Insta Image Editor Apps

Cartoon,Avatar Maker 2.6
Cartoon avatar maker, lets you create a fun cartoon avatar ofyourself and your friends.This app features tons of customizationoptions that allow you to nail down your appearance. You can changethe look of your hair, your facial hair, eye color, size,eyebrows,even the clothes that show up when you send your cartoon avatar tosomeone.Once you've selected a cartoon that you like, you can sendit via Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger, or any other messenger youchoose. Insta cartoon avatar maker is a free app that allows you tosend a personalized cartoon avatar to your friends and familyacross various chat programs.This application is used to edit yourphoto and convert it into your own caricature.This app offers alarge variety of fragments,cool stickers and adornments to choosefor creating your cartoon caricature. so friends if you do not knowhow to draw cartoon , you can still easily create your owncaricature by combining various face parts. Features of instacartoon avatar maker: - Easy to use - Allows you to create apersonalized avatar to your friends and family - Tons of funstickers. - Change hair and eyes color, cloth color, accordingly. -And much more How to use: First, you pick a face shape, then skintone, hair color, length, type, style, jaw shape, eyebrows, a mouthand so on.
Men Photo Montage 1.1
Men Photo Montage - Try hundreds of men dresses with all manfashion accessories on your photo absolutely free.If you need awell dressed nice looking photo without spending money on anexpensive suit and men dresses then you can get free in menPhotomontage everything for new look. With this amazing applicationyou can put face into different color shirts, t shirt,suit,traditional and trendy dresses. Impress your friends and yourfamily with your pics in a different dresses and attire to Lookmodern and stylish. You can Change your hair style and mustache infew seconds by using our man hair mustache collections. A suitablecolor hair style and mustache Give a royal look to man. This appprovides hundreds of trendy dresses along with all men dress upaccessories like man dresses, sunglasses, mustache,beard,hairs, andfunny stickers.key features of Men Photo Montage:- Collection ofbeautiful hair and mustache / Beard styles.- Endless collection ofman dresses to choose from.- Change skin color accordingly.-Sunglasses, mustache,beard,hairs, and funny stickers to make yourpic stylish.- Change your hair style and mustache in few seconds-Easy to use.- Share your creation on social networks! so friendsGet a gentle and handsome look by using Men PhotoMontage to get anew look. No need to buy expensive clothes or outfits, Just in fewsteps you can try color shirts, suit, dresses, casual, formal,party wear dresses completely free. Man photo dress montagedesigned in such a way that all dresses and cloth fit to all kindof person face. New look man dresses gives a well dressed andprofessional look to you.
Photo Blur In Background 1.1
Post full size photos on Instagram and all social sites withoutcropping With Photo blur in background, you can post full sizephotos on Instagram with no crop, with blur and colorfulbackgrounds. Photo blur in background will make the photo squarewith blur background to share your photo to instagram and allsocial network. This Insta square blur snap pic grid photo blureffect make the size photo so easy by blur background. This photoSquare for Insta will create beautiful photos with nice blurbackgrounds, And you can adjust the blur-level with your finger. Atthe same time you can also use your another photos be blurred.Enjoy it !Do you think the background is not enough? Never mindThere are lots of background for you. Gradient background isbeautiful and straw is easy to use. And a large number of patternbackground is coming! coming !coming !High quality and full sizephotos will be post with beautiful stickers,emoji and colorfulfilters. Download Photo blur inbackground and post your squarephoto by blur background on Instagram. It provide many differenteffects to make your pics be more special. Choose the blurbackground for your photo and adjust the blur effect with a bar. Soeasy ! and Get more like and get more followers on instagram. Photoblur in background is proud of No cropping and amazing effect.Youcan write the text and add the emoji together. It is a best collagemaker and photo editor, where you can Post full size photo blurbackground and collages with Square Art !Photo blur in backgroundfor instaSize is the best popular free photo editor and collagemaker with everything you need to create inspiring photos andcollages. Best In Photo Blur Background App:- Easy to use- Uploadfull size photo with blur without cropping.- Endless option forphoto's background.- Add stickers on image.- Share to Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and all social sites.- Much more, Try now.
