permainan bola denganabjad/alfabet yang dapat disentuh dan mengucapkan abjad/alfabetyang sesuai. * Bomber merah - pesawat pengebom yang sedang mencarisasaran. * Beraneka ragam ikan yang berenang di akuarium. * Balonberwarna warni yang terbang ke udara. * Puluhan truk di jalan rayaibukota. Learn ABC alphabet is introduced educational applicationletter / alphabet / ABC alphabet to your children use the animalsassociated with the alphabet as well as feature animated balls,balloons, fish, cars, trains, and airplanes that can stimulate achild's interest in learning alphabet / ABC alphabet. Theapplication features: * Displays the letters / alphabet / thealphabet from A to Z. * Saying the letters / alphabet / thealphabet. * Selecting uppercase or lowercase letters that will bestudied. * Displays pictures of animals that begin with thealphabet / the alphabet desired. * Saying the human voice and thecorresponding animals. * The tour by car to the zoo withappropriate animation and sound. * ABC moving train and can betouched to say the alphabet / the alphabet accordingly. * The gameconsidering the image of the beast. * Quiz given alphabet / thealphabet for children. * Game balls with alphabet / the alphabetthat can be touched and say the alphabet / the alphabetaccordingly. * Red Bomber - bombers were looking for targets. * Awide assortment of fish swimming in an aquarium. * Colorfulballoons flying into the air. * Dozens of trucks on the highwaycapital.
Belajar Huruf Hijaiyah 1.5.2
Aplikasi yang mengajarkan huruf hijaiyah secara interaktif disertaidengan pengucapannya. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan dan mengucapkanhuruf-huruf hijaiyah. * Permainan mengingat huruf hijaiyah denganberbagai tingkat kesulitan. * Kuis untuk menemukan huruf hijaiyahtertentu. * Mewarnai huruf hijaiyah. Kata kunci: Belajar membacahuruf hijaiyah untuk anak, pendidikan iqro anak, belajar huruf arabApplications are taught interactively hijaiyah accompanied bypronunciation. The application features: * Displays and pronouncethe letters hijaiyah. * The game considering hijaiyah with variouslevels of difficulty. * Quiz to find certain hijaiyah. * Coloringhijaiyah. Keywords: Learning to read hijaiyah for children,education Iqro children, learn arabic letters
Surah Yaseen Audio and Tahlil 1.6
Surah Yaseen (yaasiin/yasin) and Tahlil complete with translation.Surah Yaseen and Tahlil supports 3 languages and translations:English, Indonesian, and Malay. Touch on the language text tochange the language. Displayed interactively and clear lettersmaking it easier for users. This application can be set to displayArabic text, latin text, or translation only.
Belajar Berhitung untuk Anak 1.4
Belajar Berhitung untuk Anak adalah aplikasi pendidikan yangmengajarkan angka dan berhitung secara interaktif dengan berbagaimetode yang disukai oleh anak-anak. Fitur aplikasi: * Mengajarkanangka dan berhitung matematika untuk anak-anak. * Berbagai macammetode pengajaran berhitung matematika yang disukai oleh anak-anak.* Mengucapkan angka-angka secara interaktif. * Membagi tingkatkesulitan untuk anak 3-4 tahun, 5-6 tahun, dan 7-8 tahun. *Penjumlahan, pengurangan, pengurutan, perkalian, dan pembagian.Numeracy Learning for Kids is a educational application thatteaches numbers and counting interactively with a variety ofmethods preferred by children. The application features: * Teachesnumbers and math math for children. * A wide variety of teachingmethods of mathematical counting preferred by children. * Sayingthe figures interactively. * Dividing the level of difficulty forchildren 3-4 years, 5-6 years, and 7-8 years. * Addition,subtraction, sorting, multiplication, and division.
