JS Backup – Restore & Migrate 4.2.3
Thanks to the support of our users, JS Backup apps have achievedover 6 Million downloads! We will continue to strive to improve theapp to best suit your needs. Please continue to support us, thankyou. "JS Backup" is the best backup and data transfer tool: theNo.1 backup app in Japan. Backup, restore, scheduled differentialbackups, cross-platform data transfer is just a small list of themany features it can perform. You can backup your contacts, photos,videos, music and document files, etc. to SD card, cloud orcomputer. ■ Main Features ■ ・ Backup and restore contacts, callhistory, SMS, MMS text messages, calendars, bookmarks, systemsettings, home shortcuts, alarms, dictionaries, music playlists,images, songs and videos. ・ Transfer your smartphone data toanother device with “Easy Data Transfer” in just a few clicks. ・Automatically schedule backups for new files to keep the backupup-to-date ・ Save backup data to SD card, cloud storage services(Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive supported) or computer ・ Backupapp apk files to SD card and the list of installed apps to cloudstorage services. ・ Restore compatible files (image, sound, video,text, etc.) attached to MMS messages ・ Backup, restore, send andsynchronize smartphone data with PC via Wi-Fi ■ Easy Data TransferFeature■ ・ Generate QR code, which enables the restoration ofsmartphone data, therefore there is no need of SD card, USB cablesor computer data transfer software. ・ Just scan the generated QRcode with JS Backup on the new device and voilà, importantcontacts, calendars, text messages, etc. are back. ※Camera accesspermission is required to read the QR codes ■ Recommended OS ■Android OS 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0 ■ Notes ■・Support for German, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai and Russian areadded in addition to Japanese and English. ※Devices with Android OSversion older than 2.2 or have not gone through security updatesare not supported. If an Android OS update is available, pleaseperform the update. ※If a single file exceeds the size maximumcapacity of cloud service (Dropbox: 10GB, SugarSync: 2GB, GoogleDrive: 30GB), it cannot be backed up.
Recolle -music image slideshow 2.4.4
★recollect by cool and fun slideshow★Recolle automatically creates albums from photos and managesmemories, if you take a lot of photos by wedding party or travel,birthday etc.Recolle automatically creates cool slideshows with misic from thealbums and you can easily recollect your records.★recollect by remind notice★Memory photos will be notified to you as “Photos taken a year agotoday”, “Photos taken in Hawaii”, “Photos taken Wedding party” ,“Photos taken travel” etc. considering your “current” state.This service is all free.<<Features>>【image recognition】Recolle recognizes photos in album, and album title will be updatedautomatically.If it succeeds image recognition, " ? " will be displayed in albumtitle, like " going out? ".【auto album create】If you take photos at something events (travel,wedding,birthdayetc), Recolle automatically creates albums of each event.【notice function】Memory photos will be notified to you as “Photos taken a year agotoday”, “Photos taken in Hawaii”, etc. considering your “current”state.You can easily share the photos by Recolle or other apps.【auto slideshow create】Automatically created cool and fun slideshows from the albums willbring you back enriched memories!!You can also create slideshows by yourself.【Share Album】Share the album with your family and friend via email orapps.Thumbnail will send your family and friend even if they do notinstall Recolle. If they install Recolle, they can add their photosto the shared album.Let’s make a best album with photos of you and yourfamily/friends.【Online Function】The photos within Picasa and Facebook can be displayed atsmartphone.※ Future, twitter will be added.<<Recommend OS>>Android OS 4.0 and over
Camellia Test Sample 1.0
camellia-android is a Android JNI wrapper for an open sourceimplementation of the Camellia encryption library. Currently, itonly supports Ubuntu, but is based on the ctypes module, so shouldbe easy to add support for Unix/Linux/Windows.
JS Backup Photo【ex- JS Backup Viewer】 1.6.0
This is a viewer application linked to the JS Backup App, whichexceeds over 5 million downloads! JS Backup Photo is an applicationthat enables quick and easy searching from vast number of photosand videos. The photos and videos backed up to cloud via JS Backupwill be sorted into geographical states photos are taken or tagssuch as wedding from image analysis. It can solve problems such asunable to find much needed photos after scrolling forever in thegallery app. ■ Main Features ■ ■【Location Tab】 Automatically sortbased on location photos are taken Pictures taken in Japan will beshown in "Japan" category and pictures taken in New York will beshown in "New York" category. This automatic sort is based on theGPS location information attached on the photos. *Please turn onthe location tracking service when taking photos. ■【PickupTab】Automatically sort based on category Pictures are automaticallygrouped into different categories. Pictures of firework will beshown in "Fireworks" category, pictures of animals in "Animal" andpictures of wedding in "Wedding" categories. This automatic sort isutilizes AI technologies including image and text recognition.■Linking wiith Google Calendar By entering Google account that hasevents registered on Google Calendar, more specific categories canbe shown. ■ Introduction of New Features ■ 【Category for picturestaken at "Home"】 By entering Home address, a new category groupingpictures taken at Home will be added 【New "Pet" Category】 Byentering Home address, a new category grouping Pet pictures takenat Home will be added 【Custom Tag Editing】 Easily add and edit tagsto photos and create custom groupings of photos 【Support for DataStorage BOX】 Data Storage BOX cloud by NTT Docomo is now supportedTo use the feature, please update JS Backup to version above v4.0.0Please update if you are using an older version of JS Backup ■Attention ■ *Android N Users: Please turn off Data Saver featurewhile using this App. *Some features of this Application does notwork without the installation of JS Backup version 3.6.4(released2016/5/18).  Please update your JS Backup if you are using aprevious version. ■ Supported OS version ■ Android OS 4.0 / 4.1 /4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0