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Dinosaur Simulator 2016 6.0
A really Amazing Dinosaur game is ready for you!! If you likeplaying dinosaur games you will love this one. Dinosaur Simulatoris a thrilling 3D game. Explore the huge city map with your giant3D Dinosaur. Experience Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoricJurassic park environments. Play the real dinosaur game and havelot of fun in destroying city!! Smash the city and be the massivedinosaur and roam around the extreme locations. Race against a car,smash into a moving vehicle. Have a fun of tilting and smashing theworld with lot of noise. Dinosaur games are always fun and this onewill make you go crazy. Get yourself ready for the thrillingexperience. Dinosaur Simulator is a unique game with amazinglyrealistic physics. This game will show the wildness in depth. Thisgame is ultimate, chaotic way! Explore the huge city map with yourgiant 3D Dinosaur. This Dinosaur simulator is something you willnot want to miss. Unleash the beast in you with this FREE dinosaursimulation game available on the Google Play Store now! Be theruler of all and playing Real Dinosaur Simulator! Game Features: -Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric jurassic park environments -Many thrilling levels - Fabulous City Environments - Strong andpowerful animal. - Awesome gameplay with attacking animations -Fabulous sound effects. How to Play:- - Use the joystick to move. -Tap right button to jump Simulator games are more fun when you playas animal like wolf simulator, bear simulator, shark simulator. Nowwe bring you the best in animal simulation, our new game DinosaurSimulator is free to download with excellent 3D graphics. Itsunique and best in class of dinosaur games. Find us on Facebook - - Ifyou have any problem in installation, please report to us We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Ghost Ride 3D 3.4
Embrace the horror of Ghost Ride 3D. The Ghosts of the nether realmare after the Blaze rider; escape the hell full of killer zombiesin this scary super heroes game. Become the ghost of a chopperrider and dodge bone crushing blades. The games have ExtremePhysics and responsive controls that will help you burn, smash,steer through crazy obstacles and take on a daring rider you simplywouldn't believe! Upgrade your bike abilities to be the best.Improve your ‘on track’ performance. Customize with the most deathmetal stuff available. Play as multiple Ghost characters in thiswicked new racing sport. Don't wait download now and If you wantmore fun content and updates then please feel free to contact usthrough our mail!! How to: *Tap right to accelerate and left forbrake
Shark Shark Run 3.1
Experience Shark Shark Run, the horrifying simulation of a deadlykiller shark who is on a rampage to gobble up all the holiday goerson the beach. They are known as one of the most dangerous wildanimals in the sea waters. So get ready to become the crazy maneater to devour all the people on the shores. This shark simulatoroffers us some great tactics to attack the tourists that come forholidays. But beware there are some hunters also who like teeth ofsharks so don't go near them. Like playing shark games, this one isfor you. Features : 3D Shark Models. Realistic environment. EasyControls Upgrade your shark. Newest shark simulator game. If youhave any problem in installation, please report to us we will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Fight Club - Fighting Games 2.4
In Fight Club, discover a world full of action and adventurewaiting just for you. Try this action packed role playing game forthe ultimate fighting experience. Set out in the perilous journeyof a lifetime where you have to face your enemies to achieve yourtarget! Make deadly combos to pack the ultimate punch with FightClub! Explore 20 levels full of power packed action and fightingcombo. No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is anattentive mind and fast fingers! This game lets you equip yourcharacter with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, andfeatures dozens of lifelike-animated fighting techniques! Join theelite team of fighting mega heroes as they set out to be the bestfighter! Upgrade your powers, outfit and transform your avatar tothe leading fight machine! If you face any problems whileinstallation or while playing the game, please report to us. Wewill resolve it at the earliest.
