Ioannis A. Bouhras Apps

DSCArduino 1.9
Arduino digital settings circles controllerforDobsonian Telescopes.
Helios 1.5
Welcome to Helios ( / hiːli.os /; Greek:Ἥλιος"Sun", Latinized as Helius) scientific project!Helios is a scientific application designed to uniteSolarAmateur Observers around the world, by gathering informationoftheir observations to a common place for further analysis. Thedatafrom the observations is send to a server and then it isprocessedto create graphics using MRTG (Multi Router TrafficGrapher).How does it work?1. When an Observer makes a new daily observation and logsdownhis results in the Helios application, he has the ability tosendthe data to the WWSOS (World Wide Solar ObservationServer)server.2. If the Observer uses an Android mobile phone, the phone numberisused as a unique identification number by the application andallowsone Observer to communicate with another Observer or otherObserversvia SMS messages.3. If the Observer uses an Android tablet PC withoutGSMcapabilities the application uses the tablet's model as auniqueidentification number but lucks the capability to communicatewithothers.4. When new data reaches the server, a poller application plotstheuser's data and presents a graph within 5 minutes. The unique idisused to identify the graph that corresponds to theObserver.5. The server assumes that a normal observation time will lastforat least (1) one hour. If no further data, is received withintheallowed time, the graph's data value is reset to (0) zero.
Columba Observatory Application 2.5
Columba Astronomical Observatory (Ioannis A. Bouhras - AmateurAstronomer)This App will help people who follow my work to easymonitor news, events and stuff from my observatory web page