⚫ Infinity Orbit 1.2
Simple but Addictive, fast-paced arcade game! Tap on screen to jumpon higher orbits. Avoid obstacles, catch powerups and don't let thegravity pull you in.
Square Paint 1.5.3
■ Square it! is meant to be the best contemporaneous stress-reliefgame. With a pure, relaxing gameplay and a smart combination ofcolour schemes and sound, it applies a simple but genius idea -fill the area with squares, without leaving empty spaces. Easy?Might be harder at first but as your brain starts developing astrategy to solve puzzles, this challenging game will become veryrelaxing and strangely fun. Users who have played Square it!describe it as an addicting zen game, but perfect to train mindfocus and concentration. No tension or pressure. Square it all, Mr.Square! FAQ How to Play ■ Square it? Drag your finger to all 4directions (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). Seehow the square reacts and fill the area without leaving blankspaces. When you are done, a check mark will show up - you may nowshare your abstract design (or maybe not so abstract) to any socialnetwork. If you think you did something wrong, click on the restartbutton in the bottom and Square it all again. Further levels mighthave not one but 2 squares (note that both will move at the sametime). We have also introduced a special teleportation - you canjump your square to another location on the gamefield. How manylevels are there? Infinite, why not? How to save my game progress?Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on the bottompanel. Press anywhere outside the gamefield and then click on theGame Controller icon on the right. You will be prompted a screen toconnect with Google Play Games. This way your progress won't belost. If you face further issues reach us by e-mail. Do I need topay anything to play this game? No. It is 100% free. You can pay usa small fee (the price of a coffee) though, to remove ads from yourgame. ■ Square it! and let us know your feedback on this game. Wegreatly appreciate your thoughtful comments. Concept, development,design and copyrights: Oskar Kuligowski
What, The Fox? 1.3.5
What, The Fox? is the story of a fox who needs to reach his hole.The narrative goes through different chapters where the fox meetshis twins and helps them reach the hole. A challenging adventurefilled with funny foxes. While the rules are simple and the game isrelaxing, the innovative mechanics will make your brain work hardto solve the levels, while the difficulty rises every single stepin the game! The question we make is "What, The Fox?" and theanswer that YOU, the player, have to give is is: "The Fox? They areall in the hole!", and that just means that you did the job great!The narrative of this game is described by players as an addictingand enchanting one, but still with a top relaxing environmentpowered with forest sounds! "What, The Fox?" starts with some easylevels and then goes through different and harder levels to buildup the forest such as trees, more foxes, sleepy foxes,teletransportation holes and much much more! There are 2 gamemodes: The Story mode powered with 100 curated levels + TheInfinite mode, having Infinite levels and infinite fun!!! Have alook at the FAQ below and feel free to reach us by e-mail if youhave suggestions or comments. FAQ How to Play "What, The Fox?" Useyour finger to scroll in any direction of the screen. See how thefox reacts to your actions and make sure you drive him to the hole.While the first levels come up with just a single hole, the nextlevels will get you more foxes, sleepy foxes and new mechanics tomake sure that you workout your brain and have more fun in theforest. During a level, if you think you did any mistake, click onthe button to restart and find another strategy to put all thefoxes in the hole. There are always 4 ways to solve a level: • Getzero stars • Get 1 start • Get 2 Stars • Get 3 stars Try all the 4ways to score more in the game and to unlock further game packages.How to save my progress in the game? On the main screen, click onthe "Settings" button. Turn "On" the "Play Services" button. Thisway you will be connected to Google play Games and you're progresswon't ever be lost, even if you change your device. If you stillface any difficulties saving the progress, then, please, contact usby e-mail. Do I need to pay anything for the game? No! The game iscompletely free. Nonetheless, you may want to pay to get some morehints or to unlock the Infinite Mode. You can always remove the adsin the game for a small fee (the price of 1 coffee). Do you likeour work? Connect to us below: • Visit: Concept, development, design andcopyrights: Infinity Games
Energy: Anti Stress Loops 5.5.2
Features: Simple gameplay: Just tap the lines to rotate and createconnected loops. The wires will shine when at least one bolt and alamp are connected through a line. Relaxing: People with OCD issuesmention this game as a great way to get better. Energy gameplay isvery calm – “just tap the line” – and a couple of levels per dayare enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It’s like practicingyoga with your smartphone. Smart brain-teasers: Energy featuresendless minimalist brain-teasers that will boost your logic skills,relax your soul and improve your concentration. It will make youbright! Classic game: Highly compared with other logic games due toits simplicity, Energy is very satisfying and will illuminate thecreative side of your brain. Play everywhere: You will take lessthan 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. That’s perfect to play onthe bus or while you wait for your flight at the airport. Startplaying and relax wherever you are! Recharge your battery: If yourbody battery is very low, Energy is the best way to recharge it.Wherever you are at the airport, on the train, or on the bus, boostyour concentration and make your brain shine with the brain-teasersreminiscent of Infinity Loop. Better than a yoga session, Energywill relax your soul! Play the king of logic games now! If yourbody battery is fading, Energy is the perfect boost to recharge it!Featuring a minimalist style, a transmission circuit, and smartbrain-teasers, this bright game will help you to calm your anxietyand get your concentration in line! Energy is reminiscent of theclassic Loop by its simplicity and satisfaction provided. You justneed to tap the wire to rotate it and manage to connect all thelines. Make sure the transmission includes at least a lamp circle,a wire, and a lightning bolt circle to illuminate the lightcircuit. The wire loops will shine when everything is connected!Part of the famous Infinity Loop franchise, this calm, minimalist,and smart game will help you dealing with anxiety and OCD. Insteadof closing endless loops, you must tap to connect every wire to thelamp and create a closed light transmission. Once you tap the firstline, you will boost your concentration and reduce any symptoms ofanxiety or OCD. Try to illuminate the circuit as many times as youcan and recharge your soul with positive ideas. In calmbrain-teasers like this, you don’t need to be super smart or fastas a lightning bolt to succeed. Creating a functional light circleusing every wire, bolt, and lamp is more important than deliveringa bright performance. ENERGY environment is satisfying andminimalist, featuring a calm soundtrack and endless light loops.The positive energy provided by this game will recharge yoursmartphone battery or make your brain shine like a star. If you arelooking for a minimalist tap game to boost your concentration,ENERGY is the right choice. Like other easy-to-learn logic games,this smart game features endless brain-teasers and its structureworks as a circle: since you can’t finish it, your progress is likean endless circle. Perfect to play while you are in a waiting lineor at the airport. Working as a concentration boost and a great wayof fighting anxiety and OCD issues, Energy is also a fun way ofimproving creativity while you relax your soul. By connecting everywire, lamp, and bolt, you will illuminate the transmission andcreate bright light shapes. You become an archaeologist: once youcomplete the circuit, the loops will shine and you discover thehidden figure. We associate ENERGY with yoga because this game isan excellent way to purify your mind and soul. The game is part ofthe logic games category, but it is very different from other logicgames. When you complete a dozen levels, your heart rate slowsdown. Just like in a yoga exercise. It’s not exactly the same aspracticing yoga, but it does the same effect on your mind.
