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Refuels HMRC Fuel Drain 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Refuels HMRC app allows registered userscreaterecords for every pickup they made out in the field. If thematerialis dropped into our tank network the operators can viewthe detailsof the drop after such material has been reconciled.You willrequire an account and password to use this application.Pleasecontact your account manager to obtain these details.
ClockMan 1.4
InfoSoft NI
Your workers can Clock In at the start of their shift or job byentering their unique PIN number.The application will record thedate and time and also a Geographical Location of where they haveclocked in.It will also ask them to take a picture of their face toconfirm that it is them who made the clock in.At the end of theirshift or job workers will Clock Out. Again the date and time,location and picture of their face will be recorded.You can thenaccess all the records your workforce has made at our BluSnake webbased back office platform by logging to http://bo1.blusnake.cowith your email and password.Hopefully with the help of ClockManyou will be able to monitor your workforce more effectively andautomate their salary calculation.
Ref HMRC Fuel Drain by Refuels 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Refuels HMRC app allows registered users create records for everypickup they made out in the field. If the material is dropped intoour tank network the operators can view the details of the dropafter such material has been reconciled. You will require anaccount and password to use this application. Please contact youraccount manager to obtain these details.
Ref AA HMRC Fuel Drain 1.1
InfoSoft NI
Ref AA HMRC Fuel Drain
InfoSoft NI
AATDR app allows registered users create records for every pickupthey made out in the field. If the material is dropped into ourtank network the operators can view the details of the drop aftersuch material has been reconciled. You will require an account andpassword to use this application. Please contact your accountmanager to obtain these details.
Helicopter Simulator 3D Gunship Battle Air Attack 3.9
InfoSoft NI
ARE YOU READY FOR AIR ATTACK??? With 4.3(☆☆☆☆) stars rating andover 2M users, Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attackis the best shooting game you are going to find! Welcome to worldwar . Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from thesea and take over the shoreline. Warships and helicopters aregetting closer and closer to land, putting the nation into realdanger. The stakes are getting higher with every passing second!You are a frontline air force special commando forces heli pilot.Your mission is to stop the invaders by targeting them, fire bombsand shoot them down from the air. Will you be able to navigate theheli well enough? How well will you target the war ship? Will youfire the RPG on time? Are you REALLY fit for the air force? 🔥Thereis not much time! Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship BattleAir Attack NOW and become the hero of world war 2!!!🔥 FEATURES: 🚁Real life simulator 🚁 Phone motion controls 🚁 Realistic models:Apache, Chopper, Gun ship, war ship and more... 🚁 3 Difficultylevels 🚁 Real physics aircraft controls 🚁 Multiple weapons: shootRPG, machine gun, sniper, and more… 🚁 Extreme war environment! HOWTO PLAY? 1. Control the helicopter by tilting your phone 2.Navigate the heli and get closer to your enemies shown on the radar3. Target the enemy 4. Attack everything that moves: kill yourrivals - shoot machine gun, RPG missiles and bombs 5. Sink ships,gun boats, and other enemy apache & chopper helicopters to passlevels 6. Be careful! Your rivals can fire back! Do your best toescape their attacks 🔥Are you ready to be the new nations hero???Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attack NOW andlet’s see what you’ve got!!!🔥 🚁 Real Life Simulator With tons ofexcitement, HD graphics, exquisite controls, and thrilling enemybattle, this is easily one of the best war shooting games you’llever play. Fight with other helicopters, navigate, follow, strikeand kill. Only one can be the winner in this 3D army helicopterpilot game! 💥 Wide Variety of Weapons Your heli is well equippedwith 3 different types of ammunition (machine gun, air to groundmissile, RPG and anti-aircraft sidewinder missile). You need towisely control the weapons as this is a war chaos simulator,meaning there will be intense moments and superior enemies thatwill need your best shooting skills. 💣 Watch out! Danger iseverywhere! Check the radar in this strike counter shooting game totry and predict the battles. In this gunship solo battle game youneed to strike enemy's war ship artillery, tanks, soldiers, turretsand base camp to win the battle. Only the ones with sharp precisionand reaction will dominate the helicopter special commando forces!💠 Multiple challenging levels! Very long and engaging levels. Eachlevel takes several minutes to complete some are over 10 minutes ofgame play long. This is why we are sure that this will be one ofthe most enjoyable helicopter pilot games you’ll ever play. Everysecond is a pure mobile gaming entertainment. 🔥Only the best pilotscan survive the toughest moments of the world war! Are you one ofthem? Don’t wait, download now, join the air force special commandoforces and let’s see if you have it in you!!!🔥
