Instytut Informatyki Politechniki Łódzkiej Apps

Rocket Thruster 1.0.5
Take role of an engigmatic spacerocketpilot/designer! Use these rockets to take revenge uponyourenemies! Rocket Thruster gives you an ability to remote-controlamulti-purpose rocket and use it to explore vast levels,collectvaluable minerals and complete various tasks. You are goingto facean inhospitable world, full of diversed traps - startingfrom anunstable gravity fields, through narrow tunnels full ofrough rocksand even security turrets. Remember that you are aloneagainst yourfoes - only your skill can help you with the journey.Apart fromthat there's few helpful things. One of them is a hook ona chain,that your rocket is equipped with. With its help you canunlockclosed passages, steal resources from your enemies or simplyavoidan imminent crash. The other useful thing are upgrade system,whichwill allow you to buy various upgrades for collected minerals.Butbe careful - destroying your current rocket means destroyingitsupgrades as well...Face Rocket Thruster today!
The Lighthouse 1.0
The Lighthouse is an arcade game in which player controlls lightbeam of the lighthouse. Player takes the role of the lighter whosejob is to point every ship appearing on screen to harbor. Playershould prevent any collisions between ships and rocks, otherwisefor every wreacked ship player looses one lifebelt. Running out oflifebelts means defeat. The lighthouse is a game not only aboutdexterity but also stategic aproach and planning ahead. Gameconsists of many various ships with varying size, speed andmaneuverability. Some of ships after being pointed to safety maydrop bonus modifiers changing diffrent aspects of gameplay. Inaddition to that player can use helpful abilities in difficultsituations.
Donut Madness 1.01
Due to an earthquake a donut falls of theroofof a downtown cake shop and starts rolling down the streets.Playthe part of a speeding donut, destroy bilboards, avoidstingers,watch out for viaducts and oil spils. Beware! The policegoes afteryou, don't get caught! Collect sugar cubesin order to buygreatupgrades.World's first endless roller. The game that will make youreveryspare moment pleasant. One of a kind.Like us on facebook: us on twitter: more information visit us at:www.donutmadness.plWARNING: THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE!!!
Train Connector 0.6.2
Train Connector to gra logiczna, w której zadaniem jestłączeniewagonów w odpowiedniej kolejności poprzez narysowanieodpowiedniejdrogi z torów. Korzystaj z semaforów i tuneli, bystworzyć jaknajlepszą trasę!
Magical Smash v1.1
Magical Smash is an idle clicker game. You play as a magewieldingfour elements. You travel through a land dominated bymonsters.During battle choose appropriate element in order todefeatmonsters as efficient as possible. As the game progressesimporveYour mage using skill points.
Exam Fairy 0.4
Simple, yet catchy arcade game to test your reflexes and speed.Runaway from session! Collect buffs, while dodging debuffs! Pickupall 30 ECTS points to assure your victory! Compare scoreswithfriends and run away from session herself! Application wascreatedto fulfill Information Technology curriculum for 5thsemester ofstudies at Łódź University of Technology.
QuizPOL 1.0.0
Przystępny sposób na przyswojenie regulaminu PŁ w postaciquizu.Twórcy: Idalia Tybińkowska Dawid Pytka Gabriel Nowak