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Blackjack: Experience real casino for game 21 1.0.27
Play the all new Blackjack and be the Master of your table. OURFEATURES 🌟Daily Bonus for everyday engagement 🌟Multiple casinotables to choose from 🌟Updated with realistic background sounds anddealer voice 🌟Well defined player angle for realistic feel 🌟BestTutorial for a comfortable play 🌟Fair card shuffling for honestgameplay 🌟Rich graphics and animations 🌟Spin wheel to Win moreBlackjack has always been listed on Top among all Casino games dueto its engaging game strategy. We have made the game by keeping allthe essential elements in mind which are needed to provide areal-time Casino feel to its players.Each and every minutedetailing has been made in this game to enhance maximum UserExperience. A well explained Tutorial has been provided in the gameso let's understand the game briefly in this section. THE GAME TheBlackjack game makes you understand the concept clearly even if youare completely new to the game. If you are new to the game, you canopt for the ‘Newbie’ option on which you will be guided perfectlyto gradually become an expert in the game. You will get clearinstructions to make each and every single movement in the tutorialsession. The different rules and strategies of the game will beexplained to you in the simplest way. In the ‘Newbie’ platform youcan bet for lower amounts and can practice more to understand thecomplete logic of the game. Once you are all set to make big movesin the game, you have ‘Casual’ and ‘Elite’ options to bet on higheramounts. The ambience of each mode changes accordingly which givesyou the feel of your upgradation. The table colour and texture,along with the perfect player angle view gives the Master of TheTable feeling within yourself. Now you have another option to makethe game much more interesting, that is the 'PvP offline' mode. ThePlayer v/s Player mode helps you to include two more players in thegame, which means, three players and the dealer will move the gameforward. This mode is perfect when you are hanging around with yourfriends. The visual and sound effects in the game will keep yourmaximum engaged and the 'daily bonus' and 'spin wheel' will provideyou with chips to play the game everyday. Additionally, there is anin-app purchase option provided within the game to keep you movingeven if you lose all the chips. The store has different purchaseoptions and it also shows you the most preferred option among thepackages. So it's time to step inside the Casino to feel the realspirit of the Blackjack game. Good Luck!!!😃 We would love to hearfrom you, show your support in the form Ratings and Reviews😍 We areactive on social media platforms:💌 Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
Video Poker 1.0.5
Get the best Video Poker game for free with lots of new andexciting features. DEUCES WILD, JOKERS WILD and JACKS OR BETTERfeatured as a single app. Fine casino game at your hands. Features★ Its really FREE game with UNLIMITED FREE chips option! ★ Daily ,Hourly BONUSES and much more! ★ DOUBLE UP option in all games. ★Offering random card shuffling for HONEST game play! ★ Richgraphics with wonderful animations! ★ Enjoy hours of fun anytimeanywhere in your comfort! ★ Best game to master the perfectstrategy with an element of skill! ★ Compete with your friends orplayers around the world! ★ Great interactive options in game!Follow us on social media for more: Face book: Twitter: YouTube:
Bloxorz: Brain Game 7.1.25
All new Bloxorz Brain Game to boost up your Cognitive Skills😇😍QUICK START GUIDE 🌟 Move the Box by scrolling anywhere on yourscreen 🌟 The Box must fall into the illuminated grid 🌟 Keep the Boxfrom falling off the edges 🌟 Understand the functioning ofdifferent switches - Soft & Hard 🌟 Make use of 'Hints' &'Solves' wisely 🌟 Use In-app purchases to improve the gamingexperience KNOW THE GAME Bloxorz is a puzzle game where the playerneeds to roll a rectangular block and move it around a maze ofsquare grids and slide the block through an illuminated grid whichwill enable the player to move forward to the next level. Theplayer has to implement spatial visualization and problem solvingskills before making each move. In order to achieve all three starsin each level, the player has to make a minimum number of moves.The complexity of the game increases gradually on moving forward,which makes the game the most addictive one in the brain gamecategory. Each level in this block puzzle game comes withinteresting new additions like, a series of switches, which assistsin tackling the obstacles and building bridges to move around themaze. The details regarding the functioning of switches as well asthe gameplay has been well defined in the tutorial. The BloxorzBrain Game comes with several options to customize your gamingexperience. There are colorful and attractive graphical themesavailable, in which three themes have been provided completely freeof cost for the new joining players. The movable block or the “Box”also comes with three attractive color variants for free. There aremany more themes available for you to purchase at affordableprices, which helps you to play the game more efficiently. Being abrain game, you might need some help to solve the difficult levels.The game comes with ‘10 hints’ everyday, which shows you thesolution as well as the least possible moves to take for finishingthat particular level. There is one more support feature availablethat is the ‘solves’. It is different from the ‘hints’ as it solvesthe level for you rather than simply giving you hints orguidelines. The level solved with it will only earn you one star,so use it wisely in critical situations only. You have differentpackages for the solves in the store section to purchase but youwill receive three free solves as part of our welcome bonus. Thecurrent version has 300 levels of fun and logical thinking whichwill be followed by exciting new levels in the upcoming updates. Weare active on social media platforms:😊💌 ❄ Instagram: ❄ Facebook: ❄ Twitter: ❄ YouTube: ❄Pinterest: ❄ LinkedIn: Thankyou for the love and support😍 So what are you waiting for? Get…Set… “ROLL”🚩
