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Helicopter Desert Action 1.6
Helicopter desert action is a 3D gunshipSniper game. This game takes is the best gunship helicopter gamesyou've seen before. Here you will have different missions of warsin desert. Now it’s your opportunity to win in a battle and tolearn how to control your sniper guns in desert during war. Enemybase camp has been spotted in the desert. As an best army Officer,you have been given a mission to clear the enemy base camp and theoperation directly assigned to you.The moment you start the game,you will lose yourself in the excitement of a new kind of desertaction game that you have never experienced before.How to Play:- You can drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gun left,right, up or down- Aim and tap Fire button at bottom right to fire.- For clear aim view use the telescope for sniper target shot- Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot- The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited number ofbulletsGame features:- Great top view from helicopter- Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment of desert.- Amazing sound effects and sound track- Easy GUI and controls- Enemies will also attack you and your life will reduce and gamewill end- Efficient weapon control
Soccer Goal Kick 1.2
Soccer Goal Kick is a most entertaining soccer(football) game with impressive graphics and a realistic physicsengine.The most intense Soccer Goal Kick game to practice your goalkick skills on smart devices.Game Feature:* Different game modes: Target, Random and Time attack mode* Complete real looking 3D environment ground* Realistic 3D goal keeper animations and physics engine* Realistic 3D kick and swerve controls* Highscore board for each game mode* Stunning comic inspired game presentation* Defender(Goal keeper) will jump left/right and react tostop* User friendly navigation* Excellent SoundsGame Play Modes:1) Time attack mode* Keep on making successful goals within 2 minutes.* Each successful shot in the goal will give you 10 Scores.* Hitting Clock will give you extra 10 seconds in total time.* Bonus scores for hitting fix targets.* Goal keeper will try to stop you2) Random Shot mode* The game start with 100% target Bar and will start todecrease.* Play successful shots to target in the Goalpost to increasescores.* Hitting fixed may give you extra bonus scores.* Goal keeper will try to stop you3) Target shot mode* Make scores as much as you like* There will be a yellow target bar in bottom which will increaseand decrease according to goals & misses.* Each successful target hits will give you extra bonusscores.* Goal keeper will try to stop youHow to play:Flick your finger through the football in the direction you want tokick but keep your eye on the swing, it will change in strength anddirection with each kick and can effect your accuracy.Follow us by Facebook for more games:www.facebook.com/jacitech
Shootout Commando Action 1.4
Shoot out commando action is a game full ofshooting thrill and action. Shooting games are liked and played byall age group of people. In Shoot out commando action has 8missions are added for more use fun and intrest. A challenging gamefor shooters enemy are waiting out there.You are fully equipped foryour mission with the legendary AK-47. You are alone in this bloodywar. You are the only shooter left and it’s a suicide mission.Being the front line commando and the only survivor from yourplatoon, you have to eliminate the enemies. You are the one ofspecial force commando and must use your specialized skills tosurvive in an offensive attack of terrorists.A great 3d game withstunning graphics and accurate controls.Game Features:- Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment- Eight different missions- Multiple missions with increasing difficulty- Great 3D graphics and environment.- Face challenges and improve your shooting skills- Fabulous sound effects- Realistic 3D shooting environmentHow to Play:- Use the joystick to move your character- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and startyour assault- Use the scope button to aim closer- The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respondis crucial
Spaceman vs Aliens 1.0.1
Spaceman vs Aliens is a strategy game - afightbetween a Spaceman with alien invasion...It is an interesting game play i.e. the spaceman and aliensarefighting on moon surface. Make spacman go up to shoot bytappingleft side of screen and use shoot button on right side tofire.Your mission is to collect floating treasure boxes, stopalieninvasion and destroy their ships.How to Play:- Tap Shoot button to fire- Tap and hold left side of screen to lift up- Collect Treasure boxes floating in the spaceGame Features:- Super-responsive touch controls makes game play morefast-pacedand fluid.- Interesting game action and space sounds- A simple, addictive game for everyone- Easy controls- A fun game in space- Free to downloadFollow us facebook to know about the newest releases&more!https://www.facebook.com/jacitech
