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Assassin Mission Block Gun C17.3
Play as an elite assassin, trained in the waysof the deadly snipers in Assassin Mission Block Gun. Dominateseveral maps including sewer, railway and cave base. Take onclandestine tasks in a dance with death that you must survive ifyou dare accept the mission. Brace yourself for a battle of epicproportions when your mission is leaked and the enemy you areassigned to eliminate aims to eradicate you first. Pack big punchesand survive hard hitting battles as you fight your way to victory.This mission isn't for the faint of heart.YOUR MISSION IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT...As a young boy, you could only ever dream of the world of dangerand intrigue that filled the books you stealthy borrowed from thelibrary. You would follow the methodical journey of each war heroand free agent sniper as if it were your own. Then, following thedeath of your parents, you are taken into custody by a familymember you never knew you had, a man who you know your parentscertainly would never have entertained the company of.Brought to the Knights of the Dark, a headquarters headed by thismysterious man, you are trained as a fierce killer machine. It ishere your training is endless, and you work tirelessly until youyourself are a deadly weapon the government can use to eliminatethreats to their nation.Tasked with taking out a foreign spy who poses great danger to therealm, you take great care to prepare yourself for a mission thatcould prove your greatest challenge yet. This spy is no ordinaryagent, but a powerful operative with his own legion ofsoldiers.Your mission is proceeding just fine, you have your spy tracked --a difficult mission unto itself-- but then something goes terriblywrong. Your tactics fail you and you are discovered. Immediatelyyou are under siege from every angle, by the very clan of enemyarmies you sought to bring an end to by destroying this secretagent. Now it will take everything you have and more to overcomethese masses of enemy warriors and finish the mission you were sentto do.GAME FEATURES:Addictive combination running and action-shooting gameplayawaits...Entity mapThree breathtaking 3D levelsMelee and firearm weaponsHand-to-hand combatEnemies increase throughout levelsAmmo, health, and slow and speed pick upsuser-friendly pad based controlsPlay to survive
Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 C18
In Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 you will facedown notoriously deadly criminals after the penitentiary where youwork is overcome by escapees. Three brothers return to the prisonwhere they long ago made a daring escape and attack the building tofree the inmates, instigating the ultimate revenge on the wardenswho tortured them so many years ago...★Intense Danger Lurks Around Every Corner★Thirty years ago the high-stakes prison confined to its own islandfar from civilization saw its first prison break when threebrothers mysteriously disappeared from their cells. Although anintense and thorough investigation was conducted as to the means ofescape and the possibility of survival, the brothers were presumeddead and the mystery enshrouding their demise became more of alegend than truth... until now.While no one knew what became of these men, the inspiration behindtheir escape was an even bigger secret. During their incarceration,the brothers became victims of a brutal ritual where scientistswere allowed to perform torturous experiments on the inmates.Believing these men deserved worse than death for their crimes, agroup of wardens allowed the torture in secret. After years ofsustaining this torment, the brothers devised an escape thatinvolved several years of patience and dedication. The result wasfreedom from their imprisonment.Now these brothers have returned to the scene of the crime and areprepared to deal the appropriate damage to the jail that onceserved them excruciating misery.★Confront Deadly Foes and Navigate Tricky Obstacles★In Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 you play as a newbie warden,recently retired from the navy, when the jail in which you areemployed is set upon by a small but devastating army of men. Chasethe escaped inmates through a large metropolitan city. Track a slewof criminals as they take advantage of their freedom to pull off amajor heist at a influential bank. Here the chase takes you to someunderground vaults. Other tricky foes will lead you to a domesticabode where many escapees are hiding out under the radar, but whenprovoked, will fight for all it is worth to ensure they are notrecaptured.★Hone Your First Person Shooter Skills★This immersive 3D running and shooting action adventure is loadedwith explosive combat, epic weapon selection and must-have perks.Enjoy retro-styled pixel art as you navigate immense territories.This block world style game is easy to play with user-friendly padbased controls and intuitive interface. Battle aggressive mobs andtake advantage of hidden items as you blast through threeunbelievably challenging levels.Features:-Melee and firearm weapons-Speed, ammo and health pickups-Entity map-Hand-to-hand combat-Hidden items-Navigate obstacles-Play to survive-Competitive combats
Mine Gun 3d - Cube FPS C17.2.2
Do you love Pixel Shooting games? Now Comesthe First Person Shooter game you have been waiting for! Designedfrom the ground up for an amazing Mobile Gaming Experience, withamazing Graphics, and engaging Survival Gameplay.