Recolor Photo Colors 1.1
Recolor photo color is an color changer app to create amazing photoeffects by easy to use photo color splash, recolor,smartcolor,pixel ate and focus tools.Splash Effect :The Splash tool letsyou highlight certain colors in your photos while leaving others inblack and white. It is an easy way to exchange the photo color tomake the magic effect for you. The Most convenient image colorsplash tool for you to make your parts of photo be colorful orblack and white. Recolor :Recolor photo tool enables you to makeall the objects on the pic colorful, by picking a colour from thecolor palette or by applying different color effects. Use thiscolor changer to make your pic look beautiful, by trying outdifferent shades combinations. You can also change hair, eyes,lips,and dress colors very easily.Smart Color :Smart splash tool allowsyou to strip all colors from any photo, then magically add it backto any part of the image. It comes with two brush choices, Smartand Free. The Smart brush intelligently looks at the color you wantto add back in, and only fills in parts of the image that aresimilar in color. The Free brush, on the other hand, is a totalfree-for-all and perfect if you just want to go nuts. Blur andfocus :Now you can selectively blur or un-blur the parts of yourpictures so that you can get focus effect on photo properly. Youcan adjust the blur transparency and blur the unwanted part of yourpicture very fast. Pixelization :Pixel Effect is to focus onobjects to make them the center of attraction! This Pixel PhotoEffects allows you to create amazing professional photos withbeautifully Pixelate background.Much more- choose photo from cameraas well as gallery.- Apply text and stickers on image.- Frames andborders for your creativity.- Share your creation to boost yourlikes on facebook,watsapp,twitter and all social sites.
Picture Manager:Edit & Enhance 1.1
Picture Manager - Edit Image is a highly photo editing applicationfor you to develop high quality images. This picture manager is apowerful and comprehensive photo editor convert your old and dulllooking photos to high quality with hundreds of image editingtools. Enhance images, and create a professional quality artworkfrom an ordinary photograph by this easy to use picture manager.Now photo editing for quality image is very easy, just import picfrom camera or gallery and apply best filters, overlays,lensflare,effects, stickers,frames and hundreds of more effects. Takephotos or selfie and beautify with us to get more likes onFacebook,Instagram,twitter and all social network. This quick photoediting app combines a feature-rich photo editor to create lightleaked photos. it is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets youquickly be pro, even if you’ve never edited a photo, selfie before.Too many options here to develop your photos to HD looking like:Best Features Of Picture Manager Basic Editing - where you cancrop your image landscape or portrait mode. you can also rotate andzoom in zoom out your pic to get desirable size of your image.PhotoEffects - Endless image effects options to beautify your image.Apply best customize filters on image and selfie to enhance andmake pictures more attractive. You can convert your image intoartwork with unique photo effects.Overlay fx- Choose best optionfrom our collection and blend with your photo to get never seenphoto effects. Now it is so easy to create artwork of yourimage.Lightning Effect- In lightning photo effects , you can adjustbrightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation,of image or applywarmth,ambiance, shadow and highlight effects to beautify yourpics.Photo Focus - Photo Focus lets you focus on a particularobject in a image after you take a picture. This helps you toclearly have the focus on particular object and not everything inthe picture. You can choose focus effect for selfie between roundand square options.Optical Flares - Enhance your images withrealistically designed lens flares. Chose from 50+ professionallydesigned presets and apply to give alight effect on picture.MuchMore - To beautify your selfie or image you can addframes,stickers,and lots of photo effects on photos, so friends getready to convert your ordinary image into best artwork.
Color Superhero 1.0
Love Super Hero? color super-hero is thebestapp for everyone who love Super hero or amazing spider man.Enjoythe coloring of the Super Hero, legend or Spider-Man withourawesome Spider man Coloring App. These apps pure entertainmentformfor coloring marvel character, your favorite Super HeroorLegend.Color super-hero is a excellent coloring application, imitatingrealcoloring experience with HD Color Palate. Your kids andtoddlers canbe coloring amazing spider man or super hero anytime,anywhere andeasily share to all social platforms or set yourcreativity as awallpaper.Amazing spider man coloring app is so easy and amazing thatevenyour toddler can color your favorite Super Hero with that andsavespider - man as a wallpaper. This super hero coloring Book isbothboys and girls who one love Super Hero. You will definitelylovethis Super hero coloring app for children. If your kids likeorlove color, then definitely they will like super hero too.We are creating an app which one combination of both, yourchildrenloved it! Let’s your kids and toddlers be creative bydownloadingthis amazing spider man coloring app. In this app wepresent manyof spider man Moves. It’s a mind journey which makesyour anxietyfree and stress relieving!Enjoy.Super Hero Coloring app features:-1. Easy to color for kids.2. Set spider-man as a wallpaper after coloring.3. Touch on screen or tablet and color.4. Simply tap to pick color, all you need is yourimagination!5. Big variety of Spider Man moves Image.6. HD Color for your loving Super Hero.7. Zoom in and Zoom out to color those small spaces.8. Color picker with more than 50 colors to use.9. Save and share your work with friend on social networks.10. This is an Amazing, cute and fun coloring app optionforkids.11. Download now and start coloring book your favoritecomiccharacter.How To Use Amazing Super Hero Coloring App:-1. Open Super Hero coloring app.2. Select your favorite amazing spider man move.3. Color your Favorite Spider man with HD Colors which coloryouwant.4. After finishing your coloring save colored image.5. Save and share with your friends and family via allsocialmedia.
