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Pool Billiards - Sports Game 1.7
Are you an expert in Pool Billiards Game? Thenshow your talents now!Welcome to the 8 Ball-Pool Billiards game! How about a nice littlegame of pool? This is the No.1 Funky Pool game in Android marketand it's totally FREE.Play the Billiard Pool Table game on yourmobile and become the best! Refine your skills in the practicearena, take on the world in 1-vs-1 matches or enter into ArcadeGame.This is the most classic and amazing pool stroke buster game.This 8 ball champion shooter version is the only one that containsPractice,Arcade and Two Players Mode.Features:1 - Easy to play, suitable for any age2 - Decent and Realistic 3D effects and Graphics3 - Awesome 8 Ball Game4 - Realistic 3D ball animation5 - Touch control for moving the stick6 - Practice (no time limit but no high score record)7 - Two Player Mode: Straight Pool Game (no rules)8 - Arcade Mode have many challenging levels9 - Complete your level and achieve stars10 - Complete current level to go to next level.11 - More functions coming soonPlease leave a review and tell us your opinion so we can make itbetter!Like us on Facebook: visit our blog: Game By: Jelly Games Studios.
Zombie Death Trap 1.5
Play the Game to Prepare Yourself for TheZe-Day, The Day of Zombie Outbreak!!Learn How to Stay Alive to Rescue Your Family and Friends!!This Game is inspired by the story that is published in The DailyXimes about the Ze-Day, The day of Zombies Outbreak on Earth in2020 A.D. It tells about the Zombies who come from unimaginableworld to make the life on Earth miserable. The human mankind needsa savior to rescue them from these evil beings. You will be theNext Legend on Earth if you win this battle. You must kill all theZombies who are trying to attack you. Defeat only means your deathand you will rise as a Zombie next time!!GAME PLAY:- Best & Quick Left-Right control is by Double-touch, use bothjoystick and camera.- Some shooting secrets are hidden for enthusiastic players underMulti-Touch controls in the game.- Let us see if you can expose them!!KNOW YOUR ENEMY:Zombies are the dead-beings who want to consume life. They aredeadly flesh-eating creatures and have the appearance of a livingbeing but their lack of free will and souls give them theappearance of emotionless machines. They are incapable of speechbut often tend to make moaning and deep low sounds. They have blankand expressionless faces that become more vigorous when they gethungry and engage in a vicious bloodlust. Their endless desire toconsume human flesh seems to be their only motive for existence.The only good thing to know about them is that they are notimmortal.You will destroy them today before you sleep.But do not forget that:• Zombies do not sleep.• They do not feel pain.• They are extremely restless.• They have pale complexion and poor body hygiene which is coveredin blood.• They cannot be scared because they have no fears.• They will see you and kill you without being intimidated by yourweapons.• You cannot talk to them and they don’t communicate with eachother as well.This is a 3D Game. It portrays all real world Zombies which areHe-Zombies, She-Zombies and Big Fat Zombies. They are walkingtowards you all the times and they will attempt to kill you. TheBig Fat Zombies appear only after a certain number of other Zombiesare killed. The walking Zombies take less damage and can be killedin one shot whereas the Big Zombies take more assault.WEAPONS:The goal in the Zombie Death Trap is to target and destroy all theZombies and protect yourself as you make your way out of the DeathTrap. You have three types of weapons for your defense. These are aPistol, a Shotgun and a Riffle. There is an unlimited amount ofammunition available to you. These arms and ammunition is your onlysurvival kit against the Zombies attack.ACTION PLAY:The player can move in all four directions on ground using the softJoy-pad that is shown on the touch screen. This Joy-pad is at thelower left side of the screen. The player can use left hand thumbto slide and swipe on the screen. Vertical scroll is for movingahead or retreat. Horizontal scroll is for moving or turning leftor right. You can also tap, double tap or press and hold on thescreen to discover more maneuvers.The Gun Fire Control System (GFCS) is shown on the lower right sideof the touch screen. The player can use right hand thumb to tap onthe screen to fire the gun as well as to swap between the availableweapons. This is quick firing and you don’t have to load and pullthe gun. Simply tap on the screen to gun down any Zombies that comein front of you. The firing is Android Audible SynchronizedShooting that gives you a blazing gunshot experience. Only piece ofadvice at this point is that, stick to your guns and don’t jumpit.All the movements and actions are in real time and the maneuversare very fast. They work excellent on all Android phones. You canfeel the top Action Play as you learn to play with the fine line ofcontrols. The game ends once all the Zombies are finished or thehealth limits of player falls below permissible combat level.
