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Zenith Fit+: Diet ,Calorie Counter,Workout/Recipes 1.0.1
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NOTICE:Personalized Diet & Calorie counter is now Zenith Fit+:Diet ,Calorie Counter,Workout. Plan/Recipes //FEATURES: *caloriecalculator: Calculate the daily requirements and follow thepersonalized diet chart accordingly. *calorie BurnCalculator:Calculate the burnt on a day-to-day basis with analyzingthe activities done *nutritional Information for a wide range offood with benefits and side effects. *bmi Calculator. *Thepersonalized content has a wide range of quality food for the dietneeds. *Individual workout plans for Weight gain, Weight loss withequipment. *We've got plans covered for those who don't have accessto equipment with out muscle gain/fat loss programs *More than 100Workout recipes for diet consisting of vegetarian,non-vegetarianfood. *Keto diet is now available. *Weight loss tips are now a partof the new update *An elegant UI with it's very own unique dietchart. *Water consumption guide has now been added with the latestupdate. *An all in one application consisting of diet plans from1500 calories to 3000 calories for all the days in a week.*Flexible and easy to use *quick diet plan can be accessed by forall three weight categories. Aim for each milestone the app has tooffer. The app is good for running as well as it's a part of theendurance program. *With this application you'll successfully beable to follow a specialized and a healthy diet. * App supportsweight gain and loss. *Alcohol free diet *A macro counter as wellas a diet calculator are an essential part of this application.*The daily burnt calories data is now available. //Extra Features*The app is the complete gym trainer, the workout *Zenith Fit+: isnot just a diet tracker/improving app,it also consists of anutritional database support for all it's users. The nutritionsupport is given for calorie requirements ranging from 1500calories to 3000 calories. *Zenith+ Fit+: emphasizes on theindividual body type nutritional requirements with it's meticuloussystem of evaluating the bmi and the calorie and provides asuitable diet result for the user. The diet plans arenon-alcoholic.The nutritional data obtained is from the USDAsources and is verified. Ripped abs can be worked on with thetraining programs given *gluten free food are listed. The crossfitresults can be seen in 6-8 weeks. Powerlifting is supported by theapp. *strength training ,weight training is now a part of the newupdate. *food value is now an optimum part of the program.Disclaimer: The information is not intended as a substitute forconsultation, evaluation or treatment by a medical professionaland/or registered dietitian or nutritionist The diet plan can befollowed with the results obtained from the calorie calculator andas well as the bmi calculator for optimum usage. *Food tracking canbe done with the usage of the diet chart. The diet daily is clearlymentioned in the application. A 30 days fitness challenge can betaken from the workout plans and the difference can be seen.*Personalized diet and calorie counter has been permanently changedto Zenith Fit+: Diet ,Calorie Counter,Workout Plan/Recipes onSept23rd,2018. ITS QUITE SIMPLE,CLICK INSTALL AND THE APP TAKESCARE OF THE REST. Disclaimer: The source of nutritional informationtaken is the from usda sources . The information is not intended asa substitute for consultation, evaluation or treatment by a medicalprofessional and/or registered dietitian or nutritionist Icon-licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license Daydream 360degree stereoscopic image - licensed under Creative Commons Zero(CC0) license (link: ) UICredits: Theme Name: Avilon Theme URL: License: Icon Credit: Designed bySenivpetro
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Switch Jump Repeat is a platform game where the multi-coloredballlands on a platform only if it's color matches the platformbutunlike the ordinary rule the ball consists of differentcolorcompositions. The simple rule here is the user has to observetheside of the ball dominating in color and has to land that partofthe ball on the platform. It's not a typical easy game. IT'SQUITEHARD YET SIMPLE!!BALL CONTROL: Switch Jump Repeat is a fastpacedendless bouncing game in which you either touch left or righttoswitch the color of the ball.Features: - Addictive fastpacedshooting game play- The tough game play makes it reallychallengingand increases focus- Endless game mode- Ball’s speedincreasesbased on the score- Pooling for all objects in the game-Optimizedfor mobile
Slide, Tilt & Roll - Extreme Gyro 11
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ARCADE LOVERS!! Tilt your phone to control the ball rolling onaprecarious path made of hexagons and assert your dominancebysetting an all time high score. Try not to fall Test yourphone’sGyro sensor and your ability to balance by sliding androlling theball over the surface. As long as you keep your phone“not tilted”at the beginning of the game, you are good to go!Features:•Addictive tilting game play (using accelerometer &gyro sensor)where your phone's capability is tested to it'slimits.• 3 excitingplay modes to entertain you guys!• 30 built-inunlock-ablecharacters.• Slide, Tilt and Roll has a physics- basedgameplaywith gravity involved.• Catchy music for a bettergamingexperience.• Consists of a share button that helps to takeascreenshot(in animated GIF or static PNG format) of the gameplaytoshare it on various social networking sites.• Optimisedformobile.Slide, Tilt & Roll has 3 play modes for you toconquer,which means hours of fun ahead! The three modes are Easy,Normaland Hard. The difficulty level of each mode of this tiltinggame isadequate and fair.Try to survive the extreme gyro effect andassertyour dominance!Roll by avoiding obstacles to get to the topbutmind you the top score is achieved only when you tilt &rollsimultaneously .It is such an arcade game where themobile'sdynamics rely directly on the user! The more you focus ontiltingthe phone correctly the higher is your chance tosucceed!*Newavatars of the ball can be unlocked at differentstages. Unlockingof characters is based on the pointscollected.Challenge yourfriends. Compete for the best high score !The leader board sectionis now available on the applicationofficially , with this you canassert your dominance globally! Whatare you waiting for? Installthe game today!