Photo Cartoon 1.2
Photo Cartoon is a image to cartoon picture app where you canconvert photo into cartoon and anime with numerous art filters.With our cartoon picture editor ,amaze you now with our cartoonpics art effect,create awesome artwork and kawaii photo. Apply cooland artistic effects to new or existing photos. Transmute yourphotos to cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings and alot more.This kawaii photo,cartoon picture app provide best artcartoon filter and effects like prisma. be an Artisto! by convertyour image into cartoon by applying art filters on photo. Now it'seasy to make Cartoon yourself ! Use our cartoon photo editor app toturn your photos into artworks!so friends if you boring from oldfilters and effects and Wanna get more and more likes and followersin Social Media.Then change photo into cartoon app is very helpfulfor you. This app is for Photo art filter lovers who sense theworld in an imaginative manner. Be an artist! Turn your photos intoawesome artworks. Change photo into cartoon app renovates yourordinary photo into some really cool sculpture inspired by artists.In this App, there are many extraordinary filters available. Youcan select a suitable filter for editing images or photo andconvert your normal images to painting image. Now edit your Snapwith this miraculous photo editor app and have your own, specialPicasso in your pocket. This is one of the most remarkable freeapplications! . See a "different world" through the lenses of yourcamera.Change Photo Into Cartoon app is great way of creatingPrisma Effects and sharing on social networks.Features of thisapp:1. Real-time cartoon effects2. Simple and clean UI(UserInterface)3. More than 20 effects: Cartoon effects, Emboss, Jazzy,Poster, Smooth Toon, Gaze, Pixilation, Swirl and many more.4. OneTap to transform your image or selfie5. Adjustable edge strength(Slider above the filters).6. Adjustable colorsensitivity/saturation (Slider Above the filters).7. Save imagesquickly by a single touch of a button.8. Support Front camera.9.Support Camera flash.10. App can be installed to SD card.11. SavedImages are stored in folder.12. Share your cartoon photos on theall social media.How to get awesome artistic painting or cartoonistimage.• Select photo from the gallery or use selfie.• Crop androtate your image or selfie.• Choose the style or effects you wantto be transformed.• Usually it is completed within a few seconds inhigh resolution! • Save and Share the unique and awesome art phototo the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TwitterETC.Very Fast & Effective!!
Retouch:A clone stamp tool 1.3
Retouch : Photo clone stamp tool, where you can create photoillusion and find lot of exact clones of you in a single image .This Clone stamp tool is powerful yet a simple photo editing toolthat lets you creates amazing reflections and replica effect ofyour photos. The Clone Stamp tool paints one part of an image overanother part of the same image. You can do more than just cloneeffects, do so much funniest things to create photo illusion ,likeremove your face from your photo. Create your same Facsimile snapor remove pimple, blemishes, or dust from your old photo. Now it isso easy remove or erase unwanted person or things from your snapwith the help of this app. Retouch photo clone stamp tool makeeverything’s easy or effective, one tap to share social networkwith your friends or family members. It is fun, crazy andhilarious! Occasionally we feel how the life would have been ifthere were no photo illusion like: more people exactly like us butsadly that's not imaginable, there is something that you can do tocreate more than one clone of yourself. Retouch photo clone stamptool will be a flawless app to help you create an exact clone ofyourself in a single photo. Split the same Snap or selfie withyourself within minutes or even seconds and create a single imagewith lot of yourself in it to amazed everyone by your photoillusion creativity. You can create a real image clone effects.Features of the App:- 1. Make lots of clone in one Photo. 2. Makeyour own replica or twins. 3. You can create amazing illusioneffects. 4. It’s Work as blemish remover. 5. Help to you removedark spot, dark circle and pimples from your old photo 6. You canremove unwanted things or person from the photo. 7. Swap your facewith your mummy - papa faces or your pet. 8. Best editing tool foryour snap or selfie. How to Use:- 1. You can click to start button.2. Select your photo from the gallery or take selfie from camera.3. Crop or rotate your photo how much you want. 4. Select any placewhich you want to create clone. 5. Swap your finger your next faceor clone ready. 6. If have any problem or issue in your cloningphoto you can also remove or erase your previous step. 7. Save yourcloning image. 8. Share your amazing or exclusive pic to any socialmedia or make it profile pic to any messenger app. Feedback Retouch: Photo clone stamp tool is marvelous and powerful Clone SnapEditor to make photo clone art and enjoy, your worth it. If youlike this Clone Photo Effects then please shares with your besties, friends and family member. But before you do that, don’tforget to give your rate and review with best comment. Enjoy thissuperb app.
