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Dino T-Rex 1.41
Dino TRex from an easter egg game of Google Chrome offline page.Very simple, pure fun. Just enjoy Chromeasaurus rex ;)
Animal sounds for Baby 1.07
Beautiful pictures, real sounds. 4 topics: • Domestic animals •Wild animals • Birds • Insects Source code:
Collect the picture 1.06
Want to find out who is depicted in the picture? Find two smallequal pieces and assemble a big picture! Beautiful pictures ofanimals are waiting for you! Collect a picture quickly, make aminimum number of clicks, be a champion! Source code:
Run away from the tiger 1.05
Help little squirrel to escape from the tiger. Tiger faster thanyou, but you can eat nuts to increase speed. You shouldn`t to eatmushrooms – it reduce speed.
Squirrel in forest 1.02
The squirrel got in a terrible forest, from which she wants to getout. You can not step into the swamp, but you should to collectnuts. Stocks will not be superfluous.
Run away the dragon 1.01
Princess ran away from the dragon, but he set fire to the forest,to catch up with her. Help the princess escape from burningforest.Collect apples to increase the speed and beware of mushrooms- they slow down the speed.
Wildfire 1.03
The fire in the forest. Animals must escape to survive. Help thesquirrel to leave the burning forest. Collect nuts to accelerateand beware of fly agarics. Do not waste time, the fire spreadingvery quickly!
Dino T-Rex 3D 1.08
Dino TRex 3D is a 3D version of the easter egg game of GoogleChrome offline page. Very simple, pure fun. Just enjoyChromeasaurus rex ;)
Real Earth Live Wallpaper 1.10
Available photos from two satellites: Himawari 8 - is a Japaneseweather satellite on Geostationary orbit, located above Oceania.Photo update: every 10 minutes The delay from real time: 30 minutesDSCOVR – is a Nasa space weather satellite in a Lissajous orbit atthe Sun-Earth Lagrangian point, in other words takes images of thesunlit side of Earth. Photo update: every 2 hours The delay fromreal time: 2 days Note: By default, images are loaded only viaWi-Fi. If the image does not load, check the Wi-Fi settings, orturn in the application the ability to download over a mobilenetwork. Source code:
Defuse the Math Bomb 1.25
Professor Moriarty planted time bombs in the City. There is onlyone method to defuse bomb – calculate 10 mathematicalinstances.Will you be able to perform this task and help thecity?Hurry deminer, time is not on your side.Categories:• Addition•Subtraction • Multiplication• Division• Сombination of differentoperationsSource code of the game:
Vehicle Sounds for Baby 1.02
Beautiful pictures, real sounds.2 topics:• Transport• Workervehicles
16 puzzle 1.05
There is board 4x4 with 16 shuffled items.Order by all items from 1to 16.Every touch rotates 4 neighbour items.
Squirrel's adventure 1.08
Ice Age ended. The ice is melting. Each is saved for himself.Everyone is looking for the way to the mainland. The road can bevery dangerous and long. Stocks will not be superfluous. Help thesquirrel to avoid the ice holes, collect nuts and reach mainland.
Cinderella: Midnight run 1.04
Help Cinderella run to the coach until midnight! If you do not havetime, then the carriage turned into a pumpkin!
Little Red Riding Hood 1.03
Wolf faster than you, you have to hurry!
Cat on the roof 1.02
Run on the roofs, avoid obstacles and have fun in a fun game.
Stylize it 1.02
26 templates, which can be mixed.If you make a cool photo, send use-mail! [email protected] application uses code of tensorflowdemo: