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AppClone - Multi Account 2.0
Jack Rehan
AppClone to create copy of apps and games so you have two choicesone for secure use and another for public. We are providing thesecure storage of your data so no one can view that data fromdirectlyFeature⚮ Create two account of social media apps and accessparallel by easily swiping from original and cloned app.⚮ Some appsrequred notification permission so allow the notificationpermission for cloned app.⚮ We are supporting two languagesEnglish,Hindi so indian people can manage easly ⚮ Supports almostevery app so you can create clone of any app and access parallelyboth.⚮ Locker for private apps,photos,videos so store the data insecure location which are providing by this app⚮ Tap on add buttonand create clone of app. than for access the cloned app you findthe list of apps in cloned apps tab.⚮ To remove cloned app tap andhold on that and drag to the remove icon which is visible at thebottom.⚮ To create shortcut of the cloned app tap and hold the appand drag to the shortcut icon after that your shortcut icon will becreated on the home screen.⚮ AppClone create parallel apps by onetap in just seconds and you are able to access that app in justseconds sp very easy to create and access the clone of apps.⚮ Usingprivate album you can store your private videos,album and otherdata in side the secure location which is create by AppClone and toaccess that location requred the pattern or pin.⚮ Set thenotification and coverpage setting from the Switch setting.⚮ ForCover page and notification setting you have to allow the appcloneto access some special permission so please grant that permissionto use this functionality.⚮ By granting the permission for coverpage setting when you open the original app at that time you havechoice to open the original app or cloned app.How it Works :⚮ Wecreate the parallel space and the access of space granted by theappclone so no other apps will access this parallel space.⚮ Whenyou create dual app at that time the parallel space will utilizeand install apps on that space so its easy to create dual apps.⚮ weadd functinality to store images/video to this space so no one cansee that image and videos.Notes :⚮ AppClone not required anyspecial permission but in side the AppClone which app is cloned byyou needed that permisson.⚮ We are not accesing any kind of yourpersonal information in background but we are just creating someparrallel space to store some secure data.⚮ All the backgroundprocess and data consumes depend on the cloned apps not depend onthe ClonedApp.⚮ For any query and question please mail us onjackrehan1993@gmail.com⚮ we are respacting DMCA rules so any issuerelation dmca mail us on jackrehan1993@gmail.com
Unlimited Whats Groups Without Limit Group links 1.0
Jack Rehan
Unlimited joi no limit to join whatsapp groups withoutdeprecatedlinksFeature⚛ In this application we added more than 26categoryand devided groups in this category to join whatsappgroup.⚛ Morethan 2 million plus groups link are available from allover theworld so you can join the groups and meet new people.⚛Today allpeople use Whatsapp and making new buddy on social medeaso shareyour feeling and get some idea with join new groups.⚛WhatsappGroups link are devided in categorieslikescience,jokes,adults,technology,health etc so intrested peoplearein that group.⚛ We added 9 language in this app so almostalllanguage are coveredlikespanish,hindi,english,portuguese,turkish,german etc .⚛ In thisallgroups are live we are refreshing group list in every week soyouwill get live groups link so join whatsapp group and joinunlimitedwhatsapp group free and there is no limit.⚛Getfunny,romantic,jokes,scientific knowledge from this whatsappgroupslink free and unliumited groups join link are there.⚛ Findout thecurrent news and invention by join the whatsapp groups andshareyour whatsapp group links. ⚛ User interface is very easy touse andsimple so every thing is simple in this app.⚛ Here joinwhatsappgroup and learn new activity with new people with all overtheworld for this join whatsapp groups⚛ Whatsapp group in newscenarioto connect people in public groups with unlimited join andno limitto join.⚛ We are adding too many groups everyday so youwill getnew whatsapp group and you will get new people to interactwithit.⚛ Here in this app you can join unlimited whats group withallcategories.⚛ If you need to filter whatsapp group with itscategoryor language than we are providing facility to filtergroups.⚛ Justselect the category and language than apply filterthan you willget the filtered whatsapp groups.⚛ If user want someselectedwhatsapp groups than search it with keyword in search souser willfind the whatsapp groups with that keyword.Notes :⚛Thisapplication contain some adult contain in form of text ingroupname because we are not owner of that groups so its usergeneratedcontent.⚛ We are not accesing any kind of your personalinformationin background but we are just providing public whatsappgroups tojoin. ⚛ For any query and question please mail usonjackrehan1993@gmail.com⚛ we are respacting DMCA rules so anyissuerelation dmca mail us on jackrehan1993@gmail.com