Photo Enhancer 1.0
Photo enhancer is the unique process to boost photo detail,particularly in the darker parts of your image or snap, its worksas complexion enhancer, skin tone booster, tone revitalize, faceshadow, skin brightness etc. Photo enhancer app help to improve,face makeover, beauty editor, tone corrector or enhance your photobetter, clear without the need for a better camera. Face Enhancerboost details in your photos or selfie adjust brightness, contrast,saturation, white balance, highlight, ambience, shadow, warmth etc.It’s a simple use of photo enhance, image editor or face enhance asan easy-to-use, quick photo editor or face editor as well. Photoenhancer is designed to make your photo look more beautiful andattractive. This app helps in many terms like: improve face tone,improve skin tone, snap editor, face complexion enhancer, faceeditor tool, brighten your face, lighten your face, face tonecorrector, instant lighten skin, revitalize your tone etc. Take apic or selfie and see the photo enhancer magic effect. Photoenhancer is a pic and selfie editing or enhancing app where you canimprove photo quality by applies best photo editors on your photo.You can transform your creation into a desired image with photoeditor app features and photo effects. With the help of this appyou can create a best selfie or photo via best highlightingeffects. You could adjust brightness, smoothness, detail, &contrast manually. It will develop the pictures as per yourinstruction. You could give a new makeover to all earlier photosaved in the gallery which needs change in photo brightness,smoothness, detail, and contrast to be more clear and attractivefor sharing with the friends and family.With This App you caneasily do:1. Make image brighter.2. Make image darker.*******How toUse*******1. Select a photo you want to enhance or improve.2. Applyunique face enhance effects to enhancing your photo or selfie. 3.Save your pic which effect you want to add in your photo.4. Shareyour enhancing photo with your friends or family.*******Features of(Name) App*******1. Brightness2. Contrast3. Highlight 4. Ambience5.Saturation6. Shadow7. WarmthShare your unique creation or madnessof your photo or selfie via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Flikr,Email, and other social networks.
Anime Maker 1.2
Anime Maker is a unique and adorable avatar creator app. This apphave support click action to select anime face, eyes, eyebrows,mouth, nose, hair, goggles, dress,backgrounds etc. With this appyou can create your favorite Anime characters or dress up avatarfreely. Moreover, you can also share with your friends and familyvia social media or set as wallpaper. Anime maker app is an amazingavatar-maker you can easily dress up anime or create image of cute,gorgeous avatar characters! Want to create an avatar of a new mangacharacter? Or maybe you dream of a picture of your favoritecaricature but are not good at drawing? Our anime avatar maker iswhat you need! This app gives you own way of making of avatar ormanga. Offer a large variety of fragments for you to mix and matchand make up your original character of manga. Have fun creatingfunny or unique anime maker with thousands of customization optionsavailable. Anime Maker Features:-1. Hundreds of items.2. Lots ofunique combinations.3. High quality images. 4. Flexible AvatarOptions. 5. Crazy and funny faces collection.6. One touch changeface as you like.7. Stylish or cool hairstyles.8. Funny eyes andeyebrows.9. Hilarious mouths and noses.10. Wicked gogglescombination.11. Cute emoticons with your Manga face.12. One touchto save your creation, and share or upload whenever you want.13.Share it on social media. How to use:- 1. Click Start Button. 2.Firstly choose your face shape or face cut.3. Fill all fine detailsof the face like: eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, hair, and gogglesetc.4. Choose your dress which one you like most.5. Set or selectthe unique background.6. Save and share your own cutest creationvia social media.7. You can also set as a wallpaper of your phone,contacts or display profile. Feedback:-Anime maker is a marvelousand unique avatar maker app. If you like this app then pleaseshares with your besties, friends and family member. But before youdo that, don’t forget to give your rate and review with bestcomment. Enjoy with this superb app
Chat Emoji 1.0
Chat Emoji app provide most eventual collection of emoticons &smiley to share your all emotional feeling via chat. This app isvery useful to express your expression and feelings with the helpof emoji stickers to your special person. Share the friendly facesof emoticons on your preferred chat is very easy to use as you justhave to open the application and choose the emoticon that youlike.Fairly convenient to express feeling when messaging with yourfriends, family member or your loved one’s using WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, Google+, Hangouts & other chat apps.You canalso post Whats on your mind… status with the help of smileystickers. We also come with daily new variety of emojies like loveemoji, heart emoji, animal, birds, or many type or styles. Getsmiley to express all feeling and your emotion in better way andmake your chat more attractive? Now it's easy to share fancy cuteemoticons & smiley stickers.CATEGORIES OF CHATEMOJI.AngryAshamedBoredCalmConfusedDisappointedDisgustingExcitedFrustratedHappyCheerfulJealousLonelyProudRelaxedSadSatisfiedScaredSickSorryThankfulFEATURES ARE :- Its contains a variety of beautiful and funnysmiley.- Variety of Special Stickers for your loved ones.- You cansend all stickers direct to your social networking chatapplications.- Send in Email - Useful to express your internalfeeling with the help of this app.- Variations of new stickers withnew animations. - Save Stickers for your future use.- Share Joy andlaugh with your friends and family HOW TO USE- Click on Startbutton in the app. - Select Category or emoticons icon which youwant to use.- Select on emoji or moji image and click. - Send viasocial media with your loved ones.
