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Cosoult Survival to Mars 0.1.4
Survive and you're on Mars todayYour ship is broken and you fell toMars terrible planet where you have to survive, you need oxygen andenergy, you can engage in agriculture, mine - iron coal gold stoneflint and the other, to explore the structure to find in them avariety of useful items can fight monsters protecting your home,you can build a house with energy supply auger or a pump that pumpsthe water to use it in the craft, beautiful graphics Mars, you cannot live only on Mars and on the moon, it is possible to changemaps, day or night, there are craft tools, a variety of gun stuffpicks borax, is possible to create a player with the nickname, inthis game you can grow indefinitelyFeatures Cosoult Survival OnMars• Craft and inventory system• Survival Simulator on Mars andspace•Building• Murder Beings• Farming with grass Martian•Thechange of night and day• Realistic Mars• Regular updates• Differentbuildings• Resources and their prey• Diversity• Conservation of thegame•Survival• Excellent mechanical• Agriculture is the cultivationof plants• Total freedom of action• Immerse yourself in theatmosphere of Mars and other planets► how to playRise to the towerand take the boxes in your inventory, see Kraft, you can open themand get the item to choose from, gathering the necessary resourcesdo pick and extract the ore, after mining the necessary resourcesfor crafting make the bench and pump using the workbench, we can domore complex craft and using a pump, you can pump water, connectthe water and iron ore become blue to get and use it in craftingthis right material, attacking creatures with any object bettermagnetic cannon, stone, Mars can use the workbench to make a home,place the iron foundation is the basisemail
Angry Neighbor 3.2
Invictus Studio
Explore the neighbor's house and unravel his secret The neighborwas always an unusual person and something that he hid in hishouse, you become curious, and you go to his home, but instead ofgetting acquainted, he starts to catch you, avoiding the traps of aneighbor, and also independently studying the house. In the evilneighbor is present - Good 3D-graphics, optimized for mobiledevices. - Good and quality mobile control - Full freedom of actionDo whatever you want, have fun :) Find the door keys Climb todifferent places Explore the house It's a parody.
Invictus Studio
*** NOW IS SALE -75% !! DO NOT MISS*** THE GALAXY: Survivor is agame from Invictus Studio! made in a rare style SANDBOX-SURVIVAL init you have to survive on the planet and develop using its moderntechnology. • INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS The newest shaders willgive you a full plunge into the world of the game, high-qualitytextures, elaborate shadows, destruction, optimized for many mobiledevices. • ADVANCED GAMEPLAY Complete freedom of action, craftingsystem, construction, survival, planets, good atmosphere, day andnight, and not only, you will always find something to do evenafter several hours of play. • MULTIPLAYER A galaxy in which 5planets of different colors with different living creatures, youcan fly to the planet and start to develop there, each planet has asize of 2 km. This gives you a lot of space, multiplayer beingtested, everyone can take part. • GREAT NUMBER OF ITEMS Ores,mechanisms, plants, materials, use everything for their intendedpurpose is not so much. • INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT Create a drillthat is digging for you, make a farm, promote your plasma, bring toperfection what you want. • CONVENIENT MOBILE CONTROL Convenienceis always important, Invictus Studio has developed a minimalistmobile control with high-quality design and an intuitive interface.• DIFFERENT GAME MODES Creative mode and sandbox mode make the gamemore interesting, over time more modes will be added to the game,have fun :) The game is at an early stage of development bypurchasing it, you help the project in development, Updates arereleased regularly, you can also help with ideas and fix bugs orbecome a tester by writing to email
Marsus: Survival on Mars 1.6
Invictus Studio
*** NOW IS SALE -75% !!! DO NOT MISS!!! *** Marsus: Survival onMars is a game from Invictus Studio, made in the genre ofSANDBOX-SURVIVAL! Then you have to survive on Mars after anunsuccessful landing, there are no living creatures on Mars, but itseems that you will soon run out of oxygen and the food needs to bedone. • QUALITATIVE GRAPHICS The landscape of Mars is made veryhigh quality, destruction and shaders are made at a high level. •OPTIMIZATION The game has a good optimization, there are graphicssettings and a change in screen resolution. • GAME MECHANICSComplete freedom of action, the system of crafting, construction,survival, the creation of a farm, day and night, and not only! •DEVELOP Make a farm, grow plants in it right on Mars! Create adrill that digs for you, improve the plasma. • CONVENIENT CONTROLConvenience is most important! Invictus Studio has developedminimalistic controls with high-quality design and an intuitiveinterface. • CREATIVE MODE Want more variety? Creative mode foryou, unlimited access to all objects of the game, created forcreativity Buying our game, you help the project in development.You can also help us by sending an e-mail to your ideas andsuggestions, noticed bugs.