Baccarat - Win Your Bets at Casino 1.0.10
Baccarat is a simple yet exciting casino game as you have to makeyour bets and wait for your luck to happen. GAME LOGIC The idea ofthe game is very simple which makes it easy for everyone to masterit soon. For a game of baccarat there are only three possibleoutcomes: 🌟PLAYER WINS 🌟BANKER WINS 🌟TIE The hand which has a totalof 9 or its closest wins the game. If cards dealt are greater thannine, the two cards are added and only the unit digit of the sum isconsidered. Tens and face cards are worth ‘zero’ points and therest of the cards are worth their face value. Ace is worth onepoint. The player has the opportunity to bet on either two hands oron tie. It is not mandatory to bet on all three, you can also gofor any one option. For an example, if you wish to bet for only theplayer hand, you can do so. The game is all about prediction, somake your bets and wait for the outcome. If your hand wins, youearn or else you lose your bet amount. For a better gamingexperience, we have programmed for HONEST shuffling😇 A detailedTutorial is provided in the game which will explain to you thereturns earned by betting on each hand. There is an in-app purchasestore provided for maximising your gaming engagement. OUR FEATURESWe have customized the Baccarat game understanding the emotions andexpectations of a Player who enters the Casino with full ofexcitement. The game has a very simple User interface whichinitiates the game without much delay. The game offers followinghighlight features : ❄Daily Bonus ❄1st Purchaser offers ❄RichGraphics & Animations ❄Player Angle view ❄Game History❄Accurate Casino SFX All the necessary features are added in thegame for a true baccarat lover to enjoy the game. If you are abeginner to this game, then our game serves you the perfectplatform to learn how this exciting game works. We would love tohear from you, show your support in the form Ratings and Reviews😍We are active on social media platforms:💌 Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
Bingo 1.1.1
Stop roaming around Play store, the best Bingo Game is here at yourfinger tips. Feel the fun with addictive extra features. Be readyfor some top free Bingo application. An exciting casino game awaitsyou. Follow us on social media for more: Face book: Twitter: YouTube:
Snaky Ball 1.0.4
Snaky Ball is a suspensefulSnakyendless-runner-game with simple, yet appealing 3Dgraphics.The levels are randomly generated and promise a long lastinggamingexperienceSnaky Ball Very Exciting Arcade game.Just Don't let The ball off the way and try to make maximum scoreondifferent colorful Snaky tracks.How long you can stay on track?Tap anywhere on screen to change the direction of theSnakyball.And do not fall off the track.Speed increases with the distances more you cover.It is easy to play .Set your score as high as possible .Set your high score and try to beat it again and again.Get the diamonds on the track to boost your score.Game for all ages.How To Play:Tap anywhere on screen to change the direction of the ball.Follow the Snaky track.stay on the Snaky track.Do not fall.Make High score And Share with Friends.
BlackJack 21 Pontoon 1.1.6
BlackJack21Pontoon gives you the whole newexperience of real casino game.Its as similar as BlackJack21 with few changes to make the gamemore interesting.Battle against the dealer and show all your tricks to win Pontoonor 21!!Get more free chips from Daily Bonus,Extra Bonus!!Share it with your friends and earn chips!!Invite your friends and earn chips!!Watch videos and earn chips!!Earn more chips,score high ,reach the top of leaderboard and be theking of BlackJack21Pontoon!!Play BlackJack21Pontoon and get trained yourself to face thereal casino players.
FreeCell Pro 0.0.6
FreeCell Pro by Infocom is one of themostpopular FreeCell card games for phones.A truly enjoyable, satisfying and fun solitary cardgameexperience.Highlights:♦ Classic Free Cell card game♦ Gorgeous high resolution graphics♦ Smart hints♦ Unlimited undo♦ Auto play♦ Game Statistics♦ Portrait and Landscape view♦ Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume♦ Custom themes♦ Phone and tablet support for a perfect game experience♦ Relaxing background music♦ Google Play Games: leaderboards and achievements♦ Google Play Games: leaderboardsWe kept FreeCell Pro true to the spirit of the classic game:The goal is to build up the four foundations in ascendingsuitsequence from Ace to King with cards of identical suit.We've crafted a carefully designed app with sharp andcleanvisuals.We specifically optimized the game for Android phones of allscreensizes for an unmatched solitary experience.For a personal touch, you can also become the star of yourFreeCellPro game and select your custom backgrounds.
