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Shark attack the crazy shark simulator game is here. Become thekiller shark of the seas and munch on scared humans. Sharks haveevolved themselves so that they can tear apart their victim whenthey are hungry or angry. The beach is full of innocent people sothat the shark can eat them. Attack them when they are unaware sothat you guarantee a kill. The game is designed to give you thereal experience. Shark Attack Features: -Choose from variousaquatic themes 
-Realistic water effects Bloody Gore Animations-Exciting Oceanic Levels simulation 
-Optimized for Tablet
-Classic attack strategy
-Easy to use
Bike Racing Games
Bike Racing the energetic and thrilling racing game. The roads andtracks are set, only a highly skilled bike racer is needed who hasa passion for racing and stunt. Front back flip and wheelie, allthese stunts can be performed in this sport. Jump high off cool andexciting ramps. Use your hard earned cash to get the most awesomeupgrades for your bikes. Customizable clothing is also availablefor your champion. Prove yourself as the Bike Racing king and winthe championship. This is some extreme bike fun. Features : Coolsuper bikes Drive with traffic or without traffic
 Extreme bikeRacing Challenge in desert Auto speed ups and boosters Drive yourbike in desert , city and on bridges The best in class bike racinggame.
Car racing - high speed the new extra realistic car racing game. Ifyou are tired of playing the same old landscape car racing gamesthen this is the one for you, new and amazing fun in the citystreets of las vegas with a collection of iconic super cars onaction packed missions. Race your way through the heavy traffic andram into other vehicles to throw them off the track. The roads areladen with high ramp on which we drive to create the most dangerousflying stunt of all time. Download this updated edition to enjoythe world of stunts. Features : Cool super cars. Drive with trafficor without traffic.
 Auto speed ups and boosters. Drive your car indesert, city and on bridges. Real racing engine and car racingphysics
Farming Simulator 3D
Welcome to this exciting Farming Simulator 3D game; immerseyourself into the lives of agriculturist to become a real farmer.You want to manage your own farm? Farming Simulator 3D is a greatchoice! Here you can control a variety of different vehiclesworking with animals, grow your own farm. It’s not only abouthaving fun but also improving your skills. Fulfill the duties bycultivate grain in your barn. Take care of cattle in the farmhouselike cows, hens and rest of farm animals. Attach the p-lower toyour vehicle and plow your land and prepare it for seeding process.Attach either corn or wheat seeder for cultivation. Use theharvester to cut the hay from field and sell it to earn amount. Themore money you get, more machines you can buy and atomize yourfarm. The task is not easy you will have to know how to manage yourbig harvesting equipment and reaping harvest in the time given.Live realistic life as countryside rancher on Farming Simulator 3Dliving with pet animals. Steer in reverse to attach the farmingfrenzy attachments to your tractor. Drive careful and maneuver thisbig farmer vehicle parallel or in reverse for various situations.Use gas pedal and brake pedal for precise driving with smoothcontrols on-board. Good luck for driving threshers or silage wagonon farm land that’s not easy task to do. Like Farming games youwill love this one too. This awesome Farming simulation gameprovides you with such a fun that isn’t there in any of harvestinggames and animal feeding games. P-lough your farm land, use grainseeding plough planter tool to aggregate your land. Fresh newatmosphere, easier controls and fantastic graphics. This gameoffers many new ways to experience the joy of farming! Enjoy andplay this fantastic fun Farming Simulator 3D game that willchallenge even the best gamers! Inside Farming Simulator 3D :- *Multiple realistic farming vehicles and machinery (Tractors,Trailers, Plows, Harvesters, Seeders and so on)! * Design your ownprettiest farm with hundreds of decorations by planting freshcrops! * Grow different plants, cultivate and harvest them! * Feedthe lovely pets in the farm! * You the cash to buy better machinesand vehicles to improve your yield! * Different modes of game-playwith challenging missions! * Time chasing levels! * Good soundquality and easy controls! * Easy step by step tutorials! * 3D farmenvironments with amazing thresher graphics! * Newest in the seriesof Farming Games. * Download this free game and enjoy realisticfarming experience like never before! • Become a real farmer byplaying this outstanding Farming Simulator 3D game! How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on left-side to control steering. -Tilt oruse arrows to control vehicle. -Tap your phone/tablet on right-sideto drive or brake. ** Please rate and give your feedback forfurther improvements in the game. Find us on: Facebook - - Ifyou have any problem in installation, please report to us We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Archery 360°
Love Archery Games ? Archery 360, the archaic ancient world whereyou start out as a beginner archer practicing target shoot practicewith your bow and arrows.Travel back in time to be the best of thearchers in the civilization and shoot down targets, dangerous wildanimals and even zombies! Hit the bull's eye and shoot down all thetargets before your time runs out and try to complete all thelevels. Earn the maximum points by getting a target bonus and timerbonus. Feel the realistic physics and intricately designedenvironments. Challenge yourself in this game with multipletargets, multiple locations with awesome photo realistic graphics.Features: -Complete photo realistic 3D worlds -Staggering 90 levelsto keep you shooting -Hourly arrow bonuses -Third person targetarchery shooter and FPS type bow and arrow controls -Intelligentgame difficulty progression and various bow and arrow upgrade packsIf you face any problems while installation or while playing ourgames, please report to us. We will resolve it at the earliest.
