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Save My Birds 2 1.0.1
Save My Birds 2 is very challengingaction-packed mobile game. Move the cup to save the poor fallingbirds from the hungry aliens. But don't save the bird eating aliensand bombs! Grab various powers to help you!Story:Once upon a time, alien form planet Lalaland came to earth,tocapture innocent birds to be their snacks.Ah-Baa from Penang try to protect all his birds from the hungryaliens.
Save My Birds 1.0
Save My Birds is a FREE action-packed mobilegame.Move the cup to save the poor falling birds, but don't save thebird eating aliens and bombs!Grab shields to protect the cup from enemies. Get scoremultipliers for more scores!Facebook:
Save My Birds - Listen Edition 1.0.5
★ Save all problematic animals from theproblematic ikan jaws! We are talking about puppies, kittens, babygoats, little cows... and of course, our birds.★ Avoid microphones that make you "Listen"! But you really reallyreally want to listen to the two most notorious "sayings" of theyear, right?★ Don't forget to grab various super-bird powers! Let's unleashthese super powers to destroy ikan jaws and save our poor animalfriends!★ Available languages: English, Chinese Simplified, ChineseTraditional. Change it through Settings -> Language.