Isotoria Software Apps

Flash Cards 1.0.3
Flash Cards is an app that contains sixteendifferent sets of cards that can be used to learn the alphabet,numbers, and basic words.Instructions:1. Touch the card set you want to use.2. Swipe your finger to the right to view the next card.3. Swipe your finger to the left to view the previous card.4. Touch the Red speaker button to hear the letter, number, orword.
Nightlight + 1.0.15
Nightlight + is an app that turns your phoneinto a nightlight with the option of playing ambient sounds to helpyou fall asleep faster. With every minute that passes, thebrightness level of the light panel is reduced by 1% until itreaches a minimum of 15% or the time selected runs out.Nightlight + now includes 10 sounds that are approximately 5minutes long.It is recommended that you only run Nightlight when your phoneor tablet is plugged into a charger. If you run Nightlight withoutplugging your device in, your battery level might drop rapidlywhich could cause your device to turn off.Instructions:1. The brightness level can be adjusted from 15% to 100%.2. The time limit can be set from 1 minute to 120 minutes3. The color of the light panel can be adjusted to any color.4. There is an option to display the time on the light panel inAnalog or Digital format.5. There is an option to listen to background sounds while theNightlight is on.6. The sound volume can be adjusted using the phone's volumebuttons.7. Touching the light panel before the time runs out will reset itto the selected brightness level and time limit.The layout for Nightlight was tested on:1. Motorola Droid Razr HD2. Nexus 7
Lottery Shaker 1.0.15
Lottery Shaker is a free game that randomly chooses lottery numbersby shaking your Android smartphone. It also includes a No ShakeNumbers button for phones without an accelerometer.Lottery Shakercontains 166 lottery games across the United States andCanada.Instructions:1. Select State Lottery or Canada Lottery.2.Select your state or territory from the drop down box.2. Touch thegame you want to shake numbers for.3. Shake your smartphone ortablet (or touch No Shake Numbers) to generate random numbers.Thelayout for Lottery Shaker was tested on:1. Google Pixel XL2.Motorola Play
Turbo Flash 1.0.4
Turbo Flash contains three different options:Flash Light - Turns on the Droid Turbo's LED lights, located onthe back of the phone. The flashlight will stay on for a set numberof seconds, which can be adjusted by clicking on the Set FlashTimer button or going to Settings.1.Touch the Turn Flashlight On button to turn on the LEDlights.2.Touch the Turn Flashlight Off button to turn off the LED lightsbefore the timer runs out.3.Touch the Set Flash Timer button to adust the number of secondsthe flashlight is to remain on.Pulse Light - Turns on and off the Turbo's LED lights for a setnumber of seconds and the duration of the pulse timer is based onthe set number of milliseconds. The pulse timer can be adjusted byclicking on the Set Pulse Timer button.1.Touch the Turn Pulse Light On button to turn on the LEDlights.2.Touch the Turn Pulse Light Off button to turn off the LED lightsbefore the timer runs out.3.Touch the Set Pulse Timer button to adust the number ofmilliseconds between turning on/off the LED lights.Morse Code - Converts the text entered into Morse Code and willturn on and off the Turbo's LED lights to send the message.1.Enter your message in the text box.2.Touch the Start Sending Code button to convert your message intoMorse Code that the LED lights will use to turn on/off.3.Touch the Clear Text button to remove your message.The Camera Permission is needed to turn on and off the LEDlights. This app does not take photos, videos, record audio, or usethe camera in any other way.Turbo Flash contains a 1x1 and a 2.2 Flashlight widget. Whenusing the widget, the LED lights will remain on until you touch thewidget again to turn them off. Three is no timer for thewidget.This app was tested on the following devices:1. Motorola Droid Turbo2. Motorola Droid Razr HD
Punch Master 1.0.6