Belajar Membaca Binatang 2.4.1
Belajar Membaca Binatang adalah aplikasi pendidikan yangmengenalkan nama-nama binatang untuk pemula yang ingin belajarbahasa Indonesia.Fitur aplikasi:* Menampilkan daftar gambarbinatang di halaman utama.* Permainan menarik dengan membangunsebuah kata dari alfabet-alfabet/abjad-abjad.* Mampu mengucapkansuara manusia dan binatang.* Mengucapkan huruf-huruf yang membentuknama binatang.* Mengingat gambar binatang dengan tingkat kesulitanyang meningkat secara otomatis.* Kuis menebak gambar binatang danmengeja huruf yang membentuk nama binatang.Learning Reading Animalsare educational applications which introduces animal names forbeginners who want to learn Indonesian.App features:* Display alist of pictures of animals on the main page.* The game interestingby building a word from alphabets / alphabets.* Being able topronounce the sound of humans and animals.* Say the letters thatform the name of the beast.* Given pictures of animals withincreased difficulty level automatically.* Quiz guess the picturesof animals and spell the letters that make up the name of thebeast.
Kids Piano Free 2.6
The best kids piano application consists of 48 popular songs withanimals sounds, auto play mode, and songs lyrics. Kids educationalgames with 5 music instruments (piano, xylophone, drum, trumpet,and guitar) - all piano games are free. There is also pink versionof this app for girls, you can download Kids Pink Piano from ourapp store. Features: * Touch the colorful piano to play your music.* Hear animals piano sounds: cat, dog, chicken, duck, cow, horse,and sheep. * Consists of 48 popular songs (24 English/US and 24Indonesian songs). * There are 5 music instruments (piano,xylophone, drum, trumpet, and guitar). * Play 48 songs with thecolorful music instruments. * Call the animals with the phoneanimals feature. * Record your sound for piano tones. * Custommagical effect that you can see after playing the application. *Fantastic auto play feature to play the selected song. * Displaysong lyrics on the center of screen (karaoke). * Kids piano freeeducational games for children, kids, baby, toddler, boys, orgirls. * Option to use background music on the piano.
Juz Amma Audio and Translation 1.7
Juz Amma (Juz no-30 from Al-Qur'an mushaf Madinah) complete withaudio and translation. Juz Amma supports 3 languages andtranslations: English, Indonesian, Malay. Touch on the languagetext to change the language. Displayed interactively with cleartext that allows users to learn Juz Amma. This application can beset to display Arabic text, latin text, or translation only.
Belajar Membaca Angka 1.3
Aplikasi pendidikan yang mengenalkan angka-angka dari 0-20 bagiyang ingin belajar bahasa Indonesia. Terdapat fitur untukmengucapkan angka satu persatu dan mengeja huruf-huruf yangmembentuk angka tersebut. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan daftarangka dari 0-20. * Permainan menarik dengan membangun sebuah katadari alfabet-alfabet/abjad-abjad. * Mampu mengucapkan suara manusiaasli. * Mengucapkan huruf-huruf yang membentuk nama angka. * Dapatmemilih untuk menggunakan huruf besar atau kecil. * Fitur mengingatdengan tingkat kesulitan otomatis. * Fitur kuis untuk mencari angkadan mengucapkan namanya. Educational applications which introducesfigures of 0-20 for those who want to learn Indonesian. There is afeature to pronounce and spell the numbers one by one the lettersthat make up the numbers. App features: * Displays a list ofnumbers from 0-20. * The game interesting by building a word fromalphabets / alphabets. * Being able to pronounce the original humanvoice. * Say the letters that form the name of the numbers. * Canchoose to use uppercase or lowercase. * Features considering thedifficulty level automatically. * Features quizzes to look upnumbers and pronounce his name.
Belajar Angka Arab 2.2
Aplikasi yang mengajarkan angka arab secara interaktif disertaidengan pengucapannya. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan dan mengucapkanangka arab (0-20). * Permainan mengingat angka arab dengan berbagaitingkat kesulitan. * Kuis untuk menemukan angka arab tertentu.Applications that interactively teaches Arabic numerals accompaniedby pronunciation. The application features: * Displays andpronounce Arabic numbers (0-20). * The game given arabic numberswith different levels of difficulty. * Quiz to find specific Arabicnumerals.
