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com.instanza.baba 2.0.22
SOMA Messenger is a FREE messaging app made for globalcommunications between friends, family and colleagues. Send instantmessages, fun stickers, and share all the highlighted moments ofyour life on SOMA. Talk with your friends face-to-face anywhere,securely, directly from your phone. No fees, ever. Doodle Cam:Capture the best moments of your day and bring them to life withfilters, text and other creative tools. Share the GIF to yourfriends on SOMA, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitterand other social media. FREE CALLS: SOMA uses Internet connection(Wi-Fi or 4G/3G) to make video & voice calls to your family andfriends even when they are thousands miles away. Forever free withno international charges. SECURE: Security is our top priority. Noone has access to your conversation but you and the people you’retalking to. End-to-end encryption. PRIVATE: All messages arepermanently deleted immediately after delivery. Undeliveredmessages expire and are permanently deleted after 7 days. We neverstore messages on our servers or in any cloud after they aredeleted. GROUP CHAT: Create a group chat of up to 500 friends,family or coworkers. SPEAK EASY MODE: Use SOMA as a Walkie Talkie.Just hold the button and talk instantly. STICKER & GIF: Sendall kinds of beautiful & fun stickers and vast vivid GIFs toexpress yourself. MAGICAL EFFECT: Type certain words (such as loveyou, miss you or good morning) in your chat and wait for themagical moment. SOMA WEB: Quickly send and receive messages on yourcomputer browser. Bring you great convenience at work. GAME CENTER:Play all kinds of fun H5 games online. No need to downloadanything! You could also follow us on Facebook (@SOMAMessenger) andTwitter (@SOMAMessenger) .
com.instanza.cocovoice 7.6.8
With Coco, users can: • Make free calls all over the world • Logmessages with Visual Voicemail • Stay in the loop with ‘Moments,’ adiary of your friend’s activity • Send instant texts andpush-to-talk voice messages • Create group chats with existingfriends or join public chat rooms to create new ones • Sharephotos, location, and contact information • Meet people with socialfeatures such as People/Groups Nearby, Winks, and Shake ShakeCoco’s mission is to distill the illusion of time, distance andlanguage and provide a fun, free and functional space for allpeople to instantly connect.