Punch Master is based on the travel gameknownas "Punch Buggy" or "Slug Bug". You send a "Punch" to yourfriendsby selecting the color of the "Bug", your friend's name inthecontact list, and touching the "Punch" button.Instructions1.Select the color of the bug you want to send a punchfor.(Select the ? Bug to enter a color not shown.)2.Select each contact that you want to send the punch to.(Seewarning below!)3.Touch the Punch button.App Permissions1. Your Messages - This permission is needed to createthemessage that is sent when you "Punch" someone. It is only usedfortext messages that are generated when you touch the"Punch"button.2. Your Personal Information - This permission is needed togeneratethe list of contacts that have mobile numbers that you canselect tosend a punch too.2. Network Communication - This permission is needed to accesstheAbout, Terms, and Privacy information.3. Storage - This permission is used to to save the defaultmessageused in a "Punch".4. Send SMS Messages - This permission is needed to send the"Punch"to your selected friends. Punch Master does not send anytextmessages other than the ones that are sent when you touchthe"Punch" button.Warning! Punch Master sends a text message to the mobilecontactsthat you select when you send a Punch. If you do not haveunlimitedtext messaging, it is your responsibility to track thenumber ofPunches that you send so that you do not exceed your textmessaginglimit. Isotoria is not responsible for any fees that yourmobileprovider may charge you if you exceed your text messaginglimit.Tested On: Motorola Droid Razr HD
Match Recall 1.0.11
Match Recall is a free classic memorymatchgame. Test your memory by touching a card to revel the hiddenimagebehind it. If you touch two identical cards, you have a match.Match Recall includes 50 sets of cards: 35 sets in NormalMode(With Ads) and 15 sets in Kid Mode (No Ads). Each set of cardscanbe played on a 4x4 or 4x5 board. This gives you 100 differentgamesto play.Instructions1.Touch the card set you want to play on the main screen. ?Youcanswitch between modes, turn on/off sound, and adjust the timethecards are displayed by touching the Menu button andtouchingsettings.2.Touch two cards to get a match.3.The game is over when you match all cards on the board.4.Touch the Reset Board button to replay the same game or theBackbutton to choose another game.5.Touch the menu button to select a new game board or to viewmoreoptionsTested On: Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid Razr HD, andNexus7.
Turbo Wallpaper 1.0.2
Turbo Wallpaper is a free ad based appthatcontains wallpaper photos that have been cropped to fit theDroidTurbo's 1440 x 2560 screen.There are three types of photos that can be downloaded andusedas wallpapers:1.Single Screen Wallpapers - An image that remains the same whenyouslide from one screen to another.2.Multi-Screen Wallpapers - An image that will slightly shift asyouslide from one screen to another.3.Single Screen Digital - A single screen wallpaper that hasbeendigitally modified.4.Multi-Screen Digital - A multi-screen wallpaper that hasbeendigitally modified.The wallpaper photos are very large and may take a long timetodownload depending on your network. They will also use up a lotofdata. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, it isrecommendedthat you only use Turbo Wallpaper when connected to aWi-Finetwork. Turbo Wallpaper contains a Wi-Fi Checking option thatcanbe turned on/off in Settings. If it is turned on, you willbenotified when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.IsotoriaSoftware is not responsible if you exceed your datalimit.
Countdown Timer 1.0.25
Countdown Timer is a simple app that contains a countdown timer anda stopwatch.The Timer counts down from 1 minute to up to 999minutes until it reaches 000:00 when an alarm will sound. The alarmis your phone's default alarm.The Stop Watch starts at 00:00:00:000and counts up until you touch the Stop button.Instructions -Countdown Timer1.Touch one of the preset times: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,60, 120, 180, or 240 minutes.2.Touch the + button to add a minuteto the timer.3.Touch the - button to subtract 1 minute from thetimer.4.Touch the Start Timer button to Start/Restart thetimer.5.Touch the Stop Timer button to Stop/Pause the timer.6.Touchthe Stop Timer button to end the alarm.Instructions - StopWatch1.Touch the Start button to start the stop watch.2.Touch theLap button to add a lap time to the list. (The stop watch willcontinue to run.)3.Touch the Stop button to stop the stopwatch.4.Touch the Restart button to restart the stop watch startingat the time that it was stopped at.5.Touch the Clear button toreset the stop watch back at 00:00:00:000.Note: This applicationcontains ads that are located at the bottom of the screen.