Zombies Road Survival 1.0
Zombies Road Survival is a killing ofzombieson traffic road in jungle area. This game has a highqualitygraphics with thrilling sound effects of zombies andjungleenvironment.To become the ultimate zombies shooter, you will need all ofyourtactical training and military skills to fight the dead innightjungle road environment. On road you must also escape fromrunningtraffic accidents and dangers zombies which are coming fromyourfront side. Remember these zombies are very dangers becauseallzombies will attach on you and you must save you life to killmoreand more zombies.Features:1) Endless Mode2) Stunning graphics with advanced lighting andpost-processeffects3) Full 3D characters and environments4) High quality realistic sounds of Zombies, Traffic anddangersJungle road5) Intuitive controls6) Shoot away their heads and kill them with one shot7) See your life as on bar and count your coins points8) Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tabletsHow to Play:1) Use the screen to move your gun to & fro on jungleroad2) Tap the fire button on the right side of the toshootZombies3) Swipe screen to rotate left or right the gun4) The shooting weapon bullets has limited but time to respondincrucialPlease rate us and share your feelings about the game, OurFBpage is https://www.facebook.com/jacitechNote: This is fully free game with advertisement.
Golf Shot Flick 1
Golf Shot Flick is a most entertaininggolfgame with impressive graphics and a realistic physicsengine.Themost intense Golf Shot Flick game to practice your golfshotsskills on smart devices.Game Features:* Different game environments: Golf Ground, Green Meadows,GreenParks* Complete real looking 3D environment ground* Realistic 3D shots and realistic power controls* High score board for each mode* Stunning comic inspired game presentation* User friendly navigation* Excellent SoundsGame Play Modes:* Time attack mode* Different distance base mode* Each successful shot will give you 500 1000 2500 and3500+Scores.* if you achieve 3500+ score then you will give you extra 10secondsin total time.* Bonus scores for hitting fix targets.* The game start with 100% target Bar and will starttodecrease.* Make scores as much as you likeHow to play:At the play screen hold the right button with consideringbelowpower bar then flick your finger in the direction you want toshotbut keep your eye on the swing, it will change in strengthanddirection with each shots and can effect your accuracy.Follow us by Facebook for more games:www.facebook.com/jacitech
Knockout Speed Racer 1.0
Ready for an amazing and dangerousracingaround the different environments and atmosphere.Knockout Speed Racer is a free car racing game with a lotofchallenges, cars and levels to unlock. It is an addictivegameexperience that will test all your skill and reflexesbeforebecoming a real racer.Before racing choose your car, and select between fouramazinglyhigh detail car types, and choose your car. Cars havedifferentcolors, this make your car special and different in frontof youropponents. Knockout Speed Racer game have different tracksthat arehighly detail and full of distinct atmosphere, test yourcar ontrack, snow and desert and beat your opponents onallterrains.Knockout Speed Racer is the best driving experience that youwillfind on your smart phone, the game runs in amazing highdefinitiondetail, and the sound quality will give you the feel ofthe realspeed car driver. Knockout Speed Racer has great touchcontrols andwill get you the best control over car. It's easy andfun to play!You must run as fast as you can, avoid other carsDownload the game for free and have Fun!Features:- Specially optimized car racing physics- Feel and atmosphere of real racing game- Great touch controls- Four different type of tracks- Different colors of cars- Game is fully optimized for smartphones and tablets- Free to downloadHow to Play:- Tilt or Touch to steer- Touch camera button to change the camera view- Overtake your opponents- Try to decrease speed before sharp road turn- Follow race rules and win the race
Moto Heli Escape 1.0
If you like 3D street bike race and 3Dstreetshooting games then you will love playing Moto Heli Escapegamebecause you are bike rider and you have run away fromtheopponents/enemies city area those attacking you over skythroughdangerous helicopter machine guns and you have also escapethe cityroad accidents.Moto Heli Escape is a 3D motorbike simulation game designedforstreet bike racer to escape from the opponents/enemiesthoseattacks on you from helicopter with heavy machine guns oversky. Sodrive your motorcycle fast on the highway roads with extremespeed.During Driving you must keep your eyes on fly Helicopter andescapethe fire of opponents/enemies to save your life and also youmustdrive carefully to avoid the road accidents which might becauseyour death. Play as Street fighter and show your