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Solitaire Classic Free 1.0
Solitaire Classic is synonymous with what is actually specificallythe Klondike variant of solitaire. Solitaire and Patience aresometimes used to refer specifically to the Klondike form ofPatience. Solitaire Classic is taken to the next level with a gameyou'll keep coming back to again and again!Solitaire Classic is afun card game to enjoy at all ages. The goal of Solitaire Classicfree is to move all of the 52 cards to the four foundation piles,thereby clearing the starting lay-up as quickly as possible. Youplace a card on any other card in the tableau columns by buildingdownward and alternating colors between black and red. To removethe cards from the tableau columns you move them to the foundation.Each pile in the foundation has to start with the Ace of thecorresponding card suit, and follow that suit upwards.Every timeyou play Solitaire Classic, you compete with yourself for your besthigh score. Play Solitaire Classic for free whenever you like-whenat work, school, or home and make all your friends jealous withyour ever-increasing solitaire skills!Enjoy this age old game allday long with Card Game Solitaire's wonderful rendition of aSolitaire Classic card game!Solitaire Classic Free is a game thatrequires skill and patience.If you are fan of Windows Solitaire,this is the Solitaire game for you.With great visuals and smoothgameplay, right from the small screen upto large tablets, SolitaireClassic is one of the best games out there in the market. SolitaireClassic is a free download! The most popular version of Solitaireis also known as Patience Solitaire! Play Solitaire Classic todayand have fun! Solitaire Classic provides Multiple Themes providinginnumerable ways to customize the way the game looks.❖❖❖❖SolitaireClassic Free Features ❖❖❖❖✔ Hint System✔ Klondike Draw 1 Card✔Klondike Draw 3 Cards✔ Variety of Themes to select from✔ Phone andTablet supportThis version of Solitaire Classic Free isad-supported. Download Solitaire Classic game today on your phonesand tablets for free!Don't forget to review and rate our game ofSolitaire Classic Free.For any kind of Solitaire Classic FreeSupport
Car Racing 1.7
The Ultimate Fast paced Intense Arcade Car Racing game set instreets of Trip Island with 60 Unique Tracks specifically designedfor a high Adrenaline rush is finally here! Car Racing willchallenge even the most skilled racing fans. Play hard and driftyour car through the unique Car racing tracks. Fastest cars aregoing to burn up the streets. This amazingly realistic Car Racinggame is fully packed with super-fast cars and dynamic racinglevels. Get ready to drive high performance cars and make themdrift at high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift carracing. Car Racing has 10 High Speed Cars, take them from Stock toStreet Monsters. Featuring TRIP ISLAND with more than 60 UNIQUETRACKS and 2 RACE TYPES to challenge your skills. Extreme CarRacing is here!! Upgrade your Engine, make your tires stickier andset up your ride with Nitrous and Suspension upgrades for absoluteStreet Domination. Drift your way to victory in car racing, moddingyour ride as you drift on. Make your statement with custom BodyParts and Visuals to make your ride stand out and leave a lastingimpression in the eyes of the losing minions. ★★★ MULTIPLAYERONLINE ★★★ Race with people all around the world! Challenge andcompete with them online. ❖❖❖❖ Key Features ❖❖❖❖ ✔✔ Simple,Accessible and Effective controls ✔✔ 10 unique cars to choose from✔✔ Upgrade and Customize your Ride going through the Grind ✔✔ Morethan 60 levels with 2 race types ✔✔ Online Multiplayer gameplaysupport Conquer the streets with high octane drift racing. Improveyour car racing and drifting skills and keep customizing your carsas you get new ones as we update the game. If you are a driftaddict, then Car Racing is the game for you. Race to battle allplayers online in Car Racing with the available multiplayeroptions. Car Racing is Free! So Download today Please rate and giveyour feedback for Car Racing: High on Fuel for further improvingthe game: For any kind of Car Racing High on Fuel Support, Visit:
Drift Car Racing Simulator 1.13
Drift Car Racing Simulator is one the most realistic Drift CarSimulators. Get onto the Gymkhana and test out your drifting skillsin Drift Car Racing Simulator.Choose from a variety of cars topractice in Drift Car Racing Simulator which features realisticphysicsGet to drive the best cars in Drift Car Racing Simulatorwhere you can drift at high speeds in the game.Drift Car RacingSimulator will be updated on a regular basis featuring new cars andtracks! So keep watching out for updates to continue the fun you'rehaving with Drift Car Racing Simulator.
Baccarat 1.0
Baccarat is a modest take on this massively popular betting gameplayed in Vegas and throughout the world. Baccarat is the casinocard game that is played by both beginners and advanced users. Webring the best promising game to experience this. Baccarat hasearned itself the title as KING OF CASINOS. There are three popularvariants of Baccarat: punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer andbaccarat banque.Whether you want to feel the excitement of casinobaccarat, or to train your baccarat skills, this is the game foryou! Baccarat is a popular and easy to play Casino game with onlythree possible outcomes, i.e. the 'Player', 'Banker' and 'Tie'. Theobjective of the player is to get a total card value closest tonine as possible without exceeding it. The Player can bet on theBanker, Player or Tie positions. In a game, two cards are dealt intwo hands on the Baccarat table, one of which is the Banker's handand the other the Player's hand. The player simply has to bet oneither hand that they think will get a value closer to 9. Baccaratis the exact simulation of the actual casino game so that you cantrain yourself to become a master. Sharpen your playing skills andtactics with this game!Enjoy the real casino style Baccarat on yourmobile and tablet. Get ready for the passionate gambling delight!!Get that real and genuine casino experience with Baccarat, the onlybaccarat game that comes close to the real thing.BaccaratFeatures:✔ Baccarat! Earn Daily bonus every day!✔ Amazing graphics✔Earn Bonuses by inviting your friends and sharing on Facebook✔Great looking optimized graphics for phones and tabletsThis versionof Baccarat is ad-supported. Download Baccarat game today on yourphones and tablets for free!Don't forget to review and rate ourgame of Baccarat. For any kind of Baccarat
Santa The Zombie Hunter 1.0
Santa is busy again this time of the year, as he defends your cityfrom starving zombies. This time no brain eating prisoners, nomercy, his furious fists will do all the talking.Do You Have WhatIt Takes?Santa tip: ❖❖❖❖ “Keep Calm - Be Quick – Be Ruthless “❖❖❖❖Features:-✔✔ Simple to play, hard to master.✔✔ Fast ActionPaced Gameplay.✔✔ Beat em up Action Arcade experience.Warning: Thisgame is mindless, yet completely awesome and addictive!
Bingo 1.1
The Classic Bingo game that everyone loves is now here on thegoogle play store, and the best part is that its FREE! HugeJackpots are awaiting you! Download Bingo for FREE today!This isessentially the Bingo game that you were looking for. Simple andEasy to play, even for kids.Each game will grant you rewards tounlock levels and bonuses. In Bingo you can play with playersacross the world. Bingo, featuring multiplayer online support willkeep you hooked on for hours to come.Missing your Facebook friends?No worries, you can now play Bingo with your Facebook friends. Fun,fun, fun!Compete with your friends to see who will get mostBingosBored playing Bingo with the same backgrounds and graphics,select from the various themes that we have to offer to let youplay along without getting bored.The players get free tickets(cards) every thirty minutes. Earn experience points (XP) to levelup, and unlock exciting themes to play. Bingo is also popularlycalled as Tambola in various places across the Bingo World. Stuckin the Metro? Fret not, download Bingo and play to pass time.Features:1. 4 Different Themes to play Bingo2. Full MultiplayerSupport for onine Bingo fun3. Leaderboards for Social Connect4.Jackpot! Spinning the wheel of fortune for bonus5. Play withFacebook Friends6. More Bingo more funGet Bingo for your phone andtablets todayIf you need Bingo Support,visit:http://ironjawstudios.comRate and Review Bingo, we listen toyou!
