Innovative games Apps

Rock'N'Roll 1.0.1
This is a level game. All the tiny balls to bemoved from outer circle to innercircle through cut by Tilting the device. The moment all the ballsare in theinner most circle the level is complete. During playing the game,it creates muchconcentration.The concept of the game is though simple and compact but veryinteresting,trendy and challengeable . It is easy to play and a good time pass.It is suitablydesigned and equally enjoyable to all age groups. Its graphics areexotic. In totothe game is super cool. Lets enjoy.............
Freaky Frog 1.1
A very interesting game to help frog to cross the river. Game playis to help the frog to jump from leaf to leaf by tapping single anddouble jump button and make a great score. Collect clock to boostthe timer. So, are you ready to help the frog, then download andplay this game.
Cross Over Multiplayer 1.2
This is a Multiplayer Board game. Two player can play this game onsame device (Offline Mode) or on their own devices (Online Mode).In this game their is a board and 10-10 tokens. The player who hasturn can move single step or cross over (double step) opponenttoken to eliminate that. Once he eliminate a opponent token, he caneliminate more tokens with his same token. You can play this gamewith your friends and family from all over the world. If you winyou got a score on the basis of your remaining tokens and how fastyou took your turn. The score automatically added to previousscore(if any) and submitted. So each time you win your scoreincrease. So download and play this Very Interesting Multiplayergame, make great score and complete with whole world.
Ball Shooter 1.4
This is a game of shooting Balls with Gun. Balls with differentpoint value are coming up randomly through a canon like machine.Shoot all balls and create a great score. Don't miss any ballbecause If you missed 5 balls game will be over. Here is a twist:with balls also some bombs are coming up. Don't shoot bomb, becausein that case also, game will be over. So, Download, play and enjoyand make a great score.
Smash It 1.6
A very interesting game to take out your frustration oncockroaches. Game play is to kill cockroaches as many as you canwithin limited shots and time and make a great score. Kill multiplecockroaches at a time to get bonus shots. So, are you ready to takeout your frustration then download and play this game.
Flicker 1.1
The game play is to reach the character at the highest level abovein the sky with the help of string cord. The character tends tofall down but the string helps it to jump and go up. There areobstacles in the sky. The higher you go, you will find moreobstacles. You have to save the character from the obstacles. Youcan fetch the coin while playing to get more score. Enoughdescription, just play and enjoy the game.
Marbles Classic 1.0.1
The game play is basically to shoot marble balls on the boardthrough a master ball given below the board. The direction of themaster ball can be adjusted to shoot. Aiming arrow will bedisplayed as you pull down the ball to help the player. When allballs on the board are finished a level will be over and next levelwill be opened. It is important to mind to shoot the ball one at atime. Graphics are also suitable to the game. Enough description,just play and enjoy the game.
Marbles Dynamic 1.1
In this game marble balls of different colours are arranged invarious manners in the play board along with different types ofhurdles. At the bottom line there is an adjustable striker ball.The game play is to aim and hit the target ball on the board toreach them outskirt without touching another ball and the hurdles.When all balls on the board are finished the game will be over andnext level will be opened. Graphics are also suitable to the game.Enough description, just play and enjoy the game.
Escape Holes 1.3
A ball is rolling fast on a surface. There are so many dangerousholes in it’s path. You have to save the ball from falling down inholes by tilting your Device. There are also so many point stars inthe path, so also collect those to earn points. Your score will becalculated on the basis of your distance and collected stars.Download and Play this game, you will definitely enjoy it.
Balloon Archer 1.5
The game is to shoot moving multi coloured balloons by adjustablebow and limited no. of 30 arrows. If you shoot more than oneballoon with a single arrow, you will get a bonus arrow. There isextra feature of bomb attached with randomly upcoming balloons.Hitting the bomb will lead to game over. There are two types ofballoon, big and small. On hitting big balloon you will get 5points and 10 points for small one. Graphics of the game are smoothand eye catching. So download, play and enjoy.
Lane Drive 1.3
Lane drive is basically lane switching drive game. You can opttoplay with three lanes four lanes or five lanes with differenttypesof vehicles of your choice. It has very easy control, bytapingright the vehicle moves to right lane and left tap leadsthevehicle to the left lane. There are various types of hurdles inthelane and the challenge is to drive the vehicle safely in thefreelane avoiding blocked lane. Score combines both coins gatheredanddistance covered. Graphics are sober and eye catching.Enoughdescription lets play and enjoy the game.
Balloon Punch 1.1
The game play is just tap at the tip of the balloonappearingrandomly on the screen and pop it. The moment you tap atthe tip ofthe balloon a drawing pin will appear to pop it. Thereare big andsmall balloons. You are supposed to pop the balloons asperinstruction shown in each level. In some levels alphabetballoonsare also there in which only such balloons are to be tappedso thatword blocks shown at the top of the screen can be completed.Enoughdescription, just play and enjoy the game.
Redirect 1.2
A soft stone is moving on a glossy surface in a direction. Thereare some glasses and some hard stones also. Game play is to breakall the glasses with soft stone and not to be broken by hardstones. To change the direction of soft stone slide on screen todraw a wall. You can draw any number of walls but in total walllength has a limit. There is a limit of time also. This is a levelgame and in each level you will get different total wall length andtime, so draw wisely. Each level is a unique and interestingexperience. Play and Enjoy.
One Color Wheel 1.0.1
In this game a multi colour wheel is rotating clockwise ineachlevel. There are different coloured balls at the bottom ofthescreen. The ball hit the outer surface of the wheel as you tapthescreen and accordingly that part of the wheel turns its colourasper balls colour. In this way by applying your mind multicolouredwheel is to be changed into a single coloured wheel. Theballs aresufficient but limited. Tap anywhere on the screen to playthegame. Graphics are simple and sober. Enough description, justplayand enjoy the game.
Tiles Pattern 1.0.1
This is a simple puzzle game. And the game play is just arrangetheblocks in a similar shape as shown in the template by slidingtheblocks left right up and down. There are three types of board4*4,5*5, 6*6, you can opt to play as per your choice. There arefixedmoves in each level. The total moves of each level hasbeendisplayed on the top of the board and the moment you startyourmoves to play the game it starts counting down. Graphics aresimpleand sober. Enough description, just play and enjoy the game.
Diamond Hit 1.1
This is simple game just to hit the diamond within the multilayeredcircles with a stone ball by tapping anywhere on thescreen. Circlesare still as well as rotating clockwise and anticlockwise. Eachcircle has one or more cuts to pass the ball. Justsee the movementand situation of circle and tap at the appropriatetime when allcuts are aligned, hit the diamond. You will get threeballs to crackeach level. Graphics are simple and sober. Enoughdescription, justplay and enjoy the game.