fast bikerskills,it’s a motor biker escape missions.You will also love this game if you like: Heavy Bikes,gunshooting, racing games, mafia games, gangster games, shootergames,third-person shooting games, action games, crime games,speedracing, gangster movies etc. This game supports smartphonesandtablets running Android 2.3 and up.Moto Heli Escape is a mission game your mission is to runawayfrom opponents/enemies from their city areas; Enemies will trytocapture you through helicopter with heavy machines guns. It’sasuperb action based criminal pursuit game for mature boysandteens.Moto Heli Escape Features:1) Best experience for driving motorcycle in city streets withrealenvironment.2) Challenging to save your life from helicopterfiringattacks.3) Challenging to avoid the road accidents from citytraffics.4) Smooth motorcycle controls with real physics5) Very engaging and challenging game play6) Amazing background music to enhance your game play7) Challenging time to run away from opponents/enemies
Space Combatants 1.0
Space Combatants is a 2.5D game forAndroid.You will travel through the space, shoot the aliens, otherenemiesand gain the points. Play Space Combatants now for a greatshootingexperience!You will try to eliminate the enemy ship as much as you can tohavemore health, fire speed, shield and bomb.Game Play:- killing different type of enemies with many varietyofweapons- The mission is to destroy ships, stones and makinghighscore- You can control player ship through full screen swiping- You can take bonus by collision with bonus and willautomaticallyuse these bonus.Game Features:- Interesting game action and space sounds- A simple, addictive game for everyone- High quality graphics- Smooth player control gives more fun- Optimized for smartphones and tablets- User friendly interface- Free to playFollow us facebook to know about the newest releases&more!https://www.facebook.com/jacitech
Three Wheeler Drive Experience 1.0
Three Wheeler Drive Experience is one ofthebest 3D Rickshaw racing games. You will try to reach themaximumscore / distance and become the BEST THREE-WHEELER DRIVER intheGlobal leader boards. This game will require your utmostattentionbecause after the extreme great experience of car, bus andfourwheel now is time to get a new experience in form of ThreeWheelerRickshaw driving.Three Wheeler Drive Experience game is one of the most commonlyusedlocal transport vehicles in Asia. It’s a fun especially whenthedriver dodges the buses, Lorries, trucks and cars withease.This is not ordinary THREE-WHEELER rickshaws game. It hasNitroboost blast to get rocketing speeds and cover city roadsinminutes. Get ready for the race of lifetime and becomechampionwith your powerful three vehicle – the Rickshaw.Features:- Specially optimized Rickshaw physics- 2 different camera views - typical top and driver view- Nitro Boost for high speed racing- Realistic 3D graphics- Very easy and smooth handling- Cool Game Play with Amazing Sound- Optimized for smartphones and tablets- Free to downloadHow to Play:- Tilt or Touch to steer- Nitro boost blast button to accelerate- Touch Camera button to change the camera viewDon’t forget to rate, review on the store and share the gamewithall your friends.Send us any feedback, comments or suggestions on JacitechFacebookpagehttps://www.facebook.com/jacitech
Zombies Raid Stoppage 1.0
Zombies Raid Stoppage is a thrillingandaddicting zombie shooting game with high quality graphics.Allzombies are very dangerous, Kill All zombies within time,otherwiseyou will lose and your Raid will not productive. zombiesRaidStoppage is very unique mobile game, is your responsibility tostopthese virus infected people (Zombies).To become the ultimate zombies shooter, you will need all ofyourtactical training and military skills to fight the deadindifferent city environments. Zombies raid stoppage has smoothandintuitive controls allow you to navigate the city withease.Feel like a real sniper! A zombie group has occupied the city,raidon zombies to save the civilians.Turn your android phone into a battle field and snipe allyourenemies. Experience unique head shooting and resultinganimationsof those zombies,Feature:1) Endless mode2) Stunning graphics with advanced lighting andpost-processeffects3) Full 3D characters and environments4) High quality realistic sounds of zombies5) Intuitive controls6) Kills the Zombies with unlimited bullets7) Shoot away their heads and kill them with one shot8) See your life as on bar and count your points9) Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tabletsHow to Play:1) Use the screen to move your gun to & fro2) Tap the fire button on the right side of the toshootZombies3) Swipe screen to rotate left or right4) Use Telescope to look far5) The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time torespondis crucialPlease rate us and share your feelings about the game , OurFBpage is https://www.facebook.com/jacitechNote: This is fully free game with advertisement.