Bingo Power 1.3
The awesome mobile Bingo game that everyone has been waiting for isfinally here! Bingo Power up has been developed for the family tohave fun with the kids. Great Bingo fun awaits you, and the bestpart is that its free!Bingo Power is a Bingo game that will appealto both adults and kids alike. The players get new free cards everythirty minutes. The fun never ends with Bingo Power, with the usersable to play online with the multiplayer feature as well. Connectwith thousands of users across the globe. Bingo Power featuresbeautiful graphics to keep you hooked for hours. Bingo Power hasvarious different power ups. Use the Power ups to go Bingo in BingoPower.Spin the wheel of fortune, like you were in the Vegas Casinosto make more bonus money. Get extra coins! Slots fun!Bingo is alsopopularly called Tambola.Pass time while on the subway playingBingo Power right where you are and have your kids play too to keepthem occupied.Bingo Power makes for a fun pass time for kids, havethem have a go at Bingo Power, and you will see. Select differentthemes for kids to play with. Bingo Power has 6 different themes toselect from.Features:1. Exciting Power Ups 6 in number2. Awesomegraphics3. Play Online, full multiplayer support4. Social Leaderboards5. Bingo Power World Themes6. Hit the Jackpot by spinning thewheel of fortune, solid slots fun with bonus!7. Free coins, spinand win8. Online Facebook connect to play with friends9. VegasCasino like feelDownload Bingo Power for your phone and tabletstoday and have endless hours of fun.For any kind of Bingo PowerSupport, visit:
http://Ironjawstudios.comPlease don't forget toRate and Review Bingo Power
Gin Rummy 4.1
One of the most popular card games, Gin Rummy is finally out on thegoogle play store. Non stop Gin Rummy fun is finally here. GinRummy is a two player card game created by Elwood. T. Baker and hisson Graham Baker. Gin Rummy evolved from 19th century Whiskey pokerand created with the intention of being faster than standard rummybut less spontaneous than knock Rummy. The objective of Gin Rummyis to score points and reach an agreed number of points or more,usually 150 before the opponent does. The basic game strategy ofGin Rummy is to improve one's hand by forming melds and eliminatingdeadwood. Gin Rummy has two types of melds: Sets of 3 or 4 cardssharing the same rank, and runs of 3 or more cards in sequence, ofthe same suit. Deadwood cards are those not in any melds. Aces areconsidered low, they can form a set with another aces but only thelow end of runs. A Gin Rummy player can form any combination ofmelds within their hand, whether it contains all the sets, allruns, or both. A hand can contain three or fewer melds to knock orform legal Gin. Developed specifically for the the Phone and Tabletwith an intuitive interface, Gin Rummy will be a pleasure to playand pass time anywhere, anytime. And guess what? Gin Rummy is FREE!Bored sitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch GinRummy and rack your brains and win! We have developed Gin Rummy fora smooth gameplay experience, a pleasurable experience altogether.Features: 1. Very Intuitive Interface and game-play 2. ClassicStyled Cards 3. Tablet and Phone Support 4. Adaptable intelligencewith smart AI Download Gin Rummy for your phone and tablets todayfor hours of fun For any kind of Gin Rummy support, visit: Please don't forget to Rate and ReviewGin Rummy, we aim to make Gin Rummy one of the best card games outthere on the google play store
Spades 1
The wait for a good Spades game is over. Spades if finally here,and the best part is that its Free to download and play!Spades is atrick-taking card game very popular in the United States. Theobject of the game is to take the least number of tricks that werebid before play of the hand began. Spades is also a descendant ofthe Whist family of card games, which also includes Bridge, Heartsand oh Hell. its major difference as compared to other Whist gamevariants is that, instead of trump being decided by the highestbidder or at random, the Spades suit is always trumps, so the nameof the game. Our game of Spades features a live Las Vegas Casinolike feel to. Prove that you are the best Spades card game playerout there. Our game of Spades brings the classic timeless card gameto mobile with beautiful gorgeous.Bid Nil, take tricks and pass inthe best Spades experience for mobile and tablet devices.Our gameof Spades is free to download. So what are you waiting for?Download now and hours of endless fun! Features of Spades:1.Classic Styles Cards2. Phone and Tablet Support3. Smart AI4.Intuitive interfaceDownload Spades for your phone and tablets todayfor hours of funFor any kind of Spades support,visit:
http://Ironjawstudios.comPlease don't forget to Rate andReview Spades, we aim to make Spades one of the best card games outthere on the google play store
Indian Rummy 4.5
One of the most popular Indian card games, Indian Rummy is finallyout on the google play store. Non stop Rummy fun is finally here.Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is a card gamewith little variation from the original Rummy. It is normallyconsidered a cross between Rummy 500 (500 Rum) and Gin Rummy. It isplayed with 13 cards and at least two decks and sometimesjokers(wild cards). Indian Rummy has evolved from a version ofRummy of South Asia that goes by the name 'Celebes Rummy'. Twokinds of sets are possible: a 'run' of consecutive suited cards,and three or four of a kind with no duplicate suits. The basicrequirement for winning a hand is at least two sequences, one ofwhich must be 'pure', i.e. made without any jokers. Developedspecifically for the the Phone and Tablet with an intuitiveinterface, Indian Rummy will be a pleasure to play and pass timeanywhere, anytime. And guess what? Indian Rummy is FREE! Boredsitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch Indian Rummyand rack your brains and win! Play Rummy now with your friends on aprivate table, or a set of real people in Online Multiplayer mode.We have developed Indian Rummy for a smooth gameplay experience, apleasurable experience altogether. ★★★★Features★★★★ ❖❖ **NEW** Playwith upto 4 Players in Online & Private Tables ❖❖ Play withyour friends on a Private Table ❖❖ True multiplayer where you canplay with real people online in online multiplayer mode. ❖❖ VeryIntuitive Interface and game-play ❖❖ Classic Styled Indian RummyCards ❖❖ Free Chips to keep on playing ❖❖ Adaptable intelligencewith smart AI when playing against computer Download Indian Rummyfor your phone and tablets today for hours of fun For any kind ofIndian Rummy support, visit: Pleasedon't forget to Rate and Review Indian Rummy, we aim to make IndianRummy one of the best card games out there on the google playstore. Note: Please update to the latest version of the game for asmooth online experience.
CCG Battle Gods 1.7
Battle Gods CCG is the Ultimate fusion of Indian Mythology in aCard Combat Game form. Our game is Simple to Play with strategicalDepth of gameplay. In Battle Gods CCG, you play as one of theIndian Gods in a fast paced, intense battle. Within Minutes youwill unleashing hell on the opponents by using various Cards likeHeroes, Spells, Weapons to decimate opponents. Battle Gods CCG is amass fantasy combat system set in the World of Mythological IndianGods. Battle Gods CCG uses a streamlined movement and combat systemwhich presents many tactical challenges without bogging the playersdown, allowing to be played for hours. If you are a CCG veteran,you know what this means, and yes, it is every bit as awesome asyou think it would be. If you haven’t played CCG games before, youare in for a real treat!! Build your own deck of Cards from avariety of over 40 Unique cards and scheme different strategiesagainst your opponents. The best thing about Battle Gods CCG wouldbe that you will be able to Battle players online all around theworld, with its Online Battle mode. So what are you waiting for?Come Join us and Battle it out in Battle Gods CCG and live thoughthe Epics. Battle Gods CCG will take your through a journey of oneof the oldest and richest Mythologies known to Mankind. Read abouteach Gods backstory in the game. Battle Gods CCG features Leaderboards to keep track of the mightiest of all Battle Gods. ❖❖❖❖Features of Battle Gods CCG ❖❖❖❖ ✔✔ Over 40+ Unique Battle Cards tobe select from ✔✔ Deck Customization option to Build your own Armywith special powers ✔✔ Choice of over 23 Gods, 6 Ultimate Weaponsand 6 Magic Cards to Battle it out ✔✔ Play online with Players allover the world. ✔✔ Competitive AI ✔✔ Stats Tracker ✔✔ Read througheach Gods Tale. Coming Soon: 1. CCG Achievements System 2. New CardClasses and Types 3. Multiple Customized Decks Download Battle GodsCCG for your phone and tablets today and have endless hours of fun.For any kind of Battle Gods CCG Support,visit: Please don't forget to Rate andReview Battle Gods CCG, your reviews matter!