Belajar Membaca Buah 2.4.1
Belajar Membaca Buah adalah aplikasi pendidikan yang mengenalkannama-nama buah untuk pemula yang ingin belajar bahasaIndonesia.Fitur aplikasi:* Menampilkan daftar gambar buah dihalaman utama.* Permainan menarik dengan membangun sebuah kata darialfabet-alfabet/abjad-abjad.* Mampu mengucapkan suara manusiaasli.* Mengucapkan huruf-huruf yang membentuk nama buah.* Mengingatgambar buah dengan kesulitan yang meningkat secara otomatis.* Kuisuntuk mencari buah dan mengucapkan namanya.Learn to Read The fruitis educational applications which introduces the names of fruit forbeginners who want to learn Indonesian.App features:* Displays alist of images of fruit on the main page.* The game interesting bybuilding a word from alphabets / alphabets.* Being able topronounce the original human voice.* Say the letters that form thename of the fruit.* Given the picture of fruit with difficulty thatincrease automatically.* Quiz to find fruit and pronounce his name.
Belajar Benda di Rumah 1.3
Aplikasi pendidikan yang mengajarkan kepada anak-anak anda berbagaihal yang ada di rumah kita. Anak-anak anda akan memahami berbagaihal di rumah dengan cepat sekaligus belajar membaca ejaan namabenda-benda tersebut. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan benda-bendayang ada di rumah. * Tampilan berdasarkan kategori ruangan danlokasinya. * Mengucapkan suara asli untuk setiap nama benda. *Dapat mengeja nama tiap benda untuk mengajarkan membaca. * Memilihmenggunakan huruf besar atau huruf kecil saat belajar membaca. *Fitur untuk mengingat gambar yang mempunyai berbagai tingkatkesulitan. * Fitur untuk memilih benda yang sesuai dengan ucapan.Educational application that teaches your children a variety ofthings in our house. Your kids will understand things at homequickly and learning to read the spelling of the name of theseobjects. The application features: * Displays the objects in thehouse. * Display based on room category and location. * Saying theoriginal sound for each object name. * Can spell the name of eachobject to teach reading. * Choosing to use uppercase or lowercaseletters when learning to read. * Feature to recall images that havevarious levels of difficulty. * Feature to select objects accordingto the speech.
Belajar Asmaul Husna 1.4
Aplikasi Belajar Asmaul Husna mengajarkan tentang 99 Nama Allahsecara interaktif disertai pengucapannya. Tujuan dari aplikasi iniadalah untuk memudahkan kita dalam menghapalkan 99 Nama Allahdengan metode yang praktis sehingga dapat mengamalkannya dalamkehidupan sehari-hari. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan danmengucapkan 99 asmaul husna (nama-nama baik). * Menampilkan artiasmaul husna dalam Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Inggris. * Modeotomatis untuk mengucapkan ke-99 asmaul husna. * Permainanmengingat asmaul husna dengan berbagai tingkat kesulitan. * Kuisuntuk menemukan asmaul husna dari artinya. Applications Learning toteach about 99 Beautiful Names of Allah Names interactively withpronunciation. The purpose of this application is to help us inmemorizing the 99 Names of God with a practical method that canpractice it in everyday life. The application features: * Displaysand say 99 Asmaul Husna (both names). * Displays Asmaul Husnameaning in Indonesian or English. * Automatic mode to say the 99thAsmaul Husna. * Games remember Asmaul Husna with various levels ofdifficulty. * Quiz to find Asmaul Husna of meaning.
Belajar Bentuk dan Warna 1.4
Aplikasi pendidikan yang secara interaktif mengajarkan berbagaimacam bentuk (lingkaran, bujursangkar, segitiga, dan sebagainya)dan warna (merah, kuning, hijau, biru, dan sebagainya) kepadaanak-anak anda. Fitur aplikasi: * Menampilkan berbagai jenis warna(21 warna) dan pengucapannya. * Menampilkan berbagai macam bentuk(11 bentuk) dan pengucapannya. * Belajar mengeja alfabet pembentukwarna. * Permainan mengingat warna dengan tingkat kesulitan yangmeningkat. * Kuis interaktif bentuk dan warna. * Kuis interaktifbentuk benda di sekitar kita. An interactive educationalapplication that teaches a variety of shapes (circles, squares,triangles, etc.) and color (red, yellow, green, blue, and so on) toyour children. The application features: * Displays various kindsof colors (21 colors) and pronunciation. * Displays a variety offorms (11 forms) and pronunciation. * Learning the alphabet tospell color formers. * The game given color with increasing levelsof difficulty. * Interactive Quiz shapes and colors. * InteractiveQuiz shapes of objects around us.