Bus Simulator 2018 Free
Bus Simulator 2018 is a game where you can pick and drop thepassengers from one stop to another. It's time to get on board anddrive to complete all the routes. Bus Simulator 2016 is the perfectdriving experience of driving buses in a real city. Take thepassengers from the one stops and drive them to their destinationsin the other part of the big city. Play one of the best bus gamesfrom play store. Once on the road you will notice that avoiding thetraffic on the streets can be a harder job than on first sight.Feel the thrill of driving and steering on realistic mountains,with this driver Simulator Free! GAME FEATURE: 1. Full FREE Game ofBus simulator. 2. Well detailed real passengers and pedestrianswith animations 3.Bus driving to it’s fullest with these realisticcontrols! 4.Realistic physics engine: damage system of your bus,speedometer and refueling control. 5.One of the best bus games inplay store. 6.Crazy levels in this bus simulator game. Thank youfor choosing bus simulator game. Enjoy your FREE game & let usknow if you have any trouble in downloading our new game. Subscribeour channels to get updates about new game & new updates:-Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:
Ship Simulator 2016
Welcome to Ship Simulator 3D. The realistic simulator where you getto travel to exotic locations and transport the ship passengers.Enjoy the dynamic ocean waves and realistic cruise motions withover 5 intricately detailed upgrades in the game. Drive and steerinto different 10 ports around the globe with the best Simulatorgame of 2016. Transport cruise passengers through massive portsfull of other ships within the specified time. Beware that youdon’t bump into anything else and watch out for other boats shipsand shark attacks. While you park your ship in the destination, donot hit the railings or your transport will be failed. Free superaddictive and realistic game with uniquely challenging missions.How to Play: 1. Use this Lever to move forward/backward. 2. Turnthe Wheel to change the direction. 3. Check out the different viewsby tapping on the Camera icon.
Car Simulator 3D - 2016
Car Simulator 3D - 2016 opens up a whole new world full of excitinglevels in the themes of City, Village and car driving games! Drivethrough the swanky streets or among the rocky roads of the village!Pick up and drop the passengers to their destination, pass throughall the traffic checkpoints, tail the cars and always maintainrequired distance between to reach the target and complete this carsimulator within the time limit. Keep playing levels to unlock morevehicles to experience the real simulator! Look out for risky turnsand winding streets and be wary of others in the traffic. Avoid anytraffic collisions to escape vehicle damage in this car games.Fasten your seat belt and get ready for most realistic trafficdriving experience. If you love simulator games then this one isfor you. Game Features : - 25 exciting levels to challenge yourdriving skills. - 5 upgrades waiting for you! - Intuitive SteeringWheel, Gas, Break and Reverse controls. - Look out for the timelimit!
Target - Archery Games
Try realistic bow and arrow target shooting with Target ArcheryGames. Enter thte oriental realm equipped with your bow and arrowand smash all the targets. Aim for the bull's eye and reach yourtarget! Focus on goals and your aim! Set in a beautiful gardentheme with effortless physics, you can go on a shooting adventurewith Target Archery Games. Explore over 20 breathtaking levels andupgrade your bow for the edge over others! How to Play:- Drag yourfinger towards target to release arrow. If you face any problemswhile installation or while playing the game, please report to us.We will resolve it at the earliest.
Skate Skate 3D
In SKATE SKATE 3D, dash through the snowy terrain and make your waypast the flags to score points. Complete levels with highest pointsto upgrade your skater boy with higher skills and a betterequipment. Customize him in your favorite colors and storm throughthe snow at high speeds. Use the controls for swift turns and don'tmiss the skate direction on the flags. Perform swift moves andcrazy stunts on your skateboard and make sure to rock the landing!There is no limit to the fun possible in this thrilling skatingsnow game! Dash through 20 levels of mind boggling frenzy skatingand snowy action for FREE now! If you face any problems whileinstallation or while playing the game, please report to us. Wewill solve it at the earliest.
Safari Dino Hunter 3D
Safari - Dino Hunter 3D the best dinosaur hunting game, explorethis Jurassic rain forest and hunt down the scary dinosaurs All thedinosaurs have spread out in this rain forest! Get your guns andstart shooting in this Jurassic hunting game with over 15 types ofprehistoric dinosaurs, hungry for the prey and ready to attack you.Gun down the prehistoric targets with head shots for bigger rewardsand massive gun upgrades! Each shooting gun has a higher zoom,reload and shooting time! Check out 2 themes with an exclusiveJurassic night mode only in Safari - Dino Hunter 3D! Remember towatch out for the flying dino in the air by using the Camera View.How To Play Safari - Dino Hunter 3D : Use Scope on the left toZoom, button on the right to Shoot and Camera View on the top leftto view the targets.
Parking 3D 2016
Explore a world full of challenges with Parking 3D 2016! Controlyour car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brakepedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need. Avoidhitting the obstacles or you may damage the car. If you likerealistic 3d car simulators or car parking games then Parking 3D2016 is the best choice for you! Parking 3D 2016 Game Features:-Simple control with steering wheel, gas and brake pedals.-Realistic 3D car physics -Follow the checkpoints to find your way!-Challenging levels to test your driving skills. -Gear up for thiscrazy parking challenge! If you face any problems whileinstallation or while playing Parking 3D 2016, then please reportto us. We will try to resolve it at the earliest.
Racing Riders
In this world of Racing Riders, hop into the buggy and smash yourrivals in this amazing go kart race! Drive into an action-packed,surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race againsta field of rival drivers, and be the first to cross the finishline! It’s not just a great looking 3D racing game, Racing Rider isan epic racing game with spectacular physics-based engine! Competewith your friends on Leaderboards, earn Achievements! Explore 3exciting themes full of unique challenges and sweet ATV racingexperience. Choose your own favourite character and upgrade to anyof the 5 distinctive racing ATV. Complete all the exciting levelsin Racing Rider for FREE now! If you face any problems whileinstallation or while playing the game, please report to us. Wewill resolve it at the earliest.
Stunt Car 3D
Jump into the world precision 3D car stunt simulation with StuntCar 3D! Race your car against the time limit in a scenic 3D openworld. Dodge the tricky obstacles and adjust your drivingaccordingly. Look out for danger boards and stop signs to escapecar damage around it.Start playing the fun tracks right now, andchallenge yourself to get the top score on all levels! Upgrade yourcar to perform even better stunts! Loads of fun and challengingtracks with jumps and obstacles! Cool slow-motion jump cinematicanimations! Progress on the car stunt tracks and open up new levelswith more amazing stunts, loops and challenges. You will racethrough blazing fires, broken bridges, curving pipes, ridiculousascends, dangerous tunnels and more. What are you waiting for? JoinStunt Car 3D for the ride of your life now! If you face anyproblems while installation or while playing the game, pleasereport to us. We will resolve it at the earliest.
MOTO BIKE RIDE 2018- Pick up your racing bike and join us in thiswild ride! Explore through the tricky mean streets of the city withyour wild bike! Jump on top of ramps and perform insane stuntswhile collecting coins to fire up this Bike Ride! Score 3 Stars onevery level and use the gold coins to upgrade your bike to makethis ride the best bike experience. Explore various themes likeSnow, Desert, Forest and the City to feel the thrill! What are youwaiting for? Try this free Motor Bike Ride game now! How to Play:Tap your phone/tablet on right side to race / brake. Tap on left tocontrol balance. If you face any problems while installation orwhile playing this game, please report to us. We will try toresolve it at the earliest.
Shark Simulator Megalodon
Join Shark Simulator Megalodon to let the underwater adventuresbegin! Rush into the sea and experience the ultimate simulatorgame! In Shark Simulator Megalodon, spread fear and terror all overthe ocean! Move around the beach slowly, wait for the right timeand then attack the target. This wild underwater ocean monster isalways hungry for hunting down tasty fishes and humans. Destroyeverything that gets in your way. Use the on screen navigation keysto move left and right, passing through the way point to collecttarget in the game. Shark Simulator Megalodon Features: 1. 50Oceanic Levels simulation 2. 7 aquatic beast upgrades! 3. Hugefree-roaming underwater aquatic world to explore! 4. Real waterphysics, cool shark movements, and animations of marine life. 5.Smooth controls and additive game play. 6. Awesome Visuals andsound Effects.
Apple Shooter 2017
In Apple Shooting Games, shoot the apple on the head of yourfriend. You have limited arrows to shoot the target. An amazing bowand arrow game to make you thrill. Get ready for the intensechallenges! Be a good shooter, show off your shooting and aimingskills! Drag your finger towards target to release arrow. Hit theright spot, don't shoot the wrong target. Be careful, if you don'tcomplete the level in time you will fail the games. The difficultyof levels increases as you move to next level. Complete eachmission to win coins. Apple Shooting Games delivers you an ultrarealistic archery experience! Download this best archery game instore now to have some ultimate fun and knock down as many applesas possible. Game Features: 1. 10 different powerful lethal bowsand 5 characters to upgrade. 2. 45 challenging missions tocomplete. 3. Classic bow and arrow themes. 4. Amazing gameplay& HD graphics features. 5. Excellent and Vivid animationeffects.