Pollock Lifts (Unreleased)
InfoSoft NI
Pollock Lifts Quote Creator that allowstoCreate quote
🚁 Gunship Helicopter Strike 🚁 3D Battle FULL 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Helicopter Strike War Simulation 3D Pilot your helicopter to war,shoot, launch missiles, and destroy gunships to pass levels. Bestwar simulation game. Fight with other helicopters, navigate,follow, strike and kill. Your helicopter is well equipped with 3different types of ammunition (machine gun, double missile oranti-aircraft). gunship solo battle game, strike enemy's artillery,tanks and base camp to win the battle. How to play? Fly yourhelicopter with the smooth controls and shoot the enemy in sight.Attack everything that moves. Kill your enemies and sink gunships.Be careful and try to escape from the enemy fire. FREE TO DOWNLOADMain Features • 3 different types of ammunition• Incredible ActionWar• Best 3d Graphics• Cool Sound Effects• Amazing HelicopterApache• Leaderboard To share with Friends (coming soon)• MilitaryArtillery• Crazy Gunships BattleStay Tuned for next updates andGameplay modes! Download It Now!! Help us make the game better andgive us a review.
BluSnake Jobs Build:20170303.17
InfoSoft NI
InfoSoft NI's Customers can use this application to submit jobs andcustom made forms from the mobile application to the Back OfficeWebsite.Please contact InfoSoft NI for more info or
Highway Traffic Car Racing 3D 1.3
InfoSoft NI
Highway Traffic Car Racing 3d This car traffic racing simulation isthe ultimate drag, drift race on nitro streets. Drift throughpacked streets, avoid crashes, take down cars and performhigh-speed aerial stunts! This is a gift for highway car racing 3dto enhance their driving skills while driving car on traffic jamhighway. If you are a big fan of sports car arcade city racing 3d,you won’t miss the exciting and challenging Traffic RacerSimulator.  Let us forget all of the driving games today getenthusiast with a brand new of driving using a true spice of superpace auto real racing and revel in extreme road trip. A boosterwill lets you fly your fast car to acquire the path of genuineracing and break all of the records of supreme racing with freshsuper highway auto racing Traffic Racing Simulator 3D is a totallyfree racing game for all of the automobile racing fans. It permitsyou to haul a vehicle on highway to demonstrate a true trafficstunt whilst driving racing car one of traffic rush. SO let us getthe actual racing challenge and become a actual highway legend byforcing your sport cruiser on street with nitro booster and madsearch engine.  Environment of modern car traffic racer givesyou a real simulation of buggy racing. You feel like you aredragging a new super speed racing car on highway against trafficracers. So let’s get ready to begin a real 3D racing on yourAndroid device. Thrill the whole track with a new chapter of freeendless racing. Let’s forget all the driving games now. A new eraof driving with a real spice of super speed car real racing isrising. Enjoy extreme road trip with your crazy racing vehicle. Abooster will allow you to fly your speedy car and win the track ofreal racing. You will break all the records of ultimate racing withnew super highway car racing. Select a favourite luxurious car andcomplete your mission within specific limited time. Your HighwayTraffic Car game role is blaze the road and accelerates your way torace against other traffic 3d racing car 2018. During ride usenitrous and drive on insane speed to perform tricky stunts.Complete your speedy racing riding dreams, if you want to avoidhitting other opposite traffic. Sensibly ride do not collide anyvehicles and hurdles. If you hit any obstacles or leave your trackduring driving your car will crash, you will be failed then startyour mission again. Take your car rally race in different gamingmodes. This 
Highway Traffic Car game is designed in eye catching3d environment with different environmental zones such as offload,city, and desert with rainy, smoggy, and in sunny mode. KEYFEATURES: 
- Stunning 3D graphics
 - Smooth and realistic driving
- 4 detailed environments: Seaboard, Rainy highway, Gobi, Winter 
-4 game modes: One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, Free Ride
 - Amazing3D road graphics.