Sniper Shooter Ghost World 1.0
Sniper Ghost Shooter is a action game that takes being far-sightedto a new level. All Shooters rejoice! Be Ready to be the BadassSniper Ghost Shooter, save the world once again with your superiorSave Mankind Level shooting Skills. Ultimate Sniper Shoot Emgameplay, which combines the best Sniper + Chopper.Your mission inthis action-packed Sniper Ghost Shooter game is to defend againstthe ruthless ghost, evil towers and ghost spawning mama. See howlong you can last against thousands of enemies.Sniper games arealways fun to play. It offers a surprisingly satisfying gameplayand are a great source of entertainment at the same time. Our gameis packed with Tactical, Action elements, Mysterious Worlds andchallenging sniper levels. For a game that's all about shooting,Sniper Ghost Shooter looks like a measured, cautious experience.Arm yourself with deadly sniper weapons to complete missions deepinside the enemy territory! Kill Shot the enemies and save theworld.Sniper shooting game trains the eye and the hand to worktogether to achieve your killer goals. Shooting games require notonly good aim but also a mastery of strategy. Are you accurateenough to scope your enemies? Take your best headshot.Join the War,Be Fast and Be Quick on the trigger and remember to beawesome.Download Sniper Ghost Shooter for your phone and tabletstoday and have endless hours of fun.◆◆◆◆ Sniper Ghost ShooterFeatures ◆◆◆◆3 Different Mysterious Worlds to be a Sniper360 Viewof the World: Sniper ParadiseSuperior Sniper PlayBeautiful ArtStyle15+ Challenging Sniper LevelsPlease take your time to rateyour experience with this action-packed Sniper Ghost Shooter gameand write a short Review.For any kind of Sniper Ghost Shootersupport, visit: http://ironjawstudios.comWe will be grateful tohear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - in futureversions.
Hearts 2.1
Hearts, the much loved Card game all over the world is finally outon the Google Play Store. Hearts fun for everyone in the family andwith friends is now here for free. Hearts is an 'evasion-type'trick-taking playing card game for four players, althoughvariations are also present. The game of hearts is also popularlycalled as The Dirty, Dark Lady, Slippery Anne, Chase the Lady,Black Queen, Crubs and Black Maria. Hearts is a member of the Whistfamily of trick-taking games which also include Bridge and Spades,but the game is a unique one among Whist variants in that it is anevasion type game, where players avoid Winning certain penaltycards in tricks, usually by avoiding winning tricks altogether. Thegame of Hearts originated with a family of related games calledReversis, which was popular in Spain. In Hearts, a penalty point isawarded for each trick won, plus additional points for capturingthe Jack of hearts or the Queen of Hearts. Developed specificallyfor the the Phone and Tablet with an intuitive interface, Heartswill be a pleasure to play and pass time anywhere, anytime. Andguess what? Hearts is absolutely FREE! Bored sitting at home or thesubway? No problem, just launch Hearts to your hearts content! Wehave developed Hearts for a smooth gameplay experience, apleasurable experience altogether. Features: 1. Very IntuitiveInterface and game-play 2. Classic Styled Cards 3. Tablet and PhoneSupport 4. Adaptable intelligence with smart AI Download Hearts foryour phone and tablets today for hours of fun For any kind ofHearts support, visit: Please don'tforget to Rate and Review Hearts, we aim to make Hearts one of thebest card games out there on the google play store
Poker Texas Holdem 1.1
We present to you Texas Holdem Poker apopularvariation of the card game poker.Who’s got family coming in this holiday season? Or are youtheone doing the visiting? Whatever your winter brings, bringingadeck of cards with you can lead to hours of entertainmentforeverybody. Be part of the Fastest growing dynamic pokerplayercommunity now and test your poker skills.Poker is a family of gambling card games, but is oftenconsidereda skill based game. All poker variants involve bettingas anintrinsic part of play, and determine the winner of eachhandaccording to the combinations of players' cards, at least someofwhich remain hidden until the end of the hand. Poker games varyinthe number of cards dealt, the number of shared or"community"cards, the number of cards that remain hidden, and thebettingprocedures.Texas hold 'em (also known as Texas holdem, hold 'em, andholdem)is a variation of the card game of poker. Two cards, knownas thehole cards or hold cards, are dealt face down to eachplayer, andthen five community cards are dealt face up in threestages. Thestages consist of a series of three cards ("the flop"),later anadditional single card ("the turn" or "fourth street") anda finalcard ("the river" or "fifth street"). Each player seeks thebestfive card poker hand from the combination of the communitycards andtheir own hole cards. If a player's best five card pokerhandconsists only of the five community cards and none of theplayer'shole cards, it is called "playing the board". Players havebettingoptions to check, call, raise or fold. Rounds of bettingtake placebefore the flop is dealt, and after each subsequentdeal.In Texas hold 'em poker, individuals compete for an amountofmoney or chips contributed by the players themselves (calledthepot). Because the cards are dealt randomly and outside thecontrolof the players, each player attempts to control the amountof moneyin the pot based either on the hand they are holding, or ontheirprediction as to what their opponents may be holding and howtheymight behave.The game is divided into a series of hands (deals); attheconclusion of each hand, the pot is typically awarded tooneplayer. A hand may end at the showdown, in which case theremainingplayers compare their hands and the highest hand isawarded thepot; that highest hand is usually held by only oneplayer, but canbe held by more in the case of a tie. The otherpossibility for theconclusion of a hand occurs when all but oneplayer have folded andhavethereby abandoned any claim to the pot, in which case the potisawarded to the player who has not folded.In the game of Poker Winning hands include - RoyalFlush,Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Straight,Three of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair and High Cards.Whether you're a Texas Holdem rookie, or you're a frequentplayerlooking for a great poker game, you've come to the rightplace. ThisPoker game is one of the most user-friendly,entertaining TexasHoldem, offering all players an action-packedpoker game since themoney is completely fictional, feel free to beas daring as youdesire. Play bold moves, make audacious bluffs,and see if you canbecome the ultimate Texas Holdem champion.Master the odds of real Texas Holdem by playing this freepokerTexas Holdem game. Watch your skills improve as your highscoreshoots up with each free poker game.Join now and receive $50,000 worth of chipsDownload Texas Holdem Poker for free today!★★★★ Texas Holdem Poker Features ★★★★❖ Authentic Poker Experience❖ 5 Person poker tables❖ Sit-n-Go Tournaments❖ Shootout Tournaments❖ Social Poker Experience❖ Play Poker Anywhere❖ Daily Cash out’s❖ Live in-game chat❖ Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devicesPlease rate and give your feedback for Texas Holdem Pokerforfurther improving the game.It makes us happy to serve you even better.Have a nice time playing Texas Holdem Poker!
Cribbage 3.2
Cribbage, or crib, is a card game of for two players. You collectpoints by combining cards together to make runs, triple, fifteen,pairs and having a Jack of the same suit as the starter card ("onefor his nob or nobs or nibs"). The mathematics is simple, butcribbage is a game of strategy and tactics. Sometimes you try toscore points, sometimes you try to stop your opponent from scoring;every game is subtly different. The main objective of the game isto be the first to score 121 points acquired over several deals.Points are scored mainly for combinations of cards either occurringduring the play or occurring in a player's hand or in the cardsdiscarded before the play, which form the crib. Each player isdealt with 6 cards. After looking over the hand, each player laysaway two cards face-down. The four cards laid away, placed in onepile, form the crib. The crib, counts for the dealer. Thenon-dealer therefore tries to lay away cards that are least likelyto create a score in the crib for the dealer. To begin play (calledpegging), the dealer turns up the top card of the stock. This cardis called one for the starter. If this card is a jack, the dealerimmediately pegs two, traditionally called two for his heels. Incribbage, points are scored for card combinations that add up tofifteen, pairs, triples, quadruples, runs and flushes. If oneplayer reaches the target point 121 the game ends immediately andthat player wins. Cribbage is a card game that is played with adeck of 52 standard playing cards and a signature piece ofequipment called the Cribbage Board. Cribbage relies on experienceand intuition rather than strict mathematical calculation. As allcard games, cribbage trains memory, concentration, and strategicthinking skills. The interweaving of luck and skill in cribbage isinteresting. Challenge yourself against our expert AI. Cribbagewill keep you endlessly entertained. Play cribbage and increaseyour brain power. Cribbage game is totally free to play andsuitable for all ages. Download now! ★★★★ Cribbage Features ★★★★ ✔Intuitive Gameplay ✔ Attractive Graphics ✔ Compete against ExpertAI! ✔ Free to play ✔ Compatible for both Tablet and Phone If you’reenjoying our game of Cribbage, please take a few seconds to give usa review! We'll do our best to answer you. We appreciate yourreview, so keep them coming!
Yatzy 2.5
Yatzy is one of those strange addictions that is better experiencedthan explained. It's hard to discover what makes rolling those diceover and over again so fun, but it's beyond delight when youfinally see those sixes line up. Yatzy is a simple brain game thattrains analytical thinking. It's a classic dice game.The objectiveof Yatzy is to score the highest possible score within the 13rounds of the game. Players roll five dice in order to make thedesired combinations, which have different fixed or variable pointvalues. The results of each turn are recorded on a special scoresheet.Yatzy is played with five dice. This popular game, lasts for13 rounds as the players roll the dice and attempt to completevarious combinations. The rules of yatzy are simple, and the gameremains popular among people of all ages. Simply roll the dice,make your choices and score some points. At the end of the 13turns, the player with the highest point total wins the gameDo thebest dice combination in the this multiplayer Yatzy game. Half ofthe fun of this game is to yell out the game's name if and when youroll one. A Yatzy occurs when a player rolls and all five dice arethe same number. Rolling five "sixes" is the best roll in the game.Special Yatzy rule is, the first time you get a yatzy in a game itis worth 50 points (if you use it in the yatzy slot). If you rollanother yatzy after you have already got the 50 points (i.e., youdidn’t take a zero), you will get a 100 point bonus.The Yatzyscorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided between two sections:1) Upper section 2) Lower sectionIt is a game of great chance, luckand also of smart thinking and strategy. If you are a Yatzy addictthen this is the best game for you.Download and play this freeYatzy game and enjoy all the fun strategy elements that come alongwith this classic dice game.◆◆◆◆ Yatzy Features◆◆◆◆✔ Play withFacebook Friends or as Guest ✔ Easy to Learn✔ Addictive gameplay✔Phone and Tablet SupportPlease rate and give your feedback forYatzy for further improving the game.We will be grateful to hearyour opinions and improve - whenever needed - in future versions.
Poker Online 1.2
Be part of the fastest growing dynamic Poker Online playercommunity now and test your poker skills.Whether you're a PokerOnline rookie, or you're a frequent player looking for a greatpoker game, you've come to the right place. This Poker Online gameis one of the most user-friendly, entertaining Texas Holdem,offering all players an action-packed poker game since the money iscompletely fictional, feel free to be as daring as you desire. Playbold moves, make audacious bluffs, and see if you can become theultimate Poker champion. To become a winner you should make up thehighest possible poker hand of five cards, using the two initiallydealt cards and the five community cards.In the game winning handsinclude - Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House,Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair and High Cards.If thisall sounds complicated and exciting, you're right-it is. However,don't let that discourage you. Master the odds of real Texas Holdemby playing this free Poker Online game. Watch your skills improveas your high score shoots up with each free poker game. Play a gameof Poker Online and try to beat your opponents with a crushing cardcombination! Be part of Most Popular Poker Online. Now on yourMobile. Compete against over 10 million players on android.Join nowand receive $50,000 worth of chipsAre you lucky enough to draw aroyal flush?Download Poker Online for free today!★★★★ Poker OnlineFeatures ★★★★❖ Authentic Poker Experience❖ 5 Person poker tables❖Sit-n-Go Tournaments❖ Shootout Tournaments❖ Social PokerExperience❖ Play Poker Anywhere❖ Daily Cash out’s❖ Live in-gamechat❖ Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devicesPleaserate and give your feedback for Poker Online for further improvingthe game.It makes us happy to serve you even better.Have a nicetime playing Poker Online!Note: This game is intended for an adultaudience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunityto win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gamingdoes not imply future success at real money gambling
29 Card Game 1
The most exciting and interesting 29 Card game is here to teaseyour brain and teach you to be more calculative. Twenty-nine or 29is a very famous card game which is played by four players in fixedpartnerships.Twenty Nine or 29 card game is one of a group of SouthAsian trick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are thehighest cards in every suit. It is almost certain that they aredescended from the European family of Jass games, which originatedin the Netherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indiansubcontinent by Dutch traders.29 is a very addictive strategy cardgame.The objective of the game is to be the first team to reach 6points.29 card game is usually played by four players in fixedpartnerships, partners facing each other. 32 cards from a standard52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards in each ofthe usual French suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and spades. In 29card game the cards in every suit rank from high to low:J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7.The player need to bid and set a target forthemselves and then achieve it. The player who wins the bid get toset the trump suit. Play is typically counter-clockwise; the playerto the right of the dealer plays to the first trick. Players mustfollow suit if they have a card of the suit led, otherwise theymust play a trump if possible. The winner of each trick leads tothe next. After the hand has been played, a score is taken based onthe point values of the cards in the tricks each player has managedto capture. The aim of the game is to win tricks containingvaluable cards.The values of the cards are:Jacks = 3 pointseachNines = 2 points eachAces = 1 point eachTens = 1 pointeachOther cards = (K, Q, 8, 7) no pointsRefine your skills and playagainst intelligent computer opponents in this fun 29 cardgame.Need a fun card game for a family party or friendly gettogether? Try our 29 card game, the most fun card game whichprovide hours of entertainment for all ages.Download and play thisfree 29 game and enjoy all the fun strategy elements that comealong with this classic card game.★★★★ 29 Card Game Features ★★★★❖Minimalistic UI, simple and attractive design❖ Smooth animations,optimized to run on all devices.❖ Play against intelligent computeropponents❖ Free to playPlease rate and give your feedback for 29Card Game for further improving the game.It makes us happy to serveyou even better.Have a nice time playing 29 Card Game!
Callbreak Multiplayer 1.1
CallBreak Multiplayer is an addictive and popular card game oftricks, trumps and bidding which is played by four players. Thegame is widely popular in Nepal and some places in India. CallBreakis also known as Lakdi/Lakadi in India.The objective of the game isto score the highest points of all as well as to stop other playersfrom getting higher points by breaking their call (Hence the name"CallBreak").This game is normally played using a standard 52-cardpack. The cards of each suit rank from high to lowA-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanent trumps: any cardof the Spade suit beats any card of any other suit.CallBreakMultiplayer is a strategic trick-based card game. Deal and play arecounter-clockwise. To succeed, a player must win the number oftricks called, or more trick than the call. If a player succeeds,the number called is added to his or her cumulative score.Otherwise the number called is subtracted. After the end of fifthround the winner is decided, player with higher total points isconsidered as the winner of the game.CallBreak is a famous Nepalibrain teasing trick card game which is wildly popular.The best partabout the CallBreak Multiplayer is being able to connect with yourfriends an play for hours at a stretch.Why don't you try it rightnow? Download CallBreak Multiplayer today for free and you'll findan easy way to spend your time with excellent emotions!Try it andnourish your card skills !!◆◆◆◆ CallBreak Multiplayer Features ◆◆◆◆✓ Very fun and easy to play✓ Extreme User Friendly: Easy andrefreshing interface✓ Multiplayer mode with Facebook login and asGuest login✓ Compatible for both Tablet and PhonePlease don'tforget to Rate and Review CallBreak Multiplayer, we aim to makeCall Break one of the best card games out there on the Google PlayStoreWe will be grateful to hear your opinions and improve -whenever needed - in future versions.Enjoy playing CallBreakMultiplayer!!
