Jelly Link Crush HD Free 1.0
Do you like to link, crush or splash jellies?Play awesome, Lovely and great match puzzle & Adventerous game. Lot of jellies to crush & links . Fun gameplay with DifferentJellies. Jelly crush link HD Free,Feel Your power at your finger crusher and link tips on jellies!Put your Cretive skills to the test as you use your fingers toSplice and link jellies of all shapes and sizes in Jelly SpliceCrush free.take care it is going to get splashy Sweet Crush.Enjoyyour art without harm to anyone and grab Jellies for link.Train your eye and mind More and More. Get ready for entertainmentSweet jellies link Crush surrounded with a relaxing oriental andlovely atmosphere with Sweet and jucie. The Jellies are sweeping HDFree classic arcade game with Wonderfull gameplay. Play like aJelly link crush , ready to link and crush any jelly anytime Youwant. Crush link Jellies as quickly and with the minermistakes.Jelly Sweet link Crush is an addictive match-puzzle &Adventurous-game with some new jellies. Starts out simple, butthings get more and more interesting and challenging AS you get morscore and accept Challange. Get this game for Free for Everyone.[How to play]* Swipe finger to play game.* Tap and hold the screen to link and crus Jellies* Archive a big score before time runs out and reach next level.It features:* Nice & Superb HD graphics.* Intuitive Sweet and Lovely gameplay* Complete adventurous levels and unlock next levels by Gettingmore Score* Easy and Enjoy to play Sweet jellies, yet challenging Adventurousand puzzle.* Many levels and update soon on your choice.* New jelly link levels.* New tricky and puzzle block linking.* New special Jelly crush levels objectives.* Feel powerful effects and Sound.
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D 1.1
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D allows you toturn your phone into challenging environment in which you have totarget enemies. More enemies you shoot more will be your energy tofind and kill them. You are a soldier in the war zone to put yoursteps in the battle field.Guns are available to cope with your target. It is a modern way tofire using snipers.Take the head shots to clear missions and move forward in upcommingmissions awaiting you. Move towards ultimate destination in orderto transform your sorrounding into a assassin area. Every time getready for the sniper in action.If you are a shooting lover, pick your sniper gun and entered intothe jungle to give challenge to your enemies and kill them to clearall levels.Game Features:* Realistic game play sounds.* First person shooting.* Radar system is integrated to locate the enemies.* 3D shooting environment.How to Play:* Swap with the thumb to move into scene.* Tap shoot button fire a bullet.* Tap zoom in button for closer view.* Tap zoom out button for normal view.
Extreme Stunts Moto Racer 3D 1.0
If you want dare to perform the extremedevilstunts on moto racer, here you go on a scaring adventuretracks onbike. Get a bulk of thrill and excitement with this newbike stuntsgame. Get past uneven terrains with the most bloodcurdlinghurdles, and discover your excellent stunting skillsYou need to cross many levels and collect coins passing theurbancity. Biker strategies will come to play as need to crossmostdifficult amazing and extreme crazy hurdles in this StuntBikesimulator. You should catch more coins to get more Stars.StuntDrive just tap right to forward and left for backward andcontrolacceleration by tilting and avoid to destroy the bike. Manytypesof bikes in the game select the bike you want and do the motostuntand enjoy the action experience.It’s all free for youFeatures:* this game has 30 levels* Here are six different bikes* many check points.* amazing stunt hurdles* Extreme precision driving simulator
Sniper Shooting Iceland 3D 1.0
Soldiers are not attack warmly in becausethecold weather and snow falling affected them , copers can't useforair attack, and crawling also so difficult. Then Armytrainedspecial sniper force for defand our iceland , enemy want tomadetheir samguling through that area. Soldiers frustrated withIceland. Not because area are broken and normal life life notavailable.But ,every attack build up sniper to pull the trigger ofHeavy gunfeels an interesting shot for the perfect assassin . Nowyou areBest and last sniper your reponsibility to make them savepeopleand clean iceland by terrorists.There are many missions to clear iceland, also troops andarmedforce guide you with redar to Attack , heavy weaponsprovidedone time so use carefully.You will be hero if you kill all enemies.All free for playFeatures:. HD graphics. war sounds.. 3d iceland environment. Sniper with scope. zoom in zom out