- Loads of environment.
 - Adventurous driveamong city traffic. 
- Realistic driving experience. GAMEPLAY:

-Hold your device to change direction.  -Tap right & leftbutton to dodge your endless highway sports racer game.
 -Pick upNitro booster for speed traffic racing game. If you love drivingcar in city with speedy vehicle download and enjoy highway cartraffic racing game. It's full on excitement. This is the bestturbo car traffic racing 3d game on the market. This is an endlesstraffic racing 3d simulator game. It is easy to control game withcar racing controller.
Extreme Monster Truck Racing 3D 2
InfoSoft NI
Extreme Monster Truck Racing gameGet behind the wheel of your owndestruction machine, a monster truck! Run over smashed up cars andobstacles, pull monster truck flips and jumps and smash your waythrough planes and barrels. In the sport of monster truck drivingit's the fastest and most skilled racer that finishes first. Useyour fuel wisely and jump over difficult obstacles if you need to.Reach the end of each monster truck track before your fuel tankruns out or you'll need to start from the beginning. Drive anddestroy your way through 9 challenging levels in glorious 3Daction, enjoy the thrill of the monster truck!
3D Rally Racing 2018 1
InfoSoft NI
3D Rally Racing 2018Prepare yourself to play the best rally racinggame out in 2018, with it's amazing 3D graphics and fast paced gameplay, only those who are dedicated to the sport of racing gameswill excel to beat their rivals and take home the championship.Begin by heading to the garage to pick up your own high performancerally car, designed for easy drifting and mud filled race tracks.Wait for the count down to finish and then put your foot to thefloor to start the race. Use your brakes on tight turns and nitroto speed past your rivals. Rally your way into first position andenjoy the racing!
Motorbike Stunt Driver Simulator 2018 1
InfoSoft NI
Motorbike Stunt Driver Simulator 2018 Get ready to race in the bestmotorbike stunt simulator to be released in 2018. Get on your bikeand start revving because you're going to need some serious speedto excel at this racing game. Pull wheelies, jumps and flips.Masterfully drive over objects and control your motorbike withskill. The simulator will always try to knock you off yourmotorbike and so you need to be careful. If you fall off the bikeyou have to start the level again.Use the gas to accelerate slowlyand the brake to slow down or reverse if you get stuck. You cantilt the motorbike left or right and bunny hop when needed. Enjoythe sweet stunt driving that only this motorbike simulator canoffer in 2018.
ATV 4x4 Quad Bike: 3D Adventure Mania 1
InfoSoft NI
ATV 4x4 Quad Bike: 3D Adventure Mania Take part in the ATVchallenge and get ready to get your quad bike dirty on a back roadobstacle course full of adventure and difficulty. Use accelerationand breaks to control your ATV and jump over objects in your way.Reach the end of a track without wiping out and falling off thequad bike or you'll have to replay from the last checkpoint!Withamazing 3D graphics you'll enjoy this quad game like no other!
Real Hill Car Racing 3D 1
InfoSoft NI
Real Hill Car Racing 3D Are you ready to take part in a race thatfeels so real it's almost like you're behind the wheel yourselfdriving? In Real Hill Car Racing you'll experience 3D graphics andspeed like you've never done before, all behind the comfort of yourown mobile device. Select your own racing car and get ready to racein the most beautiful cities in the world. Put your foot to theground and accelerate at max speed to overtake your rivals and pickup nitro when you need that little extra boost to win the race.Climb the hills and most importantly, finish the race first to becrowned the greatest racing champion.
4X4 SUV Desert Jeep Driving Stunts Adventure 2018 1.4
InfoSoft NI
Crazy 4X4 Desert Jeep Stunt Adventure Drive Challenging Game of2018!
 Driver be crazy for driving off-road SUV Jeep on impossibledesert. Bumpy desert 4X4 jeep driving games are rare. This jeepwrangler unlimited will make you a real crazy jeep commander desertdriver. Enjoy most real extreme stunt adventure kick of 4x4 bumperspeed vehicles in this jeep games. Drag & Drive real PRADO SUVdriving simulator fast, but don't lose the control of your heavy4wd SUV during drifting. Be a monster bumper jeep srt8 driver inthis exciting and dangerous desert off-road game. Choose yourfavourite big pickup super jeep parts climb and race your heavyjeep liberty through high mountain roads. Test your off-road jeepdriving and drifting skills by driving on the challenging off-roadtracks. Sit behind the wheels of the luxury Prado drive it in thedesert on the sand and rally race it among check points. Be thefurious racer and drifter where need fast speed driving, need crazyrally racing cars performing stunts, accelerate, free race, drift,brake, no limit and cross checkpoints as fast as you can in thiscrazy adventures simulation game. Impossible desert safari 4x4 carstracks 3d is game which take its users right between the sand on anadventurous sandy hot tracks where you can boost up experience ofrally racing. This is not an easy rush game like classic cars,trucks, or bike racing games this more difficult hard stunts whileturning steering wheels and drifts then others game. 

Being adriver of jeep wrangler unlimited your task is to collect maximumcoins and reach the finish line fast as you can in limited time. Sohold onto something as the jeep grand Cherokee drive is going to berough drift and extreme speed. Stay in control drive jeep truckfast to complete the racing challenges in time. If you are fan ofoff road adventure, thrill and danger driving jeep games, stuntgames or racing games with challenging task then jeep grandCherokee fast drive stunt challenge is for you The tracks in thisreal 4wd PRADO SUV driving simulator will give you ramps to jumpon! Loops for exciting bumper stunts. If you play off-road skilledoff-road games drive your mind is fresh and very powerful whiledriving. If you have a lot of players to quit the game, but thereis no good experience, then you are playing in a place suitable for4x4 off-road SUV cruisers. This crazy racing drift desert game cansatisfy your desire to control off-road 4x4. This game drifts overthe desert and mountains, so you can manage your Prado Mountainwith a smooth control and challenging environment if you likeoff-road resistance and put down the game, then download and play.Different addictive and exciting things are here to driving realoff-road mountain adventures jeep in boundless desert. In thisextreme Off-road Jeep Adventure games mode, Fun Driving Simulator2018 if you wanted to get some real drifting skills the dare toclimb the highest peak of the mountains and race there and gethighest scores for new challenging levels. Main Features • Stuntsand race modes • Realistic physics for real rush experience •Realistic simulation • Collection of crazy off-road Jeep • Cool andRealistic sound effect • Multiple vehicles to run in sand •Realistic and high definition 3d graphics • Immersive game playphysics • Amazing background sound effects • Easy and smoothcontrol • Mission and free mode for enjoyment • 20 desert off roadexciting stunts levels • Crazy Mountain Jeep Truck Desert climbsSimulator • Fantastic Desert Jeep srt8 gameplay with fantasticArabic desert sound • Multiple Monster Jeep Car to choose fromgarage

 This grand 4X4 SUV Desert Jeep driving game offersthrilling and challenging levels to play and become champ. Clearprevious level to unlock more difficult levels. This gigantic jeeprace has most addictive gameplay and features. free download andenjoy the most realistic off road monster jeep driving game.
Battle Chopper 2018 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Are you ready to pilot the battle chopper and dish out somedestruction to enemies of the state?You've come to the right placethen in Battle Chopper 2018, the newest flight sim game that putsyou in the cockpit of your own Apache helicopter. This isn't asimulator though, you'll find yourself in real action war zone'swith enemies shooting rockets at your chopper around every corner.So strap in and lock missiles, the battle chopper is ready to fly.