Traffix 6.7
Based on simple rules and minimalist features, Traffix will amazeyou in no time! A highway is a place where chaos, stress, and rageare always present, mainly in big cities like Paris, Tokyo,Istanbul or Las Vegas. Aware of this, you must control the trafficlight to keep the drivers safe and maintain peace. Start fightingchaos all over the world! Features: Simple rules: Tap the trafficlight on the right time to change its color and manage the highway.It works just like a normal traffic light with green, yellow andred colors. Minimalist: You will find cars, a bus or a van inalmost every city. There are cities featuring a truck, a train, andeven a plane. Your job? Make sure they don’t crash. Calming:Traffix will not force you to think too hard. Each new city willamaze your senses and help you to relax. Tricky levels: The visualfeatures of Traffix are very simple and minimalist, but some citiescan turn very tricky! The slightest distraction can cause a bigcrash. Everybody hates traffic. Even when it is minimalist, like onTraffix. Now there is a way to control chaos and spread some peaceto the streets. On Traffix you are the highway manager. Each citywill deliver a different dose of stress and chaos. By tapping thetraffic lights at the right time, you can control the flow andavoid raging drivers. It’s very important that you do not makedrivers wait or they will get mad. On the other side, do not rushor they will crash! You have to wait for the right time to tap thetraffic lights and guide the cars to their destination. The lightsare red by default. Wait for the right time to turn the yellowlight on and let one car go. When the road is empty, double-tap toactivate the green traffic light! You will quickly understand howTraffix works, thanks to the minimalist and evocative elements. Therules are simple: Red: All the vehicles will stop. The red trafficlight will get everybody angry after a while. Yellow: It will allowone car to pass. After that, becomes automatically red. The yellowtraffic light is the safest play. Green: Tap twice to make thelight turn green. This will open the traffic light and allow allthe cars to advance. Most of the accidents occur within the greentraffic light. Chaos Mode: There is a second game mode available.The Chaos Mode is just for pros and it will amaze you by itssimplicity. As you understand by its name, it features extra stressand madness. You need to guide the police cars to their destinationsafely. One crash and you lose. Do you think you can complete allthe cities? This is your time to prove it. Play all over the world!Traffix features the busiest cities in the world. Places wherestress is rooted and peace is a distant mirage. As you progress,the highway will get more and more chaotic. At that point, one oftwo things will happen: you overcome the challenges or you becomeone of the raging drivers. See you on the highway!
Package Inc. 2.1
Package Inc. is an inspiring delivery simulator, created by thesame developers of Traffix and Railways. The entire game isavailable without ads and features lovely milestones that canappeal to those who care most about style. Who wouldn’t like tohave the Eiffel Tower in their city? Package Inc. is a beautifulgame about designing a delivery system for a growing city. Build aconnection between different hubs and feed multiple destinations,like factories, police stations, cafes, libraries, boutiques,saloons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops or schools. As new hubs areactive and there is an increase on demand, you can redesignbuildings’ position to keep your delivery process as smooth andefficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity are alsoessential to keep the delivery network running withoutinconveniences. How long can you keep the orders moving? Features:• Gracefully minimalist and beautiful visual design; • Learnmanagement stuff in a never-ending fun way; • Original soundtrackand immersive experience (headphones are a must!); • Multiple goalsto achieve in real-world cities; • Several upgrades (some hidden)to improve your network; • Variety of moods: from extremelyrelaxing to super thrilling; • Expand from a small town to a bigcity. Package Inc. has an evocative visual design and shares thesame minimalist features of Infinity Games previous titles. Thegame starts in a very relaxing pace but rapidly turns into athrilling experience. Every game is unique, because the growth israndom in each city. Your success is highly dependent on thequality and speed of your decisions. Goals: • Deliver as manypackages as you can; • Operate for many days; • Add multipledestinations; • Speed up delivery times; • Increase storagecapacity. Infinity Games aims to provide the best game experiencewithin its titles. We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle gamesand making people think while relaxing. Do you like our work?Connect below: Facebook: 8infinitygames(
Traffix 3D - Traffic Management 5.2
If you are looking to escape from a traffic jam, what could bebetter than playing a traffic management simulation game? (not ifyou’re the driver of course: don’t play this game if you’redriving, actually!!!). Traffic can create stressful situations, butwith Traffix 3D, the effect is the exact opposite: you will feelpleasure simply by tapping and holding your finger on the screenand letting the cars pass through the traffic lights. Traffix 3D isactually a game derived from a Premium title powered by InfinityGames: Traffix, but it provides new mechanics, 3D graphics, 100+cities, dozens of new vehicles and a newly developed atmosphereinspired by the minimalism from the premium version. Unlike thePremium Version, Traffix 3D is 100% free! The goal of Traffix 3D isthe same as the Premium Traffix game: Avoid accidents, but at allcosts. If you let a single car crash, then you will need to restartthe level. You pass the level after safely delivered to theirdestination a specific number of cars. In other words, you mustkeep both cars and pedestrians happy. Lastly, you should build yourcar collection! There are 3 ways to unlock cars: 1. By gettingin-app currency: You can win coins by passing the levelssuccessfully. These coins allow you to unlock rare cars. 2. Byfinding keys during the gameplay and unlocking classic cars fromtheir garages 3. By mysterious ways that will unlock you some CrazyCars! You will be traveling between different cities from New York,Roma, Berlin, Palermo or Seoul. More cities will be added: Feelfree to drop us an e-mail if you want your city to be featured inthe game. A word of advice for Traffix 3D: Patience is key!
Equilibrium: Light Circle 1.43
Features: Calm game: Space games aren’t very relaxing,butEquilibrium is as calm as taking vacations on the moon.Itsuniversal rules and minimalist design will let your ideas flowandyou will think faster than a meteor! Universal odyssey: Getintoorbit to save the Earth from oblivion! You must alight theauroraand extinguish the dark nebula to circle the planet withlight andsolve the enigma. Then you can return home! King of spacegames:Going from Mars to Jupiter, Equilibrium is a dystopianodysseywhere you need to be bright as a comet and fast as a meteor.Youare the alien: Alien adventure mode across 200 levels and20immersive galaxies. Once you master it, you cannot stopplaying.Return home: Usually the sci-fi stories are about spacemissions,Jupiter ascensions or alien attacks. Equilibrium is allaboutalight mystic shapes and create symmetries as fast as you can!Freeto play: Equilibrium is available in every planet and is 100%free!Draw minimalist lines to reflect the shapes and alightthesymmetry! Equilibrium: Light Circle is the drawing game whereyouneed to create a light flow by reflecting the aurora with asingleline. Fast as a comet and furious as a meteor, you will getintoorbit – from Mars to Jupiter – until you illuminate thewholeuniverse and return home. Can you save the planet from adarknebula? Symmetry after symmetry, Equilibrium is different fromallthe other space games. This calm drawing game merges theuniversaland simple features of the relaxing brain-teasers with aspaceenigma. Its minimalist design and mesmerizing soundtrackwillconquer your attention! There is a colossal dark nebulacoveringthe planet Earth and the absence of light is destroyingtheuniverse. All you need to do is draw a light circle aroundtheplanet, illuminate the universe and return home fast! Have youwentto the moon? Did you visit Mars or Jupiter? Accept thechallengeand solve the enigma! Equilibrium: Light Circle is yourchance toflow free into orbit and discover the mysteries of theuniverse.Even astronauts will be jealous of this universal odyssey!Startdrawing as fast as a comet, create calming symmetriesandilluminate the aurora. Circle by circle, you need to keep calmandalight the nebula causing this dark equinox. Bright as themoon,each symmetry will provide more and more light to theuniverse,helping you to return home. Are you ready to this spaceadventure?Let the enigma begin! Free of the space games clichés,Equilibrium:Light Circle is the fusion between a minimalist flowfree game anda space mission. On this calm game you don’t need tothink fast norhave special training to get into orbit across Mars,Jupiter or themoon. Safe from any meteor or comet, feel free toilluminate theaurora anywhere, anytime with anyone from yourcircle! Based onuniversal rules, the equinox game stands out fromother space gamesthat talk about Mars, a meteor or an alien.Reminiscent of the flowfree games, Equilibrium creates the perfectbalance between a moonadventure and a minimalist brain enigma.Perfect to relax, you canplay it on the bus, during your lunchbreak or at home. Just alightthe aurora and illuminate the darknebula! Ready to ride a comet onthe most relaxing of space games?When you are into orbit, youbecome the alien!