Blackjack 2
Blackjack, also known to some as twenty-one(21), is one of the mostpopular casino games around - and also super simple to learn! It isone of the most attractive casino games for the player. Today,Blackjack is the one card game that can be found in every Americangambling casino. The rules are simple, the play is thrilling, andthere is opportunity for high strategy. In fact, for the expertplayer who mathematically plays a perfect game and is able to countcards, the odds are sometimes in that player's favor to win.Theobjective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. This can beaccomplished by getting Blackjack (first two cards equal 21)without dealer Blackjack, having your final card count be higherthan the dealers without exceeding 21, or by not exceeding 21 anddealer busting by exceeding their card count of 21.On the firstdeal, each player is dealt two cards, face-down. The dealer dealsone card face-down (the hole card) and the other card face-up. Eachplayer is basically playing a separate game based on the cardsdealt and in relation to what the player thinks the dealer has.That player looks at the cards and determines if he can takeanother card without going over 21. It's important to get a goodlook at the dealer's face-up card because that could determine whatstrategy you decide to use in playing your own hand.The cards from2 through 10 have their face value, J, Q, and K are worth 10 pointseach, and the Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points (player'schoice).There are different game options of Blackjack like 'Split','Double' and also use 'Insurance' to win big bets inBlackjack.Blackjack brings Vegas to your phone with the same rulesand settings of a casino gambling table right on your phone. Take agamble and throw down your virtual chips if you're feeling lucky.But don't get too greedy. When you play free blackjack you got toknow when to take a hit and when to stand steady. The right movecan win you more chips and keep you in the game. Our game offersyou all the excitement of the classic game of Blackjack byfollowing the most popular rules and conventions for your ultimatefree Blackjack experience.And while you may think this freeblackjack game is simple, think again. It's not just about getting21. It's how you get 21. Challenge yourself against the dealer tobecome a Blackjack superstar.Have a great time using your skillsand a little good luck to enjoy the best Blackjack gamearound!Download it today for free!★★★★ Blackjack Features ★★★★❖ 500Free Chips everyday❖ Excellent graphics, optimized to run on alldevices❖ Split and Double to win big bets❖ Intuitive Gameplay andInterface❖ Free coins, spin and winPlease rate and give yourfeedback for Blackjack for further improving the game.It makes ushappy to serve you even better.Have a nice time playing Blackjack!
Tattoo Maker 1.6
Ink the best with this Tattoo Maker game! Tattoos are so totallyin, so why not practice to become a tattoo artist! Work your way upwith a variety of clients with the craziest tattoos you’ve everseen. Be the best tattoo artist out there! A great tattoo is a nicefashion statement. You can get a nice design tattooed and I am sureyou will get a lot of compliments for it. Tattoo enthusiasts mayrefer to tattoos as "ink", "pieces", "skin art", "tattoo art","tats", or "work"; to the creators as "tattoo artists","tattooers", or "tattooists". Put your skills to the test in TattooMaker Salon. Your client loves to be inked and have already thoughtof new drawings for his/her body. You have to help the client tomake a tattoo that is truly unique! Are you ready for an amazingtattoo coloring game? In our tattoo game you will be able to coloryour tattoo and you will also have to put the tattoo on yourclient. Choose the colors and tattoo your client really wants.Tattoo Maker game will definitely keep you busy for several hours.Tattoo games are really fun to play for all ages. This is a reallyamazing tattoo art game for all the creative artists out there!Tattoo making is an art and a hobby. And, art is meant to bedisplayed. So, play Tattoo Maker game and get a chance to the bestTattoo artist in the virtual world. Give your client a verycreative tattoo and color the tattoo correctly just like what yourclient wants. Have fun by giving really good makeovers to theclient around in this Tattoo Maker game. Listen to your customersand design their dream tattoos. Pick a tattoo in Freestyle andbegin!! Get creative and fun with your look in this game!! Create anew fashion statement and be the new fashionista!! Have a happeningand stylish tattoo in our tattoo salon!!! Sharpen your needles andget to work - more clients and more wicked tattoos to ink! Proveyour inked up tattoo skills and make your clients happy with adesign made just for them! Tattoo Maker game brings to yourfingertip the real experience of being a tattoo artist right in thecomfort of your own home. You love tattoos? Then you will loveTattoo Maker game! Create some really lovely tattoo's on yourclients! You should definitely download this amazing Tattoo MakerGame - Art Game for all ages! It's not just ink—it's art. ★★★★Tattoo Maker Features ★★★★ ✔✔ Colorful Color palette ✔✔ Two gamemodes- Client & Freestyle Modes ✔✔ 40+ Tattoo Designs ✔✔ GlobalLeaderboard ✔✔ Compatible for both Tablet and Phone ✔✔ 20+ Clientsto serve in Career Mode ✔✔ More than 10 Tattoo categories ✔✔Various Achievements to unlock to be the best Tattoo Artist PleaseRate and review Tattoo Maker and help us bring out more free gamesyou enjoy. Your support will be our greatest motivation! Enjoyplaying Tattoo Maker!
Farkle 1.1
Farkle is one of the most popular dice game that has captured theattention and board game time of odds-hounds everywhere.Farkle, orFarkel, dice game that has also been called or is similar to1000/5000/10000, Cosmic Wimpout, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch, Zilch,Zonk, or Darsh. Luck is at the heart of this game. The goal is toroll the dice and accumulate up to 10,000 points. If you fail toscore points, then its a "Farkle!" You then lose any pointsaccumulated during your turn.The player rolls all six dice at thesame time and sets aside any “point dice” (1’s, 5’s, or three of akind) that appear. At this point, the player has the option tocontinue to roll the remaining dice to collect even more points, orstop and keep any points acquired.A Farkle occurs when the dice arerolled and no point dice appear. At this point the player loses allthe point dice that was collected during that turn. Playing Farkleis governed by various rules which require a strategic approach.Oneof the world's favorite dice games, Farkle is a fun, fast-paced,high-score game that takes minutes to learn and enjoy. A perfecteducational game that not only utilizes math skills, but alsoexercises visual memory. Roll the dice and try for higher scorecombinations, but be careful-if you Farkle, those points aregone.People of all ages will be entertained for hours with thesimple yet challenging Farkle dice game. This exciting fast-paceddice game will quickly become the family favorite.Play it risky orplay it safe, but play it smart and collect points.Roll the diceand begin playing the great family game Farkle. Download today forfree!❖❖❖❖ Farkle Features❖❖❖❖✔ Score 500 points by no scoring dice✔Various gameplay variations like Full House, Straight, 4/5/6 of akind✔ Completely Free to Play✔ Beautiful Graphics and UserExperience✔ Optimized for Tablets and PhonesPlease rate and giveyour feedback for Farkle for further improving the game.We will begrateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - infuture versions.Enjoy Playing Farkle!
Call Break 1.1
Call break Lite card game is a addictive and popular card game oftricks, trumps and bidding which is played by four players. Callbreak is a strategic trick based card game played in Nepal andIndia & in this trick-taking game spades is always the trump.Tired of not having space on your Phone because of Big game sizes?No worries! Our Call Break Lite version is only 1.1 MB in size!Call break is also called as Ghochi, Lakdi or Lakadi. The objectiveof the game is to score the highest points of all as well as tostop other players from getting higher points by breaking theircall (Hence the name "Call Break"). Call break is played with asingle deck of 52 cards. Cards rank from high to lowA-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanent trumps incallbreak card game: any card of the Spade suit beats any card ofany other suit. Deal and play in call break card game arecounter-clockwise. In Call break the term "hand" is used instead oftrick, and "Call" is used instead of bid. Each player gets 13 cardsand game begins with each player calling their possible winnablehands. Player then plays with a predefined rules and make sure theywin more than their called hands. Otherwise the number called issubtracted. Game has total of 5 Rounds and player with maximumscore at the end of 5 round is the Winner. Call break is a famousNepali brain teasing trick card game which is wildly popular. Whydon't you try it right now? Download Call break today for free andyou'll find an easy way to spend your time and have fun! Try it andnourish your card skills !! ◆◆◆◆ Call Break Features ◆◆◆◆ ✓ ExtremeUser Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface ✓ Ultra- Lite size:only 1.1 MB!! ✓ Compete against Expert AI ✓ Compatible for bothTablet and Phone Please take your time to rate your experience withthis addictive card game Call break and write a short Review. Anysuggestions? We always love to hear from you for making this gamebetter. Enjoy playing Call break!