Truck Cargo Off-Road 3D 2.6
Warning truck drivers! Heavy truck 3D cargodelivery is a new android truck delivery game in the 3D world andwill test you to the limit of driver skills! So if you think yougot great driving skills and precision parking then this Heavytruck 3D cargo delivery game is the king driving simulatorexperience for you to play for free on the Google play store.Truck cargo off-road 3D is a crazy racing game having the crazydirt road tracks.Get ready for your driving test!!The tracks have several bumps after regular intervals of distance.This is challenging racing game due to the limit of time. Goal ofthe game is to reach destination and deliver in time without losingany package. Hasty tasks makes your tasks chaos, so beSome tips for driving and racing:- Tilt your phone to drive off-road 4x4 truck in rightdirection- Keep the truck in the middle of the road- Control the speed of the truck using the brakes at turns- Always keep in mind that time is short so be fast and carefulwhile drivingSome features of the game- Truck Challenging 3D-Game has 30 missions.- Used user friendly interface.- Real physics control racing game- Easy to handle- Multiple cargo types used- Smooth gameplay- Cargo delivery and rally style racing levelsTry our other games Hill Climbing, Strike Pin-Bowling, Pinball -3D, Jungle Escape, Formula Car Racing, Deer Jungle Shooting, CitySniper Thriller, Crush Baby Balloon, Track Bike Racing.If you like our games please give us the support to go on by ratingour games or by liking our Facebook page. visit our
City Crow Hunter Free Hunting 1.7
Keen about free hunting games?Present day style of safari adventure games have beenrevolutionized. If you are wild about African safari hunting. Fillyour appetite of hunting birds with a sniper gun within thepremises of your own city. Clinch your desire of African safarihunting games of 2016 with new approach in latest format.Annoyance is becoming a routine for natives who have beenchallenged by the attacking crows in the city. Recall your Africansafari hunting skills and the passion for safari adventure games tohunt these nasty birds with a sniper gun before they fly away. Itsa perfect delight for you if you are fond of hunting flying birdsin forest with a sniper gun.Save the trouble of hunting these disturbing birds in a forest andhunt them in your city with a sniper or shotgun. City crow huntingis a free hunting adventure game presented by Nuzcotek.Game Features:- Absorbing game play- Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom- Addicting and tense-driven situations- Incredibly detailed bird animations and actions- City hunting environments
City Bike Racing : Turbo Game 1.3
Are you ready to Ride?Choose your map & choose your bike and start your adventure ina developed city. Experience the real sport bike driving in adeveloped city. Drive through the city roads, bus stops, buildings,parks, stadium & tunnels. Beautiful & Realistic Rural &Urban Environment to Ride on your Sports Bike. Collect as manydollars as you can to unlock next maps & bikes. Have Fun withreal time Moto Simulation...Features* Challenging 3D outdoor environment* Realistic bike controls* 2 Maps & 2 Bikes* City & Village environment* Explore different locations with in city.How to Play- Tap on right side of your phone/tablet to accelerate.- Tap on left side of your phone/tablet to apply brakes and controlthe speed.- Tilt to steer & control the bike.This game is ad-supported, If you have any queries or complaints,please feel free to contact us. Thank You for choosing our game. Wehope you have great experience with it.
Monster Truck - Hill Climb 1.7
Do you like car racing games? Then you willlove and like monster truck hill climb racing game. Drive yourmonster truck through amazing and dangerous tracks with hills,jumps and bridges. This game is full training game which helps tobuild up the concentration and patience.Hill Climb 2D - Car Racing game most addictive and entertainingphysics based driving game ever made! And it's free!Hill Climb Truck Racing Game on hills, galactic, mars, planet andmountains having different gravity force and surface racingconditions.Hill Climber, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is about toembark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has ever beenbefore. With little respect to the laws of physics, it will notrest until he has conquered the highest hills!Face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments with manydifferent cars. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coinsto upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. And his goodold gasoline crematorium will easily run out of fuel.Features:1 - Face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments withmany different cars.2 - Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation3 - Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolutiondevices (incl. tablets)4 - Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!5- Collect coins to upgrade your car.6- Collect coint to upgrade your Track and Scene.