Survival Gun 3D - Block Wars C18
An epidemic has spread through the capitol inSurvival Gun 3D - Block Wars. This deadly virus is no accident, butan intent to kill off a nation–your nation–that does not agree withthe fascist mob bosses of the outer worlds. In an attempt to ridthemselves of state officials, these despots have created a superbug that aims to kill thousands of innocent people, all with onedeadly intent to end the reign of the free people.PROTECT YOUR PLANET FROM A RARE REIGN OF TERROR...In a world overrun with enemy terrorists, you must overcomedangerous warlords and automatic enemies, and all before thisstrange flesh-eating disease goes viral. Wield epic weapons andchallenge super enemies as you battle your way through a vast arrayof intense levels all set amidst a bleak backdrop where death loomsover block-kind as you race against time to save a nation.***LEVEL #1***The trouble starts in the biodome of Survival Gun 3D - Block Wars,where scientists are researching this devastating disease, allwhile searching out a cure, even a temporary one, to save theblocky race. As word gets out that these lab coats might have thebeginnings of an answer, the place is swarmed with enemy fighters,ready to wreak havoc on the scientific facility and destroy alldocuments pointing to a cure. As the project head and scout leader,it falls to you to bring these thugs to their knees and savewhatever precious documents you can salvage from thewreckage.***LEVEL #2***Knowing you can no longer sit on the sidelines, knee deep inpaperwork, you arm yourself for battle and journey to enemyterritory, taking a military grade ship to ensure your protection,but just as before, these enemies are one step ahead of you, andyour ship is ambushed. On the high seas you face unimaginablechallenges and all-powerful terrorists who seek to stop you beforeyou can near the secret headquarters. Only skill and sheer force ofwill can save you from these devastating enemies who fight to thedeath. Unleash your furry on deck and in the control room as theseenemies try any means necessary to stop you in your mission.***LEVEL #3***High above the desert flatland sits a massive tower, and it isthrough the corridors of the prison below that you climb thewinding staircase to the HQ of the mob boss. Legendary and brutalbattles await you in this world full of diverse challenges wherethe mighty shall fall and the victor will dominate over the playingfield.Dynamic action awaits you as you fight variant human and robotmonsters in an epic power play that will leave you on the edge ofsurvival. Use your ammo wisely, keep an eye on your health meterand prepare yourself for ultimate combat. Bring down your enemyonce and for all and end this brutal war. Survival Gun 3D - BlockWars is an immersive 3D first person shooter game. Designed foryour tablet or mobile device, this aggressive action game boats aneasy and refreshing interface to play. This next generation blockcraft game is an addicting modern day military survival game. Areyou game?Features:-Precision aiming-Explosive combat where enemies increase with each level-Survive by keeping an eye out for hidden pickups such as speed,health, and ammo-Three immense levels offer explosive game play-Choose from an array of melee and firearm weapons
Survival Games Block Island S1.6
SURVIVAL IS KEYStranded on an island, surrounded by mutants and cannibals, riseto the challenge and craft yourself into a survival hero! Shoot andcraft your way to the top as you explore islands and customize yourweapons, becoming one with the jungle!GROW IN POWERChoose between seven unique characters, build their power andincrease their level! Upgrade your character with new abilitiesover 65 levels, going from prey to predator. Become the hunter ofthe islands!EXPLORE THE ISLAND MYSTERIESSail the seas and explore the mysteries of the islands while youcraft your way to victory! Each island has a new mission for you tocomplete, as well as randomized things to collect, and enemiestougher than nails!THOUSANDS OF WEAPON COMBINATIONSDestroy your enemies with bows, shotguns, and assault rifles,each of them customizable! Find and equip new weapon parts byunlocking the valuable treasure chests, creating the perfect weaponfor you!CAN YOU SURVIVEAn exciting and dangerous adventure awaits you in an islandparadise swarmed with enemies. What are you waiting for? Don’t missyour chance to blast your way to glory!
Hide N Seek: Survival Craft C18
Join the fight in Hide N Seek: Survival Craft,a fast-paced FPS action game. Utilize and master your weapons,protect yourself with quick reflexes and locate helpful pickups toaid in your survival. With several exciting maps to play, thisfirst person shooter action will offer a diverse set of challenginglandscapes, monstrous enemies, and dangerous obstacles toovercome.**** PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ENEMY VARIETY AND EPICLANDSCAPES*****In this explosively fun and challenging first person shootersurvival game, be prepared for levels that are epically MASSIVE. Wejam packed each level with dangerous enemies, traps, and extensiveweaponry to locate and utilize. Because of this, load time canoften take awhile…****DARE TO ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE****When your platoon vanishes without a trace during a sojourn in theunforgiving terrain of a vast and untamed desert, you fear theworst. Not sure why you were left behind, but certain the reason isdue to the sensitive knowledge you have of the attack plans of aterrorist realm, you are on immediate alert. You are here... youare alive... and there is a reason for that.Having been captured and tortured beyond human capabilities, youhave managed to survive any and every attempt at your life withoutdivulging the secrets you hold close. It is for this reason yourgovernment holds you in sigh high esteem-- and why you are such animportant pawn in their chess game for survival.Due to this, you have a bleak suspicion why the enemy here in thisdesert wasteland has made no attempt to capture you. Their approachis unique, and one where the rules are quite different. This time,you are allowed to fight back.In Hide N Seek: Survival Craft it will take the ultimate strengthto pass this test and survive the attacks against you. Treating youwith the respect a warrior of your status deserves, this unnamedenemy has a strategic move that could very well throw you off yourgame and mark the end of your reign of victory... and cause yourrealm to fall out of existence. This game as it is, could lead toyour ultimate downfall. Be ever on guard.The survival of the world rests on your shoulders as you navigateunforgiving desert terrain . Conquer monstrous enemies and wage waramidst intense battlegrounds in the breathtaking landscapes of thissurvivalcraft FPS game where your objective is to be the solesurvival. Play vast maps, collect helpful perks, exploit foundweaponry and blast through epic enemy mobs. Dare to accept thechallenge...Features:Unstoppable enemiesHidden melee and firearm weaponsUltimate survival game playPrecision aimingHand-to-hand combatStrategic game playEntity mapHealth meterSeveral maps to play:Cave CityDeserted TownDeserted Island
Robot Wars Survival Games C18
Robot Wars Survival Games is an epic firstperson shooter game with varied and powerful weapons, smooth andsimple controls, beautiful environments and deadly enemies. Unleashyour fighting skills in this vast pixelated world where the battlesare harder hitting, you pack bigger punches and you enjoy doublethe action. Tear through waves of enemies. This FPS showdown is setto begin...~~~Prepare for devastating battles~~~Scene: After the annihilation of the robots who came to claim thehuman race, the world is returning to normal and setting to rightswhat was destroyed by the wars.As the president of the unified nations, he was nearly flawless inhis capacity to appease other countries and maintain the safety ofhis own. There was only one problem, and one virtually everybodybelieved he was human and only a select few knew the devastatingtruth that that he had replaced the ailing statesman who was in acoma. A perfect carbon copy, he actually did a better job ofprocessing information than his human counterpart. In a matter ofdays, he had surmised a plan to balance the budget that would workwith both parties and he had even managed to negotiate numerouspeace accords. What happened after these deals were brokered iswhat would rattle the nations...