City Car Driving Simulator 3d 2018 1.1
InfoSoft NI
For fan of car driving simulator in city, here is new car driversimulation game on play store. Extreme Car Driving Simulator ismost free car racing simulator of 2018. Be a professional driverprepare yourself for driving test in city driving school. Chauffeurgets ready to play parking simulator. When driving in the cityroads, focus your spirit to the speed racing. With traffic aroundyou need to be careful while taxi driving. This extreme adventuresdriving game will let you the experience the thrill of pro driving,parking reloaded and simulation. You will love this tricky drivinggame on impossible of NY tracks.CAR DRIVING SIMULATOR’LL GIVE YOUEXPERIENCE OF GETTING DRIVING LICENSE :Driver show off your drivingskills, get your driving license in city driving academy. FEEL LIKEA TAXI DRIVER & PERFORM PICK & DROP DUTY :People arewaiting for a taxi service. This is an amazing extreme car drivingsimulation game that will give you pick and drop duty of passengerfrom stop to stop in NY city. This parking reloaded city carsimulator offers a new wonderful transportation, speed and racinggame where the passengers have no need to come out from theirhomes. They just reserve their seat to a proper time with a privatetransportation company by a single phone callEXPLORE BEAUTIFULENVIROMENT :Driver Fasten your seat belt, it’s time to drive aroundthe city. Beautiful cities and nature are waiting for you. Explorethis scene while driving in car in city driving school.PERFORMDELIVERY FOOD (PIZZA, FAST FOOD) : This is a unique city cardriving game that give you experience of food delivery includingpizza, burger cool drinks. INCREASE YOUR DRIVING AND PARKING SKILLS:This city driving car simulator game will increase your drivingand parking skills. Drive in big city is not to easy and park yourautomobile in traffic is also very hard task, this extreme cardriving game will make you an expert in the world of city drivingschool and parking mania.REALISTIC & MODERN TRAFFIC CONTROLSYSTEM :Driving around the city is a challenge on its own,especially when you have to tolerate by the driving test rules. Theareas you will be around are populated by realistic traffic.DRIVEBEST LUXURY CARS IN BIG CITY :In this dr driving game we willprovide you to drive a lot of luxury cars all around in thebeautiful city. Take control of these luxury cars. It is on you toselect the luxury car simulator among a range in parking maniasimulation game. Get to driving test the most luxury limousineyou've ever driven.GAME FEATURES : Fantastic Console HD and 3DGraphics. 20 levels of city driving simulator game. 10 amazingluxury dr driving car simulator models. Smooth and realisticcontrols with sound effects. Pick and drop of people in big city.
Helicopter Gunship 3D 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Get behind the wheel of your own gunship in helicopter gunshipstrike 3D.In this army flight simulator you'll need to learnquickly how to pilot an attack chopper, one of the most deadlyfighter vehicles on the planet! Begin each mission in your armybase and gather intel. Once completed you're ready to fly into thewarzone. Shoot terrorists with accurate precision, strike them withyour missiles and make the area safe. Fly your helicopter to rescuecivilians and bring them back to base and use your gunship toperform recon.Each mission varies greatly and you'll be testedwhilst enjoying the best 2018 graphics, fly the gunship and strike!
Gunship Battle Chopper 2018 1.0
InfoSoft NI
In Gunship Battle Chopper 2018 (the newest flight sim game) you'llget a chance to rain down hellfire on your enemies as you pilot adeadly apache helicopter in a warzone. Take missions to route ourterrorists and lock your missiles, target and fire. Avoid returnfire and rescue civilians. The Gunship is a strong helicopter butyou need to be sure you know each mission well before you fly. Evenwith all of it's 2018 technology you're at risk. This isn't aflight simulator, it's real life helicopter fighting, and you needto win.
BMX Rider 3D 1
InfoSoft NI
Sweet stunts and sick tricks wait for you in BMX Rider 3D.You'llget your chance to prove yourself as a skilled daredevil, pullingbackflips and wheelies over the mounds of dirt. Tilt your body toshift your bike and BMX your way to the end of each stunt track topass on to the next. Pedal up the half pipes and over ramps andenjoy this new bmx bike game!
Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing 1
InfoSoft NI
Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing will have you knee deep in dirt, racing atmax speed on your mobile device.Do you love dirt bike games? Can'tget enough of motocross but don't like getting the mud all overyourself? Then get ready to play the best game in 2018, with 3Dgraphics and challenging levels you'll be tested to your limit asyou ride your motorbike across multiple obstacles. Use the buttonsto lean on the dirt bike and the gas/break pedals to move, andabove all don't wipe out! Enjoy racing in the Xtreme Dirt bikegame!
Feed Animals Juice Shop :Free Fruit Crush Match 3 1.4
InfoSoft NI
Welcome to free match 3 puzzle game, where you crush fruits to makejuice and feed the animals. Make match 3 combos of deliciousfruits! Go on a journey of feeding animals in more than 200 levels.Go for combos to crush fruits and make juice for cute animals. Swapthe adjacent fruits to make a match of 3 fruits and crush it.Addictive Game PlayDon’t be late! Hurry up your cute animals aregetting hungry. Fruit crush is a fun match-3 puzzle game takingplace in the best juicy fruit mania puzzle match 3 game. Simply dipyour screen and travel across the delicious and wonderful land offruit crash mania. This fruit crush game is designed in such apuzzle manner that’ll let you play any time. Match, pop out andmatch fruit to crush and make sweet juice for your pets. Takeyourself in fruit land journey and get experience of match 3 puzzleadventure fruit mania juice kingdom of banana, apple, orange,strawberry and watermelon. This fruit crush game is designed insuch a puzzle manner that’ll let you play any time.If you love thisgame, Kindly rate us, and leave a review for improvements andadditional features. Key features: - Swap, match, and crush fruits-Hundreds of addictive levels- Endless Hours of engaging game play-Hungry Animals waiting for their turn to drink fresh juice- DailySpin to earn rewards- Sharing with your friends on Facebook andTwitterDownload Feed Animals Juice Shop :Free Fruit Crush Match 3and play one of the best game on the store.
Army Heli Sim 3D 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Army Heli Sim 3D is a helicopter simulator game that has youhuntingthe rural landscapes of a far off land to defeat invadingenemysoldiers. During the game you'll be sent on multiplemissions, suchas search and rescue, search and destroy plus simplehelicopterrecon. Once you gather intel you'll be send out todestroy localterrorist factions with the power of your army helichopper.Controlthe RPM of your chopper and direction it moves,enjoy amazing flightphysics and bring stability to the warzone!Fly!
NHSCT Contractor Sign-in 1.0
InfoSoft NI
NHSCT Contractor Sign-in app allows NHSCT contractors to sign intoa QR code around NHSCT estate.
🏎️ Formula One Racer 2018 🏎️ 1.4
InfoSoft NI
Get ready to place the newest formula racer edition, releasedin2018 you'll enjoy the latest physics and 3D graphics. Getyourselfinto the drivers seat 💺 and down to the track, start racingagainstothers and watch the lights turn to green and go head toheadagainst 3 other formula racers opponents, either in time trialorstraight up race. Only first place will guarantee you pass ontothe next round so race with all of your skills and don't lookback.Put your foot down and enjoy Formula racer 🏎️ 2018 edition.
