JackSmith Apps

Dragon vs Monsters 2.1.2
Fight the monsters defend Earth from attacking of alienmonsters,You will be the master of fire dragon and help your dragonattacked scary monsters, with finesse move and use special skillsflexibility. Just equip your dragon a pet to increase combatcapability. Accumulate more your dragon eggs to help larger,evolutionary level the higher the stronger the attack. Let'sconquer the monsters to become the best dragon trainer in onlinerankings
Puzzle Eggy Clear 1.0
Egypt Pharaohs game, legend, in Egypt thereare a large number of ancient tombs of the Pharaohs treasure, onebrave adventurer has found its way in, but wait he is cursing trapsand puzzles of Pharaohs, if not cracked bricks puzzle, death willcome quickly to help the adventurers!This is a similar to the sources of money fighting game, youmust first crawl bricks, and then stack them together, 3-4eliminate the bricks of the same color must be quick of eye anddeft of hand, because all of the bricks will slow down, adventurerswill be crushed, fueling challenge!
What Tiles Light - Memory test 1.0
What Tiles Light - Test your memory Enjoy
Sniper Shooting Pro 1.4
You are a government-appointed task force missions to destroyterrorist gangs and hostage rescue. Infiltrate the lair focus ofterrorists and destroy them all. There are many grounds you willhave to pass, will face many dangers. Each game screen will havethe task to be achieved as destroy all terrorists, destroyedsurveillance camera system. The hostages are waiting for your help.Shoot all the terrorists. Be careful.
Rambo Sky War 1.0
A popular classic game, Rambo !The war has started, held a gun to fight the hostile forces, youhave to kill enemies and complete the mission of the hero Rambo.The lurking danger, the heavy weapons, the lightning attack, theenemies come from the sky. You must complete this task impossible.Each screen is a challenging game that requires you to reallyingenious and plucky.Features of the game+ Game smooth, rich sound, style image of the classic game+ Use the joypad to move+ The number of rich gameplay