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Times Tables For Kids 1.1
A wonderful game for kids to learn and practice all the timestablesfrom 1 to 20. It is perfect for kids who want to study thetimestables and and test themselves.How kids of grade 1 to 4 can benefit?- They can easily learn the times tables from 1 to 20. Everytimestable is spoken aloud by a child's voice.- They can test themselves by solving every times table.- Get compliments on getting correct answers. Get scores foreverytimes table solved.Why parents will love the app? - It is very easy to useandplay.- A child can use it all alone.- A cute boy character keeps the kids busy with his antics.- Every Times Table is spoken aloud to reinforce learning inachild.- Kids will learn tables in a fun way.Features- Separate sections for learning and testing for each timestablefrom 1 to 20.- Just right for math of grades 1-4.
Coloring For Kids 1.1
A super coloring app for kids. Let your kid explore theircreativeside. Kids can learn while having fun. Over 200 freecoloringpages. Perfect for kids between 3-8 years. Totally Free! NoIn-apppurchases!Why kids will love this app?- Cute and attractive images to grab the child's attention.- 11 categories to choose from, ranging form Nature to Food.- A variety of colors that can be changed with a fingertouch.- Ability to save the colored pictures.Why parents will love this app?- Kids will be engaged in coloring for hours.- Kids will learn the basics of coloring, whileenjoyingthemselves.- Kids will learn to recognize animals, birds, and many otherthingsfrom the pictures and names provided.- Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting.Categories in Coloring for Kids:Nature, Insects, Animals, Birds, Transport, People, Fantasy,SeaLife, Kids Stuff, Food and Teddy Bears.
Division For Kids 1.0
A fantastic app for kids to learn and practicelong division on their own. This app teaches kids simple divisionand long division with remainders. There are unlimited problems forchildren to practice and solve. This app is just perfect for kidswho are learning division and also wish to test their knowledge oftimes tables upto 20 by solving division problems.Two Modes: Each mode has 10 levels of difficulty.1) Practice: Learn how to do long division with remainders startingwith simple division. Unlimited problems in every level.2) Test: Take division tests with 10 problems each in every level.Different problems every time you play.How kids of grade 2 to 6 can benefit?- Easily learn long division (with and without remainders) withstep-by-step instructions (spoken aloud).- Solve division problems like a game and try to cross every levelof difficulty.- Use the same app again and again to get new problems all thetime.- Easy problems for kids just learning division and difficultproblems for kids who already know division.- Kids will learn what the terms mean: quotient, remainder,dividend and divisor.Why parents will love the app?- It is fun to use and play. The child can learn and practicedivision all alone.- Funny animations will keep the child hooked.- Every step, problem and answer is spoken aloud to reinforcelearning in a child.Features- Free to download and try out.- Solutions available for practice problems- 1st 2 levels free in both modes. Remaining 8 available via singlein-app purchase.- Just right for math of grades 2-6.
Pets Dress Up Salon Games 1.6
Girls can now have loads of fun and go crazybyplaying animal dress up games. Show off your creative senseoffashion and style by dressing up animals. Dress up a cuteRabbit,adorable Elephant, mischievous Monkey, mamma Bear and asweetSquirrel. Lots and lots of clothes and accessories availabletocreate fantastic looks. Totally free animal dress up salon gameforlittle girls.Make the animals look hip, trendy and fashionable. Youhaveplenty of options available for each animal such as tops,bottoms,jackets, shoes and a whole lot of accessories likehats,sunglasses, jewelry, bags and purses.Features:* Totally free!* Dress up 5 animals - Rabbit, Elephant, Monkey, BearandSquirrel.* 100s of unique combinations/looks possible for everyanimal.* Save the final look as a photo in your photo album.* Use the pic as your cute animal wallpaper.* In your phone, use the photos as display pics for yourfriend'scontact details. See the cute pics pop up when yourfriendscall!