Integer Games presenting you Truck Racing Driver game, with severallevels to play from easy to difficult. This racing game allows youto drive your favorite trucks across different beautifullandscapes. In Truck racing driver, you need to accurately controlyour truck movements, balance the vehicle, destroy enemy cars,avoid mines and complete all other missions in time. Come andchallenge yourself in the world of racing game. Game Features: Easyto Control Smooth UI Multiplayer Mode Real Truck PhysicsEye-Catching Environment
Euro Train Racing 3D
We welcome you to the new world of Racing Games with our latestGame – Euro Train Racing 3D. Drive your train through amazingEuropean tracks and enjoy the beautiful environments, in thishighly addictive train game. It is really fun and easy to play butvery hard to master. In Euro Train Racing 3D you have to controlyour Train to avoid collisions in signals, always keep an eye onthe speed limits to earn more XPs and challenge your friends andreal-world players through multiplayer mode. Free roam option givesyou the chance of enjoying the beautiful layout and earn some moneyto upgrade your Train. Game features: Easy to Control Smooth UICockpit view Multiplayer Mode Fast Paced Physics Game StunningLayout Download this latest Train Driving Game from the play-store,racing games category for free.
Fidget Spinner 2017
Ever you used the popular anti- anxiety toy, Fidget Spinner? HereInteger Games gives you a virtual edition of the same. This is anendless, simple yet addictive game. In this Realistic simulationgame, use your best spin to win more coins and unlock new FidgetSpinners. Challenge your friends and check out who can keep thelongest spinner spinning in this arcade game. Checkout leaderboardin-between for more fun. Unique 3d modeled spinners are the bestinterest in this Fidget Spinner simulator game. How to play: Justswipe to the appropriate direction shown in the screen as fast asyou can. Features: • Unique spinner models • Realistic spinningphysics • The best designs • Easy to play Download and experienceFidget Spinner 2017 at no cost in an alternate real-life game onyour android device, from Simulation game category!
Impossible Bike Stunts 3D
Integer Games puts you in the place of a next generation of gamedevelopment. The latest Game from the team, Impossible Bike Stunts3D is challenging you to ride your favorite bikes on massiveheights to prove as legends. In this Bike stunt game, levels aremade from easy to hard, so don’t forget to upgrade your bikes asthe game progress. The tracks of this impossible game are arrangedin a very tricky way to make the game play exciting. Here is thereal challenge, for all bike stunt game lovers, to perform crazystunts on the mid-air tracks by avoiding possible falls. GameFeatures: • Impossible air-sky tracks • Multiple Real Stunt Bikes •Realistic Bike braking physics • Varity of obstacles and impossiblesharp turns • Easy User Interface Download Impossible Bike Stunts3D from the Bike games category to participate in the mostfrightening impossible game ever in the history.
MTB Extreme Downhill Stunts
MTB Extreme - Downhill stunts gives you a chance to enter the mostwonderful world of adventure cycle games. This time Integer gamescome up with one of the best thrilling and physics based, down thehill bicycling game. Show your skill driving a mountain bike, bycontrolling your MTB in sharp turns, steep slops and riding overwalls. Remember to use your extreme trick combos to score highwhile balancing your cycle in this MTB bike race game. Remember toupgrade your bike to become the king of this Mountain bikechallenge. The best of mobile cycle games, with some passionategraphics will definitely make you feel thrilled. Addictive gameplay is the best interest in this game for all adventure gamelovers. This game will be a best serve for several category gamerslike bike games, Racing, impossible stunts, BMX race as well asSports lovers too. Features: • Stunning Mountain trails • Addictivegame-play • Action packed challenging levels • Smooth UI •Realistic physics Experience the pulsating, crazy and action-packedStunts of your favorite Mountain bike with MTB Extreme - Downhillstunts.
Heavy Bus Racing Simulator
Heavy Bus Racing Simulator is a fresh idea to the heavy vehicleracing games. Test your skills in this driving simulator to becomereal champion. Race to leave your opponent behind and set up a newrecord. Enjoy each movement of your race without restrictingyourself for any traffic rules in city and desert. Reachdestination by avoiding all obstacles and maintain the first placeto earn cash. All you have to do is control your bus movementsaccurately to avoid collision with other vehicles. Challenge yourfriends in the world of racing games with number of city buses.Game Features: • Apt Control for a driving simulator • Smooth UI •Multiplayer Mode • Real metro bus Physics • Eye-CatchingEnvironment Buckle your seatbelt and start moving down difficultywith your city bus. Download & play Integer Game’s Heavy BusRacing Simulator for free today!
Train Simulator Multiplayer Game
Have you ever dreamed of Driving a Train? Participate in Trainracing games against world champions with the Train 2017:Multiplayer from Integer Games. With this train simulator you willbe getting chance to drive all your favorite trains throughdifferent layouts. Enjoy the realistic 3d graphics while youcontrol the trains on challenging turns and break points. Avoidcollisions to earn more cash in the end of each tournament in theseracing games. Challenge your friends and real-world players throughmultiplayer mode. Game Features: • Smooth UI • Multiplayer Mode •Fast Paced Physics • Striking design Download and play Train 2017:Multiplayer from Simulator games category for free today. Rememberto checkout for weekend bonus and free gifts.