Speed Car Racing Traffic Trail 1.0
Be a furious racer on a whole city foryou.FastRacing combines stunning, high fidelity graphics withaddictivegameplay that will have you swerving through oncomingtraffic, fulllineup and cruise through the 3D race. Race at highspeeds, driveagainst traffic and overtake cars,Upgrade your car tothe limits,customize with paints, vinyls and rims.Make it better,faster,stronger and prettier.Nothing is forbidden in Speed CarRacingTrafic trail , More Danger = More Coins!GAME FEATURES-Amazing 3D graphics and soundtrack/music.- Upgradeable Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Braking options- Customizable Paints, Rims, Vinyls- Time limited Quests & Bonus Game-Get coin by Dangerous overtaking- 3 detailed Environments- Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters,fastestscars- Smooth and realistic car handling- Different Camera Angles- Realistic movement ControlHow to Play- Tilt or Touch to direct Right Or Left Car- Touch gas catch to speed the Car- Touch brake ease off the Car- Avoid Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars
Speed Car Parking Simulator 3D 1.0
Speed car parking simulator is a uniqueadjacent game with realistic and smooth controls and great dynamicgraphics.Do you like parking games?If you want to try something differentthan parking cars, this is for you!. You have to control your carwith an on screen steering acceleration and brake pedals. This isthe most sensible parking game. Drive sports car aroundthe angels check the clearance and keep on foot on the race pedaland the other on the brake Shift the gear to forward or backward asyou need.This is really enjoyable and hard car parking game you love it whenyou play it … Stay focused and best of luck.
Mini Golf Mania 3D Free 1.0
Are you a Golf Superstar? Prove it over 20Mini Golf holes! Play Mini Golf 3D like you never played before insea view. You need to avoid obstacles, traps and putt your waythrough a huge variety of obstacles in this Mini Golf Mania 3D.That's not to say it's easy just be ready for an addictivechallenge while playing this Mini Golf Mania 3D. There a number ofdifferent holes which you have to do. Just simply one that is setin a stunning fantasy Sea View scene. That really let you get intothe feel of the real Golf game.So if you're looking for a new golf challenge that can give youinteresting time. Then what are you waiting for? Go to play thisMini Golf 3D.Game Features:- Real Physics Based and more accurate flick action- Cutting Edge graphics.- Stunning Sound Effects- Completely FREE. Nothing to pay for and no features locked. Youcan enjoy the full game and all features from the beginning.- Progressive difficulty. The more you progress in the game theharder it will become. Ensuring you always have a challenge
Deer Hunter Snow Season 2016 1.0
Now first time, Real deer hunting in snowisavailabel. Deer becomes most craziest when snow season startandlovely snow falls on mountains. you like to hunt in advancewinterenvoirment.Its time to put your sniper on focus. now you are surroundedbystags in an unknown mountain place with heavy snow falls. Therearelarge numbers of deer . You hold your comando sniper gun andselecta safe place to snipe crazy stags. you need sniper skills toshootperfect for gun controll along runing deer.game play is amodrentest of your sniper skills. This game will improve yourhunting andshooting skills as focus on a running deer is moredifficult.its all free.FEATURES :- Real sniper hunter game- High deffination graphics.- Snow season with lovely snow falls- modren sniper and hunt experience.- Real mountain environment.
Target Safari Deer Hunter 2016 1.0
If you want to know the hunting thrillinforest, then must play this. Hunting safari animals is fun whenyouare professional hunter, This game is a brand new real huntingandsniper shooting experience. Those who cannot risk their lifeintarget wild animals can enjoy real hunting experience byplayingthis new game. You will see the most beautiful scenerieslikewildlife, forest, mountain, desert.
 Awake your shootinggearsand come out for target. It’s wild out there with huntingseasonand enjoyment of wildlife animals. Don’t let the deer runaway andbe the ultimate hunter don’t hesitate to pull the triggerandshot. Sniper should hold his breath and be patient.Whilehunting deer they will become alert hearing the sound ofbullet andrun away if you will not hurry the game will beover.Develop asteady hand, line up your sights, and master theskills to take theperfect shot
While stag or deer run away hearingfiring sound. Thetarget of sniping running animals is a littlechallenging. So useyour army sniper shooting skills to kill theseanimals before theyattack or run away.It’s all free for you!!Good luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.
- Game play is simple yet entertaining. 
- Efficient weapon control & zoom
- True and real hunting experience.
- Hd graphics.- The natural sounds of deer and bullet. 
Alpha Sniper Origin War 2017 1.1
Gorilla Commando as a sniper is assign aspecial target mission! Shooter target is to assassinate theterrorist and clean the desert. Attack on several locations inwhich our enemies are involve. They have murder humans destroy ourcities and villages. Now Your responsibility to kill them allkillers. choose location as sniping war position. Alpha origin waris a test of your shooting and armed skills. Real Radar systemprovide you to locate the terrorist. Advance Animations willattract you to play this shooting war. If you want to become asurvival? Then load the weapon .
How to play:
- Focus at the enemy.
- Use shoot button to fire.
- Use scope to focus target.
- Use move button to see enemies

- All Free game.
- new Radar to locate killer.
- Real Enemy Counter.
- full Action game.
Modern Sniper Beyond Darkness 1.0
The journey of Modern Sniper BeyondDarknessbegins when one day in my dreams I hear the crash of guns,therattle of musketry, the strange, mournful mutter ofthebattlefield.This battlefield depicts a scene of constant chaos.Warrior have to control his senses while attacking on theenemiesand to destroy their shelter places.The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his ownandthe enemies.Plan of this battle field is discussed in a meeting just beforethewar begins. The commando discus attack plan and clarify wheretoattack and the complete strategy of war.The most complicated thing is to make strategy of war. The reasonisthat enemies hide themselves in the buildings of City. Thesnipershooters have to cope with the fear that no one civilianshould bekilled while attacking on the enemies.Note: All the characters and story of this game is imaginary. Andithas no mean to spread fear in you people. But just to improveyourstrategy making skills. This game will help you to get relieffromyour daily life frustrations. And provides you quantum ofsolace.How to play:(1). In start tutorial is played in which enemy locationsarehighlighted.(2). Use move button to move in the scene.(3). Press shoot button to fire on enemies.(4). Use gun selection button to change your weapon.(5). You can get a close view of battle field by zoom button.Game Features:(1). It improves your self motivation skills, as it ismissionoriented game.(2). It provides you a realistic battle field environment inwhichyou can enter and fight with enemies.(3). It has supreme hd graphics with friendly user interface.(4). It will help you to cope with daily life problems asitimproves your abilities to deal with chaos.