Drug Cartels: Narcotics Dealer 1.1
InfoSoft NI
Welcome to Underworld criminal fighting mobile action basedPowerfulPablo Mafia Game. Be the Godfather of your own DrugCartels, buildyour turf the ultimate grand killer war in crimecity, shoot andassassinate the crime lord and other gang boss& other bad dogin the streets of downtown. Destroy PoliceCops, Mob bosses, andGangsters with your Guns and become the Capoof whole Cartel ofNarcotics Dealers. Defeat other super heroVillains and claim yourloot drug mafia. As a agent of mafia lordsspread terror using yourskills of dangerous attack, shooting, spyassassination and criminalescape. This cartel Mafia is an actionbased combat game. Don’t letDepartment of Anti-Narcotics aboutyour Dirty plans. Forget aboutdeath fear. Be bold and crime cityhero for entire gang mafia. Enjoythis action crime simulationfighter legend boss. GAMEPLAY OF DRUGCARTELS: NARCOTICS DEALERMeet our Player John Pablo a well-knownCharacters of Narcos DrugCartels. Pablo has adopted by city ganglord of cartel mafia &become a danger drug dealer of underworldcrime city. Your crimelord has a deal of Drugs with Sinaloa Cartel.You must deliverthese drugs by driving Boats, jetski, land cruiser,Jet airplane.While delivering drugs to your cartels don’t deviatefrom yourpassage otherwise Police and Anti-Narcotics Departmentwill killyou. Escape like a superhero, police chase gun shot. Kill&Shoot Police Squad executes theft missions, Drug CartelsMafiadeals, assassinate Gang brawl and win the mafia crime gangwar.Kill them all and rule the underworld downtown streets ofLosVegas. FEATURES OF DRUG CARTELS: NARCOTICS DEALER • Smooth&easy gameplay controls • Challenging and adventurous drivingofJetski, Jeep, Airplane, and Boat • Defeat powerful Narcos Bosses•Fight against American FBI and Vegas Drug Lords
Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Free Flying Games 1.5
InfoSoft NI
Mayday! Flying Pilot be alert, feel the experience ofimpossiblelandings and take offs in this extreme Airplane flightpilottransportation simulator of 2018. Take control of the airplaneinthis Flight Pilot Simulator Plane Flying Game. Fly in the skiesbutwith some objectives, fly your plane for a purpose, Carefullandingand takeoff, rescue missions, transportation levels and muchmore.This plane flight pilot simulator has the most realisticflyingcontrols where you fly a plane as a real pilot. You are justa tapaway from one of the best free flight simulator game. Yourpilotingskills will be tested in air challenges. You are in an airraceagainst time, especially in rescue missions; reach thedestinationon time and save the precious lives. In Airplane stuntschallenges,fly your aircraft and go through the rings and performdangerousstunts. In this flight simulation, the pilot is going toenjoyevery moment of the game. Download and play Airplane FlightPilotSimulator Free Flying Games of 2018 and experience how itfeels tobe a Real Flying Pilot. Game Play Experience: - RealisticFlyingControls - Challenging Mission - Landing and TakeoffSimulation -3D & HD Realistic Graphics
Skydiver - Drone Flight 1
InfoSoft NI
In this game you'll get to skydive and fly like a drone throughthesky as you jump from high objects and collect rings. Each ringyoucollect gives you points, tilt your body to control how youfalland sky dive through the sky with grace. With 15 levels you'llhavegreat fun base jumping in this simulator, pull your parachuteatthe correct moment and land on the pad to score extra points andbesure some poor soul isn't cleaning up your body from thefloor.Live Extreme, skydive!
Quad Racing Mania Challenge 1
InfoSoft NI
Do you like quads, bikes, ATV's and racing? Then get ready totakepart in an insane adventure of stunts, jumps and extreme dangerinQuad Racing Mania Challenge. Start the track by selectingyourlevel and scoping out the dangers that lie before you. Putyourfoot down on the gas and go! Shift your weight on your quadbike todrive over obstacles and try not to damage the bike, we justgot itin 2018! It's a complete mania challenge but there is no timelimitto reach the end. So keep the quad safe and race to the end!
Military Helicopter Battling 1.0
InfoSoft NI
Behind the controls of your own military helicopter you'll bereadyto battle anything that crosses your path. In this warzonethat's alot. In Military Helicopter Battling you'll be going headto headagainst the toughest terrorists in the world, hell bentondestroying your bases and fighting your soldiers. It's your jobtoprotect them and your helicopter. Fly through the battlezoneandseek out threats & enemy bases, rescue civilians anddestroythe insurgents. With the most advanced 2018 gameplay and thebestnew 3D graphics you'll be blown away! Then ready to blow awaysomeenemies of your own in extreme military helicopter style,strike akilling blow to the enemy!