Integer Games introducing Force Strike Hero, the man with amission. Get into action, enter the enemy zone, shoot down theenemies. Get the edge on your assault over the enemy.Unlock newweapons and use your strategy to kill enemies. Game Features: It'sFREE Game! Amazing missions with lots of upgrades Easy to learn,intuitive touch screen controls HD Battle arenas Awesome UI andunique Game play Download the new action game - "Strike Force Hero"now on your play store! It's a FREE game!
Roller Coaster Racing 3D 2 player
This time Bigcode games came up with the most thrilling ride onroller coaster in a multiplayer mode. Chance to experience the reallife sensation and thrill of riding in this roller coaster games.Drive the most adventurous Roller coaster in your favorite themeparks against the best coaster drivers in the world. 2 player gamesare always fun and challenging for all racing games fans here. Beexcited to drive the coaster on rolling tracks of roller coastergames. Control the speed in dangerous deep curves and keep an eyeon your friend’s track to speed up yourself when needed, to win therace. Be very conscious in this kind of simulator games as thepaths are really scary and will leave you the real sensation ofriding in real coaster. Always remember the passengers in yourcoaster need to feel the rush so you will have to maintain thesuper speed for them to enjoy the max, while controlling theacceleration that you don’t put their lives in risk. Features ofRoller Coaster Racing 3D 2 player: • Stunning 3D Graphics • RealSound effects • Adventure filled racing games • unlimited play andfun • Addictive Game Play • Several thrilling rides to play Livethrough the excitement of riding the most adventurous Coaster inthe world! Download and play Roller Coaster Racing 3D 2 player forfree today from racing games category.
Assault Fury - Mission Combat
Assault Fury - Mission Combat, latest shooting game from IntegerGames invites you to take part in the new missions of commandoforces in your country. The terrorist team has invaded your countryand started making their bases in your nation with a deadly plan.Battle against them; take down everyone from the squad for yourpeople and country. Always remember that we are protecting ournation and it's people, we are eradicating dictatorship andterrorism from our nation for a better tomorrow. In this actiongame, use each weapon in your weapon store - assault rifles, sniperguns and RPG to achieve your goal of freedom and peace. Yourimmediate decision for headshots can give you the complete controlover the war zone. In addition to the unique and realistic 3Dgraphics, rich game play will take this game to a different levelof shooting games. Each level is having different missions tocomplete; the most challenge is, you need protect yourself as wellas your friends in this game. Beware of Drones, Choppers andRobots. Escape your enemies on top a train, be very careful whenyou involve in bomb defusal missions stealth is your advantage,take down challenging bosses. Keep the game sound always ON andgive your ears to the variation of game-play sounds to identify thearrival of non-human enemies in the battle field. Features ofAssault Fury - Mission Combat: • Highly addictive and immersiveGame-play • Variety of Weapons • Aim and shoot • Unique andrealistic Graphical presentation. • Experience the perfect touchoperation • Deadly Mission • Stealth missions • Boss fights • BombDefusal missions • Snipe down enemies to protect your comrade Equipyourself with any weapon of your choice and take part in the realarmy survival game. Play Assault Fury - Mission Combat for freetoday from action games category.
Chained Car Racing Games 3D
This time integer games challenges you with the most difficult carracing game: Chained Car Racing 3D.This new 3d stunt car game willgive you an immersive driving experience by stimulating your brainwith more sensible crashes and jumps. The veritable physics of thehigher-end cars we used here is easy to play but hard to master.The best part of the game is its graphics, which givesuncompromising realism to the game play. The designer has given alot of attention to give accurate detailing to both the vehiclesand the environments with lots of passion. This new car simulatorgame will leave you in an authentic jaw dropping world of racing.The task is to control your car with the speed of your chained AIcar. Maintain very proper speed to avoid aggressive crashes. Hereyou can find how difficult the city car driving will be, with morespeed breakers and road diversions. We added some extra off-roadobstacles to make your chained car ride really tougher. Become thedriving car master in different zones of earth by enjoying chilledsnowy wind and in search of Oasis in the hot desert. Features ofChained Cars racing 3D: • Realistic Car physics • Awesome 3denvironment • Multiple chained cars • Super luxury cars to choseand drive • No drink and drive allowed Get Chained Car racing 3D inyour device for free today and play from Cars racing gamescategory. Challenge the best driver in yourself.
New train game from Integer games - Train Madness. This new trainsimulator game gives you the chance to become a train transportmanager. Enjoy the most exciting levels in this Train game withunique tracks. Here in this game, your job is to manage the trainmovements as per the other trains traffic on the same route toreach its accurate destination. You need to follow the railcrossing rules, organize the rail traffic and evade crashes betweentrains by controlling signal. Use lightning and thunder boosters towin the levels of this train game as fast as possible. Upgradetrains to make higher levels possible. Features of Train Madness: •Multiple weather options • Awesome sounds • Realistic game play •Different Rail tracks • Interesting Camera angles • High qualitygraphics • Puzzle based simulator games Feel free to contact, ifyou have any suggestions or issues with the game, we will try tomake it as per your expectation in next update.