TUk TUk Rickshaw Driver Sim 1.0
Enjoy the world’s best Tuk Tuk AutoRickshawdriving simulator game that includes high speed driving,crazyparking on highway of the snowy mountain city. ChingchiAutoRickshaw is traditional vehicle of many countries as Pk,India,Indonesia, Asia and south Asia. Tuk Tuk Rickshaw driver isnowdrive on highway roads through hurdles and barriers.unexpectedturns and traffic signals gives you a real drivingskills. Soyou are now auto rickshaw driver in this crazyparking simulatorgame of 2017. as usual Rickshaw drivers not parkproperly, so playand drive like pro racer. you will enjoy this newand latest OnRoad Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw parking Simulator inmountain.Let’s play funny game of 3 wheels with experience of driftparking.The game is about to take taxi rickshaw on destination.Drive as apublic transport on crazy path.If you haven’t drive or play chingchi or auto rickshaw then thisisthe last chance for you to experience the tuk tuk autorickshawrider on highway. It is epic chance for you to drivesomething elsethen the common bus, 4x4,car, cargo truck, taxi,heavy bikes, etc.test your skills of reckless acceleration, 3 typeof steering,driving and difficult parking. First time on mountainor hillyareas you are driving on mountain roads. Enjoy driftingrickshawand drive for speed as you like, but be careful, avoid tohittingyellow and black barriers on city road sides. Completeaddictivemission to complete the level. Tuk tuk tracks will bedifficultafter each mission of game. If you turn very fast thendifficult tocontrol.Survival is must for accept new challenges!Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Game Features:- On Road Adventurous & Thrilling tuk tuk Driving- Extreme auto rickshaw Driving with tough path- 3d highway roads between mountain Environment- Park crazy rickshaw on Destinations- parking and driving Duty- Multi levels with Challenges- 4 types of Colourful funky rickshaws on your choice- two cameras- 3 type of control, touch , tilt and steering- Snowy mountains in winter- fun with music- All free for adventure lovers.
Dinosaur Hunt Savanna Craft 1.0
You are hunting in a demon and hugeJurassicblack forest full of dangers and exotic, where your missionis toJurassic survival. In this epic game only one can survive,hunteror ferocious dinosaurs. Hunt or be hunted depend onsniper.In this epic game the dinosaurs are spread in Jurassic island.Theserealistic dinosaurs are stegosaurus to the terrifying T.rex .awakeyour ultimate dinosaur hunter skills to track your preyandencounter.Be careful, because also you are being hunted by ferociousandexotic carnivores.For survival in this exotic andbreathtakingforest encounter carnivores, your are equipped bymodern arsenal,weapon. 5 high powered guns of different types:pistol, rifle, submachine guns, sniper rifles,ak47 light, shotguns.Choose bestweapons , your can survive if you use elitehunterstrategy.Complete mission by hunting carnivores predators ineachlevel.Game Features:* Exotic Jurassic jungle* Dynamic 3d environment* Realistic Dinosaurs with walking and running animation* Hungry Carnivore attack on you* Modern Heavy Weapons* All Free for Players
Futuristic Combat - Robot Tank 1.0
Step into the hummer transform Robot fightinthe world of Tanks. You are challenged by nefarious fleetofrobots. They have planned to invade your territory. Theyhavesurrounded you by all directions. Now it is time to start acombatand destroy them. Your tanks are waiting to crack thebombing. Letyour weapons be utilized by destroying all the robots.Move forwardwith your tanks by proper strategic movements and saveyour tanksby enemy blasts.Clear the area before enemies defeat you. Keep your eyes openandbelieve in your will power to destroy the enemy X-Ray Robots.Focuson your energies. Be brave and don’t be panic by opponents.Givethem a message to stay away from your home land.Evil robots war will engross you in battle field of survival. Asyouare the last hope of salvation from steel punches and metalkicks.You have a maverick opportunity to use your tanks energy asbazookafiring. Bumblebee robots have super powers of transformingtheirwings into deadly shooters. Are you ready for surpriseattacks touse the tactics and make strategies for gaining momentumas awarrior. Use the skills of accurate moves to accomplish themissionof ultimate sniper gunship. Make it tricky for theopponents to comeover you as they are rivals which are equip withbest war zoneweapons. They entered into this region with aim todestroy thisland. It will be act of great wisdom to prove yourselfas peacelover by get rid of beast attackers.Manage the flow of war that no transformer robot in disguiseshouldbe able to fire on tank. Experience the real tank combat withcrushrobot mafia. Take orders from the higher ranked tank commanderformore tactical fires.Beat the evil attacks and rescue through intense robot tankwar.Champion the art of fighting with your jet machines. Givethelesson of never attack again to the enemies as you areequippedwith modern army of tank attacks. This game full of action,thrilland craziness will certainly be a jaw dropping. This is apack ofreal demonstration that how to engage a robot army with realtankattack wars. The forces will testify your offensive anddefensiveideas against robot warfare and modern world of metalwarriors.Tanks vs. Robots is a unique and addictive game whichattracts theboth tank lovers as well as robot lovers. Prove yourmettle formore tactical and ultimate fight against war bots. Chooseyourkilling machine for a full immersion in a clash between tanksandrobots. Now your wait is over for a full heartless and harshworldof tank wars with a bunch of enemies and dynamic game.Game Features:- Breathtaking Environment and Graphics.- Realistic Tank Controls for wheels.- Stunning sounds engineered for Robots.- All the operation is controlled by gunship helicopters.