Touch Color Splash Effect 1.1
Color Splash Effects For Photos Touch color splash effect is thebest photo color splash android application for you which createdby ’Insta Editor’ Team, it’s amazing to create classic effect withyour finger touch. Edit photos for color splash effect with amazinggeometric, numerical, flower design with reverse touch. Createamazing effects with thick or thin black,white border and share toInstagram, Facebook, twitter or other social media.Touch colorsplash effect, lets you selectively turned image into colored,Black and White, Old, Classic and sepia photos by using fingertouch. Use Touch color splash effect and apply some fascinate photoeffects and filters to your image & selfie. Now it's easy togive your photo, a breath taking look, by exploring the numerousphoto filters. Touch color splash effect lets you quickly andeasily create a dramatic look by converting them into black andwhite while keeping your chosen details in color. which draws theviewers' attention to the colored areas.This app offers a varietyof photo filters for your photo. We also provide number oralphabetical splash design which is none done by another to enhanceyour normal photo to popup design with your lucky number or luckyalphabet which is choose by yourself. Touch color splash effectcome with lots of splash effects. In addition, you also can switchphoto between color and gray by finger touch. Emphasize yourbackground, face, top, bottom with one touch. You can alsohighlight your dress, hat, lips, jewelry etc with this app. Don'tlet your post on social networks be simple and boring, make theminteresting to the public and pleasant to the eye. Applying splashcolor effects for pictures is more than enough to make your imageextraordinary,unique and creative.Touch color splash effectFeatures:-- Import your picture from gallery or take a photo withcamera. - Color photo with unique designs.- Popup your dress,jewelry, lips, background or selected areas. - Undo & redo forperfect editing!- Edit photos, zoom in or zoom out, rotate, cropeasily fit your photos to the frame with simple touch.- Does notrequire internet connection.- Color touch lets you turn photo intoblack and white photo, old photo or sepia color photo.- Use theeraser for giving amazing effects!- Variety of photo filters.-Convert images to grey color and color mode.- High resolution imagequality.- Upload and share photos to Watsapp,Facebook and Instagramand all social network.- Save the image to the SD Card. Color yourphotos with Gorgeous looking Photo Filters and use advanced photoediting features like zoom photos, remove the color, undo and redo.Touch color splash effect offer best “photo effects” for yourpictures. Make use of this free download and explore the field ofsplash color photo effects editing. Feedback1. If you like ourapplication please rate 5 stars for us2. If you find any problemsor issue with our applications please E-mail us
Real Time Cartoon Effect 1.2
Real Time Cartoon Effect is an awesome live camera effectapplication that gives a real time cartoon effects on photo. Youcan preview the photo with the cartoon effects before you actuallyclick the picture. It’s a fun photography tool that will changeyour photography experience. Its captures best moments in real timeand converts it to cartoon with one single touch or add cartoonisheffects in the selfie. Add real-Time cartoon effects to photoswhile shooting. With this application you can take selfie and putamazing or attractive live filters all you have ever seen! So whatare you waiting? Download this app, have fun putting multiple realtime artistic cartoon effects and convert your pic into manga andsharing with everyone via social media. Real Time Cartoon Effect isthe ultimate and unique collection of cartoon, sketch, and manyother selfie effects which edit directly in your camera, no moreboring post effects. So many filters we prepared for you like:cartoon, color drawing,pencil ,artistic effects and many more. Thisis a simple and easy application to add amazing effects to yourphotos on live camera. Bring fun and color to your phone camera!Turn your life events into live cartoon – have fun!Real TimeCartoon Camera Effect Features:-1. Real Time cartoon effects.2.Live cartoon effects on your photos and selfie.3. Also work ongallery photos and pics.4. More than 18 effects: Cartoon, ColorDrawing, Sepia, White Strokes, Dark Strokes, Colored Edges, PencilSketch, Sketch and many more.5. Adjustable Edge strength (Slider onthe top of the filters)6. Save Images quickly by a single touch ofa button.7. Sharing in one touch via social media.8. App can beinstalled to SD Card.9. Support front camera 10. Saved Images arestored to external or internal under (Name) FolderHow to Use RealTime Cartoon Effects1. Open Real Time Cartoon Effects App.2. Applycartoonist effects which one you like.3. Click your cartoonistselfie.4. Save and share with your friends, group and family viaall social media like: Facebook, whatsapp, Tumblr. Pinterest, Gmailetc. FeedbackIf you like Real-Time Cartoon Editor Filters pleaserate us with 5Star or give us positive comments. If you encounterany problems please leave us a comment.