Surf Bingo 1.0.3
The latest free surf bingo game is ready for all with excitingfeatures. New and improved version including all kind ofawesomeness needed for a casino game. Don’t waste your chance toplay the best surf bingo game you could ever find. Game play InSurf bingo, players have cards with numbers in a 5 x 5 gridcorresponding to the five letters in the word B-I-N-G-O. Numbersare then drawn at random (out of a possible 75 numbers) until 33balls were called or the player completes a 'Bingo' pattern, suchas a line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonalrow on one of their cards and wins the prize. Features =>Completely FREE game with UNLIMITED FREE chips option! => Richgraphics with wonderful animations!  => Updated withrealistic background music and sounds! => Daily, Hourly BONUSESand much more!  => Up to 4 cards to choose from! => Earnmore chips, reach the top of leader board and be the Star BingoPlayer! =>When you run out off chips, play bonus game and earnchips! =>Collect exciting gifts randomly to earn more CHIPS!=> Great interactive options in game! => Multiple beachthemes to choose from! => Play at your Favorite Beach! Follow uson social media for more: Face book: Twitter: YouTube:
TriPeaks Solitaire With Challenge Mode 1.0.16
HELLOOO PLAYER! GREETINGS! YOUR CLASSIC GAME OF TRIPEAKSSOLITAIREIS FINALLY HERE! The game comes with a simple UI,beautifulbackgrounds, variety of card front and back designs, andsoothingmusic and sfx. Do you prefer your own background? Noissues! Youcan add your own background image of your liking. Ourgame givesyou unlimited card games, and an easy gameplay. We alsohave DailyChallenges. Collect crowns when you complete a dailychallenge andboast your crown collection by sharing it to the wholeworld! Thisis one TRIPEAKS game designed just for you. FEATURESDailychallenges Still and animated background themes Differentcardfront themes & huge fonts for easy readability Undo &Hintoptions Timed game Soothing background music StatisticsTRIPEAKSSOLITAIRE IS ADDICTIVE & CHALLENGING! What are youwaiting for?DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
Spelling Tutor: Ultimate spelling app for Kids 1.0.10
Your ultimate choice for a spelling learning App - SpellingTutor⛄HIGHLIGHT FEATURES 🌟‘Spelling’ and ‘Scramble’ option isavailable🌟Can set ‘Timer’ for scramble session 🌟Option to setnumber ofletters in a word 🌟Measures speed of answering by multipletimesGAME IN DEPTH Spelling Tutor has been made focusing on Kidstoimprove their spelling and vocabulary in English language. Thepathof learning is kept as a reference on creating this learningapp tomake the learning process more comfortable. All the featuresaddedin this app promises you to give the perfect ambience youalwayswanted for you as well as for your child. The game has twooptionsto choose from, one is ‘SCRAMBLE’ and the other is‘SPELLING’. Forthe Scramble, you have two modes to set, one is the‘Infinity’ modewhere you can play without any time limits and otheris ‘Timer’mode to play the game within a limited time period. Bothoptionsprovide you with a different experience supporting yourjourney oflearning. In both the modes, you have the privilege ofadjustingthe number of letters you wish to have in the word game.The lettercontrol option helps to improve the performance in a stepby stepmanner. You can also go for the ‘Random’ word option onceyou feelconfident in yourself. The ‘Spelling’ option gives you onlyan‘Infinity’ mode because it is relevant to take time andunderstandthe word formation correctly. To increase vocabularylevel, youneed to clearly understand a particular word in depth andthis ismade possible by the ‘Spelling’ mode. To boost up yourlearningexperience, we have provided a measuring scale in the game.Thescale measures your word recognition speed and gives youthereading. You can see at what speed you are giving answers tothesequential questions. The Spelling Tutor App mainlygivesimportance to Kids, but if you have an enthusiastic mindtowardslearning then it will definitely become a true friend ofyours. Weare active on social media platforms:💌Instagram: for the love and support😍 So download the game andstartlearning today.