Crazy cycle king-offroad forest rival cycle rider 1.0
Boooom! The best cycle racing and bicycle emoji game is readyforyour entertainment named as Crazy Cycle King-Offroad ForestRivalCycle Rider. Crazy Cycle King-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Rideristhe most wanted track cycling game and the master piece oftheentire bicycle racing games in the cycle world. Wild ride isjustbeginning! Race the best dirt bicycle, paddle fast andperformcrazy bicycle stunts on mountain road and forest racetracks. Enjoythe crazy bicycle race by handling your mountain bikethroughdifficult routes and racetrack. Leap around the cool fantasyworldin this Crazy Cycle King-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Ridergame!Experience extreme thrilling adventure in this arcade racingandbicycle stunts game. The game is full of adventures, hurdlesandmany other obstachles you just keep on riding your real bmxcyclelike a biker boy and a crazy cyclist. Crazy CycleKing-OffroadForest Rival Cycle Rider most addictive andentertaining cyclephysics based game! Finish all track races like aprofessionalcyclist racer in this Crazy Cycle King-Offroad ForestRival CycleRider and prove your skills in road cycling and mountaintrackcycling. Be the best odometer controller in this bicycleemojigame. Speed is not always the only way to victory, keep focusonriding and avoid crashing out of racing track. For winning theraceyou want the best of all cycles from the cycle world so hereyouhave the best dirt bicycle to ride in this Crazy CycleKing-OffroadForest Rival Cycle Rider game to win the track race andbe likebest crazybikerider. You have to win this amazing race.Crazy CycleKing-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Rider is one of the bestaddictivecycle game and the earliest form of offroad track cycleracing.Crazy Cycle King-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Rider gameimprovesyour cycling freestyle skills so that you can prove you arean offroad legend of cycle riding and in this best rider app andthe freecycle game you are going to experience thrilling andexcitingbicycle racing and track cycling of 2018. Start CrazyCycleKing-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Rider bicycle racing game andshowyour real time off road crazy stunts, obstacle and hillclimbingexperience by riding cycle on difficult tracks. This gameis allabout time limit, you have to cross the hurdles and obstaclesingiven time limit, the cycle meter is fixed in front of youonhandle of your real bmx cycle and the tick tick of the passingtimepumping you to ride fast and pass the finish point justlikecrazybikerider. That’s why it’s the best odometer cycle racingandbicycle emoji game. Don’t let down the pin of the cyclemeter.Crazy Cycle King-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Rider is one ofthemodern next generation bicycle track racing mania games. Boostupyour bicycle stunts in this amazing race of world classcycles.Features of this best rider app and track cycling gamesare:-Amazing race hurdles to stunt The track full of audience withthecars and the train Breathe taking & RealisticJungleEnvironment. Realistic smooth Bicycle Controls Real LifeCycleSimulation Crazy Cycle King-Offroad Forest Rival Cycle Riderracinggame is one of the latest type offroad arcade racing. Thisfreecycle simulation game gives you extraordinary roughterrainmountain and road cycle driving. Jump and ride your bestdirtbicycle in the beautiful journey in this cycle rider amazingracegame that delights you in riding a genuine cycle racing andBMXracing. Mount on cycle, kick the paddles, and push forward totakethe dodgy roads and sharp cuts in crazy track cycling andracingtrack with world class cycle in this best bicycle emoji gameof thecycle world. Simple and Easy Controls: Crazy CycleKing-OffroadForest Rival Cycle Rider offers the best controls witheasy tilt& steer gestures to help you change your lane asfrequently asneeded.