Bike Turbo Driving Racing - Multiplayer Game
Experience the thrill of bike stunts like never before with the newbike racing game from Integer Games - Bike Turbo Driving Racing -Multiplayer Game. Race your choices dirt bikes on the stunningoff-roads of different terrains. Ride your bike as fast as you can,to perform the stunts and land on perfect points with your uniquestyle. Dodge treacherous obstructions, while steering the bikethrough fantastic paths. The challenges are more which includesextreme stunts, gigantic jumps, mid¬-air inclines and variety ofpathways. Ride against world champions in our multiplayer mode tobe the number one in this world of bike racing. Features of BikeTurbo Driving Racing - Multiplayer Game •Wonderful Selection ofBikes •Stunning Environment •Realistic Driving Experience•Breathtaking Bike stunts •Smooth Game-play Gear up and perform inthis very challenging racing game Bike Turbo Driving Racing -Multiplayer Game.
AR Apple Shooter - AR Games
This time Integer games bringing you the latest gaming technologywith their famous apple shooter game. This game is use of superiorreal technology to the game world and the real world together withthe game through the development of the Apple Shooter AR Games. Thegame is so exciting with the real world as your play area and themost funny character of Apple shooter game placed in your chosenenvironment. The game targets the fans of all shooting games,simulation games, action games and the games based on ARtechnology. Experience the endless archery fun by clicking andsharing your in game real pictures among friends in social mediawith our most advanced camera technique. Equip yourself withadvanced bow and arrow to take part in the real archery shootinggame. Various impossible missions to finish in each level. Rotateyour camera to find out your target. Grab the bow and arrow toshoot the apple on the head of your friend without making himbleed. Have fun with the innovative physics based archery game setin your choicest background. Get ready for the new bow and arrowchallenge from the team of Apple shooter with online friends.Features of Apple Shooter AR Games: • Addictive game play • Stepinto your favorite place to use it as your game environment. •Witness the stunning augmented reality • Realistic archerysimulation with cool sounds. • Number of Bows and Arrows toupgrade. Live through the excitement of the latest gamingtechnique, augmented reality, with the world of apple shooter.Download and play Apple Shooter AR Games for free today fromsimulation games category.
Jump Into Volcano
This time Integer Games bringing you the best crazy Car stuntdriving game. Take your favorite car through the narrow scarypathway to the steaming volcano heads. This new style car game isfilled with lots of massive jumps, mid-air stunts, strange tracksand crazy targets. Choose your vehicle from the awesome collectionof latest on-road and off-road cars. Jump into Volcano is a modernsimulation based car jumping game made in very rich 3d lavaenvironment. Unlock new vehicles to jump more higher as your targetprogress. Just drive up on the blistering stony tracks overcominghurdles and impossible falls to jump as fast as probable. Featuresof Jump into Volcano: • Mysterious fantasy environment • Multipleracing on-road & off-road vehicles • Upgradable features •Realistic driving experience If you like driving simulator games tokill some time, this is for those crazy drivers. Download and playfor free today from car racing games.
Be ready to the classic police chase game with Integer games, JailPrison Break 2018 - Escape Games. The mission in this game is tohelp your friend escaping from Jail, who sentenced to death for acrime he did not commit. Use the best strategy to overcomedifficulties on the way to exit. Play the great survival game withan elaborated plan. This escape mission is a bigger test for yourtrue friendship. Gather your strength and do whatever it helps tosave your friend. Breaking the chain and releasing a lockdown isnot an easy task, be alert in every steps of action. Attack andkill the nasty police guards before they catch you. Try to move andhide without being detected. Collect the available things in thecells you go through and solve the mini puzzles to open locks andgather some money from other lockup rooms. Features of Jail PrisonBreak 2018 - Escape Games: Breathtaking and destructive game play.Realistic physics and a dynamic damage system. Tremendous visualsand soundtracks. Fun Filled Action Game! Hints and Clues for a bestsimulation game feel Challenging Escape Missions. Be ready for thegreatest challenge. Enjoy the newest survival game - Jail PrisonBreak 2018 - Escape Games , from action based strategy gamescategory.