Learn ABC Alphabets 2.3
Educational software that introducing ABC alphabets to beginnersusing related animals, balls, balloons, fishes, car, train, andairplane. Features: * Display the alphabets from A to Z. *Pronounce the alphabets respectively with highlight. * Select theupper or lower case of alphabets. * Display high resolution animalpictures related with the alphabets. * Pronounce real human voiceand animal sounds. * Car ABC tour to the safari park. Enjoy theanimals with life sounds. * Train ABC moving on the screen. Touchthe alphabets to pronounce it. * Animals memory game with realsounds. * Alphabet quiz for your kids. * Touch balls simple gamewith ABC learning fun. * Red bomber - drop the bombs to the A-Zboxes on the ground. * Various balloons with many colors. *Beautiful fishes in the aquarium. * Busy trucks on the city road.
Match Dinosaur Toys 1.5
Match Dinosaur Toys or Match Dinosaurs is a memory matching gamewith audio (dinosaur sound) for fun and relaxing. Enjoy thedinosaur pictures and the dinosaur audio/sound during the gameplay.
Learn Colors and Shapes 1.4
Educational software that introducing different kind of shapes andcolors to beginners who will learn English. Features: * Displaydifferent kind of colors (21 colors). * Display different kind ofshapes (11 shapes). * Fun game to spell the color alphabets andbuild a word. * Pronounce real human voice. * Pronounce the colorand shape respectively with highlight. * Memory game with automaticdifficulty levels. * Quiz to find color and pronounce its name. *Quiz to find real shapes and pronounce its name.
Math Planet Defense 1.3
Learn math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) frombeginner to expert by playing a spaceship game. Features: * Learnmath (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) frombeginner to expert. * Learn planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) within our Solar System. *Select different spaceships with unique gun and laser. * Difficultylevels and scoring based on planets. * Unlock new planet aftercomplete the score mission. * Top score is recorded with your name,and you can have rank after complete a mission. You can competewith your family to achieve the top scorer.
Pop Fruit Balloon 1.2.1
How much balloons and fruits can you pop in 60 seconds?Let'schallenge with your friends and family.Features:* Colorful balloonsflying to the sky. Touch the balloons to get score.* Fruit isdropped when you touch the balloon. Touch the fruits to get morescore. Each fruit is unique and has different score.* Don't touchthe bomb that is dropped from balloon, it will explode and reduceyour score.* Top score is recorded with your name.
Doa Islam Sehari hari 1.3.1
Aplikasi yang berisi doa Islam sehari-hari lengkap dengan tulisanarab, latin dan terjemahannya yang sangat praktis digunakan olehumat muslim di Indonesia.Fitur aplikasi:- Doa-doa praktis untukanak-anak muslim.- Doa-doa dalam al-Qur'an.- Doa-doa dalam Hadits.-Menampilkan tulisan latin dan terjemahan doa dalam bahasaIndonesia.- Mencari doa yang diinginkan dengan cepat.- Menyimpandoa-doa yang disukai atau sedang dihapal di menu favorit.- Mudahsekali belajar dan berdoa setiap hari dengan aplikasiini.Applications that contain daily Islamic prayers complete withArabic writing, latin and translation are very practical in use byMuslims in Indonesia.Application features:- Prayers practical forMuslim children.- Prayer in the Qur'an.- Prayers in the Hadith.-Displays writings and translations of Latin prayers in Indonesian.-Looking for a prayer you want quickly.- Keep the prayers preferredor being memorized in the favorites menu.- Easy to learn and prayevery day with this application.
Piano Music Free 1.4
Piano Music enables you to learn and play a simple piano keyboardon your phone or tablet for free. Features: * Simple piano with 88keys piano keyboard. * Play and learn popular and classic pianosongs. * New magic stars piano mode and lyrics mode. * Change thesounds types with 8 different piano keyboards and musicalinstruments, such as Acoustic Piano, Bright Piano, Electric Piano,Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonica, andTrumpet. * Beginner can learn easy kids songs with lyrics inEnglish and Indonesian.