Galaxy Sniper Robot War 1.0
This game, which is about future robots,isgoing to be your up coming crush in modern era. In this gameyouare a FPS Sniper on galaxy with a secret mission, in ordertocomplete your first mission you will have to clear a secretneonrobot base. Be careful in that secret neon buildings therearecombat robots of enemies on duty to hack galaxy . Yourimportantmission is to kill them all and keep silent movementmoving in yourspecial mission. There are multi levels, every gamelevel hasdifferent story line than previous .Fight as a sniper assassin gun shooter!GALAXY SNIPER SHOOTING AT ROBOTIC WARIn this galaxy sniper shooting robot game there is Fpsshootingchallenge, there are multi game levels in this galaxy fightofrobots. This modern robotic fight is dangerous, this robotickillerfight is going to held between machines and CommandoSnipershooter. These enemy robots in this future fight game arealienrobots of galaxy, they came from other alien world and thesebrutalrobots are wishing to take the charge of our galaxy or land.Thisswat sniper force against robotic war in this Galaxy sniperrobotgame is the reason this future robot game is going to beimmersiveand addictive. this modern sniper shooting game is withother robotforce. You may have played common shooting game but thisarmysniper shooting in this robotic fight game is verythrillingbecause in this robot fight the opponent are not livehumans,terrorists, army or tanks but the alien robots from galaxy.Theenemy robot force that will fight in future combat is consistingonfury sniper and real robots who are take rival of this planet.Alpha Sniper of future force.Save the security secrets from the robots and spies. You mustHelpyour land in the massive nuclear robot competition. Be accurateandsave the secrets. Help the resistance of the futurewar2045. But be careful every bullet must target's head. And don't forgetourSniper: this is very dangerous mission and you arestillalone! REL STEEL WARFARE OF MACHINESMachines warfare begins when the robot from the galaxy came tothisplanet and take hold the charge of earth. After this there arelotof futuristic modern shooting robots from the sky came hereandstart rival and finish the peace of earth. Then after Majortakedecision and start fighting against them. The human army Sniperhasselected robot machines overkill . In this future warfaregamethere are shooting machines wish to destroy the peace of earthsocommander decided to have start robotic combat , they makethinkcentre for making war strategy. You are best sniper in thisbigfight of aliens to eliminate robots. evil alien robots havecomehere to hold your galaxy, this is important time to save themotherland, you are a sniper assassin you can destroy all thesemachineswithin seconds by using modern assault and accuratetarget.You aresniper assassin gun shooterSniper assassin 3D not require to online for fun. You can enjoyitin the bus,truck, subway, while flying on a jet or plane, inthefast car on the asphalt road, during function in a temple oranywhere . Galaxy Sniper Robot War - Real Steel Killer 3d Game features:- Futuristic but gorgious Robot battlefields- Classic but destructive weapons- Classic but smooth control- Modern galaxy environment game play- Alien battle,don't forget your weapon- Addictive game story with multi levels- ALL FREE