Tree Photo Frames 2.6
Tree Photo Frames is latest and creative family photo collage makerand photo editor for your photos! With this app you can combineordinary photos into fabulous tree photo collage. Its help tosyndicate all your family memory in one place with unique treeshape frames and adore via photo filters effects. You bored ofphoto grid effects? With Tree Photo Frames you can create familycollages with our wonderful instant unique picture frames. Thisphoto editing tool has many features to enhance your photos, adjustbrightness, hue, color, saturation, blue, contrast and many more,and then shares your work to all social media network. Tree PhotoFrames is a simple and easy to use app, just select the frame, addthe pictures and get a whole new family tree collage. So muchcollection of the tree frames. The awesome family collage makerthat makes you photos with beautiful and amazing 3D Collage. ThisTree Photo Frames is the best app for making family photo collages.This app specially designed for family photo, friend’s photo, lovephoto,selfie photo, and couple photo. It allows you to make treepic collage by letting you to select the photos from the galleryand arrange them into photo grid to funky positions by allowingpanning and zooming each and every image that you added to piccollage layout. Awesome features of our tree photo frames:- 1. Userinterface, easy to use. 2. 30+ stylish and beautiful tree frames.3. Add 3-5 photos in one time. 4. Simple touch gesture to resizeflip in our tree photo frames maker. 5. Powerful photo editor withtools to adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, hue, blue, b/w,ancient, breeze, classic,glam,pale twilight and many more. 6.Unique collection of frames with demanding color option which youwant just changes it. 7. Unique and loving family quotes on theframes. 8. Save in the gallery and share with family. 9 Share withyour friends, family member via social media network like: -Whatsapp. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.Feedback` We hope you enjoy this lovely family tree photo frame andencourage us for further apps. If you like this app please rates uswith 5 star and give positive review. If you encounter anytechnical issue in the app please mail us or comment us with theissue. Have fun with your family, they are precious. Thanks you.
Change Girl Hairstyle 1.0
Change girl hairstyle & dress is a face changer photo editorapp for girls, will give you an amazing look with fantastic womenhairstyles and dresses for your photo and selfie. This girlhairstyle and dress changer is a real woman dress up app provideslots of features for complete makeup of women. Your friends willabsolutely be impressed by your new look.- Woman Hairstyle PhotoEditorThere are more than 50 new girl’s hair styles in this girlmakeup app. You can try and change whatever hairstyle as you like,long hair, short hair, Messy hair, curly hair etc. You can designyour own haircut.- Hair Color ChangerIn addition, you can changethe hair color using the Hair Color Changer. There are more than 40new look hair colors for you to choose such as Burgundy, Blonde,Brown, Sea Green etc. It's a perfect men hair salon for hair dyeand color changer.- Sunglasses photo editorAmazing collection ofsunglasses to complement your hair and dress styles for change yourlook.- Dress photomontageYou can also try all new trendy dress onyou . we provide wide range of trendy clothes and dresses to choosefrom.Key features of Girl hairstyle & dress changer -Collection of stylish hairstyle.- Endless collection of girldresses to choose from.- Change skin color accordingly.-Sunglasses, floral crown, hairs, and funny stickers to make yourpic stylish.- Change your hair style and hair color in few seconds-Easy to use.- Share your creation on social networks!
Rainbow Color Photo Effect 1.1
Rainbow color photo effect is an application which adds energeticcolor effects in your normal or regular dull photo. If you want toadd color shades in your regular selfie or photo and make themartistic and eye catching, rainbow color photo effect is the oneapp you need! This magic picture editing tool is specially designedto add rainbow or colorful effects and filters to your photos. Justtake a pic, and see how the wonder happens right in front of youreyes – it’s like you color blend on your pic with photos of rainbowand creates a true colorful piece of art! Add rainbow color effectsto your favorite selfie or photos and stand in astonishment whilethis amazing pic manipulation app does all the work. Enjoy thecolorful filter patterns that decorate and fill color in yourphotos with BFFs, lovers, buddies or family. You will be amazed bythe number of different color filter patterns – stripes, curves,various shapes, blend images with rainbow changing colors and becreative! Rainbow color photo effect application will give you highquality pictures that every professional photographer will desire.Blend your Favorite pictures with different shades of “rainbowcolors”, choose your favorite pattern and change the color of yourphotos in an instant! You can easily change the transparency of therainbow effects and choose the perfect pallet of colors that bestsuits your needs. Download our brand new color photo editor, createmulti color pics or photo in an instant and share with yourfriends, buddy, or family member via social media networks like: -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Tumblr Etc. Red,green, yellow, purple, blue, orange, all the shades of rainbowcolor spectrum are bursting into this picture studio in the form ofphoto effects and filters of different pattern to bring theprofessional picture editing directly to your device. Explore theunique features of this pic editing app to edit pics in severalways. What makes this photo editor app special is the variety ofoptions it offers for pic editing. Rainbow Color Photo EffectsFeatures:- 1. Great number of color filters and effects. 2. Onetouch change color in your photo easy. 3. 20+ Amazing Filters ofeffects are available. 4. Ultimate picture editing for super artcreation. 5. Apply the color filters on your pics with no effort.6. Adjust the pattern, shades and transparency of the filtereffects. 7. Choose a selfie pic from your gallery or take a new onefrom your camera. 8. Play with contrasts and effects. 9. Applyeffects and filters wherever and whenever you want. 10. Userinterface simple, easy to use. 11. Save to the gallery of yourphone or tablet. 12. Share instantly on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and other networks. How to Use:- 1. Click On start Tab.2. Select your favorite photo from the gallery or take selfie. 3.Apply texture color effects which one you want to apply. 4. Adjusttexture transparency with overlay, darken, Multiply, Lighten etc.effects. 5. Save in the gallery. 6. Share with your friends orfamily member. 7. Share Via social media network like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp etc. There are many moreopportunities are available in this unique photo editingapplication to edit your photo or selfies. Download this free photoeditor app to try all those option yourself. We are sure you willenjoy this app. Feedback:- If you like our app then please sharewith your friends and family members, rates us with 5Star and givespositive review. If you found any problem in this application,place a review with problem or contact us and we’ll check it out assoon as possible.