Decipher: Unlock the 250 Keys - Brain Test 1.6
Decipher is a brain teasing puzzle game where you need to align thespace rings to solve the enigma! Looks easy, but different ringsproduce different effects. Every action produces a reaction. TheButterfly Effect can be your best friend or your worst enemy whenit comes to unlock physics-based puzzles. You have to Decipher it!A minimalist spacecraft is waiting for you to launch towards apeaceful and original space environment. For a while, you canescape reality and dive into a calm, relaxing and metaphysic mood,just like universe claims to be. Reminiscent of abstract classicmovies and exhaling an endless sci-fi vibe, this is a game wherelogic and creativity unite against confusion. The landscape looksplenty of harmony, but do not let that distract you from theenigmas you need to solve to conquer each world. Come aboard todecipher the mysteries of the universe! Features: • Physics-basedgameplay, developed in partnership with Sir Isaac Newton. • Easy tolearn but difficult to master, Decipher: The Brain Game rules areconstantly evolving. • Relaxing environment and no pressure tofinish it. Like space, time is also infinite in Decipher: The BrainGame. • New rings will bring new problems and unique combinations.Each level is a new puzzle! • Soothing music, evocative visualdesign and immersive sci-fi atmosphere. Headphones recommended forhigh quality experience! • Color blind compatibility and hapticfeedback. Do you like our work? Connect below: • Listen to ourstories: • Learn moreabout us: • Show us your love:
Eureka – Are you up to the brain challenge? 2.1
If you think you are smart, think twice! Eureka is the rightbraingame to tell if you are a real genius! Featuring more than50mini-games to challenge your brain skills (logic,memory,creativity, speed, reflex, focus, etc.), Eureka is theaddictivebrain challenge your brain needs to go from dumb togenius. Are youup to the challenge? Eureka is full of brainteasersand funmini-games that you can enjoy forever. Each brain game willbedifferent from the previous, so you can enjoy original,creativeand unique puzzles specifically designed to push your brainlimits!Are you smarter than your friends are? Do you think outsidethebox? Can you pass more than 50 different brainy trickymini-games?Eureka is the brain challenge you need! GAME FEATURES: •Diversegameplay to keep your brain activated for hours • Each levelis adifferent brain game • Simple to learn and easy to understand •Funyet challenging brain challenge • Improve your focus andbrainskills with diverse mini-games Accept the brain challenge andproveyou have a creative mind! Infinity Games aims to provide thebestgame experience within its titles. We love showcasingnewminimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing.Doyou like our work? Connect below:Facebook:
One Line - One Touch Drawing Puzzle 2.5
ONE LINE is an IQ based brain game. The best snack to activate yourbrain every time wherever you are. Routine and the excessive use oftechnology tend to numb your brain with certain behaviors andpatterned ways of thinking, lowering your creativity and IQ levelsday after day. Thinking on this, every occasion is a good one togive your brain a push. This game uses technology to exercise yourbrain with simple but tricky puzzle levels, improving your IQgradually. IQ results are provided with your progress. ⚯ ONE LINEis the best way to test your intelligence and logic skills. Acouple of minutes each day will improve your brain abilities andtest your IQ with qualitative and analytical scales. Are youEinstein’s first cousin or dumb as a brick? Just like knowledgedoes not occupy place, ⚯ ONE LINE will also not overload yourdevice memory. This is a battery-friendly game, which means we willnot drain your energy either. ⚯ ONE LINE features: • Challenginglevels: find new tests with your progress and improve your IQ. •Hints: would you appreciate some help? Use hints to find the rightanswer for a difficult level. • IQ scale: just a small percentageof our audience achieve to complete our harder levels. Are you partof those? • Relaxing and Immersive environment: a minimalistic andbeautiful design merged with soothing music will relax your musclesand tease your brain. • Ranking: show your friends who is the realgenius by sharing some solutions from the harder levels or simplyshowing ⚯ ONE LINE ranking tables. You can always send us gameplayscreenshots, so we can know which level you are playing or if youare struggling in a certain level. We always enjoy receiving somefeedback from our players and we will truly appreciate yourmessage. Do you like our work? Connect below: • Listen to ourstories: • Learn moreabout us: • Show us your love: • Follow our steps:
Railways 1.5
Do you have a refined taste for games? Are you searching for theultimate immersive experience in mobile games? Why do you pour themilk before the cereal? Ouch, wrong chat. If you answeredpositively to the first two questions, Railways will certainly suityour interests. From the makers of Traffix, Railways is asimulation game where you have trains, passengers and railways.Your goal is to move the trains strategically between the tracks,picking up the passengers and preventing crashes. Your mission iscomplete when you collect all the passengers. Mind the gap andstart managing your railways! To manage the trains like a master,you have to learn how to: - Stop a train for a limited time with asingle tap; - Drag the train to create a new track; - Automaticallypick up nearby passengers and fill the trains; - Avoid running overpassengers when changing the route; - Prevent crashes betweentrains. Railways features minimalist and artistic elements mergedin an immersive experience where the perks of a train trip areemphasized: astonishing landscapes observed at slow pace. Eachlevel will bring a new challenge to the track, more chaos and ofcourse clever moves from your side. All aboard! This train is readyto depart! How much time can you keep the trains moving? Find outnow! This new game by Infinity Games is a magnificent trainsimulator where patience is a virtue. In order to succeed, you needto wait for the right moment and use your skills to drag the trainsfrom one railway to another. You know that you will lose if thetrains collide but you also know that you have all the time in theworld to make a smart move. Furthermore, you can also stop thetrains for a while. If you have the patience of a monk, you willhave a great time with Railways! If you are an impatient person,you can use Railways to improve those skills! Features: - Premiumlook and artistic features: you will not just play a mobile game.You will behold a masterpiece! - Immersive gameplay: after a coupleof levels, you will find yourself absorbed by Railways imaginaryworld. - Curated levels crafted by train conductors: Railwayslevels were designed by train conductors with +10 years ofexperience. - Multiple achievements to conquer: picking up thepassengers is just the beginning. - Smooth difficulty curve Did youknow that 0% of players passed level 1? That is because at the dateI am writing this text the game is not yet released. Infinity Gamesaims to provide the best game experience within its titles. We loveshowcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people thinkwhile relaxing and having fun. Do you like our work? Follow ourtrack: Facebook: 8infinitygames(
Zen Squares - Minimalist Puzzle Game 1.3.6
Zen Squares is the new minimalist game by the indie developersInfinity Games. Based on simple rules and clever gameplay, ZenSquares challenges your logic skills with multiple board enigmas.Are you ready to unlock them all? Analyze the board and drag thesquares in a clever way to solve the enigma. The way you move asquare will influence all the other squares present in the same rowor column. Your goal is to create a connection with the squaresthat share the same color, while those squares also match theindication placed on the border of the board. The minimalistfeatures merged with logic enigmas provide a Zen experience.Indeed, Zen Squares is all about the experience: • No timers orstress features; • You can’t lose; • Simple rules and intuitivegameplay; • Logic challenges for everyone. Zen Squares is actuallybased on a popular Japanese game from the Edo Period. Did you knowthat at the time only 5% of the players were able to fully masterthis puzzle game? Now it’s your time to do it! Can you unlock allthe enigmas and become a Zen Squares master? Features: • Intuitivegameplay: drag a square and you will get it immediately. •Logic-based game with simple rules and minimalist elements. •Smooth difficulty curve; the more you play, the harder it gets! •Remove ads for a more immersive and Zen experience. • +200 cleverenigmas to unlock! Perfect for fans of indie games and minimalistpuzzle games. By releasing Zen Squares, Infinity Games resumes thelegacy built with games like Infinity Loop, Connection or Energy:Anti Stress Loops. Infinity Games aims to provide the best gameexperience within its titles. We love showcasing new minimalistpuzzle games and making people think while relaxing. Do you likeour work? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