Ghost Ride 3D Season 2 is the latest series of the action hack gameGhost Ride 3D from Integer Games. In this new bike riding game, youwill take complete control of the super hero Ghost, to participatein the world’s most dangerous bike racing. Now you must take thejourney down to the hell depths to face the biggest challengeswaiting for you. Embrace the horror of Ghost Bike Rider. In thefirst series of ghost ride 3d game, your mission was reaching yourworld back by escaping from the killer zombies. In this latestversion of the bike racing games, you are in a hurry to reach theland of dead to make a deal with the Demon to free your world fromterrible curse. Explore the deadly environment filled with morethrilling obstacles and fire spitting dragons. Try not to fall downfrom the narrow impossible tracks while you riding reverse. Upgradeyour bike abilities to be the best. Features of Ghost Ride 3DSeason 2: • Several bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience • Realistic 3D physics • Stunning graphics •Incredible bike stunts • Adventurous hurdles on the road. • Fun andexcitement guaranteed. Come on; let's get into this scary world forthe best bike stunt challenge. Download and play Ghost Ride 3DSeason 2 for free from racing games category.
Offroad Log Transporter
Here is the best winter holiday gift for all truck simulation gamelovers, the most realistic off-road heavy loader transporting game,Offroad Log Transporter. A new era of transporting truck game hasbegun. We challenge you to drive the heavy trucks through theimpossible tracks. Finish each delivery missions to take the nextduty and face much more hindrances on the way. Always be ready foremergency mission orders. Time to prove yourself as the best truckdriver. Features of Offroad Log Transporter: Challenging off-roadtruck drive Real mountain HD graphics Narrow and ramp roads whichlooks impossible to climb Excellent Environment Design Missionbased interesting game-play Realistic truck physics Easy controlsSmooth UI Accelerate and take the new challenge with Offroad LogTransporter game. Download and play for free from Adventure gamescategory.
Impossible Biggest Ramp Ever
A warm welcome to the fans of grand ramp racing games - ImpossibleBiggest Ramp Ever. Here is the next generation stunt game for MegaRamp Series games players. This game will be a best serve for thehardcode vehicle stunt racing gamers. Impossible Biggest Ramp Evergame will dip your thirst for car racing stunts, performing thebest tricks on the longest impossible tracks & fly the highspeed vehicle through mega ramps to perform extreme destruction.Experience Life On The Edge: Race your supercars and other heavyvehicles on vertical grand slope track. Jump on the city grounds tomake the best demolition ever! Perform a crazy stunt on mega rampsto take the best jump. Drive fast and be furious on the narrowpath. Be careful on the edges of each ramp to earn more points toremain on the top of leader-boards. Can you Stop a Train? Can youjump with so accuracy to stop the train which in running throughthe landing area? If you can, then you are the master of flyingcars. Take your first ride with car and the coins you collect willhelp you to upgrade your vehicles. Drive against the steep verticalramp and bound on the most destructive environment. Game feature:Amazing gameplay Chance to perform extreme tricks and stuntsImpossible Tracks racing games Difficult levels of racing tracksExplore the metro environment of huge city Stunning graphicsIntuitive control for fast vehicles Awesome gameplay audio Getready to perform gravity defying epic stunts and action basedheavy vehicle adventures in this Impossible Biggest Ramp Ever. Playand enjoy the awesome gameplay from racing games category and giveyour feedback to help us improve this game in future releases.Follow us on our social media pages for latest game updates.Facebook:
Superheroes Fight of Champions
Experience the powerful superheroes fight as you have never seenthem before with Integer game’s new game, Superheroes Fight ofChampions. Play as your beloved hero characters by imagining as youare increasing their superpowers. The Game Moto: Goal of our gameis to teach the young champions how to widen their solecapabilities and triumph over immorality. Always remember thatvictory is having done your best, If you are done your best youhave won in this fighting game. Enjoy the war of legacy. DevelopStrength: Upgrade your I-man & Mr. Mask with cash earnedthrough battles to enlarge your winning splash and combat stats. Bethe monster fighter: You may have to fight a clash more than onceto win it. Don't count the days, make the days count. Become themonster fighter here, to take your part conform in the future Robotfight game. Join the most impossible fighting games ever to defeatall villains for the universe. Big Boss Deadly Fight: In thisadventure fight game defeat the big boss to explore the nextregion. The enemy is quite strong so it will be difficult to fighteasily. Upgrade your hero to win the level. Features of SuperheroesFight of Champions: • The best Sports Fighting Game • Real heroesbattle in your finger tip • Action packed beat'em up • AmazingFight controls • Classy 3D characters and large scenes • Variousstrategies to strike the enemies • Engaging game-play Recall yourchildhood arcade action games memory then this Superheroes Fight ofChampions game is for you. Play the best fighting games onplay-store.
Shark Dragon Simulator
Sharks Dragon Simulator is an ultimate prehistoric sea sharksruling the ocean is one of the best simulation game from BigcodeGames. You are a giant prodigious beast from another world and forsurvival you have to hunt. You are a crazy killer dragon shark whois ready to attack all the innocent people on the beach for yourappetite and also to attack boats, ships to complete the levels.Finish your hunt before you become the hunted or killed by othersea monsters or by people. Most importantly, keep saving your lifeand survive until the level is completed. Hunt or be hunted butshow no mercy! This is an ultimate underwater simulation game justdesigned for you. Download the most thrilling simulation game.Shark Dragon Simulator Features: • Free Simulation game to play •Realistic underwater sea experience • 3D graphics, ocean &beach environments • Ultimate hunting experiences • Various aquatic& beach theme • Smooth controls & thrilling gameplay • Easy& fun to play If you love Impossible Sharks Dragon Simulator,please do leave a comment. Discover the simulation games & muchmore with Bigcode Games! Social Media:- Like us on Facebook &Twitter! Facebook Link:- Link:- See videos:Subscribe our Youtube Channel to get new game notifications!Youtube Link:-
Santa Gift Delivery 2018 – Christmas Games
Enjoy this winter season with our super star Santa Claus,withInteger Game’s new game - Santa Gift Delivery 2018 –ChristmasGames. Help Mr. Santa to fill these festive days veryspecial wherehappiness prevails and smiles are at every turn. Kidsare waitingin each corner of this city for the gifts from theirfavoriteSanta. All you have to do is, drive the Xmas trucks aroundthe cityto deliver the gifts on time to all the children. Remembertocollect Fuels on the way and reach each location before thetimeends. In this Christmas gift games, get ready to become thedriverof the Santa Claus and help him to deliver gifts to all hisbelovedchildren. Let this Christmas bring lot of fun and excitementforall ages. Be a Secret Santa for anyone in this winter.Surpriseyour friends by offering a Christmas gift in the form ofawonderful Game - Santa Gift Delivery 2018 – Christmas Games.Spreadthe happiness like falling snowflakes around everyone withoutanylimit. Features of Santa Gift Delivery 2018 – Christmas Games:NewTruck Driving Game Santa Gift Delivery Missions Festive musicandsound effects. A game with real Christmas feel Veryvibrantgame-play Realistic Delivery Truck Control AwesomeSimulation GameMerry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!It’s holidaytime. So fulfill your Christmas gift delivery duty withour Santa.Download and Play Santa Gift Delivery 2018 – ChristmasGames, fromsimulation games category.
Shark vs Shark Multiplayer - Word Hunting
Welcome to the world of amazing Shark VS Shark Multiplayeradventurefrom Integer Games! There are many unique species ofsharks likeMegalodon, Hammer Head, Goblin Shark, shark whale, TwoHead whiteshark, Zombie Shark and the most amazing shark is theTerminatorshark. Amazingly!!! It’s the most horrifying sharkspecial poweredshark which can minimize itself to hunt & takeback its originalsize. There is also another shark The Dino Sharkwhich will takeyour breath once you see it. Are you excited toplay with Megalodon?Then just grab your phone and download. Thereare Three game modesto play. 1. Single Player Mode 2. MultiplayerMode 3. AR Mode(Augment Reality) The gameplay is eating and powerup with 100s ofdelicious and dangerous creatures in the water likebaby sharks,jellyfish, fishes etc. This Underwater simulation gamewhich hasstunning quality, 3D graphics and cool sound effectswhich willdrive you crazy. You can also dress your double headsharks &megalodon with the freak in' costumes like differentkinds of hats,weapons, headphones, hammer, axe, magic wands &many moreexciting accessories just waiting for you to explore.Thesesimulator sharks are gigantic & cooler than ever justwaiting toattack. That’s amazing!!! This is the deadliestsimulation game fromthe underwater shark games. Game Play FeaturesShark VS SharkMultiplayer: • Multiplayer mode to play with yourfriends. • Singleplayer mode to play OFFLINE! • Connect & huntyour prey indifferent worlds. • Search and eat words in the oceanto completethe target. • Explore with different kinds of sharkswith crazyfeatures to hunt. • Different Shark power ups. •Friendly UI &fun FREE game. • Free Simulation Game. • Unlock10+ Shark Species. •Crack all the unique missions. • RealisticBeach & Underwaterenvironments. • Smooth controls, Easy &Addictive gameplay. •Different worlds to explore. • Upbeatbackground music and soundeffects. Install & Play as FearlessShark in Shark VS SharkMultiplayer game & ready to hunt forthe survival. Do you likethis Shark VS Shark Multiplayer? Don'tforget to leave a review withyour feedback.
Ghost Ride 3D Season 3
Ghost Ride 3D Season 3 is the latest series of the actionpackedgame from Ghost Ride 3D Series. Perform stunts on the bike,bewareof obstacles on your path & accelerate on top of thecrazyramps. Collect all the treasure & keys to scorepoints.Download & play the bike stunts game. Enjoy the newghost bikerider game - Ghost Ride 3D Season 3: Ghost Ride 3D Season3Highlights: • Free bike racing game • High-quality 3Dgraphics& animations • Realistic physics & crazy soundeffects •Various Upgraded crazy fire bikes • Unlock & playamazinglevels • Adventurous hurdles on the road • Challenginglevels toget you more cash Do you love Ghost Ride 3D Season 3?Please leavethe comment below! Thank You!