CARS OF BOOM is a fast-paced action multiplayer game where yourmainobjective is to stay alive as long as possible, whilecollectingweapons and destroying your opponent vehicles with it.Collect gearsstrewn around the map to upgrade your vehicles andpower-ups to aGod-like level. High-quality Graphics Rich detailsand realisticgame play that will make you feel you’re a part ofthe vehiclecarnage. From a simple weapon to a God weapon 7 uniqueweapons tochoose from, and more to come in our future updates.Start from asimple weapon (even that hurts!) and upgrade them asyou collectenough gears. Just imagine each weapons destructivepower when itreaches its max level. Maps 5 unique maps ofdifferent themes andmany more to come in our future updates. Eachmap provides a uniquefeel and game play. Mind you! Some maps havetraps where you can useit to your advantage to help you survive awhile longer. VehiclesChoose from a countless number of vehicleswhere each gives you aunique experience in game play. Upgradetheir health, shield, andresistance to the max and stay longer andpowerful. KEY FEATURES: -6 Unique Maps (more to come in our futureupdates). - 20+ cars and(more to come in our future updates). -Vehicle skin customization.- 7+ unique up-gradable power-ups(Sticky bomb is one bomb you don’twant to mess with) - No net!Play with bots! You won’t know thedifference. - Compare your scoreon the leader board. - Show-offyour kills by sharing a gifanimation. Stay tuned for more updates!
Forty Thieves Solitaire is probably the most popular solitairegameplayed with two decks. This Forty Thieves card game is one ofthemost pleasing and enjoyable solitaire games on Android whichiscompletely free. Our version of Forty Thieves Solitaire takestheclassic card games to next level. In Forty Thieves Solitaire,fromtwo standard deck of cards 40 cards are dealt face-up in 10Tableaueach consisting of four cards.Just like Klondike solitairegames,you must move cards from the Tableau to the Foundation cellsbysuit, in ascending order. The challenge is that you can onlyplacea card in descending order and of the same suit to thetableau.Most the games can be solved, if you can find the rightstrategy.You can now play Forty Thieves Solitaire free anywhere atanytimeof the day. A true brain training experience. So challengeyourselfand start playing for free now! The main features of FortyThievesSolitaire: *Extremely User friendly: Easy interface andsmoothgameplay * Free to play * Good visuals and animations *Themes:Choose from variety of cards, card backs and backgrounds *Soundeffects * Options menu to configure different settings * Taptomove or drag and drop * Auto-hint * Unlimited undo *Unlimitedstock flip * Replay the same game * Auto-save * Statistics* Daily,weekly and all-time leaderboard * Auto-finish * Phone andtabletsupport Download Forty Thieves Solitaire , completely FREE
Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire 1.5
Pyramid is a solitaire game where the object is to get all thecardsfrom the pyramid to the foundation. Cycle through the deckand matchcards that add up to 13 to expose more cards.Jacks = 11,Queens =12, and Kings = 13. A player must start from the bottomand workupward until all cards have been played. Each game ofPyramid is notwinnable, and the difficulty level for winning agame compared toother Solitaire games is much higher. EgyptianPyramid Solitaireisn't just for entertainment – it also helps theplayer learn toconcentrate and improve their logic skills. Themental loadincreases as the levels become more complex, which isideal forbrain training. Play Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire with therich lookand feel. Features in Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire :-Single Tap toplay -Experience rich and classic backgrounds -Funand excitinganimations -Unique,clear and easy to read cards-Includes unlimitedUndo and Hint to make things easier -Subtle andsoothing sounds-Leaderboard to watch your competitors -Easy andfun gameplay,challenging to experts With emphasis on ease-of-playand smoothbeautiful graphics, Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire is theperfectpyramid solitaire solution for your Android. We always tryto bringout the best and we assure you that "Egyptian PyramidSolitaire" isgonna bring out a whole new experience for all theplayers.
Pyramid Solitaire is a puzzle game that requires logic andstrategyto clear the cards. It is a 100% free game. Objective ofPyramidSolitaire: Pyramid Solitaire is played with a standard deckof 52cards, 28 cards in the pyramid and 24 cards in draw pile.There are7 layers of cards with 7 cards initially playable on thebottomrow. The objective is to clear all cards in the pyramid.Cards canonly be removed if they are completely exposed with nooverlappingcards. Aces count as 1, Jacks 11, Queens 12, Kings 13and so on.Kings are discarded as a single card rather than as apair.If thereare no matches available, press "Draw" to draw cardsfrom the pile.You can draw the entire stack 4 times .  You cannow playPyramid Solitaire free anywhere at anytime of the day. Atrue braintraining experience. So challenge yourself and startplaying forfree now! The main features : *Extremely User friendly:Easyinterface and smoother game play * Free to play *Two modes ofplay,open pyramid and closed pyramid * Themes: Choose from varietyofcards, card backs and backgrounds * Sound effects * Options menutoconfigure different settings * Tap to move or drag and drop*Auto-hint * Unlimited undo  * Joker card option whennofurther move is possible * Replay the same game * Auto-save*Statistics * Daily, weekly and all-time Leader board * Phoneandtablet support Download Pyramid Solitaire, completelyfreesolitaire game on play store. Follow us on social media formore:Face book: