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Crimson : bullet hell 1.0
Crimson is a top down bullet hell shooter/shoot em up space game.The goal is to beat all five stages and get the highestscore.Just as in any other bullet hell shooter your hit box is justasingle pixel( about the middle of the ship)Controls & Features:Just drag the ship with your finger.You can see the exact area just below the ship - indicated by aredsquare( shows only in slow motion mode)When you are not controlling the ship the game enters slowmotionmode.Most of the UI hides when you actually play.Try not to stay too close to the bottom or the sides.You get score by collecting coins and powerUps.There are two kinds of powerUps:- Red - increases fireRate.- Blue - Gives you a shield( absorbs one bullet hit)The powerUps change back and forth every couple seconds so inorderto get the one you want you have to time it properly.This shoot em up has Five stages and three Bosses.Top down shooters / bullet hells work best on tablets.Additional info:It was originally going to have more levels and features but Iranout of steam!