Counter Terror Anti-Terrorist Squad Strike 2019 1.1
Counter Terror Anti-Terrorist Squad Strike 2019 is realsnipershooting game and fall best game 2018 category; here you canbe thebest sniper to shoot every terrorist and enemy head withyourloaded guns. It’s the best thrilling game and top shootinggamescategories, if we talk sniper 2019 games, we think abouttheCounter Terror Anti-Terrorist Squad Strike 2019. You candownloadthe counter terror anti-terrorist sniper strike 2019 freeofflinegame, It is one of the best offline shooting game for smartdevicesplayscreen. In this gameplay it is your duty is to lead thesniperbattle to kill them all enemies in each super action gamelevel andbecome the best shooter and ultimate sniper shooter. Getyour gunsand start sniping shooting. Counter terror anti-terroristsniper2019 is a realistic gameplay, where you leads your brigadebeing abest sniper 2019 against terrorist squad enemies in thebestshooting gameplay. Being a sniper hero you build yourfrontlinestrategy in the battlefield and kill your enemy from all360 sides.Face limitless ops action in the online action gameplaylevels.Take your weapons from a killing arsenal and alert fromyourterrorist enemies to kill them all by using your uniqueshootingskills. You can join the resistance and command like aprofessionalsniper. Take action and survive on the frontline. Shootto kill inspecial ops and survive in this 3d sniper shooting game2019. Thisgame has modern control gameplay that brings you fun andaddictivecombat against terrorist squad. Being a best snipershooter youhave to shoot and Kill them all enemies and release thefury ofthis war and you will receive the call for duty of savingthepeople. Sniper shooting free offline game features: * HDGraphicswith destructible battlegrounds * Realistic guns :pistols,shotguns, rifles and snipers * The ultimate combination towin thebattle in the ultimate killing game * Set up your assassinsquadwith their unique skills *Take the control of the battle andbecomethe best shooter in the most addictive 3d sniper shootinggame *Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover, aim and shoot*Challenging level mode game * Best gameplay in the mostengagingshooting game * Press the screen, pull the trigger andshoot * Playoffline game mode * Play most experience of sniper gunshootinggames * It is ultimate sniper assassin sniper 3D game * Itis ashooting game and top sniper 3D is the perfect sniping game *It isexperience of Hitman sniper killing to special forcesoldierenemies * Be the top shooter commander in sniper 3d assassingame
Shark Attack : Rescue Mission 0.2
Shark Attack : Rescue Mission is sniper sea hunting game thatallowyou to shoot all the white sharks and crazy whales with arescuehelicopter sniper shooter to save the life of jet-ski riderhavingfun on shine beach. The killer shark is always starving;cravingfor more meat; searching for more blood and always huntingtosatisfy its hunger. The deep sea is a dangerous place, nowit’stime to prove that you are the danger and savior hero. Showyourbrutal attacking skills to hunt down beast at sea andsavecivilians playing at beach angry sharks attacks in thissurvivalisland. If you love sniping shooting then this is the bestsharksniper shooting 2019 game. Here you have the chance to utilizeyourskills to become a real hero in a virtual world. The hungrywhalesand crazy sharks will attack on jet-rider enjoying in deepseasuddenly hungry sharks attack. It is a simple, challenging andveryinteresting shark free game. You will become a skilled hunter,byshooting, these flesh hungry sharks. You must focused onthesehungry sharks and shoot at right time.These sharks attackonjet-rider in deep sea, so you must be ready to kill sharkswithyour best sniper shooting skills. Feel real time huntingexperienceby playing the Shark Attack : Rescue Mission free game.Its not aunderwater and sea hunting game its different idea withaddictivegame play idea. You hunts shark over the sky thoughrescuehelicopter. You have best available guns collections likehandshotgun, M16 , AK47, sniper rifle, long range sniper gunandautomatic machine gun. There is nothing more thrilling thanhuntingblue whale and crazy sharks with a rifle. Use your gun tohunt thempeeking above water. Remember blue whale is sea king.Shark Attack: Rescue Mission game features: ★Beautiful 3D graphicsblue oceanfor spearfishing ★ Intuitive FPS - Real life huntexperience atisland. ★ Realistic sound effects ★ Best shootinglevels to huntscrazy sharks ★ Free game play.
Wild Hunter Safari Jeep Hunting Simulator 1.1
Wildlife Hunting Safari 4x4 is an ultimate action pack junglehunting game, full of thrilling action and breathtaking adventures.Get ready to enjoy the most realistic wild life simulation in realsafari jungle and experience the most deadly beasts in this huntingsimulation challenge. The game is totally unique in its sense, asyou not only have to perform the animal jungle hunting but alsohave to drive the 4x4 SUV monster truck in the mid of jungle zoo.Drive the monster truck simulator in the mid of difficult off roadjungle tracks and get closer to the deadly carnivores to hunt themdown in a single sniper headshot. The more you get close, the moreaccurate killer shots you can perform. So be a brave hunter andexperience the most unique jungle hunting and shooting adventure.The jungle hunting sniper 3D challenge is real, so brace yourselffor the angry lion attacks and protect yourself from other beasts.The wildlife hunting safari 4x4 game allows you to maximize yourarmy sniper shooting skills. You are playing as an ex-army mangorilla commando shooter who is willing to enjoy the real safarijungle hunting adventure. For this purpose, you are driving amonster 4x4 jeep to find the most deadly and merciless beast tofulfill your hunting fever. There are many jungle animals in theforest which you can hunt with your killer gun shots. Hunt down thetigers, lions, elephants, panthers, bears, wolfs and othercarnivores by using your best weapons. Accuracy is the key factorin this jungle hunting safari simulator game, so be accurate whiletaking the killer head shots and don’t miss a single bullet shot orelse the deadly beasts will kill you. Enjoy the most amazing jungleenvironment with stunning safari animations and get a chance todrive a real jungle hunting jeep in the mid of dark forest. Unlikeother jungle hunting games, the wildlife hunting safari 4x4 gamehas many unique game features which make it top android game of alltimes. First of all, you have a large collection of deadly weaponslike M16 A44, Shot Gun and many other sniper shooting guns. Usethem according to your mission need and kill each and everycarnivore in your way. There is a medical kit available in thishunting simulator game, use it in case you get injured. So don’tget fear of any monster and be the best deer hunter of the world.The jungle hunting 4x4 game becomes easy when you find a perfectradar navigator, which tells you the exact position of each andevery jungle animal in the dark forest. Be a perfect sniper shooterin the FPS shooting game because you are provided with littleammunition. Accept the deadly jungle hunting simulation challengeand perform the animal hunting in most realistic manner and be theking of the jungle.   Top Multiple Features of Wildlife HuntingSafari 4x4 Game: • High Quality Stunning 3D graphics and amazingforest environment. • Realistic Jungle shooting and huntingchallenge. • Deer hunting; beer hunting and lion huntingsimulation. • Different deadly weapons to choose. • Earn coins as areward for each mission. • Use the coins to buy and upgrade theweapons. • Medical kit for survival in modern jungle arena. •Realistic 4x4 jeep simulation in dark forest. • Real gun shotssounds and beautiful music tracks. • Free to download on GooglePlay. How to Play: • Select your favorite weapon and start themission. • Switch between jeep riding and hunting simulation. •Select your desired driving option, i.e. steering or tilting. • Usethe telescopic zoom to perform the perfect killer shots. • Tap thefire button to hunt down the animals. • Use the medi kit if you getinjured. If you like the wildlife hunting safari 4x4 game, pleasetry our other games by clicking “More from Developer” or byvisiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.