Holiday Dress Up Games 1.15
"The perfect Dressup game for girls for theHoliday season. Create exciting hot new looks for St. Patrick'sDay, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Show off your senseof style and fashion with awesome holiday dress up games.Give the girl a an adorable makeover for Easter. Dress her up ingreen for Saint Patrick's Day. Or a witchy Halloween dress up. Giveher a sizzling Christmas dress up. Make her look lovable and prettywith different Christmas dresses and accessories. Give her a hotparty look for New Years Eve.Benefits / Features:* Totally free!* Over 300 different options available including dresses, skirts,pants, tops, jackets, hairstyles, purses, shoes, sunglasses,jewelry, bracelets, bags, and more stuff, etc.* 100s of different combinations/looks possible for everyholiday.* Show off the new look as your girly holiday wallpaper or profilepicture.Download this free holiday dress up game and play now."
3D Animal Safari Game For Kids 1.1
Take kids down on a 3D animal safari. Meet21different animals in a 3D safari scene. Fly over the animals onabird or drive by them on a jeep or roam around on an Elephant.Makethe animals do various actions like eating, walking,running,attacking, roaring, etc. A super fun free app forlittlechildren.Note: Requires more than 512MB RAM.Fun Features:* Totally in 3D. Looks realistic.* Real Animals sounds* 21 different animals like Lion, Elephant, Bear, Cow, Pig, Owl,andmore.* Very easy to use. Children can play on their own.
Fruits Puzzles Game For Kids 1.3
Fruits Puzzles Game is an interactive,free puzzle game for kids. In this puzzle game, kids have tosolve a simple fruit puzzle and after solving the puzzle, the kidshave to drag the fruit and feed it to the hungry monster and watchthe monster munch the fruit with a chomping sound!With this free puzzle app, kids can easily learn the basic fruitnames like apple, mango, guava, papaya, pineapple, raspberry, etcwhile having fun!FEATURES OF FRUITS PUZZLES GAME FOR KIDS ARE:⍟ Lovely animation and sound effects⍟ Kids can learn fruit names easily after solving simple fruitpuzzles⍟ Free, interactive puzzle game in the form of jigsaw puzzles tolearn fruitsDownload this free fruit puzzle app and enjoy guaranteed,never-ending fun and learning for your kid!
Fábulas y Cuentos Infantiles 2
“Fábulas infantiles” contiene diezcuentosclásicos y populares para niños de entre 0 y 5 años.Conanimaciones completamente interactivas, personajes simpáticos yunentorno atractivo, esta app es el perfecto libro de cuentosparatus hijos.Estas son las historias que incluye la app:1) La liebre y la tortuga2) La hormiga y el saltamontes3) La hormiga y la paloma4) El perro y el hueso5) El zorro y el cuervo6) El zorro y las uvas7) El zorro y la cigüeña8) El ganso que ponía huevos de oro9) El león y el ratón10) El cuervo sedientoEl texto es fácil de leer y de entender para quienesreciéncomienzan a leer. Existen dos opciones de lectura: “¿Melees?” y“Leer por mí mismo/a”. Con la primera opción, tus hijospodránmejorar su comprensión auditiva y disfrutar de las historias.Conla segunda opción, puedes leerles las historias a tus hijos o¡queellos mismos lo hagan!Características:- Ideal para niños menores de 5 años.- Entorno colorido y dinámico.- Personajes interactivos y fondos que mantienen a tushijosinteresados.- Narración y música divertidas e interesantes.- 2 historias gratis para leer. Las otras 8 seencuentrandisponibles de pago dentro de la app."Children Fables"containsten popular for children between 0 and 5 years and classicstories.With fully interactive animations, cute characters and anattractiveenvironment, this app is the perfect storybook for yourhijos.Estasare the stories that includes the app:1) The Tortoise and the Hare2) The ant and the grasshopper3) The Ant and the Dove4) The dog and bone5) The fox and the crow6) The Fox and the Grapes7) The Fox and the Stork8) The goose that laid golden eggs9) The Lion and the Mouse10) The thirsty crowThe text is easy to read and understand for those who arejustbeginning to read. There are two reading options: "Do you readme?"And "Read by myself / a". With the first option, your childrencanimprove their listening and enjoy the stories. With thesecondoption, you can read stories to your children or thattheydo!Characteristics:- Ideal for children under 5 years.- Colorful and dynamic environment.- Interactive characters and backgrounds that keep yourchildreninterested.- Narration and fun and interesting music.- 2 free stories to read. The other 8 are available forpaymentwithin the app.