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InnerHour - Self Help for Anxiety & Depression 3.07
Make yourself a priority with the InnerHour app Life can bog us alldown from time to time. When things get difficult, many of us mightfind ourselves struggling with depression, anxiety, stress andother difficulties. In a chaotic and busy world, the InnerHour appoffers you a space for self-care, so you can build a happier andhealthier life for yourself. Using latest science (in CognitiveBehavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology) as wellas insights from therapy, a team of psychiatrists and therapistsdedicated to mental health have designed a self-help solution foryou. Your all-in-one guide to emotional wellness is here. Sixself-help courses The InnerHour app offers you therapy-basedself-help tools for: •Depression: Make small changes in yourlifestyle to beat depression •Anxiety: Attain calm and balance withstrategies to overcome anxiety •Stress: Keep a check on your stresslevels for enhanced productivity •Sleep: Build a sleep schedule anddevelop habits for restful nights •Anger: Channelise your anger andbuild skills to cool down •Happiness: Develop critical skills tolive a happier and more fulfilling life Personalised 28-day planLooking for a unique solution that will help you with your needs? Aquick assessment in the app will evaluate how you are doing, and apersonalised 28-day plan will be created for you. Your plan willgive you a new activity each day, so you can make progress overtime. For best results, the app will regularly reassess how you aredoing and update your plan! Over 28 days, learn crucial skills tobattle depression, anxiety and more: •Get help with intenseemotions •Learn to think positively •Cultivate mindfulness •Createa healthy lifestyle Simple, engaging activities Too busy with thehassles of everyday life? The InnerHour app is for you. We havecondensed decades of research on mental health into short, simpleactivities. All you need is 5 minutes each day for your self-care.•Engage in physical exercises, thought work, and other self-helpactivities as part of your daily plan. •Check out our recommendedsection for a hand-picked selection of guided meditation andmindfulness activities. Goal setting and tracking Change takestime, and we all need a little push to keep going. Set goals foryour emotional wellness and track them with the app. With thisfeature, stay motivated to meet your physical and mental healthgoals: •Eat better to feel better •Make exercise a part of everydaylife •Live mindfully with meditation exercises •Build positiverelationships •Think positively even in challenging situationsAllie - relief chatbot Some days, it feels like the whole world isagainst us. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, talk to Allie - youremotional wellness assistant - from the app’s Relief Box. Allie isan intelligent chatbot that will talk to you and help you indifficult situations. By identifying your specific concern at themoment - be it intense anxiety or overwhelming depression - Alliewill suggest easy-to-do scientific activities that can give youinstant relief. Therapist support All of us need a little help fromtime to time. If you are looking for a professional to help youout, you can reach out to an InnerHour expert for counselling. Talkyour way out of depression, anxiety or any other concern you mightbe experiencing with help from a qualified therapist, who willsupport you on your journey towards a happier life. A happy,healthy, and balanced life awaits you. Take your first step withthe InnerHour app! For any questions, you can reach out to us [email protected] Visit our website: