Intl.SOS Apps

International SOS Assistance
The International SOS Assistance App is an essential tool thathelps you make the most of your International SOS membership and isavailable exclusively to members whose organization offers the appto their travelers and expatriates. With the Assistance App,travelers and expatriates have a world of capability in their hand:it is the only medical and travel security app that is integratedinto a global assistance infrastructure. • Call for Assistance fromthe Log In screen if even if you don’t know your membership number• Now available in six languages: English, French, German, Chinese,Japanese and Korean • Displays travel itineraries for members usingInternational SOS’ TravelTracker solution - requires login viaemail • Login via email – no need to memorise membership numbers •Access mobile-friendly medical and travel security information andcountry guides, to prepare before trips. • Instant and interactiveaccess to latest medical and security alerts for your destinations,before and during trips. • Push notifications for alerts based onyour currently selected location • Save up to 10 countries forquick access to frequently traveled destinations • Simple countrysearch • Improved Settings menu with additional control options •App works in airplane mode after your first successful login, readalerts while offline
MedFit 3.1.1
Welcome to the MedFit Health Program application!This app,available for International SOS MedFit Program beneficiaries, willprovide you access to key information concerning your healthprogram as well as your fitness certificate, vaccination detailsand health passport. You will also be able to monitor some of yourhealth indicators via the Dashboard menu, create your examinationand even track the process of your medical report. This app willalso be available offline (without Internet access) so that you canaccess your fitness anytime needed!
Intl.SOS TeleConsultation 1.0
International SOS corporate members have access to theIntl.SOSTeleConsultation app which enables 24/7 access to avideoconsultation with a qualified medical professional. Afterinitiallycontacting Intl.SOS for assistance and after confirmationthroughmedical triage that Teleconsultation is deemed appropriate,memberscan use this app to enable a video consultation withtherecommended medical provider within the Intl.SOS network.Asalways, should Intl.SOS recommend a member see amedicalprofessional, Intl.SOS will arrange the visit.
Aspire Lifestyles Concierge Móvel 1.0
O aplicativo Concierge Móvel da Aspire Lifestyles permite queosusuários tenham acesso ao seu Concierge, independentemente deondeas viagens os levem.Este aplicativo está disponível somentepara osclientes atuais do Aspire Lifestyles, fornecendo informaçõesdefácil acesso, vantagens, benefícios e em uma ampla variedadedecategorias, bem como acesso ao seu Concierge via telefoneoue-mail. Se precisar de assistência em viagem, reservasderestaurantes, assistência para compras, ingressos, acesso aeventosespeciais, ajuda com serviços domésticos ou tem umasolicitaçãosuper exclusiva, conte e confie nos Concierges pararealizarem seudesejo.Concierge Mobile Aspire Lifestyles applicationallows usersto have access to their Concierge, regardless of wherethe traveltakes them.This application is only available to currentcustomersof the Aspire Lifestyles, providing information easilyaccessible,advantages, and benefits in a wide variety ofcategories, as wellas access to their concierge via phone oremail.If you needroadside assistance, restaurant reservations,shopping assistance,tickets, access to special events, help withhousehold chores orhas a unique super request, count and rely onConcierges to carryout his wish.
РОСБАНК Консьерж 1.0.2
Мобильное приложение Консьерж-службы ПАО РОСБАНК.Забронируйтеотель, VIP-встречу в аэропорту, билеты на концерт илиспортивноемероприятие. А если хотите поехать в необычноепутешествие? Мыорганизуем его для вас. Важно. Для использованиямобильногоприложения, пройдите первоначальную авторизацию вконсьерж-службапо телефону: +74995004423 Список услуг: -организация путешествий;- организация досуга; - доставка подарков ицветов; - такси итрансферы; - другие услуги. Mobile applicationConcierge ServicePJSC ROSBANK.   Book a hotel, VIP meeting atthe airport,tickets for a concert or a sporting event. And if youwant to go onan unusual journey? We will arrange it for you.Important. To usethe mobile application, go through the initialauthorization in theconcierge service by phone: +74995004423 Listof services: - travelarrangements; - organization of leisure; -delivery of gifts andflowers; - Taxis and transfers; - otherservices.
Aspire Lifestyles Mobile Concierge 1.1
Aspire Lifestyles Mobile Concierge allows users to easilyaccesstheir Concierge no matter where their travels take them. Thisapp,available only for use by registered Aspire Lifestylescustomers,provides easy-to-access information, perks, privilegesand contentin a wide range of categories, from travel planning andsupport todining and entertainment, as well as easy access to yourConciergevia phone or email. For registration information, pleasecontactAspire Lifestyles at [email protected]