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Bubble Archery 1.3
The game is to shoot Bubbles with Bow and Arrow. This is a levelgame. It has many unique and interesting levels where you have toshoot all the bubbles using your aiming and logical skills tocomplete a level. The physics used in this game is very accurateand interesting. So get it and enjoy this interesting world.
Panda Slide 1.4
This is a unique & very interesting game of a Panda sliding andjumping on bamboos. Game play is to flip and jump the panda fromone bamboo to another bamboo and save from falling and make a greatscore. You can submit your score and compete with your friends andthe whole world. Get it, you will definitely enjoy.
Knock Down 4.1.5
Knock Down is a game of knock and down all the boxes standing onsome floating Platforms with Slingshot and Angry Balls. To help inaiming there is an aim trajectory line which will pop out when youpull slingshot belt. This is a level game. There are 70 strategic,unique and interesting levels. You need good logical and aimingskills to complete any level. As you move to higher levels you willfind more difficultly in completing. This is a physics game becauseall the game items are controlled by physics. Enough description!Now download and enjoy this interesting World.
Bridge the Wall 2.0.2
This is a game of joining walls with bridge and save the the car,which is running on those walls, by falling down. Walls are ofdifferent length and different height and as car moving forward,car speed is increasing. This is a high score game where you canmake score. DOWNLOAD AND PLAY AGAIN AND ENJOY.
Archery 4.3.1
This is a bow and arrow shooting high score game. The game play isto shoot a target board with bow and limited no. of arrows and makea great high score. Board have 5 rings drawn on it. Each ring have10 points difference. Most inner ring have 50 points and also abonus arrow and most outer ring have 10 points. The game is goodchallenging. Board will be placed randomly after each shot to thetarget. And if you score good, board will start animating, firsthorizontally and then vertically. The physics used to animate thegame objects are very accurate so you will feel like real. Enoughdescription. Now download and play this interesting world, you willdefinitely enjoy it.
Rock'N'Roll 1.0.1
This is a level game. All the tiny balls to bemoved from outer circle to innercircle through cut by Tilting the device. The moment all the ballsare in theinner most circle the level is complete. During playing the game,it creates muchconcentration.The concept of the game is though simple and compact but veryinteresting,trendy and challengeable . It is easy to play and a good time pass.It is suitablydesigned and equally enjoyable to all age groups. Its graphics areexotic. In totothe game is super cool. Lets enjoy.............
Flip Archery 1.4
This is an advanced version of our archery game. Here you can flipyour play side which suits you better. You can also choosedifferent types of world which you like more. Aim and shoot atboard and make a great score. If you shoot at center of the boardthen you will get a bonus arrow. You can also submit your score andcompete with your friends and whole world.
Freaky Frog 1.1
A very interesting game to help frog to cross the river. Game playis to help the frog to jump from leaf to leaf by tapping single anddouble jump button and make a great score and compete with wholeworld. Collect clock to get boost the timer. So, are you ready tohelp the frog then download and play this game.
com.innockstudios.crossover 1.2
This is a Multiplayer Board game. Two player can play this game onsame device (Offline Mode) or on their own devices (Online Mode).In this game their is a board and 10-10 tokens. The player who hasturn can move single step or cross over (double step) opponenttoken to eliminate that. Once he eliminate a opponent token, he caneliminate more tokens with his same token. You can play this gamewith your friends and family from all over the world. If you winyou got a score on the basis of your remaining tokens and how fastyou took your turn. The score automatically added to previousscore(if any) and submitted. So each time you win your scoreincrease. So download and play this Very Interesting Multiplayergame, make great score and complete with whole world.
Ball Shooter 1.3
This is a game of shooting Balls with Gun. Balls with differentpoint value are coming up randomly through a canon like machine.Shoot all balls and create a great score. Don't miss any ballbecause If you missed 5 balls game will be over. Here is a twist:with balls also some bombs are coming up. Don't shoot bomb, becausein that case also game will be over. What ever you scored, you cansubmit it to show the whole world and compete with them.
