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Inoreader - News App & RSS 6.4
Used globally by techies, business professionals, digitalmarketers, research institutions, content publishers, and more -Inoreader is a news app that offers not only a beautiful and lightreading experience, but also powerful news aggregation and curationfeatures that let you build a perfectly personalized news feed. Byinstalling Inoreader you will finally get control over themind-boggling amount of new content being released into the webevery single day. Here is what you get with our plans: FREE Plan -Add feeds and organize into thematic folders - Search inside yourown subscriptions for FREE - Use on any device with web and mobileapps - Day and night reading modes - Free search and full archiveof your subscriptions - Save articles to third-party tools likeDropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, etc. - Share to any socialmedia or scheduling tool like Buffer and Hootsuite - Save pagesfrom the web for viewing later PRO Plan - Push notifications -Offline mode for folders - Read your content without an internetconnection. Inoreader even syncs the images and full content -Article translations - Active search - turn any regular search intoa smart stream that will notify you for new search results whenthey come - Global search - reach outside of your subscriptions andsearch the entire Inoreader database for articles WEB Version withPRO Plan - Eliminate noise with mute and permit filters - Subscribeto Email Newsletters and Social Media Feeds (Facebook, Twitter,VKontakte, Google +, etc.) - Automate entire workflows using rules- Remove Ads when you upgrade Price: $49.99 annually. InoreaderProfessional is available with an annual subscription. You cansubscribe with credit or debit card and PayPal. Your subscriptionwill automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours beforethe end of the current period. For any questions, issues andgeneral feedback, you can reach us directly Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
Proofy - we verify your photos 1.2
Do you want to prove to your friends or family that you were in aspecific place or maybe with a famous actor or singer? Do you wantto prove a job that you have completed? Are you looking for apowerful app to let you take evidence pictures and prove that thepicture is not edited and it is 100% real? If your answer is yes,then Proofy - We Verify your Photos is just the perfect app for youright now.We believe that Photos can be manipulated and dates canbe changed, but you can't fool Proofy - your greatest ally when itcomes to proving a story. Once you show someone that the picturewas taken with Proofy, he will trust you because once you take anypicture using our app, you will not be able to edit it with anyphoto editor or change the date.How does it work? It’s as easy as1-2-3!Just snap a picture with Proofy - the app will check the dateand time when the photo was taken and verify that it wasn’tmanipulated in any way. Then you can share it straight to socialnetworks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or simply copy andpaste the link to your Proofy. Everyone will have to trust you!Nomatter if it’s a meeting with your favorite pop star or a coolthing you see on the street, Proofy will show everyone that it isthe truth. Proofy or it didn’t happen!Those are some situations inwhich Proofy can help you:★ Prove a job done. Proofy will help youto prove that you have completed a specific work or project. It isalso very useful for freelancers. ★ Prove property condition at agiven time - when renting a flat, selling a car, selling a house,etc.★ Show your boss the reason for being late.★ Show your spouseyou were hanging out with friends late last night. No morejealousy!★ Do citizen journalism - when you want to add credibilityto photos of current events.★ Show that a document is valid,actually stamped and signed by you.★ Prove you actually met astar.★ Support your case when accidents happen - when you witness acar crash, ambulance being late, stolen/broken car, crimes, etc.Whyyou need to download and install Proofy - We verify your photos onyour smartphone or tablet for Free instead of other photo evidenceand verify photos apps?Very Easy to use:✓ Our app is very easy touse and you can take pictures within a few seconds. All what youhave to do is to open it, take any picture you want, and we willtake care of the rest. The app will verify when the picture wastaken and prove that the photo is not edited or manipulated in anyother photo editor.✓ To start using Proofy - We verify your photos,you don’t have to create an account, because you can start using itonce you install it from Store. We guarantee that your photoevidence process will be easier with us!✓ You can take picturesusing the built-in camera inside our app. You don’t have to openyour phone camera or exit our app once you open it.✓ Even if youare in a place where there is no light, you can activate thebuilt-in flashlight on our app to take proofy pictures!Free:✓ Thisnew photo evidence app is Free and you can start using it withoutpaying anything because there’s no hidden fees and no subscriptionfees to prove that your photos are 100% REAL!Share it instantly!✓You can share any picture instantly within social media apps! Andthe best thing is that all shared pictures will have a Proofy badgeto prove that they are not Edited and they are 100% REAL!Use itanytime:✓ We believe that you may need our app in some places wherethere’s no stable connection, so we have built a smart system thatwill retry the verification process multiple times.What are youwaiting for? Download Proofy - We Verify your Photos on yoursmartphone or tablet now!We are always striving to provide the bestuser experience for our users. We are also looking for yourfeedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to emailus at “ “, so we can continue to bring youthe best experiences and updates.