Infer Apps

Infer - Social Polling App 1.0.1
Life’s more fun when you are free from doubts. Infer is a unique,fun and creative social polling app. Infer is an opinion sharingplatform that helps you to gather feedback and review in multipleways from your friends and community.Infer allows users to buildfollowers and ask them about anything you want in 4 differentunique and simple ways. On Infer, Follow your friends and familyand different interesting profiles to see in what they need youropinion & Discover accounts from all over the world which aresharing things you love & interested.Infers key Features :• Onthe create poll screens users can ask a question in 4 differentways :- share your question with text per option style.- postquestion with image per option style with captions to the images.-ask a question with cover photo style with text option.- ask forrating on photo or YouTube video on different parameters.- votesare hidden until you vote & revote is not allowed.• Reinferpost to your followers that you like.• You can refresh specificpost by double tapping on it.• Share your post with your friends onany platform like – whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, hike etc. via linkto get more precise feedback & suggestions.• Create your uniqueprofile with Username, Bio, Official url links & profilepicture.• Discover & interact with different trending poststhrough intuitive UI & follow new account on the explore tab.•You can conduct debate or give your suggestions & reply in welldesigned comment section.• Tell your friends & favorite ones toget on Infer so you can be a part of their decisions & viceversa.So whenever you’re in doubt and need some suggestions andopinions from your friends and community - wait, then you are atvery right place. Why are you still reading this?Download the infernow!
SnypeChat - Anonymous Group Messenger 2.001
Official SnypeChat Messenger Application.SnypeChat Messenger apphelps people, co-workers, communities and social groups to developand improve themselves by communicating constructively in anonymousway with each others. Sometimes in organizations, in corporateworld, in our respective communities or in our friend’s circles dueto our position or our identity and due to many more things we cannot give true – genuine feedback and opinions on things that reallymatters for everyone.You can do this all in very easy and creativeway with SnypeChat Messenger app.SnypeChat Key features :- You cansend and receive messages anonymously in group you joined or addedin very easy way.• You can join the particular group by groupinvitation link or admin can add to you in his group by searchingyour username if your profile is not private.• Admin of particulargroup can add or remove any member of the group.• You can not visitother users profile and vise-versa.• You can make your profile asprivate.• You can change group icon & group name/ subjectanonymously.• You can delete and exit group anonymously.Open up andspeak your mind anonymously with your friends and community todiscover more fun and use SnypeChat Messenger for creativeway."With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben
Best Hashtags Captions Insta Picsaver- Hashfun 6.25
Hashfun is the one-stop solution for every single Instagram userout here. You are just this app away from having tons of followers& ultimate user engagement for your Instagram account. Morethan 3000+ most followed, popular and trending Instagram hashtags& 2500+ meaningful well-categorized captions are just a clickaway from you. Hashfun is also comes with following cool & musthave features for instagram users. Key Features: 1. TRENDINGHASHTAGS * Get today's trending hashtags for Instagram. * Searchtrending hashtags * Create set of your favorite hashtags 2. INSTASAVER * Now you can Download multiple Instagram Photos & Videosdirectly to your Phone in a just single click. 3. PHOTO GRIDCROPPER * Easy to split/crop your pics in a grid pattern. * Cut anypicture into 3*1,3*2,3*3,3*4,3*5 slices * Zoom or move your pics *Upload the final photo to Instagram directly * Easy to use andpowerful * Direct Save to SD card 4. INSTAGRAM DP DOWNLOADER * WithHashfun app, it's very easy to view anyone's Instagram profilephoto within the Instagram app with the highest original quality.No need to leave Instagram. To do so just go to the user's profileand click on the three-dot at top right, and select "Copy profileURL".that's easy! 5. Must have app for every Instagram user.Everybody else is using this app already it's your turn to be nextinstafame person. * Keywords: Insta Crop, Crop Photo, Cut forInstagram, crop for Instagram, instasaver, Instagram photodownloader * Our apps AI just works like a magic to generate mostrelevant hashtags and meaningful caption for your photoautomatically. * Auto hashtag feature is the new way to viral yourphoto to the more appropriate the audience on Instagram. Enteringtop hashtags for your Instagram post is a very time-consuming taskbut proper hashtags are very important to get more likes andfollowers to your post and account. * Everything that you need ishere, at one place to grow your Instagram personal profile orbusiness account or page profile. Just copy and paste the necessaryhashtags set. This app will help you to increase "likes, comments,of your photos and it will help you to get more followers in a veryeasy way. This app is not a part of Instagram. it's just a handyextension for your Instagram and other social network platforms.
All in one Insta downloader - Hashsaver 1.1
Hashsaver is best Downloader for Instagram Hashsaver allowstodownload videos and images from INSTAGRAM's links. Just bycopyingshare link of the Instagram post, story or IGTV videowhichautomatically downloads that video/image, then you can repostonINSTAGRAM, share FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other socialnetworks.Features of Inst Download: * NO LOGIN REQUIRED * Simplyuse, just 2STEPS to download * Quickly download videos and downloadimagesfrom INSTAGRAM's links * Easily save into device or reposttoINSTAGRAM * Easily explore, delete and share downloaded filesonFACEBOOK, TWITTER Disclaimer: 1. This app is not affiliatedwithInstagram. 2. Please do not use Downloader to save photos/download videos without the permission of the owners. Respecttherights of the Instagram users. 3. Any unauthorized action orrepostof photo/video and/or violations of Intellectual propertyrights isthe sole responsibility of the user.
Best Insta cropper - Hashcropper 1.0
With the help of Hashcropper you can crop your pictures into3x1,3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5 grids and upload directly to Instagram.Impressall your Instagram followers with high-resolution grids thatyoucan create from your personal pictures! Gain more followersandattention by having the best-looking grids on Instagram.MAINFEATURES: ★ Crop any picture into 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5 grids★High-resolution images ★ Post images directly to Instagram ★Saveto SDCard ★ Very simple and easy to use Keywords : 9 cut photoforInstagram , Split photo for Instagram