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Super Mage World 1.9.73
Super Mage World is a new platform jump and run game by JacPete andits free to play! True side scrolling jump´n´run power awaits youin this retro action adventure games 2D platformer. Be ready torun´n´gun with a magicwand and beware of the dangers.⭐KeyFeatures⭐⭐ Classic adventure jump and run games fun⭐ 5 mightybosses, beat them and get new Spells!⭐ Many unique magic spells foryour Spellbook⭐ 6 amazing game worlds to explore: - The Jungle -Ice World - Castle defense - Desert valley - Halloween land - Dinostampede⭐ 60+ lovely 2d platformer levels with a lot of arcadegames action ⭐ Collect coins to unlock new dangerous worlds⭐Original epic soundtrack⭐ Amazing 2D graphics⭐ Retro 16-bitgameplay⭐ Its free and well rated, download and enjoy⭐ A greatvariety of traps, enemies and dangers⭐ Save the kingdom of SuperMage World!⭐ Bluetooth controller support⭐ Responsive and simpletouch controls⭐Story⭐Oh, no! The Wizard Stone has been robbed bythe evil sorcerer! Now it's up to our heroine Trisha the mage torescue the Wizard Stone, defeat the evil sorcerer, and —you guessedright— save the kingdom of Super Mage World in this free to playarcade games adventure experience!⭐Gameplay⭐Run and jump across 60+addictive levels with increasing difficulty, a journey around 6amazing game worlds and enjoy the old school platformeraction.Beware on your awesome journey! You will come across allkind of hazards, traps, enemies and danger. Be ready to bouncearound and use your powerful force abilities! Time your jumpsperfect to avoid every trap.Defeat mighty bosses to obtain newunique magic spells —you will need them. Now use your Spellbook toswitch the powerful magic spells at any time!Jump around and…unleash your mega power of the force and get stronger as anyman!The classic retro adventure comic toon style catches the oldspirit of the c64 and amiga times combined with modern 2Dgraphics.⭐Old School Hint⭐Collect 200 coins to get an extra life!You never know when they will come in handy.⭐Join Trisha on herquest⭐Are you prepared to defeat all bosses? Are you ready tomaster all 6 unique magic spells and rescue the Wizard Stone? HelpTrisha the sorceress to become the greatest heroine in JacPete´soutstanding Super Mage World!One of the best free to play 2Dplatformer is awaiting you! Download this old school cartoons sidescroller now for free! It is just at one tap distance away and helpTrisha the sorceress to save the kingdom of Super MageWorld.⭐Suggestions⭐We love your feedback to the game. Please keepyour ideas coming. In the meantime, let’s bounce into theadventure!Send us an e-mail: [email protected] us onFacebook: facebook.com/supermageworld
Bubble Bob - Magic Bobble Pop Rampage Jump and Run 1.1.92
Join Victor alias Bubble Bob into his ultimate magic action jumpand run smash adventure. Use your bobbled enemies and smash themagainst each other! The difficulty raises each level. Prepare tofight against dragons, fairys and the undead. Be warned scavengersand bandits are all across the fallen kingdom of Bubble Bobtoo.Victor got only one spell left, the power of bobble bubbles andhis burning deep enraged feeling for revenge drives him on! Putaway your toys and pop some bobbled folks.⭐Key Features⭐⭐ Adventurearcade games jump and run action⭐ Original ultimate soundtrack⭐Amazing 2D graphics⭐ Bobble Pop the foes against each other!⭐ Lotsof traps, enemies and dungeons⭐ Mighty boss fights⭐ Explore 3 newgame worlds: the overrun kingdom, the dungeon cave of myose and thewaterworks⭐ 25+ addictive action platformer levels of jump and rungames fun⭐ The jumping way of revenge!⭐ Bluetooth controllersupport⭐ Responsive and simple touch controlsBe ready to Bobble PopRampage a dragon against a magic fairy and throw the undead at ascavenger or bandit. AIM, FIRE, POP !