Color Fill 1.0
Color fill is an adult coloring book which allows you fill colorsin mandala pages. It is a true stress reliever painting and drawinggame for you. Be an artist by filling colors in harmonic coloringpages. This coloring book provide floral and patterns pages tocolor. Color filling is best time killer game for adult and kids.Share your artistic creation to friends or save as wallpaper afterfinish your artwork.Color Fill Coloring app features:- 1. Easy tocolor for adult and kids.2. Touch on screen or tablet and color. 3.Simply tap to pick color, all you need is your imagination!4. Bigvariety of mandala Images.5. HD Color for your creativity.6. Zoomin and zoom out to color those small spaces. 7. Color picker withmore than 50 colors to use.8. Save and share your work with friendon social networks.9. This is an Amazing, cute and fun coloring appoption for everyone
Make Me Anime 1.0
Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a anime oravatar character?Make me anime allows you to create anime andavatar from your photo.Now you can convert yourself into anime andavatar very easily. With this app you can replace face with yourfavorite Anime characters or dress up avatar freely. Moreover,After change yourself into anime you can also share with yourfriends and family via social media or set as wallpaper. Turnyourself into anime avatar character to amaze your friends. Sofriends change yourself into cartoon or anime avatar is very easywith this anime, avatar maker app. just import pic from camera orgallery, follow all steps and create anime or avatar of you. If youwant to look yourself as an anime, avatar or maybe you dream toconvert you in your favorite cartoon caricature. This app can dofor you very easily. You can also customize hair, eye, nose, lips,eyebrow, dress, etc. of your avatar photo and makeup animeaccordingly.Anime Maker Features:-1. Hundreds of items.2. Lots ofunique combinations.3. High quality images. 4. Flexible AvatarOptions. 5. Crazy and funny faces collection.6. One touch changeface as you like.7. Stylish or cool hairstyles.8. Funny eyes andeyebrows.9. Hilarious mouths and noses.10. Wicked gogglescombination.11. Cute emoticons with your Manga face.12. One touchto save your creation, and share or upload whenever you want.13.Share it on social media. How to use:- 1. Click Start Button. 2.Firstly choose your face shape or face cut.3. Fill all fine detailsof the face like: hair, and goggles etc.4. Choose your dress whichone you like most.5. Set or select the unique background.6. Saveand share your own cutest creation via social media.7. You can alsoset as a wallpaper of your phone, contacts or display profile.
Moments Photo Frames 1.1
Now all moments which you would not liketoforget, decorate with moments photo frames. This app providesalltypes of photo frames which is related to moments of your lifesothat you can get all moment's frame at one place. moments whichyouspend with your beloved or fun time selfie with your friends,seizeall worthless moments with app. We provide lots offramescategories for you to choose frames accordingly like :- Artistic FramesMake your inner artist alive by keep your photos within creativeartframes. These artistic frames are able to turn a normal imageintoan artistic work. you can apply shapes, outlines, border onyourphoto to stand out your pic out of the crowd. Lots ofpossibilitiesare in these artistic frames to convert a image intoan art work. Sofriends making an art work of your images is justone touchaway.- Love FramesKeep your photo of romantic moments which you spend withyourbeloved in love photo frames to make them unforgettable.Loveframes alive your emotions and attachment with your loveonealways. Friends give a high to your romantic moments withspeciallycrafted love photo frames.- Motivational FramesIn motivational frames you can share your images withmotivationalquotes. Keep your photo with well known motivationalquotes andcreate an energy in your life by sharing images. Photowithmotivational frames will not only show your positivity butalsoincrease your photo likes on all social sites like:Instagram,Facebook etc.- Selfie FramesSelfie frames designed to seize all fun moments. Only Thisappprovides frames for your all funny and naughty moments.- Occasional FramesWe design frames for all occasion like festivals, Diwali,Christmasday, and spl days like Mother's day, Father's day,Roseday,Valentine day to make your all moment alive.- ScrapbookYou can create your photo's scrapbook with hundreds ofscrapbookpages. Make your photos collage and share withfriends.- Much moreAlong with photo frame you can apply lots of sticker, emoji,imageediting tool, beauty enhancer, photo sharing and endlessfeaturesmake this app more useful.