City Truck Cargo 1.6
More than 5, 00,000 downloads of the mostaddicting free game of all time!Have you ever dreamed of performing truck cargo in cityenvironment? If Yes! Then Welcome to the World of “City TruckCargo” where you experience the real thrill and adventure of truckdriving. One of the most addictive and entertaining physics basedcargo driving game on Google Play ever made! And it's absolutelyfree!“City Truck Cargo” is a new truck cargo delivery game in a 3D cityenvironment and will test you to the limit of your driving skills!Become a transporter and play the role of an extreme cartransporter & cargo contractor. Take control of a megatransportation business and establish yourself as the CityTransporter Tycoon. As the contractor you need to transport cargo,and other luggage via city roads.City Truck Cargo is a milestone in the genre of cargo luggage in atruck where you experience to drive real deadly, crazy anddangerous tracks in a short span of time. City Truck Cargo is abest mobile racing game you have ever played. City Truck Cargocombines with stunning, HD quality graphics with addictive gameplaythat will have you never experienced before.Tap on the accelerator to experience the real speed of your truckin the ultimate city truck cargo game. Build your cargo career bycompleting all the challenging missions by reaching destination anddeliver in time without losing any package.This game is all about adventure. Avoid collision with otherobstacles and Get READY to astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks,and awesome trucks through perilous tracks! This is the game youhave been waiting for!Key Features:• Stunning 3D HD quality graphics• Breathtaking visuals• Smooth and realistic truck handling• Multiple cargo types used• Unique and dangerous tracks• Exciting obstacles and tracks• 30 missions to compete• User Friendly interface• Easy to learn and drive• Best suited music tracks for locations and races.How to Play:• Tilt your phone to drive off-road truck in right direction• Keep the truck on left lane• Control the speed of the truck using the brakes at turns• Beware of trafficNote: This free game is supported by Ads within the App only as perGoogle Policy.Don't Miss our latest update from Facebook Fan page:
Stunt Bike Racer 1.9
More than 5, 00,000 downloads of the mostaddicting free game of all time!Have you ever dreamed of performing bike stunts? If Yes! ThenWelcome to the World of “Bike Stunt Racing” where you experiencethe real thrill and adventure of 3D stunts. One of the mostaddictive and entertaining physics based driving game on GooglePlay ever made! And it's absolutely free!Your goal in the game is to Drive your bike, collect coins andperform dangerous stunts to challenge your skills by achieved besttime target foreverEnjoy realistic and eye-catching HD quality graphics which providesthe best stunning motorcycle gaming stunts on sharp turns withincredible high speed race tracks experienced by successfullycomplete several levels, consisting of challenging and dangerousroads.Prove that you are the best motorbike racer!In this crazy bike racing game, face the challenges of unique hillclimbing environment with many different motorbikes. You just haveto select your level and bike that you want to ride. Complete yourlevels and collect coins to achieve coins targets to upgrade yourmotorbikes and reach even higher distances for go to next. Run yourmonster bikes with forward and backward button. Collect speedbooster to increase your bike speed. Avoid obstacles that willcause to death.Key Features:• Stunning 3D HD quality graphics• Breathtaking visuals• Smooth and realistic bike handling• Earn coins to upgrade two different high-performance bikes• Different speed boosters to increase the speed• Unique and dangerous stunts in each level.• Exciting obstacles and hill climbing racing tracks• User Friendly interface• Easy to learn and drive• Realistic bike physics stunts• Best suited music tracks for locations and races.How to Play:• Tap your phone/tab on right side to race/brake• Tap your phone/tab on left side to control balance• Touch brake button to slow down or reverse the car• Collect Coins from the track and upgrade your bike• Experience the thrills of real racing and stuntsNote: This free game is supported by Ads within the App only as perGoogle Policy. Please don’t forget to rate and share this game. Ifyou have any query just email usDon't Miss our latest update from Facebook Fan page: Game Developed By Jelly Games
Jumping Horse Adventure 2.0
Want to have an adventurous ride?Have an adventurous journey on the back of your lovely friend. Yourgoal is to collect the gems and diamonds and avoid the multipletype obstacles or hurdles.Jumping Horse Adventure is a FUN & FREE game for everyone thatbrings new experience.Special features:√ Beautiful 3D graphics√ Stunning environment√ Smooth animations√ Perfect gameplay√ Great GUI√ User friendly interface√ Realistic game play.√ Perfect Control√ Fun and addicting√ Beautiful environmentLike us on Facebook: visit our blog: Game By Jelly Games Studios.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within theApp only as per Google Policy.
Terrorist Camp Armed Invasion 2.0
Resist deadly assault of gangsters rebels andterrorist troops with sniper swat force equipped with sniper gunand M-16 gun on top of mountain.Enemies have attack on you. They are stand in groups at differentplaces in camp. War against enemy soldiers has begun. Enemiesattack on you in form of wave. You are a brave Commando of Army;you will protect your camp. Enemies have entered in your Camp. Youhave M-16 gun with lot of bullets. You will carry out your missionuntil you kill all enemies and your Camp is safe from opponent armysoldiers. By playing this game you can improve your skills ofDefense.How to Play:o Drag your screen to take your aim.o Shoot with fire button.o When come Grenade icon on play screen, you throw a grenade ongroup of enemies.o Your gun is auto reload.o If you take head shot enemy die with one bullet.Features:o Enemieso Attractive Environmento M-16 Guno Assault Fire