Ludo: Star King of Dice Games 2.2
Ludo: Star King of Dice Game is a classic family game that hasstood the test of time. We all grew up playing and learning thisclassic game from our childhood. Now you can play your favouritegame on your phone! Ludo (from Latin ludo, "I play") is a strategyboard game in which the players race their four pawns from start tofinish according to rolls of a single dice. Ludo is derived fromthe Indian game Pachisi, but simpler. The game and its variants arepopular in many countries and under various names. Pachisioriginated in India around the 6th century. The objective of Ludo:Star King of Dice Games is to be the first to move your four pawnfrom the base to your home. Roll a six and race your 4 pawns fromstart to finish before anyone else can do the same. Capture youropponent's pawn and send them straight back to the starting area.Play with your Facebook friends, against the computer, against yourfriends in local multiplayer or with millions of ludo playersaround the world. You can also create Private Room and invite yourfriends to play. When a 6 is rolled, the player may choose toadvance a pawn already in play, or may enter another staged pawn toits starting square. Rolling a 6 earns the player an additional or"bonus" roll in that turn. If the bonus roll results in a 6 again,the player earns an additional bonus roll. If the third roll isalso a 6, the player may not move and the turn immediately passesto the next player. Hours of fun with this traditional game of Ludoin bright primary colors. Great game for 2 - 4 players aged fourand up. Ludo can be considered a game of skill and strategy. Haveyou ever missed the classic family entertainment of the Ludo boardthat we used to play on as kids? Well, now you can download forfree the timeless Ludo: Star King of Dice Games and enjoy it withyour family and loved ones no matter how far they are. The more youplay, the more exciting it becomes. ◆◆◆◆ Ludo: Star King of DiceGames Features ◆◆◆◆ ✔ Create Private Room and Invite Friends andFamily ✔ Play with players across the world ✔ Play with FacebookFriends or as Guest ✔ Earn free coins by watching a video ✔ 2 &4 Player Modes ✔ Play together with friends with the LocalMultiplayer feature ✔ Classic feel of playing Ludo Ludo is a gamemade for Kings! If you’re enjoying the game Ludo: Star King of DiceGames, please take a few seconds to give us a review! We will begrateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - infuture versions. Enjoy playing Ludo: Star King of Dice Games!
Keno 4
Keno is a classic casino lottery game. It is a fun, fast-paced gamewhere you choose up to ten numbers and win based on how many youmatch. Keno is probably the simplest game in the casino. Theobjective of Keno is as simple: its just bet and win! If you'relooking for more of a luck based casino game, Keno is here to savethe day! Its a number game you play your own. Keno (or ChineseLottery) is similar to both Bingo and Lotto and has grown inpopularity. The original Chinese name for the game is baige piao orpai-ko p’iao, meaning “white dove ticket”, a reference to thetickets used in a betting game involving homing dove. Keno ispart-lottery, part-bingo, with some unique rules of its own in themix as well, and this creates a game experience like no other. Therules are simple in which the players guess which numbers will bedrawn at random and get paid based on how many numbers they guesscorrectly. Depending on how many numbers you choose, your odds ofmatching with the 20 balls drawn from the pot will change - and theprizes paid out change too. If you have never played Keno beforethe good news is that the rules are incredibly simple to learn. Weguarantee we will have you sitting on the very edge of your seat,right up until the very last ball falls…. will it….won't it….??…and then… suddenly: 'Keno!!' Yes! Score!!! Keno brings the gameyou love into the 21st century – one win and you’re hooked! Lookingfor an easy-peasy game to play that won’t rack your brains with allits rules and strategy? Want to have some fun and win easy coins atthe same time? If your answer to either of those questions is yes,you should play Keno today! It's definitely one of the moststraightforward games that has ever graced the casino world.Download it for Free!! ★★★★ Keno Features ★★★★ ✓ Watch video toearn free coins ✓ Quick Pick option to quickly pick your numbers ✓Erase button to clear your selection ✓ Play Keno Game for FREE! ✓Fast game play Please don't forget to Rate and Review Keno, we aimto make Keno one of the best board games out there on the PlayStore. Enjoy playing Keno!
Bingo Party 1.11
Bingo Party is a timeless classic game which is played around theworld. It's a game of luck & chance.Online Bingo is anexcellent and interesting feature to enjoy, to learn and to earn aswell. So, start playing "Bingo Party" today! The ultimateexhilaration is having the pleasure of being the first of allplayers to get Bingo.Bingo is also popularly known as Tambola orHousie all over the World, it is a favorite pass time of families.The main reason bingo is so much fun is that it is a very socialgame. When you play you will find that you usually spend a bigchunk of your time with a lot of different people from all aroundthe world. This is why so many people find it to be a greatactivity to do with their friends. If you don't have any friendsplaying bingo with you however you can still have a great timebecause there is a pretty good chance the you will make friendswhile you play.The game starts when all the players buy bingocards. It is a card with 5x5 grid. 5 columns on the card correspondto 5 letters of the name of the game "B-I-N-G-O". 24 numbers pereach card are random from the limits of 1 to 75. After that thegame begins, and the caller selects numbers at a random and callsthem. Numbers are drawn at random until players completes a 'Bingo'pattern, such as a line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontalor diagonal row on one of their cards and shouts Bingo. The callerkeeps calling numbers until one or more players claim Bingo. Thenumbers in the columns of a Bingo Cards are selected at random andprinted according to the range - numbers in the B column are from 1to 15, in the I column between 16 and 30, in the N column between31 and 45, in the G column between 46 and 60, and in the O columnbetween 61 and 75.The hand-eye coordination needed for bingo maynot be as exhaustive as for other games, the time constraint inwhich players must check their numbers is key to the sustenance ofmental agility.Enjoy many hours of fun with Bingo Party’s excitingand dynamic version of a classic casino-style Bingo game.Life’s agamble, so why not have a little fun?Try out this smashing bingogame and see if you can win big.Try your Luck- Have you alwayswanted to try Bingo but never had the chance? Your wait is over.Download Bingo Party for free today!★★★★ Bingo Party Features ★★★★❖Single and multiple cards to choose from❖ Connect with Facebookfriends for more rewards❖ Boosters to help you Win❖ Daily Bonus toWin free coins❖ Multiplayer: Play Bingo Party with millions ofplayers worldwide❖ Beautiful Graphics❖ Fast Paced Gameplay❖ Casinolike feel❖ Multi-device support❖ Chill out with beautifulbackground music while you playPlease Rate and review Bingo Partyand help us bring out more free games you enjoy.Any suggestions? Wealways love to hear from you for making this game better. Enjoyplaying!
8 Ball Pool 1.11
Calling all 8 Ball Pool sharks! Enter and put your skills to thetest. If you're sharp, you'll clear the table in no time and showyour opponent who the true champ is in 8 Ball Pool game! When youget busy in your life and also want to try something new , we arehere with the royal game of this world, 8 Ball Pool . This onlinegame is right at your fingertips and you can play it anywhereanytime. Billiards or Pool is evolved from a lawn game similar tocroquet played sometime during the 15th century in Northern Europe.The goal in 8 Ball Pool live is to pocket all 7 of your ‘suited’balls, stripes or solids and then pot the black 8-ball. Player's‘suit’ is determined by the first ball pocketed by you or youropponent. To shoot, aim your cue at the colored ‘object’ ball youwish to hit. Keep an eye on the Power Meter in the bottom leftcorner of the play area. You can also add spin to the cue ball byclicking on the large cue ball icon in the top right corner of theplay area which indicates the part of the white ball surface thatyou will hit. However 8 Ball Pool game is so interesting and youcan play it by your own tricks, you just have to hit the ball withthe stick and there are six pots to get in for goal. You have tocollect the coins for this game and this can be used to get tablesand buy new sticks that have more power. This ultimate Online gameis played between two players who either choose Solids or Stripes.The Player who choose solids has to strike only the Solid colorballs which are numbered 1 to 7 and vice versa. If a user makes afoul or scratch while playing his chance the ball will be passed tothe other player along with the white ball in his hands, which hecan place anywhere on the table and can play any shot he wants ,once the player is finished plotting the black ball into thepocket, the game ends. The one who has plotted the black ball afterplotting all his balls is announced as the winner of the game. In 8Ball Pool Online, you can also Log in with Facebook and invite yourfriends to join. The feel of the game is like it is playing on realtable and same sound effects can be realized when anyone play thisgame online. Play pool with other players around the world, againsta friend or against a random player in guest mode. 8 Ball Pool is aslick and easy-to-play fun game for virtual billiard enthusiasts,and anyone who enjoys online table sports games requiring goodjudgement and skill. Don't forget to use canny attacking andstrategies to defeat your opponent. Spectacularly potting balls isall well and good but you must also try to make sure you have goodtable position for your subsequent shot. Always keep in mind forextra creativity. Besides from your usual routine shots, try anunique shooting work. Step up to get out of the comfort area. Sowhat sre you waiting for? Download our ultimate 8 Ball Pool forFree!! ★★★★ 8 Ball Pool Features ★★★★ ❖ Online Multiplayer Pool →challenge thousands of pool fans worldwide ❖ Use Practice Mode tosharpen your 8 Ball Pool Skills ❖ Challenge a friend' from Facebookfor a online real-time multiplayer game ❖ Free coins, spin and win❖ Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free! ❖ Easy &Refreshing Interface ❖ Use coins to unlock new cue and other coolitems in the game store ❖ Out of credits? Earn Free Credits bywatching Videos ❖ Chat with your opponents and friends whileplaying ❖ Connect with facebook to invite/challenge friends andshare the joy! Download 8 Ball Pool Online for your phone andtablets today and have endless hours of fun. Please don't forget toRate and Review 8 Ball Pool! Your Reviews Matter! Happy PottingAction!!
