Jógvan Olsen Apps

Flappy Cat 1.8.26
Jógvan Olsen
Try to get as much score you can and compare your best with yourfriends through the Google Leaderboards.
Epios 1.0.25
Jógvan Olsen
A "Super Mario Bros. - Sort or 'Splode" alike game from theNintentoDS.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zozNBBU3rjMThis game is in very early stages, so please keep that in mind.Thisgame will also receive updates that may change a lot of stuff.- I lost my Android key, so I can't update the game and hadtocreate a new game on Google Play.
Super Brick 1.1.2
Jógvan Olsen
Travel along this amazing world as a Super Brick and get as manypoints you can and beat your friends highscores.This game is inearly stages, so expect many updates to come.
Torn Notifications 0.7.2
Jógvan Olsen
Receive a notification based on your preferences with only yourTorn Api key.This app is still in early stages, so design and somefeatures aren't perfect yet.I'm gonna work on making thenotifications more interactive and beautiful. And adding more nicefeatures and settings.Known bugs:When changing interval, it onlychanges after the current one is finish. Meaning if it was1000seconds and you changed it to 5 it has to run those 1000 first
Scissor 0.0.1
Jógvan Olsen
With this app you will never forget your scissor at home or lose itsomewhere. You will always have access to your scissor fromanywhere just an app away.