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Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)
Speed a card game also known as Spit or Slam,is very fast-paced multiplayer card game and it could result indamage to the cards -- so play this on your device and don't ruinyour actual playing cards. Spit and Slam are variation ofSpeed.Speed supports online multiplayer mode over the internet. Test yourspeed skills against other players.Speed is a game for two players of the shedding family of cardgames, like Spit or Slam, in which each player tries to get rid ofall of his cards. Speed is a game associated with the gameNertz.If you have ever played Spit or Slam before you will loveSpeed.Controls: Tap or Drag the cardsObjective: To play all your cards first.How to Play:-Each player is dealt five cards to form a hand, and each player isdealt 15 cards face down to form a draw pile. If you are playingwith jokers, you use them as wild cards and give each draw pile 16cards. A stack of five cards, placed face down on each side betweenthe players, serves as a replacement pile. Finally, two cards areplaced face down in the center between the replacement piles.-You may play a card in your hand by discarding it in the "PlayPile" if the card is 1 number/value higher or lower. (e.g. 5 can beplayed on a 6 or 4, a Queen can be played on a King or Jack)-A 2 may be played on an Ace and a Ace may be played on a 2.-You may have up to 5 cards in your hand at a single time. When youhave less than 5 cards in your hand you may draw from your "DrawPile"-First player to play all of his/her cards wins!The rules are based of the wiki site:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_(card_game)Created ByJimmy Dickinson
Pay The King 1.0.0
Pay The King is a multiplayer online mini game. The last playerwith gold wins! Objective Be the last one standing You start with100 gold. Each round you need to pay the king. Whoever pays theking the least is out. Rounds continue until one player remains.The last player standing wins! Note: If you use up all your gold,you will not be able to pay the king and will lose. Scoring If youwin, you gain points for the remaining gold you did not use. If youlose, you lose 1 point.
Some frogs just can't swim.For some reason these frogs forgot how to swim. Help the frogs stayon the log. There are 4 types of frogs and each behave differently.Drag the frogs and logs to save our frogs.
Sight Words - Word Search Game
Dolch Sight Words - Word Search Game forPreschool, kindergarten, and first grade through third grade.The learning games help young kids have fun with Sight Words. Thegames help students get familiar with the sight words even at apreschool level. Sight words are common words that don't followbasic phonics and are designed to help kids read faster. DolchSight words are many of the most common written words. Withpractice, spelling becomes easier for these words that don't followthe rules. The word lists include multiple grade levels: Preschool,Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade.The full version includes 6 Games. While this version includes onlythe first 2.Word Search-------------------A classic word search with assisted audio to reinforce thelearning. The levels are designed to slowly increases in difficultyas well as encouraging the child to complete each level.Icecream Bubble Pop-------------------Have fun popping bubbles as you stack a super ice cream cone.Watchout the ice cream might fall over.Rat Race-------------------Find the correct word to speed up your rat to win the race.Jigsaw Puzzle-------------------Listen to the sight word and then complete the jigsaw puzzle to seeit.Parachute Fish-------------------Mr Pelican is hungry and it is his lucky day. Word Fish areparachuting down. Help him to learn to eat the right words.Animals in Space-------------------Find the correct reading word to build a rocket. Blast off!
Sight Words - Space Game Word 1.1.2
Sight Words - Space Games for Preschool, kindergarten, and firstgrade through third grade. The learning app helps young kids havefun with Sight Words. The word search helps students get familiarwith the sight words even at a preschool level. The levels aredesign to slow increases in difficulty as well as encouraging thechild to complete each level. Help Kids Learn hard words using thedolch list.
Nertz Solitaire - Pounce Canfield 
4 Player Solitaire! Nertz is a crazy ninja fast, real-time,multiplayer card game like Solitaire and Blitz. Nertz is acombination of the card games Speed and Solitaire. The goal of thegame is to play all of your Nertz cards before the other player do.Game play is similar to Solitaire but all players share theirFoundation piles and need to play ninja fast to win. Overview Nertscan be played with any amount of people; this version plays with 4players. Each player uses their own deck of cards in asolitaire–style competition that requires speed and skill. Theobject of each hand is to try to be the first player to call out“Nerts” by getting rid of their thirteen-card Nertz pile. A game ofNertz is played to a score of 100. Pounce and Blitz Dutch rules are99% the same as Nertz. Solitaire Showdown, Double Dutch, Peanuts,Canfield, Blitz and Squinch players will pickup nerdsfast. 注意使用時間,避免遊戲沉迷
Minesweeper Online 2.1.0
Minesweeper Online is a massive multiplayer game where you searchfor bombs using the hints. The goal is to clear all of the mines byplacing a flag on it. Sweep those Mines!
ABC Flash Cards 1.1.3
ABC Flash cards for kids to learn the ABC alphabet with images andaudio flash cards. Learn the ABC with fun interactive images andaudio. Simple to use talking flash cards. Helps with phonics tolisten to each letter. Dictated by a 3 year old. The ABC app hasthe alphabet and is great for learning. Toddler love this fun andeducational game. This is the first step into reading. Kids willhave fun learning the ABC s. Has your child or kid learned the ABCyet. This is a simple Children's app in the form of flash cards.