Smash It 1.6
A very interesting game to take out your frustration oncockroaches. Game play is to kill cockroaches as many as you canwithin limited shots and time and make a great score. Kill multiplecockroaches at a time to get bonus shots. So, are you ready to takeout your frustration then download and play this game.
Flicker 1.1
Flicker is super fun, high scoring bounce game. All characters areneatly and suitably designed with sober attractive and excellentgraphics. Theme of game is to reach the character at the highestpoint above in the sky with the help of string cord. Charactertends to fall down but the string helps it to go up and above.Thehigher you go the more obstacles like birds, plane you willfind.During going up collect the coins by hitting the coin withcharacter.One coin equals 5(m). How to play Draw string as shown inthe animation just below the character and the character jumpsagainst the string cord. Keep drawing the string to reach thecharacter above in the sky by saving from the obstacles flying inthe sky.
Marbles Classic 1.0.1
This is the most entertaining multilevel strategic blockbustergame. while playing, it requires high attention, curiosity andconcentration, ultimately results into soothing pleasure of mind.It is quite easy to play and each level is diversified and morechallenging hence addictive. Graphics is quite sober as per natureof the game. In totality, this is completely exclusive and trendy,good time pass , fully fantastic and fun oriented game designedsuitably for all age group.
Marbles Dynamic 1.1
In this game marble balls of different colours are arranged invarious manners in the play board along with different types ofhurdles. At the bottom line there is an adjustable striker ball.The game play is to aim and hit the target ball on the board toreach them outskirt without touching another ball and the hurdles.When all balls on the board are finished the game will be over andnext level will be opened. Graphics are also suitable to the game.Enough description, just play and enjoy the game.
Escape Holes 1.3
A ball is rolling fast on a surface. There are so many dangerousholes in it’s path. You have to save the ball from falling down inholes by tilting your Device. There are also so many point stars inthe path, so also collect those to earn points. Your score will becalculated on the basis of your distance and collected stars. Youcan also submit your score by signing in Google Play Service andcompete with whole worlds. Download and Play this game, you willdefinitely enjoy it.
Balloon Punch 1.1
Balloon punch is basically a popular and all time recreationalgame. It is very easy to play just pop the balloons as perinstructions shown in the play screen and a drawing pin will appearto burst the balloon. All levels are different and diversified withextra features and more challenging hence addictive. Graphics iscolourful and trendy as per nature of the game. In a nutshell,fully fantastic and fun oriented game designed for all age ofgroup. Some more interesting levels have been added to this game:->> Bunch of balloons has been introduced in place of singleballoon out of which selective balloons to be popped as perinstructions. >> Alphabet balloons have been introduced inwhich letters containing following alphabet are supposed to bepopped completing the level. >> Happy Birthday. >>Merry Christmas. >> Happy new year. >> Happy valentineday. >> Happy friendship day. >> Happy mother’s day.>> Happy Father’s day. >> Happy Holi.
Redirect 1.2
A soft stone is moving on a glossy surface in a direction. Thereare some glasses and some hard stones also. Game play is to breakall the glasses with soft stone and not to be broken by hardstones. To change the direction of soft stone slide on screen todraw a wall. You can draw any number of walls but in total walllength has a limit. There is a limit of time also. This is a levelgame and in each level you will get different total wall length andtime, so draw wisely. Each level is a unique and interestingexperience. Play and Enjoy.
Tiles Pattern 1.0.1
This is one of the best family puzzle games, just to be played bymoving blocks/tiles to set the blocks as shown in thetemplate/demo. It’s crazy and full of fun. It’s simple, easy toplay and addictive. It’s master of puzzles and popular among allage of group. Really it’s king of puzzle games. It’s magical,purely brain training and brain relaxing game. Relax and start yourbrain workout with this addictive and smart classic puzzle game.It’s challenging, each puzzle has three stars, fight to achievethree stars. Tiles pattern can help you train your brain and keepyou mentally fit everyday. It’s good time pass and gives unlimitedpleasure. FEATURES: Easy to play: complication free. Easy tounderstand. No time limit: you can take your own time. Multi-level:Many more dynamic levels. Category selection: There are threecategories of your choice. graphics: Smart and sober graphicsOptimised android and Google play games. Supports both phones andTablets.