Counter Terrorist Attack 5.3.5
Counter Terrorist Attack: SWAT Combat Mission is an actionpackedshooting war game. Encounter the enemies with armor,Ak-47,shotguns and new destructive weapons. In counter terroristattack3D game your role are as the brave assassin commando from thearmyforce. With every targeted gun shots you would get in practicewithyour targets. Accurate and precise aim practice will lead tomoreaccuracy will help you to assassinate the numerous terrorist.Keepin mind; these are the rebel terrorist, and you are going toleadthe SWAT and anti-terrorist team. More advanced features ofthecrusade against terror allow your choice of ammo, likeshotguns,Ak-47, and machine-guns from different places duringaction. Traveldeep into enemy territory to locate and eliminatehidden targets.Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find andidentify thetarget. Game play Features: • Complex situation, clearthe wararenas • Short & long shooter rifles • Exciting mapwithrealistic fighting arena environment • Negate the land to leadyouto the next stage • Different auto loader guns • Bestterroristshooting 2017 game • Amazing 3D Graphics • CounterTerroristAttack: SWAT Combat Mission game with both FPS (Firstpersonshooter) and TPS (third person shooter) controller options •Leadthe counter terrorist team and use your skills to negate thelandand survive • Very simple and smooth joystick Controller HowtoPlay: • Choose your mission • Shoot with fire button • Move updownjump button • Use advance weapons to eliminate the enemies •Autotarget whenever close to enemy. • Change different type’sammoduring action war.
Bow Arrow Animals Quest 2.4
Bow Arrow Animals Quest is an addictive game. You are anarcher-erin jungle and your mission is to hunt the differentanimals withlimited arrows. You can move by using left sidejoystick and screentouch rotation. There are numbers of animalsthat you have to huntto complete the game if time limit expiredthen game will be over.There are five different stages withdifferent environments withanimals.There is a timer on top of thescreen keep watching it youhave time limit to hunt the animals. Youcan also use the telescopeto close view of animals. You must haveplayed other animalshunting games, jungle games, sniper shootinggames,archer games butthis game is unique in the sense you willhunt different animals indifferent environments with bow arrow andhere you will feel theair resistance during hunting. Whether youwant to go in forest tohunt the rabbit ,stag, loin, deer, wolfbear, dogs or polar bear,this game will gives you all, and invitesyou to take the challengeif you can. Test your archer skills, yourjungle survival skills,your temperament, your stamina in thisdangerous forest game.Practice your bow shooting skills and becomea master of archery★★★ How to Play ★★★ - Use JoyStick on leftbottom to move to &fro - Swipe screen to rotate left or right -Use Telescope to lookfar - Aim animal and click shoot button forreleasing arrow - Clearthe level within specified time - Board atleft top of screendisplaying numbers of animals. - Timer at topcenter of screen -Five different attractive environments ★★★ GameFeatures ★★★ - HDhigh quality graphics - Nice jungle ambient sounds- Real-timeArrow throwing physics - Optimized for smartphones andtablets (HD& non HD) - User friendly interface - Multiplelevels withdifferent animals for easy to difficult - Free to playFollow usfacebook to know about the newest releases &more!https://www.facebook.com/jacitech
Wildlife Rescue Mission 2.3
Wildlife Rescue Mission is a Wolves, Loins and Bears huntinggamewhere your mission is to rescue the goats, sheep and stags.Youwill travel through Helicopter in different places, here youfeelthe air and enjoy the waves environments of mountains,forests,grass and rivers. Get your rifle ready; take the challengeto killWolves, Loins and Bears and save the life of beautifulgoats, sheepand stags. In Helicopter you can see your surroundingswith yoursniper gun to shoot the Wolves, Loins and Bears to rescuethegoats, sheep and stags. If your fire is missed, then wolves,Lionsand bears will hunt the goats and stags. You are equippedwithSniper gun and, you have to survive with your