Smart Eye Protector 2.0
Smart Eyes Protector is an application which helps to reduce thescreen brightness. This application might come very handy to thosewho use smart phone device at night or at low lights. It reducesscreen brightness to your comfort level.classifications as screenfilter, eye protector, screen brightness controller screen colorfilter
Auto Screen Off 1.4
This application allows you to turn off display when you place yourphone in bag/pocket without using power button.This is a veryhelpful app for those find hard to use power button to turn offdisplay.How to use 1, Use Activate/De-Activate button toenable/disable the auto screen off function. 2, Once it is activecover the screen to turn off the display. 3, You can place thedevice in your bag/pocket to turn off the display without pressingpower button. 4, Screen automatically comes back when you removeyour device from bag/ pocket.Note ; Agree to activate devicemanagement. (This is required to turn off thescreen).Troubleshooting tipProblem #1, Touching Activate button donothing. Solution : go to settings find device administratorsection and select/Check Auto Screen Off application Then try toactivate screen off.Problem #2, Unable to uninstall.Solution : Tryto use uninstall option below activate button OR go to settingsfind device administrator section and Uncheck Auto Screen Offapplication Then try to uninstall as usual.Attention:Since it usesproximity sensor to detect whether the screen should be on or off,this may use some power consumption. So, if you are not using yourdevice for a long time,We suggest you to turn off the function tosave power.Auto screen off will not be active in Landscape mode.This helps users to view videos and take photos uninterrupted
Air Combat - War / Battle Game 1.1
Air Combat is a simple Air to Air Battle game .Use Your Fighter jetto Engage and destroy enemy planesuse your missile against yourenemy aircraftClassifications Battle game , War Game Aircraftsimulator Game, Game for kids, Fun games
Creepy Bird - Kids Game 1.3
Creepy Bird is a cute little game for kids . Game is verysimple.Tap on each bird to destroy them and get pointsif you let 5bird to pass then its overplay with your friends and lets seen whowill get heights scoresso lets start.