Urban Counter Attack 1.3
Every soldier has a story to tell and thestory he tells is amazing; where he was born, where he lived andhow he defends the kingdom. The soldier in this game has a story aswell, except that it’s incomplete. The soldier begins to tell thetale, but does not end it.This Game draw parallels to our familiar stories of 'One ThousandAnd One Nights', The Arabian Nights from the perspective of thesoldier. Play this Game and Stretch your mind. Fast forward to thePast for Magic, Romance and History. The more you play, the moreyou will be amazed. Your victory is to capture all the magic andmystery that are the Arabian Nights.THE STORY WITHIN A STORY:The story is of a woman, Sharazad, who marries a King. The King'scustom is to spend one night with a woman and execute her in themorning. To avoid this, Sharazad tells him tales of Ali Baba,Aladdin and Sinbad, but leaves part of it unfinished.The King,curious about how the story ends, is thus forced to postpone herexecution in order to hear the conclusion. The next night, as soonas she finishes the tale, she begins and only begins a new one, andthe King, eager to hear the conclusion, postpones her executiononce again until the King finally spares her life. So it goes onfor 1,001 nights, The Arabian Nights.SOLDIER TURNED WORRIER:This is your journey to the past. You are the worrier of the‘Arabian Nights’. You are a very different sort of Ali Baba,Aladdin and Sinbad. You are the Legend REBORN. You are an iconicfigure in the King’s army and you are honored with the Medal ofCourage. You are going to be called on to take care of the mostnasty situations. The King realized that assault from the sea wasalways a commando like operation which required special training,bold leadership, and an aggressive spirit. You have gained a lot ofthe valuable combat experience in Arabian battles. You take on thislegendary character of the soldier that turned into a worrier andhave to finish the story. You can turn around the remaining storywhenever you want.ACTION PLAY:- This is a 6-Axis controls game in Full HD and 3D Graphics.- You can move left, right, forward, reverse using the on screentouch pad.- The double touch feature provides 3D camera view in alldirections.- You can touch and swipe your fingers of both hands at the sametime for smooth rotations.- The Gun Fire Control System (GFCS) is shown on the lower rightside of the touch screen.- You can use your right hand thumb to tap on the screen to firethe machine gun.- Your Weapon is the "Six Pack" Automatic Machine Gun.- Your Six Barreled MG can fire 4000 rounds of explosives perminute.- You have the support of Enemy Detecting Radar that helps you tonavigate the battlefield.- The Doppler Radar figures out the distance at which your enemiesare moving.- The Radar also uses Infrared Radiation patterns to point out thepositions of the enemy troops.FEATURES:- This is a Third Person Shooter Game - TPS.- The game plot and environment is an Arabian city.- Real time maneuvers and very fast action play.- You can get Best & Quick controls by Double-touch, use bothjoystick and camera.- Some shooting secrets are hidden for enthusiastic players underMulti-Touch controls in the game.- The firing is Android Audible Synchronized Shooting that givesyou a blazing gunshot experience.- The player can move in all four directions on ground using thesoft Joy-pad on the touch screen.- You can also tap, double tap or press and hold on the screen todiscover more maneuvers.- You Win and the game ends once all the eight enemy commandos arekilled.- Or you lose if the health limits of player falls belowpermissible combat level.You Guys, Good Luck Tonight, And Remember Have Fun With It.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement within the Apponly as per Google Policy.
Real Archery King - Bow Arrow 1.6
Real Archery King is here to challenge yourskills of archery and hunting with infinite training mode. Imagineyourself in ancient time in which arrows, bows and swords were onlyweapons for fighting and hunting.There are five different modes in this game.Practice ModeIn endless practice mode you have to shoot arrows at target boardfrom various distancesArcade ModeMain objective of this mode is to become archery master to you.There are five further levels in this mode. To clear each levelshoot arrows at center of static and moving targets.Attack ModeFrom this mode, archery tournament has started. Shot down opponentarchers and clear different checkpoints. Equip with Splinter arrowsand Air Splitter bow to clear this level.Defense ModeIn this mode, you have to defense your castle from archers. Alsoavoid from zombie dogs. Equip with Splinter arrows and Air Splitterbow to clear this level.Hunting ModeHunt deer in specific time with Striker arrows and Killer wavebow.How to Play:- Tilt and calibrate your device to set aim on target- Tap 'Calibrate' button to calibrate- Tap 'Hold Breath' button for slow motion- Keep an eye on wind level- Buy different types of bows and arrows from virtual purchasingshop.- Adjust speed and direction to shoot arrows in practice modeFeatures:- Realistic and Stunning Environment- Polished and real physics based animation- Super precise aiming- Multiple archery locations with awesome photo-realisticgraphics- Hold breath button- Static and moving targets
Extreme Handbrake Car Parking 1.4