Train Games Simulator
Train Games Simulator gives you a real life rail driving experienceof becoming the pro train operator and engine driver. Switchbetween town and snow themes to get the best of both worlds in thisexciting locomotive simulation. Experience the mad rush of therailways tracks in an all new unique PORTRAIT MODE. It’s your dutyto drive from stations, picking up passengers, fulfilling yourtransport duty and keep your locomotive running on time betweenrailway stations. Explore the vast collection of 7 locomotives inthis simulator with high speed rails and tons of exciting enginedriving adventures. Dodge oncoming trains, switch between railtracks and do not cross the speed limit. Drive heavy rail engineson railway tracks, full fill duties of the ultimate transporter inthis Train Simulator Games. Game Features : 1. Dynamic andchallenging transport levels 2. Awesomely realistic 3D graphics 3.Realistic game sounds 4. Feel the real rail rush in 4 unique cameraangles! 5. Get free coins as daily bonus everyday.
Ball Trials 3D
3D Ball Trials is a balls balancing game in 3d world. This spheresgame is all about testing your maze game skills in unbalancedplaces and inconsistent gravity. All you have to do is, control theballs to travel through the sky path and reach the goal. Do severaltrails to cross the obstacles and reach the end points in eachlevel. Practice more to sharpen your roll the ball balancingskills, each level require high levels of control to evade deepfalls. Try to stay away from the edges throughout your trials.Upgrade your balls to get proper control in higher levels! GameFeatures: • Stunning 3d graphics • Realistic physics • Excellentsounds to feel the game play • More achievements to challenge yourfriends • More interesting levels Download and enjoy 3D Ball Trialswhen it is free! Stretch your fingers! Be ready and Roll the Ball!
Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride
Integer welcomes you to the thrilling world of Halloween with thenew game Ghost Moto Simulator – Death Ride. It is a chance torole-play as the most frightening ghost rider throughout the scarypaths of evil death. As like the old classic Halloween games,gameplay is more excited with adventurous road falls and hanginghurdles to cross. In this fast-paced bike racing game, all you haveto do is balance your bike on the narrow creepy paths to reach eachfinishing points. It will be more exhilarating if you can controlyour bike speed when unexpected hurdles appear in the town ofHalloween games. Enjoy the ultimate bike riding to escape thehurdles and survive in each horror points. Features of Ghost MotoSimulator – Death Ride game: • Addictive ghost rider game play. •Simple, easy and intuitive controls. • Adventurous hurdles on theroad. • Stimulating bike stunts. • Realistic stunt bike physics. •Fun and excitement guaranteed. How to Play: Tap right button toaccelerate and left button for brake Download and play to enjoy thesuper-fast and thrilling Ghost Moto Simulator – Death Ridefrom bikeracing games category.
4X4 OffRoad Racer - Racing Games
Gearup and get ready to become a champion in our new racing game"4x4 OffRoad Racer! Compete with the other racers and beat theirhigh scores! Upgrade new heavy vehicles, unlock new cars to racedown the line. Game Features: -FREE Game to play! -Crazy new levels-Buy & Upgrade heavy Vehicles -Share your best score! -HDGraphics & smooth Controls Download and Play your FREE Gamenow!
Here is the second part of the unforgettable adventure gameSafari Dino Hunter 3D. The new hunting simulator game named SafariDino Hunter 2 - Dinosaur games will through you to the dark jungleruled by the huge dinosaurs. In this action based simulator games,use your best shooting skill to shoot down the most dangerouspredators from the universe. Be careful always in this escape game,hunt all the dinosaurs down with immense precision, else you willbecome their food for the day. Kill or be killed.  It is amission on deadly shores to survive. Arm yourself with the bestgears available to escape from this part of jungle with yourteammates. Game Features: • Upgrade new weapons • High qualitygraphics & environment • Exciting new Game play • Quality soundeffects • Lots of missions with real animals * different Dino huntmode Go for hunting adventure and dangerous Dinos before it attacksand kills you. Become a hunter now! Note: This game is a freegame with in-app purchase model. Pay if you like to unlock premiummode like weapons and levels of this new game. Please rate us andsubscribe our YouTube channel to get the new updates and bonuslevels in the future. Thank you to all our subscribers!
Arjuna - Archer Epic Story
Arjuna - Archer Epic Story is an action based arcade game thatmixes fun game with real time strategy. The classic Legend ofMahabharat, Arjuna, is now available as Android game character forthe first time ever. Integer games taking you to the grand warfield against Rakshasas. Role play as Arjuna, brush up your archeryskills. Story: This game is inspired by the character Arjuna, theGreat warrior, mentioned in Indian mythological book Mahabharat.This part of the story happening while Arjuna along with his motherKunthi and 4 Brothers living in forest after escaping from Kouravasevil deed. This archery game will give you a classic vision on thelife of our super hero in village, as how he used to practice everyday on the available resources, and the war he involved againstevilest Rakshasa’s to protect the village. Enjoy being the greatlegend and be the archery fight master. Train yourself as a Masterof Archery, walk throughout the village, forest and the destructedcity to protect the loved ones around you. Each time try to equipwith the best bow and arrow from the collection to finish yourtarget in time. Enjoy the target shooting game with the bestaccessible bow and arrows. Features of Arjuna - Archer Epic Story:• Real time game play animations • Realistic Ancient world •Awesome 3D environment • Simple and smooth aiming control • Easy UIand Control • Tremendous sound effects • Best Archery game whichallows you to move 360 degree. Be ready to become the championarcher. Pull Arrows, Aim and Release. Download and play, Arjuna -Archer Epic Story for free today from arcade games category.
Shark Hunt Revolution – Run to Survival
Play new shark game from Integer games , Shark Hunt Revolution –Run to Survival. In this new wild animal simulation game, play asthe most dangerous aquatic creature and devour the other livingthings around you. Each level has different challenges to finish,as, dive in deep water, eat people, make flare-ups, & destroythe relax mood of beach holidays. You have to survive as long aspossible by eating everything and everyone in your way! Features OfShark Hunt Revolution – Run to Survival. • Role-play as BrutalShark • Hunt To Survive Game • Best Aquatic Simulator Game •Stunning 3D environment • Realistic Physics Download and play SharkHunt Revolution – Run to Survival for free today from simulatorgames.
Hill Top Bike Racing 2.1
Hill Top Bike Racing is a highly trending racing game from IntegerFree Games. It's a challenging racing game with amazing hill bikeracing environment with a vast variety of bikes. Take up thechallenge & ride through risky challenging levels under extremeweather conditions. Each racing level is more thrilling than theprevious levels with unlimited surprises. Show off insane racingskills on Hilltop Mountains. It's a crazy racing game withdifferent themes & goals. There are many unseen surprises &difficulties to explore. Heads out racers & race as fast as youcan to become the best Hill Top Bike Racer in the town. Play &Earn extra credits to unlock bikes and surprises. Challenge yourfriends & get ready to race. Download & play the craziestyet adventures racing game with Hill Top Bike Racing. We'llregularly bring more and more updates to the app, so please keepupdating. GAME THEMES: - Snow - Rainy - Forest GAME MODES: QuickRace Mode: - -This mode the racer has to be in the first 2 rowsrather in the last. - Collect all the coins to avail surprises.Free Race Mode: - The user has to will face extreme difficulties ineach level. Career Mode: - The user has to complete the race andshould be in first three rows to unlock - Timer based game - Randomlapse will occur Hill Top Bike Racing features: • It's a FreeRacing Game • Amazing & craziest racing game • Incrementaldifficulties from one level to the next level. • Perform uniquestunts and take the risk • Unlock & play 15+ levels • Rank upand share your rank to friends on Social Media. • Smooth andrealistic bike handling • Realistic game sounds • Multiple camerasangle to view and enhance your gaming experience • Thrilling andadventurous levels • Totally free to race and enjoy stunts •Different kinds of hurdles in the way Do you like this Hill TopBike Racing?? Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback. Itwill mean the world for us! ABOUT US: We, Integer Free Games,provide entertainment with a responsibility to maintain quality. Wealways welcome feedback and comments below. You are requested toreview and comment so that we can make games better for ourvaluable players. Please feel free to suggest us any improvementsthat could help us make the game better. Thank You!!!!!