Izio Entertainment Apps

Sum of Rows 1.0
Sum of rows is a number puzzle game forpuzzlelovers. Sometimes it is as easy as to eat a chocolate butsometimesit is like impossible to solve. Puzzle contains five rowsofnumbers from 1 to 7. and every row contains its sumincorresponding white block. if sum of two continues rowsbecomeequal then both of the rows will crush , for every levelplayer hasto solve this for five random magic numbers. if sum oftwocontinues rows is same and equal to current magic number thenrowswill crush and player get +100 points but if sum is equal butnotequal to current magic number then rows will crush and playerget-10 points. for each level player will get 30 moves. if after30moves there is still any magic number remain to solve thenplayerwill loose the game automatically.the number block willmoveclockwise on tap.
Jumpy Dot 1.0
Jumpy dot is a very addictive and simplegame,control the dot with tap on the screen , avoid the same colordots,and get the different color dots, the trick is that when youwillcollect a different color dot , then your dot color will bechangeto that color. so addictive and easy to play..
Blue Chimp 1.0
blue chimp is on an adventure in junglesafari.Build path for chimp , kill the insects by throwing stoneson that,take the cookies and go to a jungle adventure withbluechimp..
Flurry Bat 1.0
Flurry bat is based on the famous flappybirdbut it is not a clone of it. our flurry bat is stuck in theworldof dark , there is absence of color. our flurry bird has tocrossthe city , but there are obstacles in the form of ancientpillers.which are made up of irons. our flurry bat is blind hecan't seethe iron pillers so its your responsibility to help himandinstruct him to cross this color less world. Good luck.
Save the mask 1.0
Save the mask is based on ourspecialcharacters red and green mask,just tap on the two redbuttons andcontrol the motion of our mask and save them to collidewith theiroppsite mask.Thats it.