Ready for a luxury car parking challenge? Fityour car in the city’s most challenging car parking spots.The Thing which makes Extreme Handbrake Car Parking unique fromother Car Parking games is its Unique Control.Extreme Handbrake Car Parking is a well-made 3D valet parking fungame of 2016 with some awesome, highly responsive and smoothcontrols. Test your valet parking skills in a game that combinesaccuracy and control.In this 3D parking game, your task is park different types of carslike Sports Car parking, Luxury Car parking, Lamborghini Carparking The Game starts when you hit the play button and your carstarts moving steadily in a forward direction. Apply immediatehandbrakes to your car, by really simple single-finger taps, whenyou see a parking spot that is not reserved. The Extreme CarParking game, most popular parking game doesn’t require anyexceptional skills to master it. Just play, have fun and enjoy thegame!A few parking spots have been reserved, others have been occupiedand very few are available for parking. Your mission is to parkyour car in the designated parking space without damaging it. Havefun parking with two different modes (endless mode, time trialmode). Set a new high score by parking your car in the accuratespot each time.- Endless Mode:Park your car as many times as you can without hitting other carsor obstacles.- Time Trial Mode:Set maximum score within the time limit by parking your car ataccurate spots.Extreme Handbrake Car parking is a simple yet challenging game. ItsIntuitive single-finger tap controls will make you want to playthis game over and over again. Install the best parking game of2016 for an endless fun with a little bit of action!HOW TO PLAY:- Select one of the two modes i.e. Endless Mode/Time TrialMode.- Hit the play button!- Tap on the right/left side of the road to park the car on theright/left side.- Try to park at an accurate spot without hitting other cars.- Avoid parking your car on the spots that say “reserved”.GAME FEATURES:- Amazing 3D high quality graphics- Stunning background environment- Simple car parking fun game with high quality controlsWe are working hard continuously to make Extreme Handbrake CarParking better and give you real and unique experience, so keep aneye on its upcoming updates.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please, follow us on the following page; we would love yoursuggestions to improve our games to provide better entertainment toour followers, users and supports;Facebook;
Pakistan Bike Championship 2.3
Pakistan Bike Championship, a real Pakistanibike racing game with advance features, more tracks, more heavymotorcycles is available now.Take the challenge on as Pakistani bike racing tracks in Pakistanienvironment in the month of August known as the month ofIndependence celebrations. This mad bike racing game is filled withaction and fast paced game play. This game is easy to pick up buthard to master in those Pakistani Tracks which will keep you in thezone for hours. Race doesn’t end here; you can drive as fast as youcan, because there will be thousands of people watching you thereat the stadium with Pakistani Flags in their hands waving in theair and encourage you by their cheers in amazing 3Denvironment.Take care of reaching super speed because you can fall off themotorcycle. Cruise along those Pakistani racing tracks avoidingopponent bikers to get to the top ranking through-out your career.If you need speed this is your game just because the motorbike isso fast and you can achieve spectacular top speeds. Forget thepolice and pop a wheelie in the middle of the road passing all thecars. The most you ride the better skills you will get. You don´thave to respect any traffic sign, you can do it illegal. Burn theasphalt with your new tires and throw some smoke. This is anaddictive game in which you are the best Pakistani motorcycle riderever and have to overtake everybody to get your job done. Bike hasautomatic gears so you don´t have to use the clutch, just press thepower turbo button to get the maximum speed.Features:6 heavily modified bikes to choose from.HD Environment with Pakistani flags all over the tracks.Enjoy an epic story of Top speed bike racing on Pakistanitracks.Prove yourself against the most brutal kings of the road.Explore massive tracks full of Pakistani crowd.Extremely smooth graphics on all devices.Break all the rules and experience mind-blowing bike racing actionset in a huge Pakistan Independence Day feel. Prepare forheart-stopping and breathtaking thrills you have never seen inmobile games before.Have fun with this new and Trending Bike Racing game.DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE
Army Truck Cargo Delivery 1.3
Cargo delivery truck is an adventurous game inwhich you drive army truck on different roads. Your goal is deliverto different army base of cargo stuff to their destination. Youhave to drive carefully because in this truck heavy loaded truckyou have to deliver cargo safely to their destination and avoidfrom accident. This is new and unique game idea. You can enjoy yourdriving to listen amazing sound background of game play.In army cargo truck transport, your duty is to transport differentarmy vehicles, army arms and other army cargo materials to the armybase, or other army check points. Army base camp is full ofmilitary vehicles army tanks and there huts are all around you.Avoid to hit drive and save loaded army truck.Army base environments have very dangerous roads, mountains, Desertand check points. So drive carefully or you can end up in very bigtrouble. You’re driving skills around these difficult areas bydriving cargo trucks. Track will be difficult or long after eachlevel of game. This game testing of your driving skills ofacceleration, steering and brakes if you complete this game thenyou will be a best driver.What are you waiting for?Hurry up! Install this amazing Army Truck Desert Cargo Driver andenjoy :)How to play:- Tap your phone on your right side to race- Tap on right side break for slow and break- Tap on right side upper lever to control the gears- Move the steering to control the truckFeature:- 100% FREE gameplay- NEW theme & realistic physics to control- Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views- Smooth game flow & controls of racing simulator- Unlock new levels for adventure track- Excellent sound effects
Silent Death Drone Air Assault 1.2