~~~~The robot race has revived and the human world is about tosuffer the consequences~~~What the world did not know was that while he was executing whatall thought were peace treaties with other nations, what wasactually transpiring was the revival of the robot clans that werethought to be destroyed. These powerful enemies have returned andthey are more devastating than ever before. This time they aresmarter, more equipped and unbeknownst to mankind, were beingsneaked into roles and assuming great power throughout the nations.When these robots reveal the truth and demand fidelity, the humanrace refuses and thus is born the next and great human-robotwar.Chapter 1Hidden dangers lurk everywhere, even in the unassuming rail ways.Become the hero and kill all the robot agents. Feel the danger asyou frantically fight for survival. Blast through dozens of foesand show them who the true hero is and who will dominate at the endof the day.Chapter 2Lay siege to the capitol where the heart of trouble lies. Run,shoot and dodge as you work to breech the fortress walls along theouter perimeters of this renowned building. Take control over theenemy and crumble his defenses.Chapter 3Navigate treacherous confines of a nuclear reactor facility wherethe robot president is planning to corrupt the water systems with aformula that will devastate the human race and brand them his loyalfollowers. The ultimate showdown is at hand. Bring down this enemyonce and for all in an intense second round of this deadlyrobot-human war☠Features☠Intense battlesUnstoppable enemiesVast, labyrinthine landscapesLegendary melee and firearm weaponryPlay to surviveStunning 3D pixel graphics
Cube Gun 3d - Free Mine FPS C18
Cube Gun 3D - Free Mine FPS is a thrill ride,filled with terrifying villains, dangerous obstacles, massivepay-offs and treacherous landscapes. Do you dare proceed?Dear you,The body you are currently in possession of used to be mind. I'mwriting you this letter because it is necessary to your survival.The rest is... complicated.Mental illnesses are beings that attach onto humans, causing themmental illnesses. You live in a hospital where there are no guards,yet everyone is too fearful to escape. One night as a fit of terrorgrips you, you discover a folded piece of parchment tucked away inthe depth of a crack in the wall. Calming yourself enough toinvestigate, you find the following message. As you read,everything you thought you once knew fades away, because.. well,you aren't you to start off with. Rather, you are the being thathas clung to the human being who has written you this letter. A manwho was once a guard, before everything went terribly wrong and theBeings took over. The more you read, the clearer everythingsuddenly becomes. You haven't been so level headed in years.Suddenly it is all clear. You have to save the population fromthese Beings, and while that might be complicated considering youare such a being, the mix of human compassion has blended with yourmaniacal impulses and rendered you Aware. It's time to set yourcomrades free and go home. The human world was never meant to beyours, but the only way to free both parties is to "kill" the beingand send him home to his realm. This will be no easy task...~THRILLING FPS GAME PLAY~Ready to be the ultimate survival and test your skills and witagainst intelligent enemies? Of course you are. Download this gamefore free and get ready to embark upon an exciting FPS adventure.Start off the game on the right foot and claim your daily reward bywatching a brief video ad and get ready to start the game. Choseyour difficulty level, and begin level one, where you will be givena number of enemies you must defeat to continue on, and a timer ofwhich you must beat if you want to earn a select permanent weaponto carry through the game. Game settings allow you to configure theaim and movement sensitivities among others to set things up toyour preference. If you run low on health or ammunition duringbattle, you can be saved by watching additional video clips. Playagainst the computer, but at level six, you unlock the opportunityto engage in multiplayer mode. Game tips during load screens willhelp you discover all ways to achieve your ultimate success.Game Features:*Six FPS levels*Multi-player unlocked at level six*Difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard*In app purchases*Daily reward Control settings*Precision aiming*Entity map
Battle Craft: Mine Field 3D C18
Join the fight in Battle Craft: Mine Field 3D.This fast paced FPS challenges you to utilize and master yourweapons in ranged combat. In this high adrenaline game, become thehero and make a name for yourself. Become the best in the field andearn your title as hottest shooter in the nations. It's time todefend your nation and stop the multi-nation attack and plans tooverthrow your government.***HEAD AN IMPOSSIBLE MISSION***The world is going to hell, and that's not just your opinion. Withtension between the nations running high due to a decade longconflict, the world has been on high alert and citizens areplanning Armageddon. Rightly so too. With two enemy nationsbecoming one after a government overthrow , the threat to yourworld is undeniable and a large scale attack is imminent withdomination fresh on your enemy's mind.As squad leader SSgt, you are tasked with stopping the enemycapitalists and preventing another great war. The mission isdaunting even with your second-in-command SSgt and field medic Sgt,but when your team is attacked by terrorist mobs, leaving you thesole survivor in a brutal battle, the mission becomes downrightimpossible.Humanity cannot end like this. The enemy nation would ring them dryof their free will and destroy the free world as you know it.Still, how can you be expected to survive this mission solo?Knowing you cannot give up now, you choose to forge ahead,sacrificing your own life for the freedom of others if it be so.But you plan on surviving. You plan on seeing this enemy scumfelled by your great nation. You may sit on the brink of war, butwhere you are standing, your nation has more to fight for--you havemore to fight for-- and both will survive...***PROTECT YOURSELF WITH WITS, QUICK REFLEXES AND A VAST ARRAY OFWEAPONS***Explore new worlds in a variety of missions. Equip your favoritegun, but reserve your shots if you want to succeed. The enemies areendless and their objective will have them take you down in anyway, at any cost. Make use of health, speed and ammo pickups andkeep an eye out for hidden melee and firearm weapons. The perkswill quickly disappear as the game progresses, and just as theenemies begin to multiply. The fate of the block world rests onyour shoulders. Keep an eye on your health bar and entity map andtake down these barbaric foes once and for all.**** PLEASE NOTE LEVEL SIZE AND LOAD TIME*****In order to bring you the best gaming experience possible, BattleCraft: Mine Field 3D is loaded with levels that are truly MASSIVE.We jam-packed every map with lots of enemy variety, epic enemiesand challenging landscapes. Because of this, load time can oftentake awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review. Keepin mind, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure youenjoyed one-of-a-kind action-packed thrill ride when you downloadthis epic survival first person shooter game.Features for Battle Craft: Mine Field 3D -*Amazing 3D pixel environments*Melee and firearms*Brutal hand-to-hand combat*Speed, health, and ammo perks*Precision shooting*Entity map offers aerial views of oncoming enemies
Block Pizza Five Nights E.2.7
Horror, adrenaline, murder... this game is athrilling race against time to catch a brutal serial killer and puta stop to his gruesome murders. Get ready to wield epic weapons,collect ammo, jump, shoot, run, crouch, and shoot as you track downyour enemies and annihilate their threat to your town and theirtarget kills.~~~GAME PLOT~~~Walking to catch the bus, you see a young boy look both ways beforeentering an ally. When you follow him into the alley, he hasdisappeared. Instead, there is a neatly folded note lying on thepavement. Unfolding it, you realize it's not a note at all, but aflyer, advertising a popular children's birthday entertainmentcompany. Certain it's not a clue and just a scrap of trash, youleave the scene only to be called to the scene of a murder. Acrossfrom a graveyard, you witness the body of a boy fitting the samedescription as the one in the alley, only this child's face ispainted in a gruesome clown face. When this same occurrence happensseven times in the span of two weeks, you know there is a serialkiller in your midst. That's when your own daughter suddenlydisappears on her way to school. Knowing you only have days beforeher body will turn up mutilated in grotesque body paint, your caseas a private investigator suddenly becomes personal and you'll needyour every skill and all your firepower to put an end to thismerciless criminal and save your daughter before it's toolate...~~~FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL~~~Do you have what it takes to kill a set number of enemies in apreset time? If you think you are up for the task, Blocky PizzeriaFive Nights is the game for you. Each level is set with its ownintegrated clock that counts down the time you have left to beatthe level. If you are skilled enough to dominate, then your effortswill be rewarded with a mega permanent weapon. In addition, whenyou first load the game, you'll have the opportunity to earnyourself a perk to aid you in this mission of swiftness. As youstart the game, you'll be prompted to watch a short video clip thatwill earn you a powerful power-up. Accept, and let this perk assistyou in your mission of survival. This isn't the only time videoscan be of assistance to you. Run out of ammo mid-battle? Watch abrief video ad and gain the ammo you need to finish your enemiesoff. This extremely intuitive user interface is well equipped tomake your gaming experience one of ease and control. Simple touchscreen controls allow you to perform a range of actions. Map-stylelevel selection challenges you to unlock all the levels. You'regoing to love this addicting first person shooter experience.Game Levels:GraveyardA Pizza HouseShopping Mall InteriorEnemies:MobsCriminalsThugsAnimatronicsWeapons:PistolMachine GunsShotgunsSniper Rifles
Cube Ops: Diverse Games C17.3
Welcome to the world of Cube Ops: DiverseGames, a weapons FPS simulator game for you phone or tablet. Thistotally free app creates a fully interactive block world experiencethat puts you right at the center of the action. Explosivehead-to-head battle awaits you when you download this excitingsurvival craft world where you are the hero.**** BLOCK WARFARE ****Your mission as hero of this cool modern military based firstperson shooter game is one of epic proportions...Sent across enemy lines as a messenger, many thought you weremerely a pig sent for slaughter, but you know secrets about theenemy frontier that others do not and with your unique combatskills and quick reflexes, it's your job to stay alive and showeveryone just how wrong they were. Battle across a block basedworld where gunners and snipers are waiting to take you out.Navigate impenetrable levels as you utilize every precious pickupyou find. You'll need it as this job is no easy task and the warwizards you encounter are anything but unequipped to wear theirbadges. Take control and heed the call of duty in delivering thisvital message that is poised to save the cube world as you knowit.**** BUILD YOUR DEFENSE AND BATTLE MIGHTY MILITARY WARHEADS****It's time to put your skill to the test! Strategy game play meetsthe pixelated cube world in this fast-paced action shooter game.Battle special forces and deal critical damage as you travelthrough three epic levels that take you from the office where enemysnipers are waiting to take you down after you receive your specialmission, through the front line of enemy base territory, untilfinally you battle it out at the agreed upon meeting spaces whereword has leaked out you'll be and mighty fighters are vying fortheir last chance to turn you into worm fodder.Features:-Collect vital items such as health and ammo-Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimateexperience-Entity map with explosive aerial views of oncoming enemies-Prepare for enemies to increase and pickups to decrease as youprogress through the game-Navigate obstacles and traps set to take you out-6 extensive levels to explore and dominate
House of Blocks FPS C18
Revenge is yours in the action thriller, Houseof Blocks. In this blockworld style game your objective is todefeat your foes through precision aiming, expert slashing andruthless hand-to-hand combat. Each enemy you encounter willchallenge you in a new and different way, their tactics gaining inintensity and their numbers growing rapidly as you advance throughthe game.In this world of high stakes deception, achieving greatness is assimple as extracting revenge on your enemies...An ambitious politician seeking to climb atop the ladder of power,you have long used your wiles and connections to bend the rules toyour favor. When an election you had fixed to favor yourself aswinner takes an unexpected turn, your mad dash for power seems tohit a brick wall. When the official who betrayed you seeks to keepyou close at hand, you take the opportunity and guise your anger inindifference and an honest desire to continue helping theiradministration. Meanwhile your aim always has, and always will be atotal rise to power, bar nothing. The only thing that has changedis your sudden and intense desire to destroy the official who daredto steal your glory and influence. The rise to the stop starts hereand you will stop at nothing to see you rival fall to the flamesand see yourself clothed in a suit of ultimate power.MAP #1Working closely with your rival in the House of Blocks mansion, youface not only challenges, but enemies on every front. These seedyofficials are just as power hungry as you, but their skills arelacking, and you are able to expertly fell their every attempt atknocking you out of favor with the administration.MAP #2Meeting with your spy in the mansion garden takes a devastatingturn when the encounter is sabotaged by a rival district who aimsto eliminate the true source of concern: you. With experienceeliminating threats, you mow down these enemies and formulate a newplan to rise to your goals with increasing speed.MAP #3District 12 has shown their hand, and the lobbyist calls for anationwide strike. The fallout could be devastating and lead to aunfavorable impression of the new official-- which is anopportunity that falls right into your lap (with a littlemanipulation on your end, of course). Check and mate. But first,one last set of enemies, these ones more brutal and conniving thanprevious, to destroy. Then your path to power will be free andclear...Features:*Battle your way to victory with helpful perks such as ammo, healthand speed pickups*Deal the most damage with a variety melee and firearmweaponry*Keep an eye on the enemy with your aerial view entity map*Enjoy stunning 3D pixel style environments
Force Hunter: Block Wars FPS C17.3
Force Hunter: Block Wars FPS is an epic battlebetween the Empire's domineering control and the Insurgent Clan'sdemand for freedom and peace. Be the hero and save the planets fromthe tyrannical government that threatens all peace and freedom tolife forms.~STORY~There exists a colony of children, all sent to the same planet bytheir parents under the pretense of saving their lives. This is byorder of the Empire. Because of this, the planets are populated byhumanoid and alien life forms. No initiates are allowed. This is afact that you had not previously known, but now makes sense why youwere quarantined at the insurgent camp at Base Axis. As you matureand grow into your skin, the studies and training you've receivedsuddenly make sense. You've discovered you’re a DNA experimentcombining as many recessive genes into one person as possible.That’s why you’ve always felt so different from everyone else, whyyou were shielded from everyone else. But now that the insurgentcamp knows what the empire has been up to, they are ready to strikeout and stop these paratroopers before they can claim dominanceover the planets.-Insurgent Camp at Base Axis: "this isn’t a healing hub," MasterScifi pronounced. "It’s a science experiment. And you were themouse.. before we apprehended you from the Empire'sclutches."-The Planet Xonor: “They say there’s worms," the hunter said overthe hub of the pub. "I never seen no worm. But I ain’t going backout there all the same. If there ain't no worms, their isdefinitely some Empire scum and I got a bounty on my head. Won't berisking my neck for no insurgent, but yer welcome to go yerself andinvestigate the reports."-The Planet Legol: “After eons and light years of travel, I’velearned only one thing of any consequence: there’s nowhere farenough that her memory doesn’t follow," Master Scifi said- the lasttime I would see him. "The conditions on Planet Legol is somethingyou can't unsee."-Final Battle with Warrior Ryo Ken: "It's your choice," Ryo Kengrowled. "You can continue with your worthless life, or you canbecome someone who matters.""And you think the Empire matters? A corrupt tyranny of mindcontrollers and fate benders?" I demanded, weapon raised. "That'snot what matters. Give me my freedom and control over my own fateany day.""Fine." Ryo Ken grinned wickedly, revealing a set of spiked teeth."But your freedoms won't be yours for long. I'll see to that withmy nifty blade here..."Game Features:-Intuitive User Interface-Hand-to-hand combat-Map Style Level Select-Menu Screen With Settings-Power Ups-Ammo and Health Perks-Blocky Weapon Pickups-Loading Screen Game Tips
Cops vs Robbers Blocky Pursuit 1.0
Become the number one robber anddefeatfearless cops staying first place on these street races, becarefulfor obstacles and walls in every curve.Too slow to outrun one cop? Look for the power ups that willboostyour speed or equip your car with a rocket and blast youropponentsto slow them down.Collect coins to improve your final score and advance to thenextlevel in 10 different, engaging and challenging tracks whereyoucan test your abilities and skills to become the best robber inthecity.Need reinforcements? get a faster car from your crew thatwillincrease your speed and chances to defeat the cops, or get ashieldthat will protect you from the incoming fire and a magnetthat willcollect the coins easily while you focus on gettingfirstplace.
Blocky Race Championship 1.0
Beware of concrete obstacles and trafficcones.Race your car to the finish line and win. Collect coins andpickupsto get better scores while you out race youropponents.Establish yourself as the track leader and move on to amorechallenging track!Get projectiles and speed ups to help you defeat theotherracers.Get a faster car that will increase your speed and chances towinthe race. Defend your car from projectiles with a shield thatwillprotect you from incoming rockets. Get a magnet to collect allthecoins spread along the track.Blocky Race Championship features:✔ 12 challenging fast tracks✔ 3D racing✔ Race car power ups (faster car, magnet, shield)✔ Pick-ups (speed boost, projectile)✔ Obstacles (concrete walls, traffic cones)✔ Great environment✔ Blocky Race Championship is completely free to play!