HEX - Tap to Rotate & Connect the Pieces 1.7
Welcome to the Infinity Loop sequel: HEX. Now you have a whole newcollection of infinite levels to play within a hexagonal board.Enjoy this new relaxing game! This HEX game allows you to buildloops in a new way. We have kept the same structure of the InfinityLoop game: a clean and simple game that helps you improve yourfocus and attention levels. HEX allows you to create closed shapepatterns by connecting all of the pieces. It is a puzzle game butcarefully built to provide moments of relaxation and joy. Westrongly believe that this Hexes game may relieve you from momentsof stress as there is no pressure to solve the levels and no timersat all. We keep it without timers as we understand that everyonehas their own pace and time shouldn’t be a measure of intelligence:The ability of solve the puzzle in the end is the sole extent ofsomeone’s capacity and intelligence. If you are looking for arelaxing game type, enjoy the new loop with this hex game. Say noto “stress” and enjoy the loop! How to Play HEX? The basics are thesame from our main game, because the goal is the same (Reachperfection): • Connect all of the lines and corners to createclosed shapes; • Watch our video trailer to see how it works; •Check YouTube for solutions if you are struggling How many levelscan I play? Infinite. We keep it infinite! How can I save my gameprogress? • Connect the app with Google Play Games clicking on thesettings button; • The settings button is available on the bottomof the gameplay; If you face any issues reach us by e-mail Do I need to pay anything to play InfinityLoop? No. The game is 100% free. There is no need to pay anythingfor the original game. The game is free for unlimited levels. Doyou like our work? Connect below: • Like: • Follow: • Visit:
Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzles 4.5.1
Features: Tap and Glow: Harmony app is very easy to play: take theline as a reference to tap the squares and mirror the music notes.The squares will glow when you tap on them! Anxiety antidote: Therelaxed melodies created on Harmony are perfect to kill anxiety orOCD problems. In fact, Infinity Games are known for slowing aplayer's heart rate after 10 levels played. Free of timers andother stress features, this game feels like a yoga session inparadise! Different instruments: There are several instrumentsavailable on Harmony. You start with a piano, but you can go for adifferent melody later if you prefer wind instruments or stringinstruments. Music, Maestro: Tapping the squares on the right tempois the only thing you need to create smart music on this calm andminimalist IQ test. Can you play with different instruments? Justlike paradise: Like a mirror of relaxing sounds, the Harmony appprovides you a calm IQ test to feed your soul and tease your brain.You must get the same look on both sides of the line. Just tap theright polygon and the shapes will glow! Boss levels: Besides theclassical music and the tacit IQ test present, the boss levelsfeatured on the Harmony app will relax your soul! Check how manyrelaxed melodies can you create during a boss level! Music,Maestro! Harmony: Relax Melodies is a smart music game reminiscentof a guitar hero, where you must reflect the music notes by tappingthe free squares. To be successful, you need to take the white lineas a reference and create asymmetry. You will finish some levels ina heartbeat. Others will demand more concentration. Each tap willproduce a minimalist melody, providing the illusion you are a realmaestro! Like a guitar hero, you will feel like a real musician inparadise when you tap the music notes on the right tempo. The majordifference between guitar hero and the Harmony app is the classicalmusic: the relaxing sounds featured in the game are calm andminimalist. Playing Harmony is very easy: just reflect each polygonand the symmetry will glow. If a polygon is three spaces on theright, you must tap an empty polygon three spaces on the left. Onceyou reflect every symmetry, the squares will glow, and… it’s done!By tapping the music notes on the right tempo, you will be themaestro of relaxing melodies. Merging the brain exercise of an IQtest and the slow heartbeat of a yoga session, we could say you aresmartly relaxing. Just look at it as a mirror: your brain will bepleased for each melody you reflect! The chapter names are based onclassical music composers – like Sibelius or Vivaldi – and eachchapter has its own relaxing sounds palette. Each chapter willbring a different polygon, melody, and symmetry. Your soul willrejoice with the 24 different relax melodies and more thanminimalist 1000 levels! Vivaldi built his legacy with the FourSeasons, you can start yours with Harmony! Feel free to activateyour guitar hero mode and tap the music notes as fast as you can!Go from mid-tempo to up-tempo! Music, Maestro! The smart musiccombined with a calm IQ test will create a paradise environment.Players who suffer from anxiety or OCD problems praise our games.The Harmony app works as a yoga class and will keep you calm,slowing your heartbeat. The relaxing sounds and the guitar herogameplay will numb your soul and help you deal with anxiety or OCD,while you become a classical music maestro. Harmony: Relax Melodiesis a smart music odyssey through an abstract and a minimalistparadise, where tapping a polygon and reflecting asymmetry is allyou need to do to get rid of anxiety or OCD symptoms.
Shapes: Puzzle Game for All Ages 2.8
In a universe of uncertainty, chaos and confusion, ▲SHAPES emergesas the perfect way to bring harmony and congruence to our world.Through an immersive environment of countless challenging levels,▲SHAPES will test your skills to establish order into a fragmentedreality. Are you ready to fight disorder? Then you need this shapesgame! This brainteaser game will challenge your logical skills,encouraging your creativity while you assemble the fragmentedshards into a holistic image. This shapes game mixes, in fact, yourability to use both sides of your brain: the creative hemisphereand the logical one. In ▲SHAPES, you will experiment a relaxing andspatial environment, enjoying a soothing soundtrack and excitingpuzzles. In this game we merge figures within classical traits andfuturistic neon lights with the purpose to play with your senses,imagination and logic. Once all the pieces are connected, a senseof clarity will arise and you will build shapes that appeal to youreyes and mind. If you feel proud of your achievements, share theconcluded levels with your friends or simply save them on yoursmartphone. Your mission is quite clear in ▲SHAPES: fight chaos andbring life to fragmented shards. The game concept works almost likea metaphor of a stressful day or a troubled period. The empathybetween music and the visual features will deliver you a relaxingand pleasurable sensation of order being restored. Like in traffic,subway rush hours or busy workdays, it will be you against chaosround after round, level after level… Considered by players as oneof the best efforts ever released by Infinity Games, Shapes is theperfect game for fans of beautiful brainteaser games. Accept ourchallenge and bring some order to this topsy-turvy world! How toplay Loop Energy? Shapes is a very intuitive and easy game to play;the goal is simple: make shapes. In the first levels, you willinstantly get the game’s dynamic and soon you will feel completelysubmerged by this soothing and interstellar ambience. As thedifficulty increases, you will feel more and more challenged tocomplete de enigma and achieve clairvoyance. To complete a level,you have to rotate the shards and build shapes. Once the neonlights are on, you won another battle and the level is completed.Can I save my game progress? On the bottom of the screen, make sureyou connect to the game center. Then, the game progress isinstantly saved on your game app, so you can resume in the levelwhere you stopped in the previous game session. This allows you tomaintain your progress, always discovering new levels and differentfigures. Do I need to pay anything to play? Loop Energy iscompletely free and you don’t need to pay for playing the game.However, you can remove the ads for the price of a coffee and enjoya more fluid version of the game. Ads were an option we needed totake in order to assure the development of Shapes and future games.If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach us viae-mail or on Facebook. Do you like our work? Connect below: • Like: • Follow: • Visit: Concept, development, design andcopyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games.