Silent death drone attack is an ultimatethrilling drone attacking game designed to achieve excellent droneattacking simulation. In this modern air combat you are going toexperience air force surgical strike war by deadliest weapon onearth. Get ready for a modern military attack with highly equippedairstrike flight fighter bombardment to dominate your enemies. Itis a real drone simulation game for shooting enemy base with yourdrone weapons which consist of heat seeking missiles, ballisticmissiles and heavy machine gun.Get ready to air attack in drone game comprises with modernmilitary attack capabilities to lock and kill the enemy base.Silent death drone attack is a unique drone simulator speciallydesigned to succeed in any army warzone with less human loss.In silent death drone attack enemy has attacked at your countrywith a large military. Enemy is trying to infiltrate in yourcountry but they already destroyed your army check posts with tanksand cannon. In addition to it they have succeeded to occupy one ofyour city. Now you have to defend your country without using yourarmy. So it is time to use highly secure latest technology drone toattack on enemy attacking forces and kill troops of enemy withmultiple weapons equipped in your silent death drone. It is yourlast chance of survival towards freedom of your country. Otherwiseyou will have to lose your area into enemy hands. Then why are youwaiting, attack with revenge and thrilling action drone attackingtechniques and get rid of enemy’s army.Missions Statement:Desert Mission: Clear the combat arena warzone from you drone andkill all the targets including enemy infantry, camps and“Anti-Aircraft Humvee”. Be a part of ultimate aerial action in airstrike fighter drone game in enemy battlefield.Mountains Mission: Enemy vehicles are escaping from the scene afterplanting bomb on nearby bridge, destroy them all. Air surgicalstrikes will be used in dogfighting aerial battle in this droneattack game. A modern air attack game in which you have to attackwith multiple gunshots in air to ground soldier shooting.City Mission: Enemy is going to attack your base from differentdirections, save your base at any cost. Defend your airspace usingsimultaneous shooting to anti aircraft guns which are moving alongwith their attacking army movement.How to Play:• Calibrate your device• Use rockets, missiles, and machine gun buttons on right lowerside• Use radar to read navigateHighlighted Features:- Every jet is loaded with Laser Guided Missile, Anti-AircraftGuns, Ballistic missiles- Ultra-Realistic explosion and fight against army- Simple, easy and intuitive control- best drone flight simulator game- efficient weapon controls and movements- real military environment looks like real battlefield- Ever best drone shooting Game- Highly detailed modern jet fighter war planes- Experience the ultimate action drone bombing- No internet connection requiredSilent death drone attack is most signified real surgical strikegameWe love hearing from you! Keep sending us feedback for awesomemobile gaming experience***********************************************************Please, follow us on the following page;• Facebook;
Arab Truck Driving Simulator 1.1
Do you like driving big vehicles? Then youhave to try this Truck Driving mania! Smooth controls, realisticvehicle physics. Truck Simulator 3D is the first free game forAndroid. This game is exactly what Truck driving simulator lovers.Your goal is to park this truck without dropping to the specificspot. Are you ready to experiment for different tracks onmountains?The game allows you to get the real feel of nature with multipleweathers, mountains, trees, traitor turns and extreme dangerouspaths with off-road driving adventure. This truck driving simulatorwill give you the jumbo truck driving experience with heavy load.In this ultimate automobile transporter game, you will test yourdriving skills at parking inside the transporters and driving thebig trucks trailer yourself. So get ready for the king of all trucksimulator games in the newest truck transporter.Drives your bus through curvy paths on dangerous mountains, but becareful on traitor turns. If you fall, your game will be over. No,speed driving in mountains during the hills is not for everybody.Off-road truck driving has great physics based game. Being a truckdriver in this driving game, your mission is simple, Park yourtruck safely to their required destination in specified time. Sodon't be late! If you are late you will fail in your mission. Avoidcollision with falling, obstacles and others vehicles.You will enjoy amazing places and landscapes in this off road truckdriving during drives. Feel the adventure of multiple truckstations. Mountain top drive, treacherous turns and charminggameplay scenes will make your day even better. Driving in thegorgeous natural truck simulator will bring thrill to yourdrive.In this game you can enjoy with inside or outside different cameraangles on the road during drive.What are you waiting for?Hurry up! Go on Google play and install this amazing and charmingTruck driving simulator game and enjoy :)Free on Google play--- How to Play ---- Touch Start Button to Start Game- Touch Accelerator Button for Speed- Touch Gear for Shifting Gear- Touch Brake Button for Stop and Slow down Your truck- Cool and Smooth Steering and Buttons Control for Turnsleft/right--- Game Feature ---- Multiple Environment- Realistic graphics- Amazing sound effects- Different trucks for drive- Multiple camera angles- Dangerous and curvy paths- Tilting and steering wheel controls- Real truck driving experience- Multiple levels who complete in specific time
City Sniper Thriller 1.1.2
City Sniper Thriller! Take place on rooftopsas sniper killer in perfect first person shooting action gamedesigned for action gamers to show sniper skills in modern combatarena. Peace city is becoming a crime city due to illegalactivities of terrorists, so shoot to kill bloody enemy in one shotwith this sniper fps game to show gorilla commando skills. This iscall of duty time for sniper headshot killer to take sniperkillshots in perfect shooting game with sniper assault missions forcommando adventure shooting as a frontline commando.Commando soldier! You are the last hope to save city from havoc inthrilling action game with kill shot bravo on modern warfare.Advanced sniper game with top fps action to take sniper killshotslike elite sniper to thrill, aim and shot at bloody army. Performas swat elite sniper in brutal enemy missions with perfect snipersimulations using your specialized sniper skills as a swat militaryassassin in extreme shooting game.Prove yourself as sniper commando to aim and shoot in modernwarzone combat arena a new genre in shooting games. City SniperThriller is most advanced sniper commando game with city snipershooter and deadly sniper missions. Complete elite sniper missionswith thrilling and exciting missions to show gorilla commandoskills in top fps game. Shoot as a commando secret agent toeliminate enemy form crime city like city sniper legend in citygangster missions and to stop bloodshed wars.Aim and shoot ruthlessly showing no mercy on terrorists planning toinvade on city, save the city from havoc with your sniper shootingskills and prove yourself best sniper headshot killer. Show ultracombat shooting skills in City Sniper Thriller with intense warzonearena and challenging shooting missions to eliminate bloodycriminals from gangster city.Enjoy in sniper battlefield as a modern warzone sniper specialistwith master sniper assassin gun shooting attack and prove yourselffrontline commando. Extreme shooting action sniper games with fpsaction using gorilla commando skills taking sniper killshot. Youneed fast, accurate and ruthless shooting attack as enemy can runaway in little delay of kill shot. Prove yourself the best snipercommando in thrilling action game called City Sniper Thriller.Download now and enjoy for free!How to play:• Swipe screen to aim at the target• Zoom to take perfect head shot• Don’t let your enemy run awayKey Features of City Sniper Thriller:• Stunning 3D high definition quality graphics• Breathtaking realistic visuals• Virtual purchasing shop to select and buy your favorite snipergun• Five extremely challenging missions• Realistic shooting and sound effects• Different exciting game missions• Easy and intuitive control of modern sniper gunIf you like this game, please try other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforget to rate and review.
Monster Truck Impossible Tricky Tracks Stunts 1.0
The monster truck impossible trickytracksstunts game is featured with world most furious impossibletracks,on which you have to drive a real monster truck simulator.Getready to feel the real thrill of this amazing monster truckracinggames missions while performing the crazy jumps andacrobaticstunts over the ramps to avoid obstacles and hurdles. Theoff roadmonster truck race game is specially arranged to give you amostunique taste of monster truck simulation game in endlessmanner.Show your stunt master skills while flipping through themid-airimpossible tracks and beat the rival racers in no time. Usetheperfect drifts and stunts to cross the bridges and otherimpossiblepaths and find your way to the victory points. Theimpossible truckdriving simulator game has many new features whichyou have neverseen before in any stunt racing games. Just liketrail bike racinggames, perform the amazing stunts while jumpingover the ramps andclear all the checkpoints to complete the stuntracingmission.Play the monster truck impossible tricky tracks stunts game tomakesome amazing drifts while rushing over the rusty containersandcontrol your 4x4 monster truck driving simulator like aprodrifter. Ride the drifter trucks and SUVs and prove yourstuntracing skills to the rivals. Be a furious monster truck racerandenjoy the impossible off road racing game adventure whilerushingover the real impossible tracks. Use the nitro booster packto addthe adrenaline fueled stunt action to your off road monstertrucksimulator and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Amusetheother drift truckers while whizzing through the narrow andsharpimpossible tracks and become the champion of this impossiblecooltruck game. So it is time to perform some deadly stunts overtheimpossible ramps while controlling your real monster truckparkingsimulator and burn the off road tracks like a driftmaster.The monster truck impossible tricky tracks stunts racing gamehasthree exciting off road racing modes. The career mode, theendlessmode and the time trail mode. Select your favorite driftracingmode to enjoy this offroad tracks impossible truck race gameandimprove your grip over the modern truck simulator 2017. Usethemultiple controlling options to get more realistic trucksimulationin this impossible racing car game. Use the perfectcombination ofspeed and balance to overcome the impossible tracksand cross allthe hurdles and obstacles without falling off the skytracks.Select your favorite offroad 4x4 simulator and join thedesertmonster truck rally race.Monster Truck Impossible Tricky Tracks Stunts Game Features:• Stunning supreme quality graphics with detailed textures.• Real impossible tracks racing with extreme stunts.• Use multiple controls to enjoy the endless racing.• High quality sounds and real roaring of monstertruckengines.• Different camera views to give you most realisticsimulationever.• Amazing collection of monster trucks.• Challenging off road tracks and narrow ramps.Game Play:• Use the multiple steering options as per desired.• Tap race button to boost up your 4x4 jeep simulator.• Use brake button to stop the monster car.• Tap reverse button to reverse the desert truck.• Avoid hurdles and finish the race in time.If you like the monster truck impossible tricky tracks stuntsgame,please try our other desert death rally games by clicking“Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. Anddon’tforget to rate and review.
