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Incredible Jack: Jumping & Running (Offline Games) 1.12.6
An incredible journey in the style of the best console games. Blowup everything around and prevail against 7 BIG bosses. Improve yourhero by making him stronger in this awesome platformer. This freegame works without Internet. Games offline is your best bet to playanywhere and anytime. Help Jack rescue his family from the demonsof the underworld in this power-packed jumping game adventure!Collect thousands of coins, wipe out countless enemies and utilizean assortment of wild acrobatic contraptions to reach the exit atthe end of each level. Retro platform game Incredible Jack harksback to the best of classic platformers; bounce on the heads ofyour enemies for points, use springs to propel Jack into the sky orto skim across water and take on seven MIGHTY bosses. Journeythrough a magical world With 43 levels to explore, Jack will travelacross treetops, through sand-filled tombs, icy caves and theoverflowing lava pits of the underworld. Treasure everywhere Jack’schildren have left a trail of coins to help him track them down.Collect as many glittering treasures as you can by smashing overcrates, barrels, sacks and in hidden areas. Game Features - Offlinegame (Incredible Jack works without WiFi and Internet) - Cool retroplatformer - 43 action-packed levels - 7 amazing game worlds toexplore - Fill your boots with coins from anything you can smashopen - Use power-ups to fly or turn Jack into a coin magnetDownload NOW and start an incredible adventure!