CONNECTION - Calming and Relaxing Game 2.8.1
Connection is the new brain training puzzle game! This is theconnection game where you have to connect dots from differentcolors. There is no timer or pressure; the more levels you canclear without help, the higher is your IQ: • SIMPLE: connect dotsthat share the same color and fill the empty dots to pass theminimalistic puzzle levels. • CHALLENGING: powered by the InfinityLoop team, this game is harder than any of our previous games,CONNECTION will challenge your logic skills, test your IQ and yourability to build a successful network. • BEAUTIFUL: the CONNECTIONbetween minimalistic flat design and a soothing soundtrack will behighly appealing to your senses. • STRATEGIC: free of time-limitrules, CONNECTION allows you to build your own strategy and linkdots at your pace. • FUN: level after level, you will find yourselfwrapped into an immersive and enjoyable gameplay environment. •FREE: CONNECTION is totally free and you can play all the time youwant without costs. However, you can always buy hints to help youwith harder levels or pay a symbolical price to remove the ads.This IQ game is also a rethink on the approach of IQ testing. Eventhough this isn’t scientific, these are your results: • Play 200levels in less than 30 minutes: IQ Above 145 - Genius • Play 200levels in less than 50 minutes: IQ above 130 – Very Superior • Play200 levels in less than 1 hour and 15 minutes: IQ above 115 –Superior • Play 200 Levels in less than 2 hours: IQ above 85 –Normal • Play 200 levels in less than 5 hours: IQ above 70 –Dullness • Play 200 levels in less than 10 hours: IQ below 70 –Borderline deficiency You can store your favorite levels on yoursmartphone, using them later to share with your friends or tobeautify your social media channels. If you prefer, just send thosescreenshots to us, so we can know which level you are playing. Wealways enjoy receiving some feedback from our players and we willtruly appreciate your message. Do you like our work? Connect below:• Listen to our stories:• Learn more about us: • Show us yourlove: • Follow oursteps:
∞ Infinity SLICE
What if... we could have a Minimalistic Puzzle Game where youjustslice to score? This is "∞ Infinity Slice", a cool puzzle gamethatyou can actually play eternally! A puzzle game when in practiceyouhave the possibility to reach an infinite score - As long asyoukeep slicing and slicing and slicing. The rules are simply:Slice,obey to the rules of physics and don't cross any of theobjects.This is how Infinity Slice works. A minimalistic gameplayisprovided with one object and you need to slice without crossingtheobject and by making sure that it stays in the highlightedarea.More objects will show up. The more objects you are able toput inthat area, the higher will be your score. We have also madethegame compatible with Google Wear, so that you can slice withyourSmart Watch infinitely. If you are looking for a stressrelievinggame, then Infinity Slice is the game you will want toplay. How toPlay ∞ Infinity Slice? Jut Slice. You'll figure how toplay bycontinuously slicing. How many levels can I play? There arenolevels. But the more you slice, the higher score you can reach.Howcan I save my game progress? • The game will connectautomaticallywith Google Play Games; • You can verify your scoreand progress onthe Leaderboard Icon from the main screen; If youface any issuesreach us by e-mail at Do Ineed to payanything to play Infinity Slice? No. The game is 100%free. Thereis no need to pay anything for the game. You may opt tobuy gemsand use them for power-ups, though. Do you like our work?Connectbelow: • Like: •Follow: •Visit: Concept, development, designandcopyrights: Infinity Games
SudoBlocks 1.5.1
SudoBlocks provides a genius twist on Block Games with the input ofthe Sudoku Mechanics and new strategic features. This is what youget: -Make 3x3 squares OR complete lines to keep the board clean;-Know which tile is coming next so you can better develop your gamestrategy; -Night Mode and several other templates; -Undo - Did youplace a tile in the wrong place? Tap "Undo" and do it again;-Destroy - Is a block messing with your board? Tap to Destroy it;-Rotate - Rotate clockwise one of the three tiles to be used; -Swap- Change one of the 3 tiles you were offered; With a clean andclassic black and white layout, you can feel you are playing thegame as if it was in a paper journal. We have transformed a commongame genre, block games, and added the cleanliness and minimalismyou are used with Infinity Games. SudoBlocks is a tile-matchinggame that provides 3 games modes: 1. Standard - The game mode youare used on any block game but with power-ups and strategicmechanics as mentioned above. 2. Timed - You have a specific timeto score as many points as possible. Combos can increase youravailable time. 3. Relaxing mode - We know you are used to relaxingwith Infinity Games, so we couldn't forget an endless, relaxingmode. Make sure you try this mode. SudoBlocks offers a fantasticblock game + sudoku experience, powered with minimalism, strategy,relaxation and brain food. Play and compete with your friends bychecking your score against theirs on the Leaderboards.
Merge Shapes 1.5
∞ Infinity Merge is a trendy sliding puzzle game. It is a Braintraining game where you need to match blocks that have the samenumber of dots, shape and colour, until you reach Infinity. This isa very relaxing game (yet, challenging!). You can match 2 blocksonly, but you can also match 3, 4 or even 5 blocks if you play theExpert Mode. The more blocks you match & merge, the higher thescore you get. Simple Game? How to Play this Puzzle Game? ThisMerge Game presents you one shape and colour for each combinationof dots, where red circles have 1 dot, orange crosses have 2 dotsand yellow triangles have 3 dots, etc. All you need to do is toconnect the shapes, increasing the count and reaching Infinity.Unlike Classical Puzzle Games such as 2048 or Dominoes Puzzle, hereyou have to build your game strategy properly so that you get thehighest score amongst the competition: -You will have access tocoins and you can use these coins to apply the Hammer and destroysome blocks or apply the Double Rainbow to get a piece that willcombine with any dot. You will get more coins by playing the gamefrequently, but you may also buy some coins or watch a video to getsome. As you match 3 or more pieces, you will be loading the ComboBreaker. When it is fully loaded, you can use it and it willupgrade 2 of your blocks, randomly. If you get stuck in the game,you can shuffle the whole board for a second chance! So, what areyou waiting for? Start merging & matching & connecting themall! Game Features A Very Simple but Engaging Merge Game: • Masterthe puzzle game structure and achieve the highest score; • Matchblocks with the same number of dots, colour and shape; • Train yourbrain without even noticing. Relaxing Game: • ∞ Infinity Mergeprovides you a very relaxing gameplay, with a top design; • Enjoythe soft and sweet music; • No time limits, no life limits! SlidingPuzzle Game with Good Mechanics: • If you are familiar with 2048 orDominoes Puzzle games, you will get used to Infinity Merge quickly.• Slide in 4 directions to merge the blocks • Use the Power-ups toreach the highest score you can FAQ How to unlock the Expert Modeand… what is the Expert Mode about? The Expert mode provides you amore complex but also fun gameplay, with a 5x5 board but withoutthe possibility to use the central block. Play 10x the normal gameto unlock the Expert Mode. How to save my progress in the game? Onthe menu screen, click on the "Settings" button on the bottom left.Turn "On" the "Play Services" button. You will be connected toGoogle play Games and you're progress won't be lost, even if youchange your phone. If you face ANY difficulties saving theprogress, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. Do I need to payanything for the game? No. This game is completely free.Nonetheless it may take time for you to accumulate coins andtherefore you can opt to buy those coins. You may also pay a smallfee to remove the ads (won’t be more expensive than the price of acoffee). Do you like our work? Connect below: • Like: • Follow: • Visit: Concept, development, design andcopyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games
Maze: path of light 1.7.0
Play classic square mazes or discover many more original ones:circular, triangular, hexagonal or even bunny 🐇, guitar 🎸 or tree 🌲shaped mazes. Challenge yourself with seven different game modesincluding our unique intertwined labyrinths with teleportationportals 🌀. Progress through the catalog and unlock over 100combinations of maze sizes, types, shapes and game modes. ✨ Easy toplay: Swipe to guide the light through the maze and find the exit 🧘Relax with small mazes or try to solve more advanced ones ⚪ Master4 types of mazes: square, triangular, hexagonal and circular 🌀Startwith classic mazes and unlock six extra game modes: time limited,restricted moves, token collection 💎, token collection withrestricted moves, intertwined mazes with teleportation portals, 🌀intertwined mazes with restricted moves 🐇 Try our funny shapedlabyrinths ✨ Explore over 3 000 unique mazes This game has beenmade with ❤️ by a small team of three independent developers. Allyour suggestions and feedback to help us improve the game arewelcome.
