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Dinosaur Wars - Zombie 1.1.5
Dino Wars is a endless shooting game. Controlthe iron robot. Man up and face those Dinosaurs in Jurassic withnewly added zombie invasion.Shoot and Kill Dinosaurs and Zombies, can collect special gun thathave more power to kill dinosaurs in one shot.New Features!**Armory Shop**How to play-Control the Iron Bot to kill dinosaurs.-Iron Bot can jump twice and shoot dinosaurs.-Iron Bot can jump twice and shoot zombies.-Collect special gun to kill dinosaurs in one shot.-Collect more coin to buy special gun from store.-Collect Shields-Collect Magnets-Submachine Guns-Machine Guns-Rocket Launcher-Laser Guns-Jurassic EraFree to Play.
Agent on Duty - Retaliation 1.1.8
The most addictive and enjoyable third personshooting game ever. Play as Ivan to go around the city and bringchaos into peace. The mafias are almost controlling the city. Youare a Grand Secret Agent. Your enemies fears you and they areconstantly and desperately looking out for ways to kill you. Takeup the challenge and battle in explosive scenarios against enemiesthat shoot first and ask questions later.****NEW MAP! NEW CITY! MORE ENEMIES!****In this thrilling game, you are Ivan, and you have the license todo anything you want. You will have to Take Down those mafias,criminals, thieves, terrorists and destroy anyone and anything tofulfill his dream to be the greatest agent of all time. Ride anyvehicles you want like tanks, helicopters, fighter jet and a wholelot of other fun and crazy things to finish the missions.++NO IN APP PURCHASES++FEATURES* Lots of effects and particles* No In-App Purchases* 30 Missions!* Controllable tanks, auto cars, buses, trucks, helicopters andturrets!* Boss Characters and more* DRIFT Cars and other Vehicles* Lots of Weapons* Slow motion feature!* A shop with awesome in game features like God Mode, Golden Gunand a Jet pack!!* Lots and lots of explosions!* Visually stunning 3d graphics, 3d character and 3d vehiclemodels* HD quality resolution* Game play optimized for touch screens* Countless hours of gameplay* Auto Aim* Auto Loot* Air Jet Battle* Air Strike* Tank Battle* Gun Turrets* Building Destruction* Explosives* Theft Mission* New city new mapFree to Play! Download Agent on Duty Now!
Grand Vigilante - San Andreas 1.1.9
Agent Ivan was killed on action 15 years ago.And now Dante is the uprising viglant and mafia killer in the SanAndreas City. Most addictive third person shooting game. Play asDante to go around San Andreas City and bring peace on chaos. Youare a Grand Vigilante. Mafias fears you and they are looking forways to assassinate you. Take the challenge drive vehicles autoscars, fly with helicopters, bring collateral damage and fight inexplosive scenarios against enemies that shoot first and askquestions later.In this Addictive Action game, you are Dante, and you have thelicense to do anything you want. You will have to Take Down thosemafias, criminals, terrorists, and destroy anyone and anything tofulfill his dream. Shoot at anything you want. Ride army or policevehicles like tanks, helicopters, fighter jet and a whole lot ofother fun and crazy things.++NO IN APP PURCHASES++FEATURES* Lots of effects* No In-App Purchases* 30 missions* Controllable vehicles, like tanks, auto cars, buses, trucks,helicopters and turrets!* Boss Characters* DRIFT auto vehicles* Lots of Weapons* MATRIX Slow motion feature!* A shop with awesome ingame features like GodMode, Golden Gun anda Jetpack!!* Lots and lots of explosions!* Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehiclemodels* HD quality resolution* Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices* Custom controls for the mobile platform* Countless hours of gameplay* Auto Aim* Auto Loot* Hidden Package* Gun Turrets* Building Destruction* Explosives* Theft Mission* New City* New VehiclesFree to Play! Download Grand Vigilante Assassin 2 Now!
Time Dimension Racer 1.0.1
Race at break-neck speeds through anever-changing landscape.Collect credits as you race, then use them to purchase items in theshop.Challenge your friends and become the ultimate time dimensionracer.Time Dimension Racer is an endless runner and you objective is toavoid the obstacle and get a new highscore every time youplay.Upgrade your hover car and benefit from increased speeds otheroptimizations. Make it better, faster and stronger. Time DimensionRacer is the best mobile racing game that you have been lookingfor...It is an addictive game for the fans of arcade racing and drivingsimulations.You have 9 ship to chose from, a lot of superpowers and coin tocollect.Features- Futuristic 3D environment- Endless game style- Lots of different space vehicles to choose- Superb electro music- Free to play
World of Zombies - City Escape 1.1.5
When the city is overrun by the zombies, theonly thing left to do is to drive your way through a city of zombieapocalypse! Is your vehicle strong enough for the challenges asyour inevitable doom closes in around you? This game delivers carsand weapons never before seen on mobile!In World of Zombies the rules are simple - escape the zombie hordeor have your brain eaten. Are you up for the challenge?Race against the unrelenting Zombie Horde across the greatapocalyptic city wastelands in the endless game of survival. Shootthe zombies ahead with your impressive arsenal of weapons andwitness true ragdoll-packed gore galore! Earn zombie coins toupgrade your Car and Weapons to lay waste to the undead and showthem just how much you hate them*****HOW TO PLAY*****TILT, TAP and SHOOT!Drive and steer to avoid all obstacles while trying to SMASHzombies into debris or run down the zombies before they can reachyou and jump on your car! Shoot zombies with a different kinds ofrifles!. Shoot recently smashed zombies for extra damage!Improve your skills, unlock weapons, unlock vehicles, beat all yourfriends! It will be hard to put this one down.Cars. Guns. Zombies. What more could you want!?Key Features:- Cool particles and 3D models- High Quality Sound- Highly Addictive gameplay- 5 Different kinds of zombies!- Intensive zombie-blasting action and racing gameplay!- Exciting weapons and vehicles- Choose you Vehicle- Lots of cool rifle weapons
Street Ninja Subway 1.0.1
Throughout the adventurous journey. The gameis enjoyable in a sense that it has beautiful environment,Acrobatic paths, sudden jump overs, soothing sound effects, andcostume of crazy ninja and off course the hurdles which make thisgame more amazing and full of fun.Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different andWACKY obstacles in this crazy new endless running game.Features:- Cute 3D toon Ninja graphics- Various types of ninjas to select- Huge variety of obstacles streets- 8-bit music track- Free to play- More bonus with items: Magnet, Jump Shoes , Jet Pack.HOW TO PLAY- Swipe to ESCAPE from obstacles- JUMP to avoid cars and obstacles- DUCK to avoid being hit- RACE as fast as possible!- Very EASY CONTROLS (swipe and touch Screen)Go as far as possible and collect coins to beat your FRIENDS!
Birdy Swing 1.0.1
Flying with a fat bird is very hard. He fly soslow and cant get stable on flying. Enjoy this addictive and mostfrustrating game ever in the store[HOW TO PLAY]• Tap on the screen to flip the direction.• Avoid obstacles.Download now for free!
Twister 1.0.1
Do you like twist far away from the sky? Thenthis is the best impossible game for you!Jump at the edge of blocks or tiles to move right and left bytapping on the screen.Do not fall off the edges.It seems easy to play but hard its to brush up your skills.Are you ready to set new high score?Don’t get dizzy from the twisting space! Try getting the highestscore you can!