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TidyTipper 1.0.0
TidyTipper calculates the tip for yourrestaurant bill.Just type the sum to pay from the bill and if you wish, changethe tip percentage.A table will show the exact amount to pay to give the requestedtip percentage. It also shows four rounded amounts and theircorresponding tip percentage for a more convenient payment if youpay by cash.You can split the bill by clicking the number of persons tosplit for. Even when splitting the bill, you will see the exactamount as well as rounded amounts for a more convenient cashpayment.You can enter the tax amount from the bill into the Tax field.The tip will then be calculated on the non-tax part only.The user interface is clean and clutter free to make the appefficient and easy to use.TidyTipper is free and there are no ads in the app.The permissions required for this app are Internet Access andCheck Network Status. This is due to the way the app is built. Theapp runs locally and nothing is sent or received over theinternet.
In-a-Row 1.1.0
As a variation of the classic tic-tac-toegame,this game continues until all 25 squares are filled.Any time you get three or more of your marks in a row, yougetawarded as follows:* 3 in a row gives +100* 4 in a row gives +500* 5 in a row gives +2000When the board is filled, the player with the highest scoreisthe winner.