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Super Simple Songs Videos 3.5
Super Simple Song video playlists. Thisapplication only contains some of the videos from Super SimpleSongs not all of them. The application only contains the cartoonvideos only rather than the ones with people in them from the SuperSimple Songs channel.
Candy Story 2.5
Crush down the candies, eat up the sweetcookies, melt down the yummy chocolates to solve the deliciouschallenging levels and complete the “Candy Story”. Get ready toplay the most juicy blasting candy game and create your owncustomized Candy Story of various sweet flavored candies likeStrawberry, Chocolate and other yummy candies.! “Candy Story” is asweet juicy game with fascinating 3D animated graphics intuitivegaming controls. This sweet yummy game consists of over 100exciting chocolaty and adventurous levels. “Candy Story” is thebest candy match puzzle game with lots of surprising boosters andblasts!Play the game and enjoy the unique experience of matching thecandies to get the maximum points and other delicious tastysurprises. Every level in the “Candy Story” is deliciously amazingin its own.! All the levels are magically designed with tastychocolaty flavors of delicious candies like strawberry, chocolateand lot more yummy candies making the game the most exciting andinteresting gameplay for all the players. With great user interfaceand sweet fascinating sound blast, the game is best designed forplayers from all age groups. “Candy Story” is the most addictiveand chocolaty game with lots of sweet blasting fun. Keep swipingover the candies to match the yummy candies and earn the maximumpoints to stay on the leaderboard.Discover and unlock the hidden delicious and tasty surprises whilecompleting the sweet “Candy Story” and have a blasting experience.Keep unlocking new levels and have unlimited fun with Gingerbreadman climber to enjoy tasty fun filled challenging levels. This isone of the most unique match 3 candy game. Have a blast withvarious different exciting juicy modes and challenginglevels.************************FEATURES************************✓ Easy swipe over control to match the juicy candies✓ Over 100 Delicious and challenging levels✓ Lots of customized flavors of sweet delicious candies✓ Hidden and delicious game boosters to boost up the fun✓ Tasty play modes with Target Score, Timed Levels, IcyLevels✓ Challenging leaderboard of your friends and competitors✓ Never lose your game progress with Facebook Login✓ Blasting experience with Gingerbread man climber✓ Fascinating sweet 3D animated graphics and chocolaty soundeffectsThe game brings in more fun by introducing more challenges liketimed mode, chocolate crunching level, icy level and cookie eatinglevels. You can also earn the chocolate and other delicious gameboosters to quickly crush all the yummy candies. "Candy Story" is acomplete fascinating magical world of tasty sweet chocolates,delicious candies and yummy toffies.The little bear is all set to eat all the mouth wateringchocolates. Join the sweet bear to eat up all the candies. Play thegame whenever you want or whenever you get bored. Be faster andthink smartly to crush the maximum chocolates to get in moredelicious boosters for achieving the top rank in the leaderboard.Download the Candy Story game and create your own tasty story fullof sweet candies and challenges. This Candy Story game is free toplay to give you a challenging and delicious gaming experience. So,what are you waiting for? Download this incredible “Candy Story”game and have the ultimate blast.!************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Candy Story” gamebetter with more advanced and exciting features. We need yourconstant support to get going. Please feel free to contribute andemail us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just wantto say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyedany feature of the “Candy Story” game, do not forget to rate us onplay store.Enjoy and have fun playing Candy Story!
Sniper 3D Assassin Shooter 3.5
Sniper is a sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter orsniper shooting allows you to buy or upgrade sniper rifles, assaultrifles, shotguns , ammo, the grip, the calibre to get bullets thatcause more damage, better range, scope, stability, and zoom.Modern sniper, Maintain close visual contact with the enemy andShoot him from concealed positions that exceeds the detectioncapabilities of your enemy. Sniper Shooting.☛Download Now for free the best shooting game and snipershooting.☛Smooth GamePlay.☛Ultra Realistic 3D Graphics for modern sniper.☛ High Sensitive and Intuitive Gameplay.☛ Various Sniper Rifles and Weapons.☑ Play it anywhere:Sniper, 3D Assassin Gun Shooter does not require internet networkto run it. Enjoy it everywhere.☑ +100 mission:
The Nation needs your help : Find the target, aim, and shoot for eTerrorists, Suicide Bombers, Criminal , dumb gangsters, thugs oreven corrupted cops...Fulfill your contract to get paid Or Killed!☑ Compatibility and support:We're continuously working (hard) so that all Android devices runthe game smoothly. Please report any issue you mayexperience.
☑ Disclaimer:Sniper is 3D Assassin Gun Shooter is a free game but it containsmature content .You may want to keep it away from your kids.026628c6e6
Baby Lullabies - Sleep Songs 2
Welcome to “Baby Lullabies - Sleep Songs”, afree app containing some of the best lullaby songs for your babykids. It’ll help your newborn infant kids to fall asleep in aninstant.Do you have infant kids at home? Are you looking for a popularsleep aid lullabies sounds app for your Android device?Search no more! You already are at the right place. With some ofthe best, most popular baby soothing and lulling bedtime songs“Baby Lullabies - Sleep Songs”, is one of the best baby lullingapplications available on Google Play.You must try this lulling app if you have to spend hourslullabying/putting your newborn child to sleep during bedtime atnight. These sweet sleeping aid lullabies of this app will soothyour newborn baby to an instant sleeping.Your baby will simply love these bedtime or nursery songs &sounds. Over 15 baby soothing lullabies of perfect sound qualityavailable to help your kids fall asleep in an instant. Downloadthis baby lulling application containing a popular collection oflullaby music to have a good night sleep along with yourbaby.Soothing and lulling your newborn child to fall asleep at nightwith lullabies was not that easy before!Key Features:• Universal app install on any Android device including tabs• Attractive graphics and backgrounds especially designed for thenight time• Lock screen widget available• Option to play lullaby music in background
• Only the best, most popular lullabies and sleeping soundsavailable in the app• Easy navigation and user interface• Play/Pause or switch songs while playing
• This sleeping sounds app is free to download, install anduse
• Bedtime songs• Baby sleep music• Baby bedtime music box• Baby sleep tracker• Baby sleep log• Sounds for babies• Ambient sounds• Sounds of the season• High quality sound• Baby lullaby/lullabiesA lullaby is a soothing song which helps to put a child to sleep(sounds for kids to lull), usually sung to young children beforethey go to sleep, with the intention of speeding that process. As aresult they are often simple and repetitive. Lullabies can be foundin every culture and since the ancient period.There was a time when mothers used to sing a lullaby at bedtimebefore putting infant kids to sleep. Nowadays we have an app to dothis, download “Baby Lullabies - Sleep Songs” right now. It’s amust have sleeping sounds app on your Android device if you havebaby kids or you love baby lullaby, nursery songs.Play these popular nursery songs to shush your newborn infant andhelp it sleep like an angel at night!Please leave us a review and rating to let us know what you thinkabout “Baby Lullabies - Sleep Songs”.We always want to continue to deliver some the best and most usefulapps for your Android devices. Your feedback plays an importantpart in use being able to achieve our goal. Thanks!
Kid songs 2.1
Contains songs from famous YouTube channelssuch as:- Chu-chu TV- Little baby bum- Mother Goose Club- Super Simple Songs- Kids TVand more!