accuratefiringtactics. If attaching animals will kills goats,sheep orstags, thengame is over. To get high score and hunt the next bigwild animalsyou have to hunt more and more. And, to hunt moreWolves, Loins andBears you need best and accurate firing skills,focus on theobject, make a quick and sharp decision in this actiongame. Youneed best sniper shooting skills in jungle through airwave fromHelicopter. We are sure that you have played other huntinggames,jungle games, sniper shooting games, but this game is uniquein thesense that it provided you all in one and second you willhunt inwave via helicopter and save the life of innocents andbeautifulgoats, sheep and stags . During the game, you will enjoythe highresolutions realistic graphics, which has a variety ofvegetation,excellent blue sky with clouds, and passing through thebushes youwill hear the rustling of the branches and fully immerseinto theatmosphere of hunting in the forest. Wildlife RescueMissionFeatures: - High resolutions realistic graphics - Differentviewfrom Helicopter : sniper and basic - Unlimited ammo - Sounds on/off button display. - No connectivity required while playing.-Addictive, loving & fun. - Hordes of wild animals How toPlayWildlife Rescue Mission: - Tap on play button to start theWildlifeRescue Mission - Choose the Level to enter the JungleEnvironment -You must complete first level to enter the secondlevel - Find theanimal, Target and Shoot it otherwise Wild animalswill kill thegoats, sheep and stags - Use Zoom button to close theaim to animalPlease rate us and share your feelings about the gameat our FBpage : https://www.facebook.com/jacitech Note: This isfully freegame with advertisement.
Ultimate Bike Marathon 1.6
Ultimate Bike Marathon is a simple addictive motor bike racinggamewith realistic motorbie physics and amazing graphics thatareperfectly optimized for tablets and high-resolution devices.Yourbiker will have to rush through the racing way for completingthelap; defeating his oppoponents by performing differentpro-tricks.It's a challenging game where you can drive themotorbike ontoroads ramps to perform exciting, amazing stunts. Alsobuild upincredible speeds with boosts option. How to Play: - Oncountingrace starts - Tilt device to & fro to control bike -Tap boostto accelrate power - Click stunt buttons to performdifferentamazing stunts - Be careful while jumping from the roadramps - Youhave got to stay clear off the other bikes and obstaclesto moveforward Game Features: - Excellent bike sounds - Realisticbikephysics at play to give you an actual adrenaline rush -It'scompletely free to play - Exicting motorbike stunts -Challengeyour friends to beat your scores - Smooth controlsDownload -Ultimate Bike Marathon - the best motorbike game for freeand enjoya cool game. Follow us facebook to know about the newestreleases& more! https://www.facebook.com/jacitech
Santa Claus Terrorist Hostage 1.3
Merry Christmas 2020 In this game you play as a Christmas Herotosave and help Santa and Mr. Claus team those hostages by one ofthedangerous terrorists group. During combat war, you can seehostagesin Santa Clause dress. Santa Claus Terrorist Hostage is anepicshooting game between the mafia people, criminal and mobster.Beinga Christmas Hero shoot your targets & Complete yourchallengingmissions. Santa Claus Terrorist Hostage is an ultimategang warshooting game with terrorist combat chase and counterstheterrorist group. Have you ever played Santa Run games whereyouplay as a Santa Claus? This time Santa captured by terroristsandyou save his life. In this game play with different guns likeAK47,pistol, rifle, sniper and hand grenade and performcounterterrorism activities, kill your target with your shootingskills.Perform as Christmas Hero and attack on Xmas 2017 strike inthisshooting game.This is an Extreme Crime terrorist battle.GameFeatures: Thrilling and challenging FPS shooting combatmissions.Kill terrorists to collect Xmas gifts rewards points. Showyourshooting skills and shaking off the terrorists. Cool Winterthemewith snow. The Most daring chase. Use weapons like Ak-47,shotguns,refiles for brutal attacking & to kill the assassins.Xmasadventure game is launched in winter season for Christmas.