Watermelon Shooting 1.0
Water melon shooting is an amazing andfunfruit shooting game which is perfect mixture of arcadeandsimulation games. Water melon shooter 3D is the best fruitsmashinggame ever made on the Google play for you to play and getrealisticexperience of gun shooter. Water melon fruit shooting gameisespecially designed for the gamers who love archer fruitshootinggames with realistic shooting arena. Get ready forultimatewatermelon shooting adventure and show off your best snipershooterskills to smash all the watermelons. This water melon fruitshootergame will test your sniper shooting skills and train youlike asthe world’s no.1 gun shooter. Water melon fruit shooting istheonly FPS shooting game which has all the features of fruitshootoutadventure games with modern sniper guns. This watermelonshootinggame 3D is designed to provide the realistic adventure andwatermelon crushing experience.Get ready to aim and shoot to crush all the water melon likesasfruit smasher while playing the world’s best water melonshootinggames. If you are looking for the best sniper shootinggames withrealistic shooting arena than this water melon shootoutadventureis perfect for you to become an arcade shooter. There aremanythrilling challenges and adventures in the water melonsnipershooting game but only for the pro sniper shooters. Gettrainedthrough this arcade shooting game with modern sniper gunslike aspro sniper shooter in the modern army training zone. Thisjuicyarcade game is one of the most addictive and entertainingwatermelon shooter games to display you water melon splashingskills tobecome a real army man. Enjoy with this awesome targetshoot gamesto feel the real fun and thrill of fruit smasherexperience.Water melon shooting 3D game has realistic environment andstunningHD graphics for you to get real fun and adventure. Watermelonfruit shootout adventure has real time physics simulationbasedexplosive sniper guns and more than one challenging missionsto hitthe target and clear the mission. It’s a time to check yoursnipershooting skills with unlimited resources through this arrowand bowgame. Get ready for the real shooter missions; choose yourfavoritesniper guns or bow and arrow to go to the water melonshootoutmission. Use the latest sniper shootout strategy in thestrike zoneto hit and cut all the targets and smash them tocomplete yourtraining procedure. Clear the 1st mission to unlockmorechallenging missions. Avoid missing the cutting chance byusingyour sharp shootout skills while playing this arrow and bowgames.Download this world’s best water melon sniper shooter gameand feelrealistic excitement.How to play:• Tap to select the mission.• Swipe on the screen left/right to move left/right.• Tap zoom button for closer look.• Tap shoot button to hit the target.• Hit all the fruits to clear the mission.Key Features Water Melon Shooting:• Realistic environment and 3D graphics in the arrow &bowgames.• Support for HD phone devices and tablets.• Multiple modern sniper guns in the archery games.• Good quality sound effects.• Realistic physics based control and addictive gameplay.• User friendly interface.• Efficient weapon controls & movement.If you like this water melon shooting game, please try otherwatermelon fruit shootout games by clicking “More from Developer”or byvisiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rateandreview.We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.
Xtreme Heavy Bike Parking Champion 1.0
It is really a great fun to ride a heavybikeon city highway tracks while performing crazy stunts. Become abikeparking champion by playing this crazy heavy bike simulationgame.Ride and park a modern superbike on various parking areas inthebig city. Don’t get crashed with roadblocks and trafficconesduring your highway journey. Race the throttle up to maximumandhave a strong grip on your heavy bike simulator to become arealparking expert. The extreme bike parking game is now availabletoplay for free on Google Play. Just download this crazy bikegameand enjoy the adventurous ride of multiple furioussuperbikes.Drive through the extreme traffic of the city and avoidcollisionwith other vehicles in the parking lot. Perform crazyfrontwheelies while racing at the lightning speed to reach theparkingarea fast. Enjoy the real simulation of 3D bikes withperfectvehicle suspension and smooth controls.There are a lot of road barriers on the city tracks which aremovingvery fast to give you a challenging experience of ridingasuperbike. Cross all the difficult tracks by using theperfectacceleration and timely breaking of your heavy bike. Playeach bikeparking mission with totally new terrain and racingtracks. Tap thecamera button to switch between different cameraviews. The cameraangles include the front, back, and side view.Multiple cameraviews give you precise measures for real lifedriving simulationexperience. Also, there are multiple heavy bikesavailable to ridein this heavy bike simulation game to practiceyour Moto parkingskills. Select your favorite ride and dust off thecity tracks likea perfect rider.This bike parking game is a real-time parking challenge whichisonly for stunt masters. This bike championship requires bothyoursuperbike riding skills along with speed and accuracy becauseyouhave a time deadline to complete each mission. So, it’s timetoshow your excellent drifting skills to the world while takingsharpand insane turns in city parking lot. There are multiplebikeparking missions in this classic Moto game. Play and completeeachdriving mission successfully to unlock the next one. Earncashrewards for completing each mission and use the cash to unlockmoresuperbikes. So, buckle up and start enjoying the most amazingfunof extreme valet parking game. Key Features:• Tricky and extremely tough tracks to ride.• Different parking lots in multiple city locations.• Most realistic bike parking simulator.• Avoid crashes with moving road-barriers to park perfectly.• Multiple exciting and challenging bike parking missions.• Time deadline to complete each challenge.• High-Quality sounds and amazing game music.• Cash rewards for each mission.How to Play:• Select your favorite motorcycle.• Choose a mission to play.• Tap the buttons to control the vehicle.• Complete the mission within time.If you like the game, please try our other games by clicking“Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. Anddon’tforget to rate and review.