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God Usopp King of Sniper 1.1
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God Usopp - King of Sniper (One PieceInspired)GAME STORY:Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. He was officiallythethird member of the crew was invited by Luffy Captains theStrawHat Pirates. He was known as the "God Usopp" from the eventinDressrosa. and he have alias "Sogeking" from event in EniesLobby.but He is also considered one of the "weak" trio of the crew,alongwith Nami and Chopper.HOW TO PLAY:- Move up or down for Escape Enemy.- Press "shooting button" and "hammer button" for attack andblockdamageFEATURES:- 4 Boss Challenge.- New Enemy- This is a onepiece action shooting games.- Nice effect and sounds.- New One Piece Story game from game creator ZoroPirateShooting.