Mountain Bike Stunt Rider 3D Extreme Obstacle Ride 1
InfoSoft NI
🚵 Ride your mountain bike over stunts and jumps, reach the endofeach level without being knocked off your bike to continue ontothe next level. ⭐️ MOUNTAIN BIKE STUNT RIDER 3DFEATURES✔️Addictive & fun bmx bike game ✔️Awesome Jumps✔️PerformWheleies ✔️Enjoy Back flips and 360s ✔️Amazing ObstacleCourse✔️Many Long Levels ✔️Intuitive on-screen touch controls✔️EnjoyableQuick Fun ✔️Cool Bike Racing on Obstacles Ride yourbicycledirectly into the forest obstacle course. Use accelerationandbrake to control your bike. Position yourself so that youalwaysland on wheels. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Enjoy this new Mountain bikingobstaclecourse game!
NIBC TrackSmart 3.2.2
InfoSoft NI
Allows customers of NIBC to access their accounts for vehicletracking. Now available on Android.
† Halloween Epic Zombie Farmer Shoot 2.0
InfoSoft NI
Here comes the best Halloween zombie games of 2017 which is almostfree fun games. Zombie shoot is a fun time game for your kids andfor you to enjoy the zombie platform, as a zombie shooter to saveyourself from it's evil. Journey to be Begin now and discover newchallenge throughout the missions of various levels of the game andnew zombie characters in a new mysterious world of zombies. Lots ofzombie killing fun through out the mission is tremendous challengeof all time. Killing the Zombies is the main target of the missionof success in the game of Zombie world. Our shooting Zombie gamesare totally free for download on your device to enjoy all day.Download now and experience the adventure journey of the zombieworld and cover up all the levels of the zombie shooter at thisHalloween. The zombies are revolting around so begin to Save theworld from an outbreak of zombies. Become the ultimate commando ina war against the evil of zombie by Attacking the city with a hordeof zombies while collecting gold coins as much as possible on yourway through out the adventure. Show no mercy as the dead zombieshave only one target to eat you up and suck your blood. Challengethem to a crazy race by destroying everything in your path. Preventzombies from escaping while defending the breached frontlines onyour tract by protecting yourself from hurdles and obstacles facedwhen moving forward. A precise shot can trigger an explosion thatcan save you at the right time from the up coming Zombie. This isan Action game that blends the boundaries of classic shooter gamesand timeless racing game is much more fun of all time. The rulesare very simple and it's highly user friendly. Mission begins withslaying the endless waves of zombies or have your brain eaten todead where the game ends. Download this zombie shooting game tohave the real adventure of zombie world. Experience 3D shooting asa zombie hunter action adventure game in a world riddled by azombie invasion! Play game Tips: ★ You have to Shoot the zombies onyour path while moving forward pressing the shoot button, Then onebullet can make target Zombie to dead and move you forward. ★Collect as much as the gold coins on your path to double your scorethroughout the mission. ★ Press up for jumping off through thehurdles and obstacles while moving forward to protect yourself . ★Zombies may come in many forms such as Zombie Girl, ZombiePoliceman, Zombie Boy, zombie farmer etc. targeting you as a preyso be careful. ★ Complete the level one and move forward to open upthe challenges of the other levels of the zombie shooting ahead toa successful mission to complete and get your score level up to thetop. GAME FEATURES OF WOO PIE: - Intense zombie-blasting action andracing gameplay for all! - Stunning 3D graphics and inspiringsoundtracks with high advance techniques. - Different sound effectsto represent their real-life versions while playing. - Begin newlevels with collected coins through out the game . - Finger "PRESS"Control for Game review. - User friendly for download. - Smoothsimple arcade style controls: left, right, jump; shoot buttons atthe bottom of screen for flexible move. - A lot of zombie themedHalloween fun for you. - Cute enemies characters such as ZombieGirl, Zombie Policeman, Zombie Boy - Every time you die you willstart from the last checkpoint of the game. - Experience the 3Dshooting as a zombie hunter along the adventure game. - Uniquecartoon style game of the year. Download now to start shootingzombies and share among your friends and family for the real funtime challenge.