Belajar Membaca Al-Qur'an 1.3
Aplikasi yang mengajarkan membaca al-Qur'an disertai denganpengucapannya (audio), dan dilengkapi dengan dasar-dasar ilmutajwid. Fitur aplikasi: * Mempelajari huruf-huruf hijaiyah (hurubarab), makhorijul huruf (tempat keluarnya huruf hijaiyah), danshifatul huruf (tata cara pengucapan huruf hijaiyah). * Mempelajarijenis-jenis tanda baca (harokat) dalam al-Qur'an. * Mempelajaribagaimana merangkai atau menyambung huruf-huruf hijaiyah untukmembentuk kata. * Mempelajari jenis-jenis bacaan panjang (mad) dantata cara membacanya. * Mempelajari hukum-hukum bacaan dalam ilmutajwid, seperti hukum nun sukun, mim sukun, idghom, ghunnah,qolqolah, waqof dan ibtida', dan bacaan ghorib dalam al-Qur'an. *Evaluasi bacaan (iqro/iqra) untuk melatih kemampuan membacaal-Qur'an. * Referensi pendidikan membaca/mengaji al-Qur'an(iqro/iqra) dan tahsin untuk anak-anak sekolah (agama islam). *Belajar membaca al-quran, quran, alquran, iqro, iqra, tajwid,tahsin, hijaiyah, agama islam. Applications that teach reading theKoran accompanied by pronunciation (audio), and equipped with thebasics of tajwid. Application features: * Learning letters hijaiyah(hurub Arabic), makhorijul letters (where the discharge letterhijaiyah), and shifatul letters (ordinance saying the letterhijaiyah). * Learn about the types of punctuation (harokat) in theQur'an. * Learn how to assemble or connect hijaiyah letters to formwords. * Learn about the types of reading long (mad) and theordinance read. * Studying the laws tajwid readings in science,such as law nun breadfruit, breadfruit meme, idghom, ghunnah,qolqolah, waqof and ibtida ', and reading the Koran ghorib. *Evaluation of readings (Iqro / iqra) to train the ability to readthe Koran. * Reference educational read / recite the Koran (Iqro /iqra) and tahsin for school children (to Islam). * Learning to readal-Quran, Quran, Quran, Iqro, iqra, recitation, tahsin, hijaiyah,the religion of Islam.
Learn to Read Numbers 1.3
Learn to Read Numbers is educational software that introducingnumbers to beginners who will learn English. Features: * Displaylist of numbers in the main screen. * Fun game to spell thealphabets and build a word. * Pronounce real human voice. *Pronounce the numbers respectively with highlight. * Memorizefeature with automatic difficulty levels. * Quiz feature to findnumbers and pronounce its name.
Math Games: Multiplayer Duel 1.0
Train and practice your skills in math and challenge your friendsinduel or local network multiplayer mode. Free math games foreveryonefrom kids to adults to train your brain. Features: -Practice andtrain math in single player. - Math categoriesincluding addition,subtraction, multiplication, division, square,square root. -Progressing from easy to difficult level with rank.- Duel mode 1vs1in one device. - Local network multiplayer mode tochallenge somefriends. - Support languages: English, BahasaIndonesia.
Hill Racing PvP 1.0.7
Hill Racing PvP is a 2D racing game with both single playerandmultiplayer feature. Climb different hills and play withyourfamily and friends for free. Features: - Race single playeragainstdifferent level of enemies. - Multiplayer mode to playracing gamewith your family and friends. - Explore different kindof maps suchas City, Beach, Desert, Mountains, and many more. -Select mapdistance for the racing such as 250m, 500m, 750m, or1000m. - Climband challenge different hills on the maps. - Unlockand choosedifferent type of cars. - Upgrade your car engine,transmission,brake, and power turbo for faster speed. - Real timerank duringthe racing. Hill Racing PvP enables you to play againstfamily andfriends over local area network (LAN). You should connectto thesame Wi-Fi hotspot and use same version of this applicationfor amultiplayer game. You can type the host IP address to joinamultiplayer game.