Solitaire Plus 1.8.5
Solitaire Plus brings you all the fun and excitement of the classicSolitaire card game plus the minimalist and relaxing style byInfinity Games. If you consider yourself a true Solitaireaficionado, this is a must-have game. You will find the perfectenvironment to perform at your best and become the #1 player in theleaderboards. You can also customize your game with multiple themesfor your cards and backgrounds! There are three game styles toenjoy in Solitaire Plus: Standard, Vegas, and Vegas Cumulative.Obviously, you can decide on your favorite style or improve yourperformance in every style, by tracking your statistics. There aremore than 400 levels to unlock in Solitaire Plus. Can you beat themall? Features: • Classical Solitaire card game with an exceptionalart style; • Multiple themes for your card decks and backgrounds; •Daily challenges turn every game into a different and unique game;• Performance tracker with statistics; • +40 milestones to conquerand +400 levels; Solitaire Plus is totally free and you can playhow many times you want without paying. The game is ad-supported,but you can remove ads for the price of a coffee. That amount willsupport us to keep developing free games in the future. InfinityGames aims to provide the best game experience within its titles.We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making peoplethink while relaxing. Do you like our work? Connect below:Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
Wood SudoBlocks 3D - A Better Classic Wood Puzzle 2
Wood SudoBlocks 3D is a free classic block puzzle game in wood.It'sa variation from our minimalist game: SudoBlocks. You willplay in a9x9 board and your aim is to fit blocks of differentformats in thegrid. The game follows the classic wood format ofblock games butwith additional tweaks from the Infinity Gamesteam. Welcome to thenew way of playing block games! WoodSudoBlocks is a 3D wood puzzlegame with a single player mode. Itcan also be played offline. Youmay also compete with your friendsusing our leaderboard feature.Make sure you score as high as youcan by destroying as many WoodBlocks as possible. Find 8 templatesto place the wood and also usethe dark mode when you want. Thereare other variations, like Neon,Gold, Metal, or Marble, if youdon't like wood. We'll add many morewood themes and variations inthe coming future. How to Play WoodSudoBlocks 3D Puzzle Game? ✓First, drag and drop the blocks in the9x9 grid; ✓ Then, fill arow, a column or a 3x3 square to eliminatethe blocks; ✓ Make sureyou always have room to add blocks; ✓ Thegame will end if thereisn't any space to add new pieces; But, youhave several power-ups:✓ Undo Power-up. If you've placed a woodblock wrongly, just undo;✓ Switch Pieces. If a wood piece isn't theone that will help you,just switch it; ✓ Rotate Wood blocks. Youcan also rotate the blockto make it fit where you want; ✓ Kill. Youcan kill a specificblock that is messing with your wood puzzlegame. It's worth tonotice that you may play this classical woodblocks game in 3different modes: ✓ Standard as described above; ✓Timed Mode with atime limit to place the wood; ✓ Relaxing whereblocks never end! Ifyou like this classical approach to woodblocks, make sure youfollow us at: Instagram: @8infinitygamesFacebook:
Wood Blocks 3D 1.2
Wood Blocks 3D is an Infinity Games creation that aims to improveyour logic skills while you enjoy infinite hours of fun! Fit thewood pieces in the board to clear columns, squares, and rows andincrease your score! This classic block puzzle game provides you asublime twist on Block Games with the inclusion of Sudoku mechanicsand multiple different gameplay themes! From the same franchise ofSudoBlocks and Wood SudoBlocks 3D, this is a must-have for yourcollection if you are a puzzle games fan. Start playing Wood Blocks3D today! Wood Blocks 3D has a minimalist 3D style reminiscent ofother Infinity Games titles plus multiple innovative wood boardsthat you can try! Besides this minimalist signature and all thefun, you can earn trophies depending on your performance in thegame. It’s very hard to collect them all, but can you do it? Try itout! Wood Blocks 3D rules are simple, but the game can become quiteintricate when you progress and get the board full of wood pieces.This is not just a typical puzzle game, because you need to set astrategy for your game and keep loyal to it to succeed. There isalso random elements that can influence your score, like the piecesyou get. Sometimes you will feel the world is against you, othersyou will feel blessed by luck! Features: • Simple to understand,not that easy to master; • Multiple wood themes, plus an engagingexperience; • Classic puzzle game with a 3D art style; • DailyChallenges to test your strategy skills; • Minimalist &relaxing environment; • Amazing combos and high score system; WoodBlocks 3D is a great way of training your brain skills whilespending a good time at any place and time. The high score systemwill keep you teased to beat your best performance. The fans ofclassic puzzle games like you understand the goal of the gameinstantly and tend to achieve higher scores than fans from othercategories! Challenge your strategy skills! These little WoodBlocks 3D games are perfect to relax after a hard day at work orschool or even to start the day with a logic challenge! You canclose the app at any moment and resume your progress later. Thereare people playing the same game for weeks and getting a zillionpoints! After some days playing, you will start seeing wood blockseverywhere and skills will increase. Check for yourself! How toplay Wood Blocks 3D: • Drag the wood pieces to the board and placethem accordingly to your strategy; • Fill all the squares of acolumn, row, or square to clear the space and score points; • Keepplaying for as much time as you can to beat your high score; WoodBlocks 3D is totally free and you can play how many times you wantwithout paying. The game is ad-supported, but you can remove adsfor the price of a coffee. The amount will support us to keepdeveloping free games in the future. Infinity Games aims to providethe best game experience within its titles. We love showcasing newminimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing. Doyou like our work? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
BRAIN FEVER: Maths Challenge 1.7
Mental arithmetic… Some of us love it. Many of us would give a legaway to not deal with it again. Brain Fever is the puzzle gamewhere add, subtract, multiply and divide is fun. Clock will beticking and your goal is to quickly reach the presented numberusing as many numbers as possible. The score depends on thecalculation size: the more numbers you use, higher the score willbe! Logic and creativity walk side by side here – every time,everywhere –, exercising and teasing both sides of your brain! Yourmath teacher will believe you are suffering a kind of a geniusmutation after experiencing the way you easily solve all thearithmetic calculations. We promise you lots of fun, improved mathskills and concentration power! We demand intelligence! Be careful!Some of our levels may cause you a BRAIN FEVER! Do you like ourwork? Connect below: • Listen to our stories: • Learn more about us: • Show us your love: • Follow our steps:
Laser Quest 2.2.1
Infinity Games brings you Laser Quest – a transcendent experiencebetween the realms of extremely fun gameplay, evocative music, andminimalist visual art. Are you up to the quest? In Laser Quest, youwill rotate pieces, explore different perspectives, and manipulatetens of unique objects to establish a clear laser-beam connectionand illuminate the sacred gems. Through intricate architecturecreations and many hidden elements, Laser Quest dives into aminimalist 3D adventure across seven distinctive worlds that youmost conquer with a laser! If you are a die-hard fan of minimalistpuzzle games, Laser Quest is a must-have in your collection.Following a mysterious narrative, you will have the chance ofexploring multiple unique worlds, unlocking a wide arsenal ofweapons, and try colorful laser beams. The gameplay is unique ineach world because you will be introduced to new elements thatbring a new game mechanic to the table. Can you unlock all theworlds and pass more than 100-curated levels? Besides the storymode, you can also try Daily Challenges. Here you will have to keepcalm and perform under pressure. You will face a new challenge perday, where you will have the chance to show your Laser Questabilities and earn rewards. In story mode, you can struggle to winbut you have all the time in the world to come up with a solutionfor a certain level. This doesn’t happen with Daily Challenges:either you win or lose. Features: • Classical puzzle mechanicswithin a minimalist 3D environment; • Easy to understand, not soeasy to master; • Seven unique and beautiful worlds to explore; •Daily challenges will test your under-pressure skills; •Transcendent and evocative music for each world (play withheadphones!); • Cool cannons to collect and five awesome laserbeams; • +100 curated-levels to decipher and +300 gems toilluminate; Like a dream you don’t want to forget, Laser Questgrows on you with time. The visual art design merged with beautifulsoundtracks creates the perfect immersive environment that appealsto puzzle games’ aficionados in general and Infinity Games fans inparticular. Laser Quest is totally free and you can play how manytimes you want without paying. The game is ad-supported, but youcan remove ads for the price of a coffee. The amount will supportus to keep developing free games in the future. We love showcasingnew minimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing.Do you like our work? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
Nonogram - Art Gallery 2.2