Lane Drive 1.3
Lane Drive is basically lane switching drive game. it is a hurdledriving game in which one has to drive the vehicle in the lane bysaving them from the hurdles lying on the road. There is option toplay in three lane road, four lane road or five lane road. There isother option to play with four different kind of vehicles. Thereare different types of hurdles lying on the road from which one hasto protect the vehicle while driving by changing the lane. Roadside view also changes while driving longer and longer. This isvery addictive game. It is simple to understand and easy to play.Just tap right or left of your device screen to change the lane inorder to save your vehicle from the hurdles. Single tap will jumpsingle lane and so on. Relax and start your brain workout with thisaddictive and smart hurdle game. It’s good time pass and givesunlimited pleasure and Relax. Smart and sober graphics makes usfeel different ambience while playing the game. SALIENT FEATURES: •There are three types of road, three lane road, four lane road, andfive lane road • There are four types of vehicles. • It is simpleto understand and easy to play. • Running vehicle to be saved fromdifferent hurdles. • Score maximum and submit for all lanesseparately. • Drive for maximum distance by saving vehicle fromhurdles. • Collect coins and maximise your score. Optimised androidand Google play games. Supports both phones and Tablets.
Balloon Archer 1.5
This is one of the interesting traditional games which can beplayed anytime, anywhere and by all age of group. It’s crazy andfull of fun. It’s simple, easy to play and addictive. It’s familygame and purely brain training and brain relaxing game. It’s goodtime pass and gives unlimited pleasure. Features : • To shootballoons through adjustable bow and arrow. • There are limitedarrows of 30. • Hitting of more than one balloon through singlearrow, extra bonus arrow will be given for each extra balloon. •Missing of 30 balloons will lead game over. • Hitting of bombattached to balloons will lead game over. • There are two size ofballoons, hitting of big balloon fetches 5 points and small 10. •Its scoring game and supports both phones and Tablets. Graphics:Smart, sober and soothing graphics gives extraordinary and pleasanteffect.
Diamond Hit 1.1
Diamond hit is a minimalist and simple game. The Game Play is toHit the Diamond within the multi layered rotating circles with aball. This is a tap tap game. Circles are in state of still,rotating clockwise or anti clockwise. Each circle has one or morecuts for ball to pass through. You should wait for perfect timingand then tap to shoot the ball so that the ball can reach to theDiamond through the cut and hit it. You need good timing andlogical skills to move forward. While playing, have close watch themovement of the circle. The moment you find that all cuts arealigned in the direction of Ball to Diamond, tap the screen toshoot the ball. This is a level game. There are 22 levels whichwill open one after one. Each levels is very unique andinteresting. To crack each level you will get only 3 balls. As youmove to higher levels you will find complex layers of circles. Asyou can see in Screenshots, it has soothing and eye catchinggraphics. Enough description! For more, Please Download and Play,You will definitely enjoy the game.
One Color Wheel 1.0.1
This is minimalist, simple tap tap game. The theme of the game isto transform a multi colored segmented wheel to a single colorwheel. This is a level game. A segmented wheel is rotatingclockwise in each level. Each segment has a different color. Thereare also different color balls at the bottom. Tap anywhere on thescreen to shoot the ball. After shooting the ball, when balltouches the segment of the wheel, that segment of the wheel changesits color to ball color. You are free to make any one color out ofseveral colors the wheel is made of. There are 25 levels which willopen one after one. As you move to higher levels you will find morecomplexity. Each level is tough and interesting. As you can see inscreenshots, it is perfectly equipped with soothing and eyecatching graphics. Overall the game is completely organic andsupports ecosystem. Enough description! For more, Please Downloadand Play, you will definitely enjoy the game. Optimised Android andGoogle play games. Supports both phones and Tablets. Play and Enjoythe game.