Math Games for Kids - K-3rd
Math Games for Kids app is designed forKindergarten,1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students. MathGames contains a variety of mini games to help teach your childmath skills. The learning games help young kids have fun with mathand numbers. They help students get familiar with the numbers evenat a preschool level. The math lessons include multiple gradelevels: Preschool, Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, andthird grade.The app is structured into worlds, one for each grade. Each worldcontains a path of mini games with lessons appropriate for therespective grade. As the kid passes a level, the next level isunlocked. The path lets the child see the progress as they passeach game and helps encourage more learning.Each grade consists of several different lesson plans throughouttheir adventure in each world. Math Games for Kids is not justbasic addition and subtraction fact tables. The lessons include andare not limited to: Counting, Find the unknown in the equation,Skip Counting, Find the Number, Smallest/Largest for the basiclevels and become harder at the higher levels. To see all thelessons, click on the “Scores” button on the main menu. You canalso track your student's score per level and lesson.LessonsPreschool: Find the Shape, Pick the Color, Find the Number 1-10,and Counting 10Kindergarten: Adding 1-10, Skip Count by (2/5/10), Subtraction1-10First Grade: Adding 1-20, Addition plus 10 max 100, Subtraction1-20, Addition Unknown, Max/Min 100Second Grade: Addition 1-100, Addition Carry, Adding double digits,Multiplication 2/3/5, Max/Min 1000Third Grade: Subtraction double digits, Multiplication 1-10,Division 1-106 Games included..Ice-cream Bubble Pop-------------------Have fun popping bubbles as you stack a super ice cream cone. Watchout! the ice cream might fall over.Rat Race-------------------Find the correct word to speed up your rat to win the race.Fire Truck-------------------Help put out the fire by responding with the correct answerJigsaw Puzzle-------------------Listen to the number and then complete the jigsaw puzzle to seeit.Parachute Fish-------------------Mr. Pelican is hungry and it is his lucky day. Fish are parachutingdown. Help him to learn to eat the right number.Animals in Space-------------------Find the correct number to build a rocket. Blast off!
Cribbage JD
Play online the classic card game Cribbage also known as Crib,Cribble, and Noddy. A card game traditionally for two players, thatinvolves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gainpoints. Cribbage has several distinctive features: the cribbageboard used for score keeping, the crib, box, or kitty, a separatehand counting for the dealer, two distinct scoring stages (the playand the show), aces low, and a unique scoring system includingpoints for groups of cards that total fifteen (15). This Cribbagemobile app lets you play the classic card game Cribage anywherewithout needing your wooden Cribbage pegging board. You can playonline or even offline. The playing cards are large so Grandpa willhave no trouble playing his favorite board game. All the scoring isautomatic using the built-in calculator including a breakdown ofthe point details, so no need for Muggins or Shotgun Cribbage. Areyou ready to skunk your family in one of the most popular cardgames created in the 17th century? The rules of Cribbage are builtin making it easy to learn how to play Cribbage / Cribble a becomea pro. This app tracks all your statistic including your hand,crib, pegging average, max, and life time point totals. Never getboard with the plethora of achievements to master the perfect handwith a flush, pairs, three of a kind, 15, and super combos. Play atany difficultly: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Crazy Ninja. Thiscompetitive multiplayer online free game classically plays 2players in a head to head battle like Speed, Nertz, Canasta,Pinochle, Solitaire Showdown, Backgammon, and Gin Rummy, but onlyCribbage is played with a cribbage pegboard.
Reading Buddy: Speech Recognition with Sight Words 1.1.2
Reading Buddy uses state of the art Speech Recognition topracticereading. Kindergarten, first Grade, second grade, and thirdgradestudents can learn Dolch Sight Words, Silent E, Colors,CH,SH,THWords, Numbers, or any other word or phrase. It is designedto helpstudents practice reading on their own. You can even addyour ownword or phrase list to enforce the current words thestudent islearning the the classroom. Learn to read with voicecontrol. HowTo Use As a Student: The student will be prompted witha word (textonly). They need to press record and say the word outload. If theysays the word correctly they will score a point. TheLesson willonly be playable if they previous lesson was passed withat least 2start (75%). As a Parent: Guide your student to thecorrect gradelevel, such as Kindergarten,first grade, second grade,or thirdgrade. This may be above or below their grade level atschool.Encourage the student to focus on a single category until itisfinished to improve the kids reading. How To Create Lessons Youcancreate lessons by tapping on the "Create Lesson" button on thethehome page. Enter the name of the lesson and then the wordsorphrases you wish to include in the lesson. Add a category ifyouwish, it will default to "Custom". Select a level for thechild'slesson.
Pirate Translator: Talk like a Pirate Day 1.0.0
Pirate Translator lets you talk like a Pirate every single day.Typeor speak to Pirate Translator and it will transform your wordsin topirate talk.