Nonogram – Art Gallery is an Infinity Games creation that aims toimprove your logic skills while you build an amazing art galleryfull of well-known paintings! Solve the pixel-art puzzles based onreal paintings to reveal the painting and create an enviable artcollection! Also known as Picross, Griddlers, Pic-a-Pix, Kakuro,and Hanjie, Nonogram – Art Gallery core game relies on the classicJapanese crosswords. Besides hundreds of challenging pixel-artNonogram levels, we added the signature minimalist style byInfinity Games and the opportunity to build multiple art galleriesand collect your precious paintings there! Open your art gallerytoday! Nonogram rules are simple but the levels may be challenging,depending on the numbers you see horizontally and vertically. Youcan choose the difficulty level that fits your logic skills. If youare not familiar with the game, we recommend you to start with easylevels because those have fewer squares and higher numbers. It willbe easier to understand what squares you must fill and the ones youmust cross! How to play Nonogram – Art Gallery: • Pay attention tothe numbers correspondent to each row and column; • Fill thesquares, respecting the numbers placed on the side of a column/row;• Use the “cross” feature to mark the squares you should not filllike you do on Minesweeper with the flags; • Make sure you fill allthe necessary squares with less than 3 mistakes to reveal thepicture; Nonogram – Art Gallery is a great way of training thebrain while spending a good time at any place and time. Usually, alevel takes less than 2 minutes to complete, so this is the bestsnack for boring periods like waiting lines or short subway trips.At the end of each level, you get 25% of a painting, meaning thatyou have to complete 4 levels to unlock an entire painting! Are youup to the challenge? These little Nonogram games are perfect torelax after a hard day or to wake up your brain in the morning. Nomatter what, Nonogram will provide you the fun part of a videogameand the challenging logic side of a brainteaser. After a couple ofsessions, your brain will be thirsty for more and solving Nonogramlevels becomes a healthy habit. Features: • Simple to understand,challenging to master; • Multiple difficulty levels to play on aminimalist and relaxing environment; • Classic puzzle game with anArt twist; • Coins logic to unlock amazing galleries and store yourpaintings; • Special art events with long-term thematic challenges;• Daily Challenges are the ultimate challenge to your logic skills;If you are a fan of classic puzzle games like Infinity Loop,Crosswords, Kakuro, or Sudoku, Nonogram – Art Gallery is a gamethat you must add to your collection! For each logic gamecompleted, you will earn coins that you can use to open moregalleries or get hints! There are more than 100 paintings tocollect. Can you collect them all? Nonogram – Art Gallery istotally free and you can play how many times you want withoutpaying. The game is ad-supported, but you can remove ads for theprice of a coffee. The amount will support us to keep developingfree games in the future. Infinity Games aims to provide the bestgame experience within its titles. We love showcasing newminimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing. Doyou like our work? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
Fireballz 1.2.6
Navigate from dot to dot, trick your enemies and burn everythinginyour path in this lively Puzzle game from the makers ofInfinityLoop! Fireballz is a new take on the classic connect thedotspuzzle games. You control a fire ball and navigate from dot todot,setting your targets on fire. Doesn’t sound too complex,right?Well, it actually is. Because in Fireballz, you are neveralone.Ice balls are trying to destroy you! Ice vs. Fire There are 3typesof enemy ice balls, which create an infinity of combinationsandscenarios. You will feel like you’re navigating in alabyrinththat’s changing at every step. This puzzle game isn’t onlyan IQtest, but also a test of your mind’s flexibility. As youconnectthe dots, you burn everything. The goal is to ignite yourtargets.But beware! Ice balls can put out the fire! Remain calm andavoidthem. If you collide with ice balls, it’s like you fail theIQtest. The Ice vs. Fire dynamic is why every level feels solively!Complex A.I. enemies Some ice balls are following you,others arecutting your path. Some ice balls explode like mines,others putout the fires you started. There are 3 types of enemies.Patrolsnavigate from dot to dot and if they collide with your fireball,they send it into space in small pieces. Sentinels aremorecomplex: they also move from dot to dot, but they eliminateanyignited ball in their path. But this also means you cannavigatethe same path twice! Mines are static enemies which testyour brainflexibility. After a certain number of moves, they willdetonateand blow you into space! Here’s a tip: you can trick themif younavigate not dot to dot, but take a shortcut throughteleporters!;) Ice balls keep you on your toes, they keep yourbrain active.Flexibility is a must if you want to solve all thelevels of thislabyrinth like puzzle game! Shield Protection As youconnect thedots, ignite targets and solve levels, you will gainaninvulnerability shield. This shield is lit! You collided withanice ball? Stay calm! The shield is active and it protects you.It’syour turn to send them into space. Calm & RelaxingOurspecialty have always been relaxing free games and this onemakesno exception. A peaceful calm will take over you, the musicwillflow through your soul, you will feel like floating throughtheinfinity of space. But don’t space out, keep your brain activeandprove your flexibility or those lively ice balls will getyou!Features • FREE – Fireballz is a free game and you can play ittoinfinity without any payment. Consider it a fun, free IQ test!•250 HAND-MADE LEVELS! 8 difficulty ranges. Every level is acomplexlabyrinth with multiple solutions, in which you can connectthedots and ignite your targets. You’ll never feel burned out! •IQTEST – only 10% of players can finish the game. From these10%,only 10% can do it without hints. Fireballz includes a widerangeof levels, from simple ones for casual gamers, to morecomplexones, like labyrinths, for hard-core puzzle players. Connectthedots, ignite your targets, stay active and find where yourbrainranks on the Leaderboards! Your rank is just like an IQtestresult. • COLLECTIBLES – collect rare ballz skins or unlocknew,beautiful themes. Check if your country’s flag is acollectibleball! Plenty of colorful, lively skins to choose from.Does this“ignite” your interest? Then take your fireball dot todot, gathercoins, and unlock everything! • OFFLINE GAME – Fireballzdoesn’trequire an internet connection. Who says you can’t play ontheplane, train or bus? Keep your brain active wherever younavigate.And stay calm, it doesn’t burn out your battery. You caneven playit when your battery is under 10%. • BEAUTIFUL – This gamelookslit! At least 10% better than everything we’ve done so far.Yourfireballs burn and the not very complex fire FXs makeeverything inthis puzzle game look more lively.
Package Inc. Lite 1.08
Package Inc. is an inspiring delivery simulator, created by thesamedevelopers of Traffix and Railways. This is a lite version,whereyou can try Package Inc. for free. If you like this game,check outthe full version for new levels, surprising features, andnewchallenges. Both versions are available without ads. PackageInc. isa beautiful game about designing a delivery system for agrowingcity. Build a connection between different hubs and feedmultipledestinations, like factories, police stations, cafes,libraries,boutiques, salons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops, orschools. As newhubs are active and there is an increase in demand,you can redesignbuildings’ position to keep your delivery processas smooth andefficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity arealso essentialto keep the delivery network running withoutinconveniences. Howlong can you keep the orders moving? Features:• Gracefullyminimalist and beautiful visual design; • Learnmanagement stuff ina never-ending fun way; • Original soundtrackand immersiveexperience (headphones are a must!); • Multiple goalsto achieve inreal-world cities; • Several upgrades (some hidden)to improve yournetwork; • Variety of moods: from extremelyrelaxing to superthrilling; • Expand from a small town to a bigcity. Package Inc.has an evocative visual design and shares thesame minimalistfeatures of Infinity Games' previous titles. Thegame starts at avery relaxing pace but rapidly turns into athrilling experience.Every game is unique because the growth israndom in each city. Yoursuccess is highly dependent on thequality and speed of yourdecisions. Goals: • Deliver as manypackages as you can; • Operatefor many days; • Add multipledestinations; • Speed up deliverytimes; • Increase storagecapacity. Infinity Games aims to providethe best game experiencewithin its titles. We love showcasing newminimalist puzzle gamesand making people think while relaxing. Doyou like our work?Connect below: Facebook:
Spider Solitaire Plus 1.8.3
Spider Solitaire is a card game that gets an improved and updatedversion by Infinity Games. Spider Solitaire Plus is the classiccard game you needed! With Spider Solitaire you will be playing theusual concept of stacking each card with difficulties going from 1to 4 suits. We have built the game to have plenty of features youwill enjoy, like: ● Customizable themes; ● Customizable Cards, ●Statistics; ● 1-suit, 2-suit, and 4-suit modes; ● Winning Deals; ●Magic Wand; ● Daily Challenges; ● Different Levels/Ranks; ●Leaderboard; ● Achievements; ● Left-Handed Mode; ● Unlimited Hints;● Automatic Hints Option; ● Auto-Save feature so you don’t loseyour progress; ● Tutorial for beginners; ● Portrait and LandscapeModes; ● Unlimited Undos; ● Multi-Languages. This is the completeand classic Spider Solitaire with some extra features that InfinityGames always brings to you: ● Relaxing Sound Effects that actuallybuild music on every card move; ● Clean UI for easy and softnavigation; ● Smooth and Clean Art Design; ● Play Offline. No WIFIis necessary to play for free! Spider Solitaire is FREE to play,with consistent updates that add fun and new features, whilekeeping the classical card game layout.