Custom Emoji Maker 1.6
Custom emoji maker lets you make your own customized chat emoticonsand smiley. You can create your unlimited collection ofpersonalized moji. Even if you do not know how to draw, you canstill easily create emoji cartoon avatar by combining various faceparts. Create an expressive personal chat emoji avatar with thisemoticons editor. Browse emoji face part from a huge moji libraryand put them together to share your personal emotions through emojistickers. You can also create emoji for Facebook, Snapchat,Instagram and all social networks.:---- Browse creative emojidesigns including ----:- Custom colorful faces- Eyes emoticons-Eyebrows moji- Noses - Mouths - Hands - Hat stickers- Beard-Mustaches- Masks- Hairs - Glasses sticker- And much more: ----Features ----:- Fully Customizable, pinch to resize, move, flip andmore.- Custom emoji and sticker maker- Save to gallery and editexisting designs.- Send in most apps as emoji or sticker size.-Emoji for text messaging
Profile Avatar Maker 1.1
Profile avatar maker, lets you create a real cartoon avatar profilepicture of yourself and your friends. This avatar people maker appfeatures tons of customization options that allow you to nail downyour appearance. You can select the look of your hair, hair color,eye, eye color, eye brows, nose, lips, even the clothes to createyour profile cartoon avatar for your dp. Once you've created acartoon avatar profile picture that you like, you can make itdisplay picture (Dp) of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram orany other messenger. Profile cartoon avatar maker is a free appthat allows you to make a personalized cartoon avatar of you andyour friends for games and social sites. This app offers a largevariety of fragments, cool stickers and adornments to choose forcreating your cartoon avatar caricature. So friends if you do notknow how to create cartoon or avatar people, you can still easilycreate your own avatar people by combining various faceparts.Features –- Easy to use- Allows you to create a personalizedprofile avatar.- More than 1000 customization option to create yourreal avatar.- Tons of fun stickers.
Cross Stitch Photo Effect 1.0
Turn your photo into nice cross-stitch embroidery with this crossstitch photo effect app. For creating the Sewing embroidery effectjust import photo from gallery and apply embroidery filter. Ittransform your photo into hand craft art work. So friends now youcan get photo stitch effect and turn photo into hand craft crossstitch art.Make a Cross-Stitch photo stitch embroidery artwork froman image in few second with this easy to use photo editor tool.Youcan also apply brightness, contrast, sharpness, shadow etc effectsfor art effect.Best in app:- Get realistic cross stitch patterneffect on photo.- Apply color filter on your artwork.- Best photoediting tool to enhance your creativity.- Share to all.- Much more.
Fashion Cartoon Character Maker 1.0
Fashionable cartoon avatar maker app allows to create newgeneration's fashionable cartoon character with the help of alltrendy dress up and make up accessories. Be a fashion designer bycreating your stylish cartoon avatar and rule the runways inFashion Fever.You can choose combinations of 17 item parts, such ashairstyles, face accessories, skin colors and of course,fashionable outfits for man and woman cartoon character.Dress thehottest chibi cartoon avatar in exclusive looks. Create your ownsignature shows with gorgeous outfits, hairstyles, accessories cartoon avatar character maker app provide bestplatform to teenager for creating all modern characters like highschool girl and boy, hipster, and cartoon of all professionals.Start creating avatar people and share to friends and family ormake your dp.So Friends start to make fashion cartoon characterwith tons of customization options that allow you to nail down yourappearance. You can select the look of your hair, hair color, eye,eye color, eye brows, nose, lips, even the clothes to create yourprofile cartoon avatar for your dp.Once you've created avatar thatyou like, you can make it display picture (Dp) of Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger, Instagram or any other messenger.
Photo To Artwork - Art Filter Pic Editor 1.0
Photo to artwork transform your photo into painting, pencil sketch,oil painting, cartoon, cross stitch and well known artist such asvan Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Vinci and many other's painting style infew seconds.We also provides best photo editing tool in this appwith text overlay, photo filter, effect, frame, border, sticker andlots of other features to enhance your photo.The ultimate artfilter app for high quality photo filter lovers, that transformsphotos into famous fine art paintings.Use free art filters and arteffects.This app is based on Machine learning algorithms usingartificial intelligence in combination with neural networks! tomake you an artist.Turn your mobile phone into an art gallery:* Artfilters inspired by famous artists!* Fascinating and unique cartooneffects.* Sharing your art with your friends.* Best CartoonFilters, modern art filters, pencil art effects and oil paintingeffect.* Photo editor app, powerful selfie camera.* Best Photo artpainting effect.* Much More.