Parchisi King 1.0
Parchisi King is a classic game enjoyed by players of all ages forover 100 years. It's an exciting game of chase, race, and capture.Go crazy and live your childhood once again. It's popularity hasgone on to spawn variations. With centuries of tradition behindParchisi, you will surely become a fan as well!It is a popularboard game derived from an ancient Indian game calledPachisi.Parchisi is also popularly known as Paarchisi, Parchís,Parxís, Parqués all over the World.You can play this game againstcomputer or against your friends. It’s pretty easy; every playerhas its own colored four tokens. There are four colors red, green,yellow and blue.Parchisi King board game is for 2-4 players. Eachplayer has a set of pawns that start at the corner of the board.The playing order in Parchisi is decided by each player throwingthe dice. The player starts the game first by entering into thetrack by throwing a ‘5’. This can be singular dice or as acombination of the numbers thrown on both dice, and turns continuecounter-clockwise around the board. If a 6, 10, or 25 are thrown;the player gets a grace, which enables the player to introduce oneof their pieces from the Charkoni onto the board. All players inParchisi King, move around the same board, so they may capture eachother’s pawns. Captured pawns are returned to their player's cornerand must start their journey over. The winner is the first playerto move all pawns "home".Play with your Facebook friends, againstthe computer, against your friends in local multiplayer or withmillions of Parchisi King players around the world.You can alsocreate Private Rooms and invite your friends to play.Can you getall your pawns around the board and to the safe lane and the homearea without getting knocked off the board by other players?Eliminate the other players' pawns to make sure you stay ahead!Theanimation effects and design will blow your mind and will giveseamless fun experience while playing the game.Parchisi King bringsyou a really unique gaming experience.If you all are cooped upbecause of the frigid temperatures outside, than why not have funand play Parchisi King together. Play and invite your friends andfamily to join you and beat the highest scores of this awesome dicegame!Download and have hours of fun playing the best onlinemultiplayer game Parchisi King.The board game that defined yourchildhood is now for free! **** Parchisi King Features ****1. Playwith Facebook Friends or as Guest 2. Competitive AI's3. Watch videoto earn coins4. Invite Friends and Family to your Private Room 5.Play with players around the world6. 2, 3 & 4 Player Mode 7.Play with Local Multiplayer8. All time classic family ParchisigameIf you’re enjoying the game Parchisi King, please take a fewseconds to give us a review!Having problems? Any suggestions? Wewould love to hear from you!Enjoy Parchisi King!!
Business Game 1.9
Relive one of the most iconic board game series of all time, theclassic Business game. Perhaps the best-known of all modern boardgames, Business is the game of buying and selling real estate. Snapup as many squares of land, utilities and railroads. Time forBusiness fun with Friends and Family!! The objective of the game isto be the last player remaining with any money. Wheel and deal asyou build your fortune playing an exciting game of Business online.Buy up whole neighborhoods, charge rent, and watch your empiregrow. It's all about making deals and making money. But don't landin Jail! You better keep an eye on your money, because you neverknow when the dice will land you with a massive rent bill to pay.Business is a great game for 2 - 6 players. It is a board gamewhere players roll two six-sided dice to move around the gameboard, buying and trading properties, and develop them with housesand hotels. Players collect rent from their opponents, with thegoal being to drive them into bankruptcy. Money can also be gainedor lost through Chance and Community Chest cards, and tax squares;players can end up in jail, which they cannot move from until theyhave met one of several conditions. There are other places on theboard which can not be bought, but instead require the player todraw a card and perform the action on the card, pay taxes, collectincome, or even go to jail. Play with your Facebook friends,against the computer, against your friends in Local Multiplayer orwith millions of Business players around the world in OnlineMultiplayer Mode. You can also create Private Rooms and invite yourfriends to play in Play with Friends Mode. Business is thefast-dealing property trading game that your will have the wholefamily buying, selling and having a blast! Business! There’s nobetter board game you can play with your friends and/or family whenyou want to spend a good few hours locked in a bitter classstruggle until one person eventually emerges as both tycoon andvictor – and thus, capitalism!   Pass Go, take a Chance card,and you might just build the property of your dreams…or you mightend up in Jail! Whatever happens, it's fun all the way to the top!So why not make it a reality by playing this game and reliving yourchildhood days? Download Business Family Dice Game for free today!  ◆◆◆◆ Business Features◆◆◆◆ ✔ Play with Facebook Friends oras Guest ✔ Create Private Room and Invite Friends and Family ✔ Playwith players across the world ✔ 2, 3,4,5 or 6 Player Mode ✔ Playwith Local Multiplayer Please don't forget to Rate and ReviewBusiness, we aim to make it one of the best board games out there.Any suggestions? We always love to hear from you for making thisgame better. Enjoy playing Business!!
Color Notes 14
Simplify your life with Color Note!!! Quickly jot down on the go.Color Notes is FREE! Color Notes is a note taking application thatis as simple as it is complete, both easy to use and lightweight.In any situation, you can quickly create notes and lists.Write allthe things you need in one place, from short notes to longerdocuments. Colors make it intuitive to organize things. Once yousee colors, you will instantly know how to use them to manage yourlife. When you open Color Notes, it starts up on either theWorkspace where you can add new notes and see saved ones. Creatingnotes is quite simple. You simply press the Add button on theworkspace then start writing the note. Each note can be given aspecific title and color. Don’t worry if you are not good atorganizing things. Anyone can easily get organized with ColorNotes. It reminds you of the saved notes so that you will nevermiss anything important.You can concentrate on what really mattersin your life instead of worrying about remembering stuff. Yournotes are backed up to cloud storage or device storage. Once youkeep your stuff in Color Notes, they will always follow you, evenif you switch to another device. You never have to worry aboutlosing your stuff. Color Notes is a free, simple and easy to usenote taking app that is light to install and works swiftly acrossall versions of Android. It fits perfectly into your daily lifehelping you stay organised and productive with notes, task lists, acalendar, reminders and many useful features. It also makes sharingnotes very easy. In Color Notes you can share via SMS, Email orvarious Social Media channels your smartphone can permit. ColorNotes helps you improve your productivity, by providing easynote-taking with some cool features. Indeed Color Notes simplifiesyour Life. So what are you waiting for?? Download Color Notes forfree today and simplify your life!! ❖❖❖❖ Color Notes Free Features❖❖❖❖ 1. Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list 2.Organize notes by color 3. Secured backup notes to Google Drive 4.Supports online backup and sync. You can sync notes between phoneand tablet. 5. List/Grid View 6. Search notes 7. Powerful TaskReminder 8. Quick memo / notes 9. Share notes via SMS, e-mail orTwitter Feel free to review your experience with the Color NotesFree app. Do leave your thoughts on the Color Notes app. We will begrateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - infuture versions!
Color Notes 14
Simplify your life with Color Note!!! Quickly jot down on the go.Color Notes is FREE! Color Notes is a note taking application thatis as simple as it is complete, both easy to use and lightweight.In any situation, you can quickly create notes and lists.Write allthe things you need in one place, from short notes to longerdocuments. Colors make it intuitive to organize things. Once yousee colors, you will instantly know how to use them to manage yourlife. When you open Color Notes, it starts up on either theWorkspace where you can add new notes and see saved ones. Creatingnotes is quite simple. You simply press the Add button on theworkspace then start writing the note. Each note can be given aspecific title and color. Don’t worry if you are not good atorganizing things. Anyone can easily get organized with ColorNotes. It reminds you of the saved notes so that you will nevermiss anything important.You can concentrate on what really mattersin your life instead of worrying about remembering stuff. Yournotes are backed up to cloud storage or device storage. Once youkeep your stuff in Color Notes, they will always follow you, evenif you switch to another device. You never have to worry aboutlosing your stuff. Color Notes is a free, simple and easy to usenote taking app that is light to install and works swiftly acrossall versions of Android. It fits perfectly into your daily lifehelping you stay organised and productive with notes, task lists, acalendar, reminders and many useful features. It also makes sharingnotes very easy. In Color Notes you can share via SMS, Email orvarious Social Media channels your smartphone can permit. ColorNotes helps you improve your productivity, by providing easynote-taking with some cool features. Indeed Color Notes simplifiesyour Life. So what are you waiting for?? Download Color Notes forfree today and simplify your life!! ❖❖❖❖ Color Notes Free Features❖❖❖❖ 1. Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list 2.Organize notes by color 3. Secured backup notes to Google Drive 4.Supports online backup and sync. You can sync notes between phoneand tablet. 5. List/Grid View 6. Search notes 7. Powerful TaskReminder 8. Quick memo / notes 9. Share notes via SMS, e-mail orTwitter Feel free to review your experience with the Color NotesFree app. Do leave your thoughts on the Color Notes app. We will begrateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - infuture versions!
Tonk 1.0
Tonk is a pleasantly simple card game that is played for fun.Whenplaying tonk you need to be on your toes when playing withotheronline people. A game of tonk can be refreshing or a perfectremedyto those who have grown bored with playing other card games.Tonkis the game for you. It can also be known as Tunk. ObjectiveofTonk is to eliminate your cards by forming them into‘spreads’,meaning either 3 or 4 identical cards, or 3 or moresequentially inthe same suit. During the game a player may add totheir ownspread, or an opponent’s spread. Play ends when a playerhas nocards left. Tonk is played by 2 or 3 players. The dealerdeals fivecards face down, and one at a time to each player in aclockwisedirection. The rest of the cards are stacked and kept inthe centeras the draw pile. The topmost card is placed face up toinitiatethe discard pile, next to the draw pile. Play with yourFacebookfriends, against the computer, against millions of ludoplayersaround the world. You can also create Private Rooms andinvite yourfriends to play. It is an enjoyable card game that isbothfast-paced and strategic. Play this classic card game withyourfriends or against real players from anywhere in the world.Youmight have played many card games but there is nothing likeTonk.Give our game a try. We’re sure you’ll love it. Enjoy!DownloadTonk for your phone and tablets today and have endlesshours offun. ◆◆◆◆ Tonk Features ◆◆◆◆ ✔ Create Private Room andInviteFriends and Family ✔ Tons of Achievements! ✔ Play withFacebookFriends or as Guest ✔ Lucky Draw - Spin and Win Coins ✔Play yourway to top the Leaderboards! ✔ Play with players acrossthe world ✔2 & 3 Player Mode Options Having any problems? Anysuggestions?We always love to hear from you and making this Tonkgame better.Don’t forget to rate and review Tonk. Enjoy playingTonk!!
4 in a Row 1.4
Four in a Row is the classic two-player game but with a modernlook. Two players take turns dropping their color checkers into oneof the slots at the top of the board. Win the game by getting 4 ofyour color checkers either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.It is also known as Four-in-a-Row, Plot Four, Captain's Mistress,Four Up, Find Four, and Gravitrips. The game objective is toconnect chips in such a way that they form a straight line. Thisline could be vertical, horizontal or diagonal and must consist ofat least four chips. To win you must be the first to connect 4 ofyour color chips in a row either horizontally, vertically, ordiagonally! Four in a Row is the perfect game to play againstfriends, or any time you have a few minutes to spare. Each playertakes turns choosing a column to drop a chip in. Your goal isalways to connect four chips of your own color in a row, eithervertically, horizontally or diagonally. The first player to do sowins the game. You can play online against opponents from aroundthe world, Invite your friends to play in Private Room, playagainst the computer or against your friends in local multiplayer.It’s the classic game that's easy to understand, but hard tomaster. Your goal is to connect a line of four horizontal,vertical, or diagonal chips before your opponent does. But watchout, it can be trickier than it sounds! It is also very good brainexercise. Connect 4 teaches logical thinking. If you want to besuccessful player you need to be patient and predict future moves.You love puzzle games? Then you will love Four in a Row game! Youshould definitely download this amazing puzzle game - Game for allages! ❖❖❖❖ Four in a Row Features ❖❖❖❖ ✔✔ Create Private Room andInvite Friends and Family ✔✔ 4 game modes to play ✔✔ Beautiful andsimple user interface ✔✔ 
Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitablefor children and adults. ✔✔ 7X6 game grid ✔✔ Fast Paced GameplayPlease take your time to rate your experience with this addictivepuzzle game Four in a Row and write a short Review. We will begrateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - infuture versions. Enjoy playing Four in a Row!!
Card Memory Match 1.0
Put your memory to the test with these quick-play game - CardMemoryMatch! Match all the cards in as few moves as you can. CardMemoryMatch helps manage short-term memory and speed recognitionskills.Kids love practicing their memory skills while playing funmemorygames. Your goal is to quickly memorize the location of eachimage,then flip the cards back over to match the pairs. CardMemory Matchis a fun memory game for children and adults. Rules ofthe game arevery simple - touch and discover the card, if in turnfind two ofthe same cards then disappear. The game is perfect forall ages,even the smallest ones. The game also works well asmemory training,brain training, it can be played at any free time.Train on yourbrain! Improve your concentration with the best cardmatching andmemory games for kids and adults. Want to improve yourmemory? Makelearning fun for kids with games helping them matchpairs of cards.Boost those memorization skills with ourentertaining Card MemoryMatch game! Play at home, take them in thecar, or just keep them onhand to fill a quiet moment. Card MemoryMatch game have been usedfor years to train short-term memory. Funcard memory matching gameshelp exercise memory building, focus andconcentration skills. Whatare you waiting for? It’s time to makeCard Match Memory Game: A FUN& Easy Busy Game. Download it forfree today!! ◆◆◆◆ Card MemoryMatch Features◆◆◆◆ ✔✔ Great exerciseto train kid's memory ✔✔ Memorytrainer: A Game to challenge yourshort term memory. ✔✔Time mode:match card within the timer runsout ✔✔ Reinforce and boost thevisual memory If you’re enjoying ourgame Card Memory Match, pleasetake a few seconds to give us areview! We'll do our best to answeryou. We appreciate your review,so keep them coming! Your ReviewsMatter!
Hearts Free 1.0
Are you one of those fanatic card lovers who would alwayspreferplaying cards to reading a good book and even worse- watchingarelaxing movie? Well, if so, right on the spot you are. Hearts isavery old game and it remains popular. The Objective of the gameisthat the players don't want to end up with tricks containingheartsor the queen of spades, but they do want to end up with thejack ofdiamonds. Hearts is to have the least number of points whenthegame ends. The game of hearts is also popularly called asBlackQueen, The Dirty, Dark Lady, Slippery Anne, Chase the Lady,BlackMaria and Crubs. The 18th-century ancestor of Hearts wascalledReverse because in this card game you want to lose certaintricksrather than win them. Each heart gives one penalty point.There isalso one special card, the Queen of spades, which gives 13penaltypoints. The first trick is led by the player to the left ofthedealer. Players must follow suit; that is, play a card of thesamesuit as the lead card, if they are able. If they are not ableto doso, they can play any card including a penalty Heart or theQueenof Spades. The trick and any penalty points it contains arewon bythe player who played the highest-value card of the suit thatwasled. That player then becomes the lead player for the nexttrick,and play continues until all players have exhausted theirhands.Stick your opponents with as many hearts as possible and trytoavoid the hearts suit. Beware of the Queen of Spades. Evenifyou've never played Hearts before, give it a try. You mightlikeit! Download our card game Hearts today for free and enjoyhours ofentertainment with our version of Hearts... May the luck bewithyou. ★★ Hearts Features ★★ ✔ Get free coins by Spin andWatchingVideo. ✔ Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest. ✔ Playwith LocalMultiplayer. ✔ Online multiplayer where you can play withrealpeople around the world. ✔ Create Private Room and InviteFriends.✔ Localized gameplay. ✔ Advanced AI, and they won't be easytobeat. ✔ Achievements and Leaderboard. If you’re enjoying ourcardgame Hearts, please take a few seconds to give us a review!We'lldo our best to answer you. We appreciate your review, so keepthemcoming!