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Valentine Heartbreak 1.0.1
It's Valentine's day and love should be in theair right?! Maybe not so much for you. It is possible you justmight enjoy the day if you are able to locate envelopes containing"Dear John" letters and put chocolates and flowers over them.Otherwise, you will read some unflattering letters from your formerlove.
Balloon Traveler 1.0.1
In Balloon Traveler, you help thecurmudgeonPhineas take flight in his hot air balloon to escape hisearthlytroubles by popping bubbles. Phineas loves bubbles. Theuniversecannot allow Phineas to enjoy this love of his lifewithoutproviding a little strife. In his travels, he will encounterstarsthat obstruct his path, falling stars wishing to end histravels,shark infested waters and perilous storm clouds. HelpPhineasprepare for his ultimate travel adventure by navigating himthrough20 levels of air floating fun in Balloon Traveler.
Twelve Days 1.0.2
Twelve Days is a puzzle game where you mustusethe hints provided to label all the stockings that have coal.Youwere promoted to work directly for the head elf after the priorcrewmessed up and left coal in stockings of children on the nicelist.It is twelve days until Christmas and Santa needs this doneasquickly as possible. Be warned, the head elf has verylittletolerance for mistakes. So make sure to used those x-Rayglasses.1.0.2 Release notesReceived some great feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Theonemajor change is the coal label will now flash when you haveittoggled on and it will remain toggled until you click it. Ihopethat makes it more enjoyable and I apologize to any whopreferredit the original way. I hope you keep playing and enjoy.MerryChristmas and Thank you!
Clicky Farm 1.0.7
Click, click and click some more! Click to harvest more andmorecorn! To makes things more fun, once you harvest your corns.Youcan hold on to your corns until the real stock market priceperbushel reaches a peak. Once your price is met, trade the bushelsinfor cash. Use that cash to buy new animals from the farmmarket.Become the top farm corn king and fill your barn full offantasticbeasts!! Make sure to log in daily to collect your bonustime andbonus roll for a chance at some great prizes! So what areyouwaiting for?! Download this tapper game and get started buildingupyour free farm today!