Brain Training - Test your Brain 1.0.9
Brain Training provides amazing challenges for your neurons goingeven further with tricky brain tests. Do you want to test youraccuracy or memory skills? We give you much more than that! Withthis game, you will be able not only to play memory, reflexes, oraccuracy games, but you need also to explore creative thinking andfind the correct solution and explanation for some apparently weirdproblems. You can always share those challenges with your friendsand watch them going nuts by not being able to solve them. MainFeatures: ✓ 155+ Levels with regular updates for new content ✓Tricky Brain Tests ✓ Test your reflexes & memory ✓ Access yourIQ ✓ See if you are a left or right brain person ✓ Concentrationand focus testing ✓ Test your math skills ✓ Evaluate yourunderstanding and comprehension skills Here are some of the gamesyou will find: 1. Discover which glass will be filled first; 2.Find the most foolish person; 3. Find the missing piece; 4.Investigate who committed theft. Do you like our work? Connectbelow: Facebook: 8infinitygames(
Sudoku Plus 4.5
Are you a Sudoku fan? Install Sudoku Plus to start solving cleverSudoku puzzles, challenge your brain skills, and have infinitehours of fun! Sudoku Plus is the new addition to Infinity Gamescatalog! This game provides you with the classic experience of theoriginal Sudoku games plus very cool features that will turn yourexperience into something else! Whether you are an experiencedplayer or just someone with some interest in Sudoku, this is theSudoku game you need. We simulate the experience of playing thisclassic game with a pencil and paper, stimulating your logic skillsand helping you to pass the time in a fun way. Featuring multipledifficulty levels, Sudoku Plus is a fit if you just want to relax abit with some puzzles or, on the contrary, if you want to push yourbrain to its limits. Sudoku games are perfect to train your brainand help you with improving memory, concentration, logicalthinking, creativity, and patience. There is no best gym for yourbrain than Sudoku Plus! Each level has only one solution, so youneed to be really focused to make no mistakes. Sudoku Plus has somefeatures to make it a bit easier for you, like auto-complete,hints, notes, eraser, and the undo option. Features: • ClassicSudoku levels: 9x9 grid, only one solution, multiple difficultylevels, etc. • Win Daily Challenges to get special trophies; •Change your game look with beautiful themes; • Special features tohelp you with the most difficult levels; • Performance trackingwith statistics; • Additional game mode, where you can play withshapes; Sudoku Plus is a great way of keeping your brain abilitieson point. Two or three tricky levels are enough to wake up yourbrain in the morning and turn you into a more productive personduring the day. You can also use the game to relax before going tobed by playing easier levels, where you don’t need to think a lotto solve the challenges. Sudoku Plus is like heaven for skillfulSudoku solvers! This is the game where you can explore your logiclimits and become a real Sudoku master. To conquer your throne, youneed regular training and you can find exactly that in this game.With time, you will be able to solve the most difficult levels in ashort time. Sudoku Plus is totally free and you can play how manytimes you want without paying. The game is ad-supported, but youcan remove ads for the price of a coffee. The amount will supportus to keep developing free games in the future. Infinity Games aimsto provide the best game experience within its titles. We loveshowcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people thinkwhile relaxing. Do you like our work? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
Destination - Brain Teasers 1.155
Use your brainpower to solve brain challenges while enjoying arelaxing and hypnotizing experience when you find the solution.Destination is a game where you need to drive a ball to itsdestination, but by following certain strict rules. If you areconfident about the pattern, click "Play" and see the magic. If youfail, you can try it again. The levels will be increasinglydifficult, to properly train your brain. Destination is a puzzlemix of geometry, thinking, relaxation and creativity! Features •Minimalist Game & Graphics; • Can be played with a singlefinger; • Develop your mental skills; • Snackable; • Relaxing andhypnotizing effects. • Perfect for people who aim to reachperfection or that suffer from OCD; How to play Destination Thegoal of this free puzzle game is to place the blocks by rotatingsuch that you can send the ball to its final destination. It hasreminiscences of snooker but with an added puzzle element. Keep inmind that the ball needs to touch all of the stars while going intothe destination. Levels The first levels are easy, but the levelsbecome more difficult as you advance. On some levels, you will facenew features and mechanics! With this kind of new obstacle, thegame will be more difficult but more enjoyable at the same time asyou advance. If you can not pass to the next level even if you tryyour best, we have good news for you! If you watch a really shortvideo ad, you will see the solution for the levels. Do you like ourwork? Connect below: Facebook: Instagram:8infinitygames (
Sudoku Plus 1.1.4
Are you a Sudoku fan? Install Sudoku Plus to start solvingcleverSudoku puzzles, challenge your brain skills, and haveinfinitehours of fun! Sudoku Plus is the new addition to InfinityGamescatalog! This game provides you with the classic experience oftheoriginal Sudoku games plus very cool features that will turnyourexperience into something else! Whether you are anexperiencedplayer or just someone with some interest in Sudoku,this is theSudoku game you need. We simulate the experience ofplaying thisclassic game with a pencil and paper, stimulating yourlogic skillsand helping you to pass the time in a fun way.Featuring multipledifficulty levels, Sudoku Plus is a fit if youjust want to relax abit with some puzzles or, on the contrary, ifyou want to push yourbrain to its limits. Sudoku games are perfectto train your brainand help you with improving memory,concentration, logicalthinking, creativity, and patience. There isno best gym for yourbrain than Sudoku Plus! Each level has only onesolution, so youneed to be really focused to make no mistakes.Sudoku Plus has somefeatures to make it a bit easier for you, likeauto-complete,hints, notes, eraser, and the undo option. Features:• ClassicSudoku levels: 9x9 grid, only one solution, multipledifficultylevels, etc. • Win Daily Challenges to get specialtrophies; •Change your game look with beautiful themes; • Specialfeatures tohelp you with the most difficult levels; • Performancetrackingwith statistics; • Additional game mode, where you can playwithshapes; Sudoku Plus is a great way of keeping your brainabilitieson point. Two or three tricky levels are enough to wake upyourbrain in the morning and turn you into a more productivepersonduring the day. You can also use the game to relax beforegoing tobed by playing easier levels, where you don’t need to thinka lotto solve the challenges. Sudoku Plus is like heaven forskillfulSudoku solvers! This is the game where you can explore yourlogiclimits and become a real Sudoku master. To conquer yourthrone, youneed regular training and you can find exactly that inthis game.With time, you will be able to solve the most difficultlevels in ashort time. Sudoku Plus is totally free and you can playhow manytimes you want without paying. The game is ad-supported,but youcan remove ads for the price of a coffee. The amount willsupportus to keep developing free games in the future. InfinityGames aimsto provide the best game experience within its titles. Weloveshowcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making peoplethinkwhile relaxing. Do you like our work? Connect below:Facebook: