Interesting games Apps

Animal sounds for Baby 1.06
Beautiful pictures, real sounds.4 topics:• Domestic animals• Wildanimals• Birds• Insects
Run away from the tiger 1.04
Help little squirrel to escape from the tiger. Tiger faster thanyou, but you can eat nuts to increase speed. You shouldn`t to eatmushrooms – it reduce speed.
16 puzzle 1.05
There is board 4x4 with 16 shuffled items.Order by all items from 1to 16.Every touch rotates 4 neighbour items.
Cinderella: Midnight run 1.03
Help Cinderella run to the coach until midnight! If you do not havetime, then the carriage turned into a pumpkin!
Cat on the roof 1.01
Run on the roofs, avoid obstacles and have fun in a fun game.
Stylize it 1.02
26 templates, which can be mixed.If you make a cool photo, send use-mail! deerslab@gmail.comThe application uses code of tensorflowdemo: